The Sebel Hotel



 The Suburb 

Maroochydore is located in Sunshine Coast, Queensland and offers a range of apartment accommodation including luxury resort style apartments

What We Did

The intent was to refurbish the lobby of The Sebel Hotel Maroochydore which has both resort and residential occupancy, to reflect the atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast, which differs vastly to that of other Coastal areas in Queensland. We used the colours of the ocean, the waves, the sand, the sunrise and sunsets, in fabrics and timbers that were both commercial quality but which also emphasised the beauty of nature. The Reception Desk immediately draws the attention of those newly arriving, whilst reflecting the curvature of the ocean just across the street.

The teak light pendants and table lamps unify with the timber in the chairs. The lounge furniture which incorporates tub chairs, club chairs, two seater lounge, and club armchairs as well as cube ottomans, allows seating for several groups or single guests, without imposing on privacy. The fabric used in covering the lounge furniture is of high standard commercial quality, which removes any risk of bored little fingers picking at woven wicker chairs, thus destroying the quality. Any spillage on the commercial quality fabric is easily wiped away. The area leading to the conference room has been changed from large lounge chairs to an elongated bench area where people can sit on Cruza stools and using their computers, work on projects in between meetings in the conference room.


What Did The Client Say

The atmosphere has been totally changed to reflect the lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast.

The sturdy but elegant furniture is very suitable for guests and residential occupants alike. Several businesses in the area have enquired where they can purchase similar products.

About Our Service: Very pleased with service, co-operation and your ability to adhere to our restricted time table.

About Our Products: Everything was produced according to the style and colour chosen, and the result is as envisaged.

The Sebel Hotel