What Support is available for the Hospitality & Tourism Industry?

Posted on October 19th, 2021

Throughout Australia the Hospitality & Tourism Industries have experienced varying challenges over the past 18 months.  Now that States are opening up and there is talk of greater freedoms just around the corner, we take a look at what is on offer in each state to help get the Hospitality and Toursim Industry back on its feet.

With NSW leading the way with vacination rates, it is hoped greater freedoms will be seen in this state sooner then later.  However at this current point in time there are greater limits on indoor dining then there is on Alfresco Dining and International Borders are closed.  As such the State Government is offering a few options to help the Hospitality & Tourism sector get going.

  • Stay & Rediscover Voucher Scheme – supports accommodation providers
  • Dine & Discover NSW Voucher Scheme – supports hospitality, arts and tourism businesses
  • Sydney CBD Friday Voucher Program – The program will offer 500,000 NSW residents 4 x $25 vouchers to spend at dining and entertainment venues in the Sydney CBD on Fridays.
  • Accommodation Support Grant – If you’re an accommodation provider who experienced cancellations for stays between Friday 25 June 2021 and Sunday 11 July 2021, you may be eligible for the accommodation support grant of either $2,000 or $5,000.
  • Alfresco Restart Package – The programs will provide more, better and activated public spaces to support community wellbeing and economic recovery.

You can find out more at https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/campaign/covid-19-help-businesses/grants-loans-and-financial-assistance & https://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/alfresco-restart-package

Much of Queensland has experienced limited lockdowns when compared to its southern neighbours.  However tourism and hospitality sectors have still been affected through snap lockdowns and a lack of interstate and international tourists.  The government has implemented several voucher programs to encourage locals to get out and explore their own state, and boost tourism.  There have been and still are a few grants available to support some of the businesses currently affected by restrictions.  You can find out what you may be intitled to by working through the Business Assistance Finder Tool at https://www.business.qld.gov.au/covid-assistance.  Additional resources can also be found at https://desbt.qld.gov.au/training/employers/coronavirus-assistance

At the time of writing there is currently 40 business grants open in Victoria.  With everything from Virtual Business Mentoring and Coaching, to Covid Safe Deep Cleaning Rebate, Job Funds, Mental Health support and more.  These grants are open to an array of business types, however if we are looking for something specific to the Hospitality Industry you will find the Licensed Hospitality Venue Fund – Top Up.  This grant provides top up payments of between $2500 and $20,000 per week based on location and patron capacity and cover certain time periods.  You can find out more about this grant at https://business.vic.gov.au/grants-and-programs/circuit-breaker-business-support-package/licensed-hospitality-venue-fund-2021-top-up-payments-and-cbd-payment or all grants at https://business.vic.gov.au/grants-and-programs?filter=%7B%22status%22%3A%5B%22opening+soon%22%2C%22open%22%2C%22ongoing%22%5D%7D&page=1

Considering the low level of Covid cases seen through the Northern Territory, there are still a large amount of business support available.  In the Hospitality & Tourism sectors directly there is Funding to attract hospitality and tourism workers as well as the Tourism Survival Fund.    You can find out more about these grants as well as others at https://nt.gov.au/industry/business-grants-funding

There is still a little bit of funding available in the ACT for businesses.  The Covid-19 Business Support Grant is coming to an end for businesses with less than $2mil turnover, however the Covid-19 Small Business Hardship Scheme is opening.  Additionally there are fee waivers available for the Hospitality Industry.  You can find out more at https://www.act.gov.au/business/business-support/covid-19-economic-support-for-business

There currently does not appear to be any grants available from the government.  There is a loan scheme and registration page to document how you have been impacted by the latest lockdown, but that seems to be all.  You can find out more and see if any new funding has been announced at https://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/grants_and_funding_opportunities

Looking at the WA Governments website, there seems to be a lot of funding mentioned, but it does not seem there is actually much still left available.  You can discover more by visiting https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-the-premier-and-cabinet/covid-19-coronavirus-support-business .  There is another link you can explore for non covid related funding.  You can find out what is available here: https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/department-of-jobs-tourism-science-and-innovation/grants-assistance-and-programs-register-wa-industry

In South Australia a lot of the funding that has been available for Covid relief has now expired.  However there are still a few grants available like the Tourism & Hospitality Support Grant.  Applications for this grant close on October 31. You can find out more at https://www.treasury.sa.gov.au/Growing-South-Australia/stimulus-measures-to-support-businesses-and-the-community-impacted-by-covid-19

THE OTHER SIDE: Are you venue ready?

Posted on May 7th, 2020

THE OTHER SIDE: Are you venue ready?

As talk increases about getting cafe’s and restaurants back up and running we need to start to look at what will be required to ensure our doors can open once more.  There is still a lot of discussion around this, however we will look at what we already know.

Disclaimer: The following information is based on information obtained from Safe Work Australia & NT WorkSafe.  This information is provided as a guide only, to help you prepare for the reopening of your business.  Some requirements may vary from State to State, and local legislation should be adhered to once released by your State Government.


  • Hand sanitiser stations or a hands-free portable hand basin with liquid soap and paper towel for patrons to use upon entrance, exit and around the workplace.
  • If possible, one way traffic flow in and out of the venue
  • If possible/practical, touch free entry with automatic doors, or manual doors left open
  • If queuing to enter, bright markings are to be provided on the floor 1.5m apart to show people where they should stand.
  • Erect signs at entrances to ensure the maximum safe capacity is not exceeded
  • Signage to encourage social distancing and hand sanitisation locations should also be clearly visible. 


  • There should be 1.5m between each table of different groups of people. You should arrange seating so dining groups are not seated face to face. Customers from the same group can sit face to face
  • If there are times where staff need to be closer than 1.5 metres apart, ensure the time spent in close contact is minimised with particular focus on minimising face to face close contact, which should be less than 15 minutes face to face.
  • People can only gather for less than 2 hours. Venue layout should be adjusted to accommodate different sized groups and to ensure physical distancing principles can be followed.
  • Venues should have appropriate and easily visible signage to avoid customers crowding together in any one area of the business.
  • If it is not possible to provide safe distances between people you should put in physical barriers that minimise contact (e.g. Perspex shield). 
  • In certain situations, a physical barrier such as widening the counter or placing furniture in front of the counter can be used to help maintain physical distance between people.
  • Where physical barriers are not practical to install, barrier tape can be used to indicate where customers should stand to ensure 1.5m separation can be maintained.
  • Staff should provide the required amount of cutlery to people on the table or have staff hand over cutlery and condiments to limit self-service.
  • Self-service areas like buffets, accommodation breakfast bars and aviation club lounges should be well supervised and require the customer to use hand sanitiser pre-commencement of service.


  • Put up posters around the workplace on keeping at least 1.5 metres distance between everyone at the workplace.
  • Provide social distancing markers on the floor in areas where customers line up or where workers perform tasks.
  • Nominate a person on the work floor to be responsible for keeping everyone the required 1.5 metre distance apart in accordance with the latest government requirements.
  • Have hand sanitiser stations at entry and exit points and around the workplace
  • Ensure bathrooms are well stocked with hand wash and paper towel.
  • Put up posters with instructions on how to hand wash/hand rub.
  • Promote cashless payments, noting that cash is a legal form of tender and it is illegal to not accept cash if a customer chooses to provide it as a form of payment.
  • When cash is exchanged, ensure that hands are washed with soap and water, or a hand sanitiser is used after handling money.
  • Increase access to closed bins in your workplace
  • Put up signs to request customers only touch objects they are going to buy


  • Ensure any areas frequented by workers or others (e.g. visitors to your premises) are cleaned at least daily with detergent or disinfectant.
  • Instruct workers to wear gloves when cleaning and wash their hands thoroughly with soap or use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser before and after wearing gloves.
  • Clean frequently touched areas and surfaces several times a day with a detergent or disinfectant solution or wipe. This includes Eftpos equipment, elevator buttons, handrails, tables, counter tops, door knobs, sinks and keyboards.
  • Increase cleaning regimes for all other areas within the food business. Consider whether aspects of the Australian Government cleaning advice will add anything to your cleaning and disinfecting procedures.
  • Wash and sanitise all food preparation containers, utensils and chopping boards.
  • Instruct workers to clean personal property that comes to work, such as sunglasses, mobile phones and iPads with disinfectant, such as disinfectant wipes.

All of the above illustrates what the government will be requiring of you. With Job Keeper, PAYG relief and expanded Instant Asset Write Off, some would say the Government has done a lot.  But they can certainly do more for the Industry.  

With reduced dining capacity, we have seen in several countries around the world, Local Councils opening up public squares, side walks and closing streets to allow cafes and restaurants to increase their alfresco dining abilities.  Now would be a good time for you to petition your Local Council to see if a similar initiative could operate in your town. 

THE OTHER SIDE: How will it look when doors reopen?

Posted on April 29th, 2020

THE OTHER SIDE: How will it look when doors reopen?

With restrictions starting to lift, and the possibility of some venues opening in June it looks like dining out and holidaying may be on the cards again soon.  But how will this look?  There is a lot of talk surrounding restrictions that may be in place when we do get to reopen our doors.  We will take a look at some of these.

The Northern Territory Government has mentioned that Restaurants and Cafes will need to have a Coronavirus Plan in place to reopen.  There is a good chance this will become a requirement across the Nation.  These plans will need to illustrate how you have minimised the potential for the virus to spread throughout your venue.  Guidance to what the requirements of this plan may include is currently being drafted, however based on other countries and media speculation, you can expect it to require some of the elements below.

In some nations experiencing success in controlling the impact of Covid-19, restaurants are doing temperature checks.  Could we see the same practice here?  As we head into winter it is a possibility.  If people are able to shop without the need of a temperature check you would have to consider this measure to be non essential for the hospitality industry, but it should not be ruled out.  A lot of the cheaper non contact thermometers still require close contact with a person to get a reading, and taking temperatures upon entry to a venue could create crowding at the entrance.  This would also need to be overcome.

Commonplace in Buffets and on Cruise ships, hand sanitiser stations are not new, but expect them to become the norm, for a while anyway.  It can be expected that these will be required upon entry of your venue and possibly exit, but could we also see them at dining tables as well?  Whether there will be a requirement for automated units or just pump bottles is yet to be seen, however to cater for small to large businesses, and considering a lot of places currently open use pump bottles, you would expect there to be no restriction on this.

Some Restaurants in Asia have implemented these, and venues in Europe are also looking at it.  Could we see it in Australia as well?  Partitions between diners at a table or between individual tables in a restaurant could be a requirement.  Setting up dining areas in pods or cubicles could allow you to open your indoor dining area sooner than those that do not.  Having partitions on a table where a family is dining is problematic, however these may be a requirement for business lunches and the like.  If partitioned dining does become the norm there will need to be a solid framework around how this is to function in a venue.   Additionally screens like we have seen pop up in supermarkets to protect staff from customers, may also become a requirement for bar and checkout staff.

Many of us have become use to ordering take away or delivery on our phone.  Could this become the norm, even when dining in.  There is talk that menus and buzzers could be a thing of the past for venues, so if this is the case we need to look at the alternatives.  Utilising the customers phone could be the best bet.  Have the menu on the phone and allow direct ordering.  When the order is ready for collection, send an sms or message through bluetooth to the phone.  Hopefully wait staff can still have a role taking orders and delivering to tables, however there may be variations in just how this is done.  Laminated menus should be easy to clean and sanitise, so this may just become a requirement with the removal of paper options.

