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Continuing on the tradition of creating high quality polypropylene commercial furniture, Siesta has released the brand new Sky Range. Its design is new, stylish and versatile.

The range includes 2 seat options which are available in a variety of colours.  The chairs have been shaped for maximum strength and comfort as well as function.  They are UV stabilised and built to drain rain water making them great for both indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to the seats you will also find 2 side table designs and 2 sizes of cafe tables.  The side / coffee tables have been built to the same specifications as the seats, offering superior strength and longevity.  The cafe tables contain a metallic frame that has been wrapped in polypropylene, producing a strong base that will never unravel, rust or decay. They are UV protected which insures the colours will not fade.  The tops can be removed and replaced, allowing you to customise your look.