Werzalit Gentas Duratop Table Tops

The Werzalit Gentas Duratop table tops are a quality, seamless, hygienic and functional table top suitable for indoor or sheltered outdoor use. It is one of the most popular used table tops in Australia’s hospitality catering environment. This table top is by far the best value for money and is backed with our up to 2 year warranty – Visit our warranty page for further information.

The Werzalit Gentas Duratop Table Tops are manufactured in Turkey by Gentas, using the renowned resin moulding process. Available in a select range of sizes and finishes, these tops are durable, weatherproof, inexpensive and attractive.

The foundation of each Werzalit Gentas Duratop Table Top is a mix of quality hardwoods and softwoods, kiln-dried and blended with synthetic resins as well as anti-rot and anti-moisture agents. This mixture is compressed at 140°C under high pressure before the hardwearing and decorative layers are applied and inseparably moulded together.



  • Brand: Duratop
  • Made in Turkey
  • 2 year indoor structural warranty
  • 1 year outdoor structural warranty
  • Suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor commercial use
  • Surface: High impact joint less laminate surface resistant to wear, heat & burns from cigarettes. Hygienic & easy to clean
  • Foundation: Mix of quality hardwoods and softwoods, kiln-dried and blended with synthetic resins as well as anti-rot and anti-moisture agents
  • Available Sizes: 340R (Cruza Stool top size), 600R, 700R, 800R, 600x600SQ, 700x700SQ, 800x800SQ, 1400x800RCT
  • Edge Profile and Thickness: (refer to website)
  • Unit Weights: (refer to website)
  • Supplied unassembled – Flat pack form
  • Stocked In: Black, White, Anthracite, Chocolate, Shesman, Wenge, Walnut, Light Beech, Travertine, Marble, Stratos, Nova Pine, Rustic Block Wood, Rustic Dark Oak, Redden Wood & Old Pine
  • Notes: It is advisable to select light finishes for use in direct sunlight conditions
  • Dark colours are not recommended for direct sunlight conditions. Warranty will be void in these circumstances.

 Available Inventory as at May 8: 

Gentas Chocolate Duratop 1200 x 800mm Rectangle8
Gentas Chocolate Duratop 600 x 600mm Square6
Gentas Chocolate Duratop 600mm Diameter7
Gentas Chocolate Duratop 700 x 700mm Square13
Gentas Chocolate Duratop 700mm Diameter27
Gentas Chocolate Duratop 800mm Diameter6
Gentas Red Duratop 600 x 600mm Square1
Gentas Red Duratop 600mm Diameter5
Gentas Red Duratop 700 x 700mm Square5
Gentas Travertine Duratop 1200 x 800mm Rectangle1
Gentas White Duratop 1200 x 800mm Rectangle6


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