Converting to a traditional restaurant structure may help in the short term.  There may also be the option to have “servers” at the buffet to allow operations to continue.

This seems like it will be the most likely of all requirements.  It can be expected that spacing between tables will need to be increased.  This will be an easy one for Restaurants and Cafes to implement. It may also require some creative thinking in how you can best utilise your space to maximise capacity whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines that are in place.

In Queensland from this weekend you will be allowed to picnic.  Now if you have people in parks 4 metres apart eating a meal, why can’t restaurants and cafes reopen alfresco dining to the same?  Councillor Tom Tate wants to see Cafes & Restaurants open again on the Gold Coast, so there should be a real push for the opening of Alfresco dining as a bare minimum.  It is hopeful that both indoor and outdoor dining will open up again soon, however there is a possibility we will see alfresco dining available before indoor dining.

Right now we do not know what restrictions will be in place when we get to reopen.  By the end of the week some things may be a bit clearer based on what comes out of the Northern Territory.  One thing we do know is we can expect things to be different and we will need to adapt.

THE OTHER SIDE: Creative Kitchens Keep Cooking

Posted on April 21st, 2020

THE OTHER SIDE: Creative Kitchens Keep Cooking

With COVID-19 shutting down the dining areas of Cafes & Restaurants across the country, many have had to adapt.  Finding ways to keep the kitchen running during this time has been extremely important, and a job many of you have done well.  In today’s Newsletter we look at the two main ways you have operated to keep your doors open and ways you can expand on this. 

In order to keep trading we have seen many businesses turn to online ordering for takeaway or delivery.  The rates offered up for services like Deliveroo or UberEats however have been restrictive for some.  Below we have 4 ideas to help you reduce expenditure in this area to keep more profits in your pocket.

1.  Run your own Online Ordering System.  If you website is Word Pressed based it is easy to get a plugin to do this.  This would be the same for many other platforms as well. By running your own system you can pretty much eliminate all fees associated with taking online orders.  If you don’t have the knowledge to do this, or want something with a bit of support, maybe chat with the guys at Localforyou.com.au who can get you up and running as well as help with optimising your marketing starting from $149 per month.

2.  List your menu on Facebook and share details on as many local groups as possible.    Facebook is a hive of activity at the moment.  Ensuring people know you are open and what you are selling is important.  Post your menu regularly and share it on local community groups within Facebook.  Doing a special on Schnitzels today? Take a photos and post this as well.  With many people locked at home, food won’t be far from their mind.  Additionally look for any local websites that list businesses that are open, and make sure you are listed there as well.

3.  Like Facebook, list your menus on Google Business.  If you don’t already have a Google Business Listing, now is the time to make sure you get one.  By adding pictures and your menu to this it will allow people searching for food in the area to find you quickly and see what you offer.  Maybe do a post with an image relating to the services you are offering currently so when they see your listing, they know straight away you are open for business.

4.  Distribute your menu. If you are using UberEats or a similar service, try to ensure a menu goes out with every order, as well as details to order through your own system (if you have one) to increase return business and reduce overheads.  Trying to keep healthy through COVID?  Why not walk your neighbourhood and drop copies of your menu into Letterboxes to expand your reach to those that have not discovered you in passing or online.

With businesses moving to Takeaway and Delivery, some have taken it one or two steps further by offering pre packed meals.  We have seen a huge increase in these sorts of offerings for essential workers.  By offering pre packed meals you are able to reinforce your branding and minimise your menu offerings to reduce potential waste. 

Additionally some businesses have also commenced offering Meal Plans with their pre packaged meals.  By offering meal plans you are now able to book sales in for several days of the week.  The more meal plans ordered, the more stability you create for your kitchen.  If you are a business already offering take away or delivery, this could be a great next step for you.

If you would like help organising the packaging for your Pre Packed Meals, we highly recommend you have a chat to the guys at CBS Printing.  They can also help out with your menu printing needs.  To find out more about their service visit https://www.cbsprinting.com.au/how-to-adapt-as-a-restaurant-in-this-covid-19-crisis/

We are all hopeful that we are not too far away from a return to regular operation.  However when that day does come, you may find that some of the strategies you have implemented to help you survive, will allow you to thrive post Covid.

THE OTHER SIDE: Refurb for Revenue

Posted on April 21st, 2020

THE OTHER SIDE: Refurb for Revenue

With the majority of us in lockdown, we need to find creative ways to keep the lights on and ensure when we get to reopen we are ready to capture every bit of business possible.  So how do we do this?  Over the next few weeks Nextrend will engage with professionals in the Hospitality & Tourism sector to get their opinion on what you can do now, to ensure you are in a position to succeed at the other end of this crisis.

The first in this series is Refurb for Revenue.  We know everyone will have differing abilities to be able to give their business a Freshen up during this time, however if there is anything that you can do, at no or minimal cost it should certainly be considered.  When we get to the other side, people will be keen to once again frequent restaurants, dine out, holiday and explore.  It is imperative when they do that your business is not only ready to welcome them back, but  also appealing to the potential customer. 

Brittany Dain of Dain Interiors shares 5 Interior Design Tips that won’t break the bank.

What a great time to spruce up your space! Unfortunately, with many businesses being forced to close due to COVID-19 there is a silver lining. This is a perfect time to look at giving your space a bit of love and a new life, so when you do reopen the doors you have a fresh new look and feel that will entice more customers through that door! 

Here are my top 5 Interior Design tips to give your business a new look. 


Whether you want to brighten up that dark corner you have been dreading, use a white or neutral colour or if you want to add a splash of colour to create a feature wall and area of interest – A fresh coat of paint is the most effective way to change the look and feel of a space without breaking the bank. Its important to pay attention to the existing features and furniture pieces that you already own, to ensure that your new colour choice will complement them, not clash. Colour is incredibly effective in creating a mood and feel of a space; using a crisp white can make it feel fresh and calm, and a deep orange can make it feel cozy and warm. Remember to always check your colour swatch in natural lighting or space you plan on painting before you purchase. 


I have always been a firm believer that indoor greenery makes the world of difference! It’s something I always implement in my designs. Humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, this is called ‘Biophilia’ and in the design world we use the term ‘Biophilic Design’. 

Picture working in a room only made up of white walls, floor and ceiling. Now picture yourself working in the outdoors with all the greenery surrounding you. Which would you prefer? Adding indoor planters to your space not only gives it a sense of life, but many studies have been conducted to proven that greenery indoors improves mood and productivity in workers. Now that’s a BIG positive! So, find your green thumb and order some plants for your space, and if you find you can’t keep them alive, there’s always faux ones for your choosing. 


Another crucial element of designing a space, your lighting! Great interior spaces have a variety or layered lighting, this gives the ability to control lighting for different times of the day or for specific events or moods. 3 important forms of lighting: General, task and accent. 

General lighting is referring to your downlights, ‘general’ lighting source of artificial light, if your thinking that your space needs a little more ambience consider installing dimmers to have more control. 

Task lighting is directional lighting to illuminate a specific area where a task is going to be performed, like a desk lamp or a pendant. 

Accent lighting is used to focus on a room’s features, this could be artwork, decorative objects or even a wall feature. 

There are really no limitations when it comes to lighting, just evaluate your space… Where needs brightening up? What kind of mood am I trying to achieve? What features do I want to enhance? Work with your licensed electrician and VOLA! You have just improved your business space with the use of lighting. 



Let it go! Its time to finally get rid of that tired looking, stained couch that you have built a connection with… as Marie Kondo would say, “thank it, now say goodbye”. Let’s get rid of the unhygienic furniture and buy yourself something new and fresh. When looking at commercial furniture for my designs there are two key things, I pay attention to: 

  • Maintenance 
  • Longevity 

It’s important to choose furniture that can be easily cleaned, low maintenance and long lasting, so you can focus on the importance of running your business. You don’t want to be replacing furniture every 2 years, am I right? That’s money and time. 


Space planning is another extremely important aspect of design. You could buy all these beautiful furniture pieces but have no idea where they are going once they arrive… BIG NO-NO. Let’s say you have your space, what is it going to be used for? What areas are designated for what activity? Where do you need storage? I could go on, it’s all about tailoring to your space and its use. Its critical to the design process, this means: 

  • Measuring your space 
  • Allocating areas for activity 
  • Think about traffic flow 
  • Scale of your furniture 
  • Placement 

Once you have completed these simple steps, then you can order away! But remember to keep within the budget! 

Brittany Dain
Dain Interiors
Facebook: @DainInteriors
Instagram: @daininteriors

Restaurant interior design trend for 2019

Posted on January 8th, 2019

Considering that we live in a very visual age, there is a requirement for our restaurants to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. With the social media savvy millennials and centennials taking over the demographics, it’s highly important to consider the Instagram potential of your venue. Developing a dining space that is photogenic and unique enough to be posted on social media will give you a big edge over your competitors.

Below we look at some of the trends that are set to influence restaurant interior design throughout 2019.

Multi-functional, compact furniture

Many designers find it a struggle to deal with conserving space, especially in smaller venues. When you locate your restaurant in a very populated place, you should opt for compressed, multi-purpose furniture that is small in scale, but not short on style.

It is often seen a push away from traditional dining furniture is required to achieve this, but this is not the case.  A long table with bench seating may be great to pack people in to a shared dining experience, however it can be uncomfortable and cramped.  You can achieve the same result with a lot of smaller square tables combined with stackable chairs. Pushing the tables together and stacking the extra chairs into storage will provide a similar result to the single large table, except it will also provide greater comfort in both seating and personal space. 

Warm Bold Colours are the new Black.

Adding a coat of paint to the interior (and exterior) can be a quick and inexpensive way to make your venue pop.  In 2019, there is a move away from the greys and the grungy feels of the industrial look, with a push more to bold, warm and inviting colours.  Wallpaper and upholstery is also making a comeback.  The goal of your dining space in 2019 should be to create an environment that feels homely and comfortable.  Pair bold coloured furniture, with neutral tones and soft textures for the best effect.

Artistic Pieces

Displaying unique and colorful artworks are a great way to allure your customers. Get in touch with talented artists and work with them in creating artistic pieces that will add more story and character to your restaurant. Utilizing your venue as a Free Art Gallery for aspiring Artists is a great way to get fresh pieces into your restaurant at no charge, with the possibility of providing a small revenue stream for you and the Artist.

Natural Textures

Simple, industrial design are considered as outdated now, as natural and earthy themes start to take over.

We’re going on a trip to memory lane as we welcome back the mid-century modern interior style. Pieces like white walls, dark wood and steel accents make guests feel more comfortable and at home.


Live plants, flowers and fresh herbs do not only make your venue more beautiful and relaxing. They also make a visual connection about the freshness of your ingredients and illustrate your business as being environmentally friendly. Adding decorative accessories and plant motifs from wallpaper to tablecloths can evoke the feeling of the great outdoors, amidst the hustle and the bustle of the city.

Add greenery to your restaurant to help customers get back in touch with nature, now that our life is centered in the digital world.

Giving life to your pool area

Posted on December 4th, 2018

Summer is finally here. The mercury has risen, the winter jackets are gone. Who wouldn’t want to take a nice dip in the pool? Or enjoy sunbathing poolside? A fun and relaxing time by the pool is a great Australian summer past time. Relaxing by the pool lets us forget about the worries of the world, and transport us to a place of bliss.  A beautiful pool enhances this escape, providing comfort and serenity.

