Aspley Hypermarket Shopping Centre



 The Suburb 

Aspley, a residential suburb, lies 12 km north of central Brisbane

What We Did

The objective with this project was to create a food court in a busy area with minimum maintenance, high durability and easy on the eye. Nextrend Furniture worked closely with the shopping centre management to achieve this. Using a mixture of the durable polypropylene Dolce and Vita Chairs and the Duratop-Astoria Tables, we created an environment, that requires little upkeep that translates to saving time and money, is durable which means the infrastructure will not need to be replaced for years to come and yet still classy and aesthetically pleasing, providing a place for shoppers to rest and relax


What Did The Client Say

On the service: The service from both the office and the state manager was fantastic, we have recommended your company to other shopping centre’s in our portfolio.

On the products: The furniture is proving to be very sturdy and it is holding up very well in our food court under tough conditions.

Aspley Hypermarket