Duratop Compact Laminate Table Tops

When it comes to entertaining guests and customers, nothing is as good and as luxurious as the Compact Laminate Duratop. Extremely durable, waterproof and suitable for use outdoors this product is great for theming your cafe or restaurant both inside and out.

Made of high quality materials and engineered to perfection, here is a product that has gained the admiration and respect of Australia’s top commercial venues and vacation resorts. This comes as no surprise really since this product is born out of innovation, scientific research and stringent quality control to ensure that each and every piece of Compact Laminate Duratop that rolls out of the factory complies with and bears the Australian government’s stamp of approval.

With attractive colours to choose from, including White, Rustic Block Wood, Black, Wenge and Shesman, the Compact Laminate Duratop has been manufactured leveraging cutting edge technology and innovative engineering methods to bring you a product that can compete with the best in the world, yet at a price that allows you to work within your budget and gain the competitive edge you need.


  • 2 year warranty
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor* commercial use
  • 12mm thick – extremely durable hardwearing high impact surface resistant to scratches, wear, stains and moisture
  • Rounded corners and smooth flush black edge treatment.
  • Available Sizes: 600R, 690R, 770R, 800R, 600SQ, 690SQ, 770SQ, 800SQ, 600x800, 1200x770 & 1390x800
  • Stocked in Black, White, Rustic Block Wood, Shesman, Afyon Marble, Copperfield & Wenge

* It is advisable to select light colours if in direct sunlight conditions. Dark colours in direct sunlight will heat up which may cause the top to bow upwards/downwards at the edges due to the core material expanding. Warranty will be void in these circumstances.

* The only suitable screw for Compact Laminate is a Metal Thread Screw. Do not use a particle board/timber screw or self tapper. If the router pattern does not match the base, tops must be pre-drilled before inserting the metal thread screw.

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