But with Australia’s harsh weather conditions, it is critical that we utilise quality outdoor furniture that has been designed and made for our conditions.  Furniture that will not fade or deteriorate in the sun. That’s why we offer a variety of hospitality furniture that is perfect for the scorching weather brought about by the summer season.

Our range of products do not only add style to the pool area, but also stay sturdy no matter the climate.

Polypropylene chairs and tables

Our outdoor furniture products are not what you can call typical. They are made from polypropylene, a special type of plastic that is tough and elastic. Polypropylene makes our furniture weather-proof, durable and lightweight. Packed with UV stabiliser, our polypropylene chairs and tables will not fade or go brittle even in the sunniest weather conditions. We also have stools that are perfect for outdoor bar facilities.

You can learn more about our variety of polypropylene furniture here.

Sun Loungers

The pool area isn’t complete without sun loungers. Made of UV stabilised polypropylene, these sun loungers will never unravel, rust or decay. We have four different kinds of sun loungers that you can choose from.

Our Pacific Sun Loungers include extremely durable and breathable synthetic fabric covers. Available in a range of bright and fashionable colours, these lounges are designed for summer.

You can learn more about our sun loungers here.

Resin Rattan chairs and tables

Our line of Resin Rattan Furniture is known for having a sleek profile that is pleasant to the eye. This makes our furniture look as charming as it is functional. They instantly add class to any poolside.  Constructed with reinforced glass fibre, this furniture is strong with a boosted weight capacity.

Read more about our resin rattan furniture here.

UV stabilised and weather proof, our poolside furniture is guaranteed to stay sturdy and vibrant despite harsh weather conditions. This also makes our products very easy to clean and maintain. With their impressive profiles and durability, our outdoor furniture is sure to provide an inviting and relaxing vibe to your pool area.

5 Reasons why you should buy Commercial Furniture for your Patio

Posted on January 16th, 2018

In Australia during summer we love the great outdoors.  I am not sure about you, but for me, as I live by the coast, if the air con is not running it is generally way cooler to sit outside on the deck and enjoy the ocean breeze.  The only problem with the great aussie summers, are they can be extremely harsh.  If we don’t keep our fluids up we can dehydrate quickly, too much time in the sun can lead to us turning into lobsters and  then there is the storms, which you certainly don’t want to get caught in.  When it comes to outdoor furniture, it also takes a beating.  So I have come up with this of 5 reasons why you should buy commercial outdoor furniture for your patio.

No. 1 – UV Stabilisation
When we are in the sun, we burn.  When your furniture is left out in the weather, it fades.  Many outdoor chairs are sold as being UV Stabilised, however in testing we have discovered the residential brands we tested did not hold up to the riggers of time compared to our commercial product.  Below is a picture that illustrates 6 months of sun exposure.

As you can see the commercial product still looks like new, whereas the residential product looks like it has seen better days.

No. 2 – Build Quality / Strength
Have you ever sat on one of those outdoor plastic chairs and had a leg break or seen the videos of people having these chairs break on them?

This is due to these chairs being built with a price focus rather than a strength focus.  Commercial Furniture is different.  As a commercial chair is expected to perform day in, day out they need to be built extremely strong.  Now this does not mean they can not be broken, it just means they should be less likely to break.


No. 3 – Versatility
Ok, so far I have focused on Chairs, but what about tables?  At Nextrend we sell Cafe Tables.  Now if you are like me, the majority of the time your outdoor space is occupied by just your immediate family.  However come holiday time, this can swell dramatically to include your extended family and friends.  Having the ability to cater for the increase can be difficult.  However if you consider buying several square commercial tables you will be able to reconfigure seating with ease.  Let me give you an example.  In my household there is 4 of us.  However over Christmas this swelled to 20 for Christmas Lunch.  By utilising 2 square tables as dining tables inside our house, and 2 outside, we can easily cater to 6 – 8 people inside and 6 – 8 people outside, providing us with seating for up to 16 people.  This of course leaves us 4 short.  In my case I decided to add a bar table outside near the bbq to cover the last 4, however an additional table could also be used in the house as a desk or setup in an additional seating area outside.  The other great thing about utilising these tables is you can have everyone sit at one long table, or split the kids off to their own or even just group everyone in lots of 4.  You can run a long table, a big square table, or even a u shaped table.  In addition to this if you pair your tables with stackable seating, you can easily store any additional seating you may require, but don’t necessarily want to keep out at all times.


No. 4 – Weather Resistant
Many indoor tables and chairs will not fair well outside.  You would not want your general sofa exposed to rain and sun, however commerical outdoor furniture is built for this.  The majority of products available are waterproof which means if one of those summer super cells drops down on your place, the furniture should not be too concerned with the rain and possible hail.


No. 5 – Longevity
Have you ever purchased that cheap tool or product, and later wished you had spent the money on getting something decent?  I know I have.  As you can see from the image used above, buying the cheaper option can sometimes lead to a product requiring more frequent replacement. I know for me if I had of purchased the chair that has faded for home, and only managed to get one Christmas out of it I would not be happy.   In the case of the chairs shown above the commerical chair is approximately 30% more expensive than the residential chair, however you can see the lifespan of the commercial product far outweighs the additional cost.  Based on the fading alone, if I wanted my outdoor area to look impressive (and lets face it when people are coming to visit, who doesn’t) I would need to replace those residential chairs every 3 to 6 months.  But I guess you are saying, surely this would be covered under warranty?  Depending on the chair, it might be, however most warranties will not cover fading due to a high amount of weather exposure.  With our Commerical products in the majority of instances we would cover this, but when it comes to the residential product I would not be as certain.


So hopefully I have provided enough of an argument   to show why commercial furniture is a great option for your patio.  Sure it may cost a bit more initially, but if you like to live outdoors the comfort, strength and versatility & longevity should result in savings in the long term.

4 Smart Ideas for Building your own Cafe Tables

Posted on November 27th, 2017

Now you are probably wondering why a business that sells Cafe Chairs and Tables would be telling you how you can go about building your own cafe tables. Sure we would love for you to purchase our products, and many of you do, however in some cases your fitout may require something a little on the qwerky side, and in this case, making something truly custom may be the best way to go. So we have proved a few ideas to get you started.

1. Use Timber & Plywood.

Now if you were looking to save money over buying furniture from Nextrend, I am unsure if you will see a lot of benefit going down this road, however if you are wanting something custom, then this is a great way to go. Wood in general is easy to work with and can be finished in numerous ways. However to build something to a commercial level may come at a considerable cost. To save money try and pick up second hand timber. It will add character to your furniture and will give you that rustic or antique look for an affordable price.

2. Recycled Objects

Ok.  This one crosses over a bit with point one, however recycled materials really are a great way to get the job done. Sturdy doors with second hand turned timber legs can make for an interesting table.  You can also go with second hand metals and iron.  These do generally take a bit more skill to work with, and you may only want to work with these material to create your table bases, however the end results can be stunning.  Match with one of our table tops and you have a great custom piece.

3. Shipping Pallet Tables

With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn discarded shipping pallets into attractive tables for your restaurant or cafe. Simply cover the top of the pallet with an appropriate sized laminate board, sand it smooth, and apply a couple of coats of paint for a unique cafe table that your customers will truly appreciate.

Another thing you can do is take the shipping pallets apart and use the wood to build your DIY cafe table. By keeping the original appearance of the pallets as much as possible, you’ll be able to produce artistic pieces that will attract more customers to your restaurant.

You can then add well-crafted hairpin legs to your tables for a classy vintage appeal.

4. Tile Top Cafe Tables

A mosaic table top can be extremely hard wearing and can also show a great level of creativity.  Ideally done by obtaining second hand or broken tiles  and working with these to produce a picture or pattern on the table.  By using a solid piece of timber for the tiles to be glued upon, you will be able to utilise our table bases to create a unique table for your venue.  A few things to consider though is if using new tiles, this can become expensive.  Also the more tiles you use, the more grout between the tiles will be required, and the harder the surface will be to clean.


And of course if you don’t have time to create your own table bases or tops you can always buy these from us.  Our products are all commercial grade, and built for the hospitality industry.

How to Choose the Right Size Table for Your Seating Requirements

Posted on October 15th, 2017

Are you often short of tables in your café, restaurant or hotel? Perhaps you are in a dilemma as to what size tables you need for your establishment. If you’re located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or other parts of Australia and looking to maximise your seating capacity, we can help. Outlined in this article are proven tips on how to choose the right size table for your seating requirements. Read on.

Work Within Your Available Space

Whether yours is a conventional restaurant or outdoor café layout, choosing the right table size and shape for your establishment will have you considering two crucial factors:

  • Shape and size of your available floor area
  • The number of guests you intend to accommodate

You know you’ve achieved the correct layout, number and size of tables when chairs are easy to pull out while still providing ample room for your guests to move around comfortably.

Use the illustrations accompanying this article to help you determine the right table shape and dimensions for your seating requirements.

Ideal Table Size for a Small Restaurant or Cafe

Every bit of space counts when you’re dealing with a small dining area. As a rule, smaller four seater and two seater café tables, which can easily be combined or rearranged, are ideal when you’re looking to maximise your seating capacity. Large banquet size tables, on the other hand, tend to have the exact opposite effect in that they severely hamper your flexibility in accommodating diners of varying group sizes.

With the right mix of café table shapes and sizes, you’re not only making the most of your available dining space, but also cutting down customer wait time, leading to more sales and profit.

Table Size Choices for Large Capacity Cafes and Restaurants

If your restaurant of cafe offers a generous amount dining space, you can take advantage of larger tables, six seaters and up. This is so you can eliminate the need of combining small tables to accommodate large parties of diners as well as to improve the ambience of your space.

Cafe Table Spacing

Three factors dictate the general layout of café tables in a dining room:

  • Shape of café table
  • Available space
  • Shape of dining area

Of the three considerations, available space is the most important element. For an enjoyable and comfortable dining experience, offer as much space as you possibly can:

  • Round tables require a distance of at least 137 cm between them
  • Rectangular tables require about 152 cm of space between them

This allows approximately 61 cm of service space with the chairs pulled out. For the main service aisles, provide even more room to ease the heavier traffic.


Determining Table Area Per Diner

The minimum requirement for comfortable dining is that each person be allowed 762 square cm of table area.

How do your café tables measure up?

Now let’s take a look at the two-seater square table in the illustration. The table’s dimension is 60 cm x 60 cm, with a dining area of 3,600 square cm. Divide by two, and you have an area of 1800 square cm for each diner, which greatly exceeds our minimum requirement by more than half.

Thus the two and four seater round and square tables in the illustration would be ideal sizes for small to medium size cafes and restaurants, ensuring each customer will have more than ample room to enjoy their meal in complete comfort.

If you have a bigger dining area, adding one or two six seater rectangular tables would be a convenient decision to accommodate larger groups of diners with ease. Of course the eight and 10 seater round tables are great if yours is an even bigger venue.

The type of food you serve also dictates how much table area to allocate per customer.

Western menus, on the average, require no more than the minimum café table area. However Mexican and Italian menus, on the other hand, with their endless array of condiments and side dishes, may require more than the minimum 762 square cm dining area.


Buy Commercial Grade Restaurant and Café Tables

Many café owners have made the mistake of buying residential quality chairs, tables and furniture for their establishment, only to find out these furniture items are of inferior quality, light duty, undersized, and unfit to cater to the demands of today’s busy diners.

