Jolt Bakery Cafe


The Client

Like the Parkhurst Store, Jolt Bakery Cafe “Post Office” is a gourmet coffee bar, that boasts a fun, relaxed atmosphere for its customers, this is all achieved by using high quality ingredients.  Reading through the reviews on this store, it appears to be the place to go in Rockhampton for Breakfast, with plenty of 5 star reviews.  On our visit we found the staff to be friendly and welcoming, as were the birds that hung around outside, photobombing several images.

You will find Jolt Bakery Cafe at:  
Post Office, 80 East Street, Rockhampton, QLD 4700

The Suburb

Rockhampton is one of the oldest cities in Queensland. In 1853, Charles and William Archer discovered the Fitzroy River, which they named in honour of Sir Charles Fitzroy. The Archer brothers took up a run near Gracemere in 1855, and more settlers arrived soon after, enticed by the fertile valleys. The town of Rockhampton was proclaimed in 1858, and surveyed by Arthur F Wood and Francis Clarke, the chosen street design closely resembled the Hoddle Grid in Melbourne and consisted of a grid of wide boulevards and laneways, which was uncommon in Queensland.

Today, Rockhampton is an industrial and agricultural centre of the north, and is the regional centre of Central Queensland. Rockhampton is also a large tourist destination known for its history and culture supporting such institutions as the Rockhampton Art Gallery, one of the most extensive regional galleries in Australia, the Central Queensland University with campuses across five states, the Rockhampton Heritage Village, and Dreamtime Cultural Centre.

The city is served by the Rockhampton Airport and acts as a gateway to local tourist locations such as the Capricorn Caves and Mount Archer National Park, as well as regional tourist areas such as Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast.

What We Did

Formerly Degani’s, Nextrend has been supplying furniture for this location since 2013.  With Jolt Bakery Cafe, we supplied Duratops in Marble for use throughout the exterior of the cafe and wenge for the interior.  The table tops sit on Blitz Bases and are paired with Dolce Armchairs.  The alfresco dining area also contains a couple of bar height tables which are paired with Gio Barstools.

Jolt Bakery Cafe