Sarina Golf Club


The Client

The Client

Sarina Golf Club is an 18 Tee Course located on the southern side of the Sarina Township in Central Queensland, Australia. Founded in 1934, Sarina Golf Club is a Hub for the local community and for Golfers across Queensland and Australia to enjoy a game of golf in the most picturesque country environment.

You will find Sarina Golf Club: 
72 Golf Course Road, Sarina, Qld

The Suburb 

Sarina was originally known as Plane Creek, but took its present name from the Sarina Inlet which was in turn named after Sarina, the Greek mythological enchantress, by William Charles Borlase Wilson, a surveyor, some time before 1882.

Sarina lies just inland of the east coast of Queensland, 34 kilometres (21 mi) south of the city of Mackay, and approximately 300 kilometres (190 mi) north of the city of Rockhampton. The Bruce Highway passes through the locality from south to north, as does the North Coast railway line.

The town of Sarina is located on Plane Creek, which flows into the Coral Sea, but most of the urban development is on the northern side of the creek. The Bruce Highway and the railway line pass through the town, which is served by the Sarina railway station.

Industries include sugar cane growing and milling, cattle grazing and agriculture. It is a major supplier of ethanol through the CSR Limited distillery attached to CSR’s Plane Creek sugar mill.

Approximately 15 kilometres (9 mi) north is the second largest export coal terminal in Australia, and one of the biggest coal distribution terminals in the world, Hay Point..

What We Did

Nextrend has been working with the Sarina Golf Club for several years now.  As funding has become available for the Club, they have turned to Nextrend for their commercial furniture upgrades.  The first order saw Gentas Rustic Block Wood Table Tops matched with Astoria Table Bases and Festival Chairs for their large deck that overlooks the course.  The more recent order saw an upgrade in indoor furniture with our Corio Mk2 Chairs being used to replace existing seating.

Sarina Golf Club