Also, residential type tables and chairs tend to be bulky and take away the advantage of maximising your available café or restaurant dining space.

Where to Get Quality Commercial Grade Café Tables and Chairs

Every square inch of your available dining space is a money making powerhouse. That’s why you need to maximise your seating capacity with the use of high quality commercial tables and chairs designed for maximum space efficiency and to withstand the rigours of daily, high volume use, helping you to make the best use of your café or restaurant space.

Nextrend is one of Australia’s largest importers of quality indoor and outdoor furniture for, hospitality, business, tourism and industry.

With a large range of stock on hand, exclusive products you won’t find anywhere else in Australia and the capability to custom make designs, you’ll find the furniture solution you’re after:

  • Friendly, speedy service
  • 24-hour quotes
  • Large volumes of stock for short lead times and same day dispatch
  • Free delivery in metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Unmatched quality
  • Advice on emerging trends
  • Flexible finance options
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee and two year warranty.

TRUST only in a commercial furniture supplier with decades of experience in hospitality and commercial fitouts and refurbishments. Nextrend works closely with business owners and project managers to assist with budget quotations, complimentary seating layouts, project planning, and expert guidance.

Visit our Sydney Showroom or Brisbane Showroom and see for yourself the quality of our commercial furniture products.

Partner with us and experience friendly, fast service from our team of experts. Throughout the whole process you’ll find it easy and stress-free to request quotes, place orders, and organise assembly.

Call now!

Should You Buy Second Hand Café Tables and Chairs?

Posted on September 19th, 2017

Are you a startup café business? If so, you’re probably in the market for café tables and chairs. Whether you’re located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or other parts of Australia, one of the biggest challenges you’ll initially encounter includes keeping a tight rein on your café furniture and equipment expenditure.

Even with something like a couple hundred thousand dollars initial capital, that money can quickly run out if you don’t watch your capital spending.

For this reason buying café chairs, tables, barstools and other furnishings requires careful thought. A careful buyer can save a lot of money buying gently-used café equipment and furniture.

So should you buy second hand café tables and chairs, or buy brand new? The answer may surprise you. Read on.


Advantages of buying second hand café tables and chairs

  1. Huge savings.

Buying second-hand café furniture and furnishings can save you precious cash, which you are better off spending toward payroll or your first customer’s order.

  1. Slightly-worn café furniture items.

Many cafés and restaurants close down in just a few years mainly because of bad cashflow management. (Don’t let that scare you, but take these tips to heart and you’ll be perfectly safe.) That said, this could be your chance to buy slightly-used furniture items in mint or near-mint condition at amazing prices.

You might even get lucky with an item or two that are not too old where the warranty is still valid.

Now when you go to such auctions, do the following:

  • Ask how long the restaurant or café has been in operation. That’s not always an indication of how old the pieces are but it’s a good place to begin.
  • Examine the tables, chairs, barstools and lounges for obvious signs of wear and tear; or whether an item is missing a bolt, a screw, a leg or some other part.
  1. You can haggle the price down.

Most café businesses that have just closed or are about to close are often eager to sell everything in a hurry. So they are usually open to counter offers or price negotiations. If you think they’re asking a bit too much for their items, try haggling the price down and see what happens.


Disadvantages of second-hand café furniture

  1. No warranty

Second hand café barstools, chairs and tables often do not come with a warranty. You buy the items as is. And if the used furniture you bought suddenly showed defects that weren’t there before, you’re out of luck. Understand that buying second hand café tables and chairs is a gamble.

On the other hand, many excellent quality commercial grade café tables and chairs are built to last so that warranty becomes unnecessary.


  1. Potentially more expensive in the long run.

If suddenly a piece of second-hand café furniture you bought breaks, then you’ll have to replace it, making you spend more than if you’d stuck to buying brand new in the first place.


  1. Old cushions can harbour bacteria and bugs

Aside from being unsanitary to use, especially in a café setting, worn out and old cushions will give customers a wrong impression about your business. They’ll just have to go, which means reupholstering your chairs and barstools or buying new cushions for them.


How about buying brand new?

Well, buying brand new has numerous advantages. For one thing, the pieces are new and have never been used before. Also the furniture pieces come with a warranty, to set your mind at ease when buying.

However, a number of café businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney put off buying brand new tables and chairs because of the cost.

But here’s good news for you.

The high cost of buying brand new furniture ceases to be a problem when you get your café furniture from Nextrend ‑ one of Australia’s largest importers of quality, stylish, commercial grade indoor and outdoor furniture for the hospitality, business, and tourism industries.

Nextrend offers a large range of inventory and exclusive products you won’t find elsewhere in Australia.

We’re not just an importer of high quality commercial furniture. But far more than that, we work closely with you to help you create a café and dining atmosphere fit for royalty – without straining your budget.

Talk to one of our friendly staff today to get a FREE quote or to learn more about our EASY finance options.

Enjoy our friendly and speedy service.

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Are Furniture and Fixtures Current Assets?

Posted on September 19th, 2017

As business owner, one of your major concerns would fall in the area of understanding the different types and classifications of assets as well as how to leverage them to the utmost. If for example you own and run a cafe, restaurant, hotel, resort, holiday park, club, a function centre, an interior design company or any other business seeking a wide range of quality fixtures and furniture products; then a sound furniture investment plan is in order.

This brings us to the question, are furniture and fixtures current assets?

The quick answer is no.

And since you are asking this question, the presumption is that you are not really sure what is meant by the term “current assets.” Read on and I’ll walk you through learning what current assets and fixed assets are, and how you can maximise your budget and prolong the life and use of your furniture and fixtures.

What are Current Assets?
Current assets pertain to assets that you either own or have control over, which are capable of being converted into cash within a period of one year. Current assets are also known as liquid assets and include cash, inventory, tradable securities, accounts receivable, prepaid expenses and other cash equivalents.

The chief purpose of current assets is to serve as your working capital, funding operations and the day to day expenses of your business.

Furniture and fixtures on the other hand, fall under an entirely different category. They’re called fixed assets or long term assets, since they cannot with reasonable certainty be easily converted to cash within a period of one year.

What are Fixed Assets?
These are tangible or long term assets that include buildings, land, fixtures, equipment, vehicles, machinery and furniture.

As opposed to current assets, furniture and other kinds of fixed assets are not used for liquidation purposes to satisfy a debt, to pay wages or to aid day to day business operations financially.

Fixed assets are the “tools of the trade” and therefore play a vital role in the creation or delivery of products and services. These are physical, tangible assets that are likely or expected to remain throughout the lifespan of the company.

So now that you know furniture and fixtures are not current but fixed assets, here’s something important to consider.

How to Make the Most of Your Furniture Budget
If you’re in the market for hospitality furniture and fixtures, there are a variety of options you can take for the best possible return on your investment even with the smallest budget.

Brainstorm Your Needs
Consult with your associates, customers, employees and other stakeholders. Learn about their needs and expectations when it comes to the quality of the furniture, available space, comfort and overall usability. Once you have a clear idea of what you need, talk with a reputable hospitality furniture retailer about your requirements and budget. Ask them for suggestions and whether they can assist you in customising your hotel, restaurant, café or commercial space.

Get the Best You Can Afford
This may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised to find many hospitality businesses gambling on cheap unknown furniture brands only to find they don’t last half as long as advertised. Cheap, low quality restaurant chairs, tables and furniture could end up costing you more in the long run, so beware. The wise thing to do is get high quality café furniture from a reputable dealer or source.

Plan for the Long Haul
Your choice in hospitality furniture speaks volumes about you, your business and your brand. Make sure to choose furniture items that offer maximum comfort not only for your customers, but your employees as well.

Extensive Range of Styles and Designs
One thing to understand in the restaurant, café, hotel or resort business is that customers can be very picky. This is particularly true when it comes to chairs, café stools and tables. Go with a company that offers an extensive selection of hospitality furniture to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need to meet your customers’ discriminating needs.

Work with a Dealer Who Can Help You Maximise Your budget
Nextrend, being one of Australia’s top importers of high quality hospitality furniture can work with you to best fulfil your business needs without overspending.

Inspired by our undying passion for service and quality, Nextrend strives to drive hospitality furniture solutions that exceed customer expectations. As a leading importer of restaurant, hotel and café chairs, tables, stools and exclusive hospitality furniture items, our commitment to helping our customers meet their furniture and fitout needs is rooted in our mission to make fitouts and upgrades easy for countless Australian businesses from hotels, bars, clubs, cafes, resorts and restaurants.

Work with Nextrend to create your unique custom made solution that will entice customers in your restaurant, café or hotel to keep coming back.

Call us today!

Flat Tech Bases Self Adjusting and Levelling Table Bases

Posted on April 12th, 2017

Nextrend Furniture and FLAT Technologies combine the principles of table base design with cutting edge technology.

Self Adjusting and Levelling Table Bases

Nextrend Furniture has made history by launching and installing the world’s very first self-stabilising table base, which uses cutting edge alignment technology. Thanks to award-winning technology courtesy of FLAT, wobbling is eliminated by Flat Tech Bases even on the least stable of surfaces, enabling multiple table tops to be flawlessly aligned. Alignment and table stability are two big issues faced by F&B establishments like bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs in Australia.

Now, customers at Australian F&B businesses need not worry about unstable tables causing drink spillage. Businesses can enjoy greater customer approval, and staff are now free from having to spend time trying to stabilise tables with beer mats or handling related tirades from customers.

Nextrend Furniture’s General Manager Peter McCorkell is proud that Nextrend is always pushing the envelope of furniture design and technology.

He says, “Nextrend Furniture has always been a pioneer in the use of design, materials, finishes and innovative technologies, often being the first to use and market them. We consistently meet our customers’ high expectations of great products which solve their problems at affordable prices. Working together with FLAT has been thrilling, and has enabled us to provide high quality tables that remain stable on even the most uneven surfaces, enabling pubs and restaurants to eliminate a persistent problem.”

FLAT technology enables you to:

    • Reduce the number of customer complaints, as well as the volume of refunds you have to make and the overall negative impact on your business.
    • Reduce the amount of time spent on aligning and stabilising tables.
    • Improve sales by maximising space and the number of customers therein.
    • Boost flexibility and easily move tables around, which enables individuals and groups of all sizes to use the space effectively.
    • Stabilise your tables just by pressing the table top.
    • Boost stability with internal locks.
    • Align table tops perfectly.
    • Enjoy highly durable tables which go beyond international standards for durability, safety, strength and stability.
    • Install your new tables in seconds without having to use any tools.

Tired of wobbly tables? Flat Technology has the answers to your problems. This multi-award-winning technology enables you to stabilise, align and level your table tops in a flash.

To speak with us and check out our entire collection of FLAT table bases, visit https://nextrend.com.au/product-category/tables/flat-technology-bases or Call (07) 3257 7272

On Sale! – Cafe & Restaurant Chairs 15% off

Posted on April 5th, 2017

Massive Discounts 15 % off all resin chairs this month only!

Resin = Reliable, robust and resistant

  • Design and shaped for maximum comfort with some including strong, sturdy arms for extra support.
  • Made from the latest generation of air moulding technology and reinforced with glass fibre.
  • UV stabilised, weather resistant, and suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use.
  • Stackable and backed by 2 year commercial warranty.

