Cactus Jack’s


The Client

With it’s first store opening in Townsville over 20 years ago, Cactus Jack’s has grown to become an icon of Tex-Mex dining in Queensland.  Created as a place where as soon as you step in, you feel like you are transported to another world and where the daily pressures and stresses could be left outside the door for a while, inside, you became engulfed in the sights, sounds and smells of Cactus Jack’s.  There is loud rock music from the 70’s through to today’s top hits. The smell of smoky grilled steaks set your tastebuds to watering. The room is covered in vintage paraphernalia; nostalgic pieces from Aztec throw rugs, bow and arrows, Mexican sombreros and ponchos to posters of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry and Western cowboy boots, hats and rifles and so much more that every time you come back you spot something you hadn’t noticed last time.  With a reputation of ‘the best darned value for money, eatin’ and drinkin’ in town! Cactus Jack’s and Cactus Jack’s Redcliffe is a must for those that love food from from both sides of the border-towns of Mexico and Texas.

You will find Cactus Jack’s Redcliffe Restaurant at: 165 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe QLD 4020

The Suburb 

Redcliffe is a residential suburb of the Moreton Bay Region in the east north-east of the Redcliffe peninsula, approximately 28 kilometres (17 mi) north-north-east of the Brisbane CBD. It serves as the Central Business District for the Redcliffe Peninsula and its surrounding suburbs.

Redcliffe is part of the statistical division of Brisbane. The town’s name originates from “Red Cliff Point” named by the explorer Matthew Flinders, referring to the red cliffs at Woody Point.  Redcliffe became Queensland’s first colony in 1824; however, it was soon abandoned for Brisbane. Since the 1880s, Redcliffe has been a popular seaside resort location due to its proximity to Brisbane.

What We Did

Apart from having a large indoor dining area, Cactus Jack’s also has a sizeable sidewalk dining area.  To complete this dining zone, Nextrend was engaged to supply outdoor seating that compliments the  style of Cactus Jack’s.  To achieve this resin rattan furniture was selected with Palm Armchairs and Jamaica Barstools used.  Nextrend Furniture then also supplied Red Werzalit  Duratop Table tops for the dining tables and Walnut Duratops for the bar height tables.

Cactus Jack's