High quality cafe & restaurant chairs furniture on sale for incomparable prices. Call (07) 3257 7272  for our on sale restaurant furniture or buy online. Email: sales@nextrend.com.au

NSW – Sydney Showroom
(Showroom visits by appointment only)
2 Holbeche Rd, Arndell Park NSW 2148
Phone: (02) 9194 4120
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QLD – Brisbane Showroom
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NSW Central West Food Service Show 2017

Posted on April 4th, 2017

Here at Nextrend Furniture we understand the value of food service shows. This month we attended the NSW Central West Food Service Show 2017 in Bathurst. This is the largest  Hospitality and Catering Expo throughout regional NSW.

Visit Nextrend Furniture at the Australasian Hospitality & Gaming Expo

Posted on March 1st, 2017


Nextrend Furniture is pleased to be an exhibitor at the Australasian Hospitality & Gaming Expo. The two days will be very exciting with over 250 stands. The 2017 Keno Australasian Hospitality and Gaming (AHG) Expo is hosted in the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition (BCEC). Visiting this show is the perfect way for everyone that is involved in the hospitality and gaming industries, clubs, pubs, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues to keep up to date.

When: Wednesday 29 & Thursday 30 March

Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Nextrend’s Stand Number: 224

Visitor Registration: Click Here

Best Table Top Options for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Posted on December 16th, 2016

More and more bars and cafes in Brisbane and the rest of Australia are now using timber and other organic materials. A trendy, hipster aesthetic can be achieved through the use of raw, natural and recycled materials, even with the simplest interior design.

Tables with timber tops offer businesses the chance to introduce natural wood into their interiors. There are options galore for all sorts of tastes and budgets, such as the following.

Custom-Made Timber Table Tops

Custom making your own timber table tops offers you the greatest degree of control if you have the budget for it. Square, round or rectangular table tops are available depending on the needs of your space.

Our Werzalit Gentas Duratop Table Tops are a beautiful way to furnish your interior, and come in an exclusive selection of finishes and sizes. These table tops can stand the test of time and are weatherproof, durable and good-looking in addition to being affordable. They are hardy enough to hold up under heavy usage in Australia’s fast-paced hospitality industry. These table tops offer the best value in town, and also come with a two-year guarantee. Have a look at our warranty page to find out more.

brisbane custom made table top

Tuscany Timber Table Tops

For those with average budgets, our Duratop Tuscany timber table tops are a great choice. These come in several standard sizes and are made of authentic European Beechwood that measure a sturdy 25 millimetres thick. These table tops have been created to withstand the demands of the hospitality and café industry, with sturdy metal supports attached beneath for extra strength.

brisbane cafe timber table tops

Melamine Table Tops

One of the most cost-effective solutions available is our melamine table top, composed of a standard MDF E0 board which is 25 millimetres thick and has ABS edging measuring 2 millimetres. These table tops come with our two-year warranty and display excellent utility and hygiene. They are very hardy and their hardwearing surfaces can withstand high impact and are also resistant to stains, wear, moisture and scratches. Our melamine table tops can be delivered to locations anywhere in Australia.

melamine cafe table tops

Outdoor Table Tops

Timber table tops are not recommended for use outdoors or in otherwise unsheltered areas as exposure to moisture and excessive sunlight can cause fading and warping.
However, that does not mean outdoor areas cannot be given a timber appearance. Timber-look or stainless steel products can endure beneath the Australian climate’s sun and rain.
The Duratop Inox Table Tops and Compact Laminate Table Tops are ideal in such situations, and are available in a range of finishes which look similar to timber.


Table Bases

When selecting timber table tops for your business, take note of the weight of each table top. This weight will have to be kept in mind when choosing a base for the tables, to ensure there is enough support for the table tops and that they will not tip over when pressure is applied to them.

For help choosing the best timber table tops and table bases for your situation, ring our team at (07) 3257 7272.

Feel free to consult our Café Table Buying Guide to find out more.


Rent to Buy Options for Commercial Hospitality & Office Furniture

Posted on November 12th, 2016

Nextrend Furniture, who have been importing and supplying furniture to Australian restaurant and hospitality businesses for a long time, are now offering a Rent-Try-Buy Programme in partnership with Silver Chef.

Nextrend Furniture’s range of commercial  hospitality & office furniture enables restaurants to fit out their interiors with pieces that are not only functional, but also affordable and easily maintained. They have showrooms in Australia’s major cities, and have gained a reputation for their innovative and quality tables and chairs which are now featured in restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues.

Silver Chef makes it possible for businesses to obtain hospitality furniture by way of a rental agreement spanning 12 months, with the option to purchase the furniture at any point. Under the Rent-Try-Buy Solution, businesses will receive a 75% net rental rebate. As the weekly cost of rental is very affordable and payment of rent is completely tax deductible, businesses need not spend large amounts of working capital and can maintain a healthy cash flow.


Rent to Buy restaurant furniture brisbane

Make enquiries about the Rent-Try-Buy Programme and benefit from the speedy approval process by requesting a quote today. Dial 1300 559 965 and you will be assisted promptly.

Seeking Funding

Thanks to Silver Chef, the Rent-Try-Buy scheme’s Standard Option offers an extensive range covering all kinds of hospitality furniture. The newly-launched SWIFT Option enables businesses to obtain funding to furnish their entire premises. Businesses of all sizes anywhere in Australia are supported by Silver Chef. Funding is available in numerous industries under the hospitality umbrella, including but not limited to the following:

  • Franchises
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Clubs
  • Bars and pubs
  • Takeaways
  • Hospitality schools and colleges

How it Works

Bars, cafes and restaurants all over Australia can now save their working capital rather than spend it on assets which depreciate over time thanks to Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy Programme. The programme provides businesses with the chance to keep their options open and purchase only furniture they have test driven. The 12-month agreement enables businesses to do the following:

  • Buy commercial rented hospitality furniture at any point during the first 12 months of the rental contract in order to qualify for a 75% rental rebate, excluding GST.
  • Return the furniture following the conclusion of the rental period if it is no longer needed.
  • Continue renting the furniture and enjoy continued purchase price reduction.
  • Upgrade the furniture if the business’s needs have changed.

It’s easy to rent furniture as agreements under Rent-Try-Buy are easy and straightforward, with little paperwork and minimal bother. The furniture can be received immediately, and you can purchase or upgrade whenever it suits you. Silver Chef aims to simplify your life, so you can spend your time and energy running the parts of your business that deserve more attention.

Suppose you rent $10,000 worth of furniture. Under the Rent-Try-Buy Solution, you would enjoy the following:

E.G: $10,000 Table and Chair Refurbishment Package

Low weekly rent of  $126.92
Purchase price at the end of one year  $6,050
 Total nett Rent-Try-Buy Payments (after 30% tax deduction & rental rebate applied)  $10,670
 Rental cost of ownership  $670

As of January 1st, 2016 we have permanently reduced our upfront costs. If you have been trading in your current business for over 2 years (proof required), we will only require 1 weeks rent in advance to get started with Silver Chef.
If you are a new business trading for less than 2 years, we will also require a refundable security bond of 6 weeks rent.

Rent or Lease?

Choosing not to tie up precious capital by purchasing hospitality furniture can be a smart business decision. There are two options open to you—renting and leasing, the latter being the more common option.

Leasing may seen prudent at first, but it is important to consider the overall impact of leasing furniture on your enterprise.


  • Four-year fixed contract
  • On-balance item
  • Director’s guarantee required
  • No option to purchase at discounted price
  • Stuck with the equipment

Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy®

  • Off-Balance Item
  • No Director’s guarantee required
  • Purchase items with 75% rebate on the rent paid
  • Option to return or continue renting (and lower the purchase price)

A lease appears as an item on your balance sheet, and lowers your equity, your borrowing capacity and the amount of working capital available to you. Renting, on the other hand, is off the balance sheet, just like electric bills or employees’ salaries.

Leasing also involves a whole lot more paperwork, as well as the commitment of being tied to a contract for four years. Due to the contract, it is also more difficult to exchange or sell your furniture when upgrading.

Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy agreements are fuss-free and involve little paperwork, so equipment can be obtained instantly. You also benefit from the flexibility to sell or upgrade whenever you wish.

Hotels and Clubs

Hotel groups and clubs are in a good position to benefit from Silver Chef funding when acquiring hospitality furniture.

Silver Chef have been serving the restaurant and club fields for more than twenty years, providing clubs and restaurants with furniture financing options through their special Rent-Try-Buy Solution.

It is now even easier than before for hotels and clubs to take advantage of Silver Chef’s funding scheme to obtain the furniture they need. The Rent-Try-Buy Solution offers these benefits:

  • Freeing up working capital
  • Renting off the balance sheet, which means no constraints when it comes to taking out future loans for renovation or expansions
  • Not a CAPEX expense
  • Equipment can be purchased any time, such as at the end of the financial year
  • 100% tax deductible rental payments if applicable
  • Flexibility for board or committee with regards to guarantees

Silver Chef’s financing scheme enables businesses to free up their working capital and lets the furniture be paid for by business revenue. It also enables businesses to buy or upgrade furniture at any time, and also to return furniture they no longer need once the minimum 12-month term has passed.

The needs of hotel groups and clubs that are community-based tend to differ greatly from those of regular hospitality businesses. Silver Chef understand that, and have application processes and forms designed to serve this group in a more efficient and swift manner.

Should Your Business Undertake a Big Renovation to Boost Sales?

Silver Chef enable you to free up your budget by renting the chairs and tables your restaurant needs. You can also wait till you’re certain your fit-out is ideal before deciding whether to purchase furniture or go on renting it. You can also begin with a more manageable fit-out and then upgrade whenever you see fit.

Silver Chef are committed to enabling you to obtain funding easily and conveniently.

Speak with your Nextrend Furniture Account Manager at 1300 559 965 to find the best solution for you.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Furnished Pubs and Restaurants in Brisbane

Posted on November 5th, 2016

As the spring sun continues to beat down on Brisbane, it’s been hard for us to keep our minds on our work and away from our upcoming holidays. As such, Nextrend Furniture has decided to put together a list of our 10 most beautiful furnished pubs and restaurants around Brisbane that we’ve come to worked on. From the stunning Alexandra Headland Surf Life Saving Club and to the Pub Lovers Tavern in Aspley QLD, the list takes us all over Queensland, showcasing our best projects in the highly competitive multi-million-dollar pub and restaurant industry has to offer.

The Agnes Water Tavern

The Agnes Water Tavern is the best venue and entertainment hub for the Town of 1770, Agnes Water and the Discovery Coast. Located in the quite surfside town in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region (1.5h drive North of Bundaberg and South of Gladstone). https://www.facebook.com/AgnesWaterTavern


The Rock Bar and Grill in Bundaberg.

The Rock Bar and Grill in Bundaberg. Home of modern casual dining. Located in on the Burnett River. It has a relaxed style created by the combination of modern furniture décor, casual contemporary menu with local produce, warm friendly staff and spectacular views of Burnett River. http://www.rockbarbundy.com.au


The Sebel Maroochydore

The Sebel Maroochydore is situated opposite the beautiful Maroochydore Beach, ideal choice for visitors to the area. One hour from Brisbane Airport, Maroochydore is a popular destination for holidaymakers. Nextrend refurbish the lobby of The Sebel Hotel which has both resort and residential occupancy, to reflect the atmosphere of the Sunshine Coast. http://www.thesebel.com/locations/the-sebel-maroochydore


Aspley Hypermarket in Aspley Brisbane

Aspley Hypermarket in Aspley Brisbane is the latest shopping centre to undergo a multi-million-dollar upgrade, anchored by Coles, Kmart, ALDI, Toys ‘R’ Us & Babies ‘R’ Us. The objective with this project was to create a food court in a busy area with minimum maintenance, high durability and easy on the eye. https://www.instagram.com/aspleyhypermarket


Pub Lovers in Aspley

Pub Lovers in Aspley. It’s a great classic pub with hot meals and fantastic service. Located in Aspley Brisbane where they are famous for the best bar in town, great steaks & hospitality. https://www.facebook.com/aspleycentraltavern


Paleo Cafe in Paddington QLD

Originating in the heart of Brisbane, popular Paleo inspired café, the Paleo Cafe in Paddington QLD, has opened another equally-loved venue in easy tracking distance for Paddington locals.


The Logan City Tavern in Logan Central QLD

The Logan City Tavern in Logan Central QLD, has everything that a good pub should come equipped with. Nextrend supplied all the commercial range of hospitality furniture including the gaming stools. http://www.logancitytavern.com.au


Rockhampton Jockey Club

Rockhampton Jockey Club, home of the Callaghan Park Racecourse. Modern air-conditioned restaurant capable of seating 150 guests, centrally located in North Rockhampton next to the Fitzroy River – only minutes from the CBD. https://twitter.com/ParkCallaghan


Secrets on the lake at Montville

Secrets on the lake at Montville is set in the middle of the rainforest on Lake Baroon 10 km from Kondalilla National Park. http://secretsonthelake.com.au


The Eatons Hill Restaurant QLD

The Eatons Hill Restaurant is situated on the slopes of Eatons Hill in Brisbane’s north. Modern cuisine menu and warm decor in a relaxed setting with the extraordinary sweeping treetop views of Eatons Hill.  https://goo.gl/1DYUDt


Nextrend Furniture provide solutions for all types of projects including outdoor furniture for the broader hospitality market in Brisbane and Australia-wide , working with you to deliver the right product for the project.  Established in 2009, we have furnished some of the most impressive venues for 7 years, we strive to provide an extensive range of commercial furniture with plenty of design, theme and style options available.

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Cafe Tables & Chairs

Posted on November 2nd, 2016

Nextrend Cafe Chairs

Ultimate Guide for Furnishing the Oddly Shaped Restaurant

Posted on October 29th, 2016

We’ve all dined in restaurants that are laid out in an awkward manner or simply have an uncomfortable feel to them. It’s as if the restaurant itself was an afterthought. Spaces that are awkward create an uneasy feeling that disrupts the pleasure of dining out in the first place. Maybe the tables and chairs are just too close for comfort or the restaurant itself has oddly shaped or uneven spaces. One thing restaurant owners should always do is assess the space for maximum seating whilst retaining an ambience of comfort and style. Companies such as Nextrend offer consultations and tips for furnishing the most awkward of spaces. Here are a few things to consider.


See the Blank Space

To get a feel for the restaurant, remove all the furniture. Open the doors and remove window coverings of any sort. You’ll be hit with the stark reality of the room.

Look first at the ceiling. Check for any slopes or strange angles that add to the awkwardness of the room. Take note of narrow spaces as they relate to more open areas.

Traffic Flow of Restaurant

Draw a floor plan of the space and take measurements. Figure out the path of least resistance from door to seating, kitchen to tables and guests to and from the restroom. In other words, where will the heavy and constant traffic be taking place? Add this information to your drawing and include measurements.

Restaurant Furniture

Did the space come furnished and if so, is it in good shape or is it beyond the trendy shabby chic and just plain shabby? Is it possible to simply refinish what you already have or is it beyond repair? Often times, booths and chairs look brand new with a little polish and new upholstery covering. Most of the time, it’s best to start over.

Restaurants with tables and chairs allow more flexibility for accommodating large and uneven parties than booth only restaurants. Sometimes a mix of the two works best. Keep in mind that booths tend to look more casual than tables and chairs although if done correctly, can be a good fit in a fine dining establishment as well as a casual one.

Style & Brand

One of the most important things about restaurant design is making sure the style you choose matches your branding. Everything, all the details large and small come together to create an overall first and lasting impression that reinforces your brand. When you start out with an oddly shaped or awkward seating area, it’s even more important to create the right atmosphere. Focus on what makes your restaurant special and do what you can to enhance the dining experience.

Splash Color

Consider what can be done with color, both in the furniture and on the walls. Using contrast or an unexpected color palette can add a wow factor to an otherwise dull or weird layout.

Add Artwork

For several years, the trend was to cover restaurant walls with all manner of things, related or not. Roadsigns, sports equipment, posters and photographs of famous people adorned walls from the corner pub to upscale eateries. Seafood restaurant walls were covered in line, nets, lures and anchors. In odd or cramped layouts, this style is often claustrophobic.

While your decor should match and enhance your brand and theme, a seafood restaurant doesn’t necessarily require nets and seashells all over the walls anymore than sports bars need only be field green.

The latest trends in restaurant interiors include color splashes in both furnishings and artwork. For instance, all your chairs can be white except 25% and those will be a bright contrasting color. This adds pop to an otherwise plain expanse of seating. Instead of covering the walls with anything you can think of in the way of decoration, consider showcasing artwork.

Fabulous art pieces are like good friends. People don’t get tired of seeing them. If you find it boring to have the same pieces on display, treat your walls like a gallery and sell them but always have replacements ready to hang. Or have a special section showcasing local artisan’s work and offer those pieces for sale on commission.

Non-Food Sales

Play up your oddly shaped eatery with non-food sales. T-shirts and locally crafted specialty items are desirable, especially in tourist areas. This can be achieved without being cheesy or a souvenir trap by choosing carefully exactly what to offer. Maybe a sauce or signature dessert created by your chef would be a good start. Whatever it is, if anything at all, make sure it fits your style and branding. Don’t simply pile a bunch of junk purchased in bulk by the door and hope for the best. Plenty of souvenir shops exist for that sort of thing already.

Lighting Tips

One of the most important decorating tricks of the trade is lighting. The right lighting makes all the difference in any restaurant and certainly for one with an awkward layout. It needs to be bright and focused enough that people can read the menu but not harsh and glaring. Pay attention to the angle of the sun throughout open hours as well. There are plenty of blinds and shades made especially for blocking direct sunlight while not blocking the view.


Music is nice and even expected in most restaurants. Whether you go with soft background music or something more contemporary depends on the type of establishment. One thing to remember though, unless it’s a nightclub or honky-tonk of some sort, stay away from blaring ear-piercing music. If customers can’t talk without yelling across the table, the music is too loud. Oddly shaped spaces may require more acoustical preparation for sound than the average boxy space.

All Together

The key to an overall excellent experience is everything coming together despite the odd or awkward space. Comfortable pleasant surroundings plus excellent food and top notch service will leave guests eager to visit again.

Top 5 Commercial Hospitality Furniture Brands in Australia

Posted on October 28th, 2016

When purchasing commercial hospitality furniture brands, you will encounter wildly differing quality standards. Manufacturers in can hold themselves to drastically varying standards when it comes to quality control, customer service and attention to detail. Bearing these factors in mind, we’ve compiled this list featuring the best commercial hospitality furniture manufacturers in Australia.

Sifting through the various brands of commercial furniture can be quite an exercise. There are thousands of brands, each targeted at different tastes and needs. Deciding which brands can best cater to your and your company’s needs can be a daunting task.

Today, staying comfortable while still being on-trend is very different from what it was before. Manufacturers used to have a hard time coming up with designs that could withstand abuse from kids and adults, while staying true to their designs. These days, furniture used in the restaurant and hospitality industry no longer has this problem, and many brands have amazed businesses with their sturdy and attractive designs.

Here at Nextrend, we carry some of the best commercial furniture brands available

Nextrend Furniture stocks furniture from numerous award-winning brands. If you can’t find a brand you’re after on the site, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always expanding our range.

Siesta Outdoor Hospitality Furniture

Siesta, which was founded in 1987, specialises in resin-based outdoor commercial furniture, designs that are contemporary yet functional. All outdoor furniture from Siesta upholds the highest commercial standards, and is perfect for parks, restaurants and hotels. Their restaurant tables and chairs are very hardy in all types of weather and thrive outdoors, yet their elegance leads to their sometimes being brought indoors.

restaurant furniture brisbane

New Rattan Chairs by Siesta

Siesta fuses artistic sensibility with technology, functionality with attractiveness, and quality with creativity. In addition, the brand’s strategy not only ensures high quality products, but also an effective distribution channel. Siesta is one of the world’s foremost experts in using plastics, and their highly eclectic and original collection is popular with international clients. Their products include multi-purpose tables and chairs which are flexible enough to be used in a wide range of situations. Products from Siesta are well-known all over the world and offer comfort and enjoyment that stand the test of time.

Werzalit Tables

Nextrend carries a wide range of Werzalit tables which are of the highest quality and can serve your business needs.


Werzalit tables come in all shapes and sizes, and to suit all types of décor and tastes. Werzalit’s manufacturing process, which is patented, enables their products to retain their good looks for a long time. Werzalit table tops are perfect for designer-style or bistro-style restaurants. Their signature high pressure laminate technique offers tables extra protection and prevents cracking or bubbling. These tables are shipped straight from Europe and have found homes in many of Australia’s restaurants and premium cafes.

Duraseat Chairs

Duraseat chairs, most of which are Australian-made, offer some of the country’s most popular seating. Duraseat is a reliable brand which carries all types of seating, from stack chairs with padded seats to indoor and outdoor commercial seating.

Duraseat Outdoor Chairs

Duraseat Outdoor Chairs

Nextrend carries Duraseat’s full range of products, which have been created to fulfil the seating needs of hotels, restaurants and schools all over Australia. Duraseat also has a generous range of barstools suited to restaurants and cafes. With an ample range of vinyls, fabrics and patterns on offer, Duraseat can outfit any office, restaurant, public space or club.

Durabase Table Bases

Nextrend’s Durabase offers one of Australia’s widest ranges of materials, styles and finishes when it comes to table bases.

Durabase Blitz Folding Table Base

Durabase Blitz Folding Table Base

These bases for restaurant tables are crafted using an excellent range of styles and materials, including standard bases made of cast iron and decorative bases made of aluminium, cast iron, wrought iron, stainless steel, metal and chrome. Many of the bases can have their heights customised. There’s a product for every budget, ranging from affordable table bases made of cast iron to high end bases that can be matched to any table top. The biggest selection of table bases for restaurants is available on Nextrend’s site and we offer some of the best prices for all types of businesses.

  • Heavy duty
  • Finishes suitable for outdoor use
  • Heights can be customised
  • Durable and stable
  • High quality
  • Easy cleaning
  • Full warranties

Duratop Table Tops

We offer an excellent range of table tops for restaurants, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Our products include woodgrain, stone, colours and solid planked table tops made of hard wood, as well as resin, veneer, stainless steel, laminated, veneer, granite table tops which can be used both indoors and outdoors. Table tops from Duratop are covered by warranties, and these high quality products are made to endure in restaurants which face high traffic. No matter what type of table top you seek for your business or restaurant, whether high-end, budget, outdoors or indoors, we’re here to help.

Warranties and Shipping Information

All our chairs, table bases and table tops are accompanied by factory warranties. These commercial-grade products are of the highest quality and suitable for restaurants which face high traffic.

Free freight shipping is provided to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the Sydney Metro Areas for all orders which exceed $2,000, GST not included.

We also offer excellent shipping rates to all of Australia. If you do not qualify for free shipping, contact us and we will give you a shipping quote to any area in Australia.

Freight Damage

All products are professionally prepared and packaged for shipping to ensure no damage occurs during the shipping process. If your item arrives damaged, simply email a picture of the item in question to sales@nextrend.com.au describing the damage and providing your invoice number. Please note that this must be done within 3 days of your receipt of the item. Replacements will be sent as soon as possible.

Contact Nextrend Furniture

Here at Nextrend Furniture, we are committed to assisting you in your search for the perfect restaurant chairs, table bases and table tops for your enterprise. Whether you need commercial table tops for indoor or outdoor areas, and budget or high-end restaurant furniture, our friendly staff members can give you a hand and help you find the perfect pieces. Speak with us today to learn more.

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Find Used Hotel Furniture in Brisbane

Posted on October 25th, 2016

If you’re looking for second hand furniture to furnish your hotel, one of the most attractive options available is used hotel furniture

It can often be purchased at great prices by the general public, and is easy to find if you know where to look. Hotel furniture has the great advantage of frequently being in better condition than household furniture, since hotels renovate from time to time and tend to replace their furniture as frequently as every couple of years.

Check out our project pages below for a selection of our recent work on the The Sebel Maroochydore Hotel – https://nextrend.com.au/projects/hote-furniture-maroochydore-qld/

Where Does Used Hotel Furniture Go?

To know where to find hotel furniture, it helps to know where it goes when hotels can no longer use it. Hotels engage liquidators to get rid of used furniture and resell it. Liquidation simply refers to the process of exchanging goods for cash. Liquidators are typically paid at least $100 per room to dispose of the furniture within. These companies take away the furniture and then sell it for about 25% of the original retail price.

A Few Pieces of Advice

Furniture isn’t the only thing you can buy. Other items, such as alarm clocks, dishes, coffee makers and television sets are put up for sale, too.

You might also get the opportunity to buy new hotel furniture by leveraging on prices received by the hotel. If you make friends with a hotel manager in the area, you may be allowed to add other items to your order, too.

All furniture should be inspected for defects, dents and scratches before you agree to buy it. Look out for stores which specialise in hotel supplies for a constant supply of used furnishings from various hotels. Otherwise, here are some places where you can purchase used hotel furniture.


This classifieds site is your go-to for virtually any purchasable item you can think of. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sift through thousands of items, many of which will be completely irrelevant to you. But with the huge quantity comes the promise of hidden gems.

How to purchase: Search strategically by using quotation marks in order to filter out irrelevant items. For instance, enter “hotel furniture” with the quotation marks into the search bar. Use the gallery view to more efficiently rule out irrelevant results based on their visuals alone and without having to click through the listings. The mode of payment, whether cheque, cash or PayPal, will be settled privately between the seller and buyer.


eBay is one of the best sites for used hotel furniture of great quality. Searching for products is very easy thanks to eBay’s search function. Simply enter the relevant keywords into the search bar, and then narrow down the results if necessarily using the tools provided by the site. The filters should enable you to separate the listings for used hotel furniture from new items, find items close to you, and more. You can also use more detailed keywords to narrow search results further. For instance, search for “hotel furniture in Brisbane” and you’ll receive listings of objects located in the city.

Making a purchase: When you purchase furniture on the internet, transportation must be arranged by either the seller or you. This will involve some degree of cooperation and coordination between the two of you. You also want to ensure your purchase is covered by shipping insurance. Make sure you examine the product and the seller closely to ensure your transaction proceeds without a hitch.

Re-use centres

Reuse centres are typically run by non-profit organisations to benefit the community. Hunting in a re-use centre often reveals a treasure trove of used items, including used hotel furniture.

Re-use centres located in the Brisbane area

Acacia Ridge Tip Shop
Address: 46 Colebard Street West, Acacia Ridge QLD 4110

Geebung Tip Shop
Address: 27A Prosperity Place, Geebung QLD 4034

Yesterdays Thrift Shop
Address: 39 Nash Street, Paddington QLD 4064

The above information is useful to members of the public as well as interior designers in educating them as to where gently-used hotel furniture can be purchased at a greatly reduced price.

Nextrend knows commercial hospitality furniture has to stand up to the rigours of hard, constant use. So we can work with you and our manufacturers to make custom modifications if needed to reinforce the stability and durability of your hotel tables, stools, chairs, beds and lounges! For more information on purchasing hotel furniture go to https://nextrend.com.au/industries/hotel-furniture/ or call (07) 3257 7272

Buying Guide for Club Furniture

Posted on October 18th, 2016

Selecting suitable club furniture starts by asking two questions: what kind of club do you manage, and what kind of furniture do you desire?

The scope of works for the Rockhampton Jockey Club  was to freshen up the club restaurant furniture with minimal amount of disruption to business – Click to here to view project photos

Your seats are representative of the type of club you manage. Wooden chairs express a feeling of quality and warmth. Metal chairs can feel cold and sound loud.
Think about comfortability when choosing furniture. Club chairs come in various sizes. That said, the seat’s size and the back’s height are two critical aspects. Seats are typically as wide as 16, 18, or 20 inches. Small seats generally are used in areas with a high turnaround, like cafés.

A social club may require more of a bar or pub set-up. In a sports club, consider going with a lounge area. Whatever kind of club you manage, there are plenty of choices available to you, some of which are quite versatile if your venue isn’t themed.

Furniture for Club Bar

If alcohol is served at your bar, consider using club bar furniture.
If your club is a members-only venue, your patrons may feel an attachment with your facilities. Therefore, you may be able to spend some money on more elegant bar furniture, such as leather sofas, upholstered stools, and the like. Read the Guide to Buying Bar Stools

Keeping your budget in mind, you might be able to include the cost of such furniture in the membership fees you charge.
If your club does charge a membership fee, your guests expect a sense of luxuriousness in the venue, more so than your local bar. Patrons of a member’s club justifiably expect to feel more welcome than they do at other establishments. Decorating the interiors with elegant furniture can help you create such a feeling.

Furniture for Sports Clubs

Even though sports clubs don’t actually need very much furniture, there are many spaces that should have appropriate tables and chairs.
For instance, your reception area may be a spot where friends meet up before partaking in a workout. Ensure there are plenty of chairs for them to be comfortable in while they wait or mingle.
A lounge area with plenty of seating allows patrons to relax between workouts, or to cool down after a good exercise session.

It is worthwhile to have a large selection of stackable chairs on hand, allowing your venue to be used for special events, meetings, open houses or performances.
Nextrend offers excellent selection of commercial furniture to make any RSL, sports, business or night club comfortable, and stylish. Check out our range of club furniture as well to complete all your furniture needs.

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Choosing the Right furniture for Your Brisbane Restaurant

Posted on October 14th, 2016

So you’ve decided to open a restaurant in Brisbane. Anyone who’s attempted to do so should know just how many details you need to attend to ensure that your restaurant enjoys a successful first day. From designing the menu, hiring and training staff and applying to the Brisbane City Council for the correct business licences to purchasing quality seating, tables and booths, be prepared to put in a huge effort in order to ensure your restaurant creates a fantastic first impression. Here at Nextrend, we know how to help your restaurant succeed. Here is some advice on choosing the best furniture for your restaurant.

Always prioritise quality

When you’re on a tight budget, it can be tempting to select the cheapest available furniture. But restaurateurs need to take a long-term view of their purchases. Inexpensive furniture will not last, and wear and tear will quickly take its toll. Furniture is the one thing your guests are going to be using multiple times per day, so if you’re going to invest in something it should be this.

Purchase from wholesalers

Whether your restaurant is a tiny bistro or a gigantic restaurant where banquets are held, always try to purchase your supplies from a wholesaler. Buying in bulk from a wholesaler can save you a lot of money, and you won’t have to worry about having insufficient supplies when you need extra tables and chairs for a private function, or have to replace broken furniture. It’s a good idea to always have spare chairs, tables and bar stools on hand, so choose a supplier who enables you buy in bulk at a discount.



The comfort of your customers should be your priority. Choosing restaurant seating is different from choosing seating for other purposes.

Look for chairs that are either upholstered or generously padded, or constructed with a firm material that has been moulded to fit a person who’s sitting down. Restaurant seating of high quality will always fulfil one of the above criteria.

Your tables and chairs also have to be in sync which each other. Their heights need to complement each other, and diners, whether children or adults, must be able to pull the chair close enough to make food on the table easily accessible.


Nobody wants to walk into a restaurant that’s an eyesore, so the appearance of your furniture is crucial to consider. However, you should not have to compromise on comfort for looks. Once you have picked a theme and a colour palette, abide by it. Trying to squeeze in too many colours or design themes is a recipe for disaster and will result in your restaurant looking cluttered, messy or confusing, none of which will satisfy your customers.

Obtain a Fixed Footpath Dining Furniture Permit

Food businesses in Queensland will need to apply for a permit in order to enable their customers to dine al fresco.

The rules governing the permit are designed to make sure all users of the footpath are safe even as your customers dine outdoors. The rules indicate where and when certain things can be done on the footpath. The footpath is also divided into distinct zones.

Contact the Brisbane City Council if you are unsure as to which areas you can place your tables and chairs in, or whether a particular part of the area is zoned as a council footpath or some other kind of communal area. The Brisbane City Council can supply information pertaining to all types of food licences, as well as the types of permits that are needed to enable customers to dine outdoors or on footpaths.

Adequate clearance

Your diners aren’t the only ones who’ll be navigating the premises of your restaurant. You’ll have to ensure you leave enough space between tables for not only your customers but also your waitstaff to pass without having an accident or disturbing diners. Adequate clearance lowers the risk of broken plates or unfortunate spills.

If space is in short supply at your restaurant, you might want to opt for dining chairs with straight backs, since these enable diners to eat comfortably without getting back aches while still maximising the amount of clearance space behind them.

Nextrend’s furnishing ranges for restaurants and cafes

No matter what type of furniture you need, you can rely on Nextrend, who are experts in the supply of top-notch commercial furniture for virtually every kind of hospitality business.

Our showroom is located on Tufnell Road, amidst a range of industrial and residential spaces in the Banyo-Nudgee area. It is easily accessible from major arterials and there is ample parking on the premises. If you are coming by public transport, the Banyo Railway Station is situated to the north of our warehouse on St Vincents Road, by the Brisbane City Council.

Contact us via email and let us know how we can help. We will reply within 24 hours and provide you with a quotation enabling you to enjoy the lowest possible furniture prices and shipping costs.

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Take a Seat Down Under

Posted on August 14th, 2016

Throughout the past decade, Australia has become a growing travel destination with millions of new visitors every year.
Hotel Lounge Chairs
The new boom in tourism has been contributing to the growth of many parts of the tourism sector. The influx of visitors has created a higher demand for hotels, which has led to some biggest growth since the 1980s. This trend has been driven in part by the effects of globalization: as more people in neighboring countries have more disposable income to spare.

Major Reasons for Tourism Growth in Australia

China is responsible for the largest contribution to tourism. According to an article from The Australian, Chinese tourism from Hong Kong and the mainland increased by 21% since 2015, bringing in 1.5 million new visitors from that country alone.

This boom has triggered the most notable jump in the tourism industry since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Perth Now Sunday Times points out how there have been similar, double-digit increases from other Asian countries, specifically Malaysia, Japan, and India.  The rising number of tourists has a ripple effect that also stimulates overall job growth. Would you believe there’s a deficit of workers in Australia to match the speed at which new hotels are opening?!

According to Hospitality Magazine the industry will need as many as 123,000 workers to meet a growth of over three million new tourists by 2020.  The result will be more permanent and temporary residents in Australia.

A second contributor of tourism is the ‘staycation’ trend where travelers work for accommodations while touring the country. This kind of tourism is met with a government issued visa that requires transience from one city to the next in order to remain in the country.

Preferred Hotel Furniture Supplier in Australia

Cafe Patio Chairs

At present, here are approximately 70 hotels under construction throughout Australia that will equal over 10,000 new rooms after completion! Bear in mind that with all the hotel construction, each needs commercial furniture like chairs, tables, bar stools and lounge seating.

As one of Australia’s most reliable hotel furniture suppliers, Nextrend is prepared to meet the demand.

Hotel buyers take note: Nextrend’s furniture is sold at competitive prices with free furniture delivery and next day dispatch to anywhere in Australia. Any last-minute orders are covered by Nextrend’s next day dispatch guarantee.

Hotels in Australia

Eatons Hotel Lobby ChairsA diverse selection of reputable hotels in Australia chose Nextrend to furnish their interiors. The Brisbane Gateway Resort, North Coast Holiday Parks, the Kookaburra Hotel, and the Eatons Hill Hotel are testaments to Nextrend’s interior design sophistication and competitively priced café furniture.

Seen left, Eatons Hill Hotel chose this affordable chair range that was custom made for its specific settings. We consider this choice the ultimate modular unit, suitable for corners, a 2-seater, without arms. Its timber frame and Dunlop Enduro foam are 100% Australian-made and built to last through a high volume of tourist traffic.

Because this range is so adaptable to any space, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and clubs can use this range to fit an entire room. Eaton Hills Hotel took advantage of the flexible, modular options to outfit several rooms of varied size and shape.

Shop online for café chairs, café tables, outdoor tables, bar stools and lounge seats in playful, assorted colors, sizes, and sophisticated, functional materials to endure the rising number of tourists that will eventually occupy those seats!

As Australia welcomes more and more visitors to its landmarks, let us know what your hotel or restaurant’s needs are so that we can customize a look and function with our furniture specifically for your company’s brand and volume of business.

Restaurant Tables and Chairs

For hotel tables and chairs, Contact Nextrend now!


Nextrend December 2015 Video – Florence Chair and Silly Season

Posted on November 30th, 2015

Click to view Florence Chair

Click to browse our complete range

6 Tips For Increasing Club Member Engagement

Posted on November 17th, 2015

Last Updated 30th November 2016

club furniture

Club member engagement is the driving force of retention, so it is important that you do what you can to promote it. Club members choose to renew their membership not just due to the club’s prices and facilities, but also because they feel like they are part of a community.

This means getting your club members involved in every aspect of the club, whether it is in-club, online or through their mobile device. By ensuring you cater to every club demographic and adapt the way you target different customers, you can help to drive engagement, increase retention and boost revenue.



In order for members to feel like a part of the club’s community, it is important to offer ample socialising opportunities. Explain the value of member recognition to your employees and make sure new members get involved in the club by assigning them with a mentor who will help with introductions and inform them of upcoming events. This will help them to feel welcomed to the club and make it easier for them to integrate into the community.

Group activities

Group activities can help to get your members engaged with the club and with each other. It gives them a social setting in which to meet other members and build up relationships. Try offering activities such as group personal training, fitness or golf lessons. Members who regularly attend a group activity will get to know other members, which makes it more likely that they will want to renew their membership.


Regular updates

Get your members engaged online by creating relevant content on your website and social media sites. You can use these channels to keep members informed of upcoming promotions, new events or groups. Try to create a schedule to ensure your content is regularly updated to keep members checking in. If you post pictures of a recent event on your Facebook page, tag members that attended. This will help to promote member engagement and attract other users on social media.

Promote feedback

Use social media to seek out feedback and help shape the future of the club. You could ask members to engage by voting on new events or groups to bring in. You could even ask for feedback on areas of improvement. This could mean bringing in new club furniture or gym equipment that may be a little worse for wear. Making changes such as purchasing much needed commercial furniture can help to make the club more attractive and improve retention.

Mobile app

Interactive features

Mobile apps are a great way to get your members involved and you can easily adapt them to your club and target audience. Golf clubs can make apps with live leader boards, interactive scorecards, golf games and stat trackers. Sports clubs can include features such as fitness challenges and group competitions, allowing users to see how other members are progressing in their fitness journey.

Push alerts

Having a club app will allow members to essentially subscribe to your club and gives you an opportunity to send them instant communication through the use of push notifications. These will pop up on the users’ screen and can be used to alert them of new promotions, breaking club news and as a way to highlight different areas of your club. These can be sent to every member, or in targeted campaigns that focus on a specific target audience.

How comfortable your club members are when using your club facilities will also affect your member engagement. Nextrend provides high quality club furniture that will surely make your members stay longer and keep coming back.

Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered to your club tomorrow!

Coral Table Bases: Perfect for Any Season

Posted on November 4th, 2015

coral table baseA new season has just arrived and it’s time to freshen up your hospitality furniture with the season’s hottest colours. We at Nextrend Furniture, have the perfect table bases in a bright array of colours that make them perfect for any season.

Your establishment’s visual appeal and comfort play major roles in your customer’s overall experience and this includes your choice of colours. Colour affects people’s psychology, which means that you must select a palette that is both captivating and appetizing to encourage your customers to eat and drink happily.

Freshen up your restaurant tables and cafe tables with vibrant and lively colours with our Coral Table Bases. Designed and made in Australia, our latest range meets the highest standards in design and durability. It is available in a wide range of vibrant colours that will help create a fun and lively vibe for your restaurant or cafe.

These highly versatile table bases are available in either round or star design and can be ordered in standard or bar height. Pair them with your choice of tabletops. These bases can be used with an 800mm square tabletop through to a 600mm diameter tabletop.

The Coral Table Bases are also protected by highly weather resistant powder coating, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Plus, its simple 3-piece assembly makes for easy installation too.

Wondering which chair to pair your tables with? Our Dolce Chair is the perfect companion. It’s comfortable, strong, durable, versatile and easy to maintain. Created with an extra wide clearance, UV stable plastic shell and anodised aluminium legs, the Dolce Chair is built to withstand heavy treatment and the rough Australian weather. You can choose from a huge selection of colour choices too.

Afraid of too much colour? Those who prefer more subdued hues need not fret. We, at Nextrend Furniture, have a large stockholding of a wide variety of hospitality furniture in various colours and textures, such as our popular Resin Rattan range, that will help make your restaurant or café ready for any season.

Let us help you show your business’ true colours. Check out our selection of outdoor chairs and tables now to learn more about our new exciting range of products. You can also get a free, no obligations quote by calling 1300 559 965 or by filling up our quote cart.

3 Restaurant Design Ideas To Welcome The Summer

Posted on October 27th, 2015

restaurant design

When it comes to designing your restaurant or giving it a bit of a facelift, you need to consider the journey your diners will be going on. They come in looking to escape from their normal home setting, so it’s about providing them with the full dining experience. That means putting a focus on your interior design, as well as the food and service. Restaurant furniture plays a big part in creating an environment that will captivate your diners and keep them coming back for more.

We take inspiration from the latest hospitality interior design trends to give you 3 restaurant design ideas to help you welcome the summer. From casual dining, to futuristic vibes and classic sophistication, there is a design idea to suit any restaurant style. Give your customers a modern and fresh dining experience with a little help from the latest design trends.

Look to the Future

As interior designers look to take a step away from the rustic vibe to something a little more futuristic, it’s time to think about using more innovative materials. Design is set to take on a more innovative style for the summer, with a big emphasis on materials and textures incorporated into your interiors. Impress your customers with bold designs that capture their imagination and gives them a glimpse of what the future holds.

Opt for futuristic colours and inventive designs when choosing your restaurant chairs for an easy way to upgrade your restaurant design. Nextrend’s Air Chair, a chair that is a one-piece injection moulded polypropylene, offers a very modern vibe and comes in an array of captivating colours. It’s the perfect choice for giving your restaurant a more futuristic vibe for the bright summer season.

Simply Sophisticated

Get away from the clutter and look to create a more classic environment that is all about simple sophistication. Opt for a warm colour palette and naturally rich, earthy tones to create an authentic ambience with a sense of understated luxury. The aim is to achieve a look that is classic, yet comfortable and inviting.

Wooden restaurant tables and chairs can be used to add a natural, yet classic element to your interior styling. Having good indoor furniture provides those who prefer to escape the summer heat by dining inside your restaurant. Nextrend’s Florence Chair Range offers an elegant design, featuring a solid timber frame that perfectly captures this simple and authentic vibe. Remember, simple doesn’t have to mean boring, so don’t be afraid to incorporate intricate design elements along with your more simple styling.

Casual Dining

Customers are still enjoying the casual dining trend, staying on the lookout for restaurants serving good, moderately priced food in a relaxed setting. Interior design plays a key role in creating the right ambience that will leave customers happy and relaxed. With this trend comes a variety of seating options, with different restaurant chairs and table combinations giving each area in your establishment a unique feel. Diners will soon develop a favourite space, with different arrangements suiting different preferences.

This trend allows restaurant owners to maximise the space they have, without needing to worry about everything matching up. Bring in restaurant furniture that gives customers lots of different seating options for any time of day. It’s all about creating an environment that leaves your diners feeling comfortable and cosy in an informal setting.

Thinking about giving your restaurant a new look in time for the summer? Visit Nextrend’s restaurant furniture range to help achieve your latest design ambitions.

4 Country and Sports Club Marketing Ideas

Posted on October 26th, 2015

The right marketing strategy can drive up country club memberships and help to retain current members. As membership fees are the key to bringing in a profit for your club, you need to ensure that you market memberships on a year-round basis. In order to market your club successfully you need to have a good understanding of your target market and what your club has to offer them.

Offer Special Invitations

Country and sports clubs are popular amongst business professionals who use the facilities to entertain clients, as well as give presentations. A great way of garnering the interest of local businesses and networking associations is to offer them a taste of what your club has to offer. This could include an invitation to host a meeting or event, which will give them a good idea of the kind of facilities available to them. Offer them a tour, let them try out the different amenities and maybe even throw in a free round of golf.

Networking Events

Another way of attracting the attention of business professionals is to host a specially tailored networking event for those who are a part of a local group or organization. The event can include freebies such as food or drinks to help attract attendance, as well as a tour of the facilities. You can then go on to offer a special membership discount to all those who are members of that particular association or organisation.

Public Relations Campaigns

Make sure that your local community hears about any newsworthy events through online and offline press releases. This can be anything from an upcoming event you are hosting, to new sports classes or improvements you have made to the club. If you have recently undergone renovations such as installing a pool or updating your dining hall with new club furniture, then you should make the most of these changes by announcing them to the public.

If your club has not undergone any recent developments, then you could host a special sporting event to help attract local news outlets, such as a charity golf event with special celebrity guests. While events can sometimes carry high costs, they can also help attract the attention of new members which will bring in a great deal of profits through your membership fees.

Work with a publicist to create a press release with all the details, which can then be sent out to the relevant media outlets. Make sure you use online and offline outlets, such as bloggers and journalists, to help get the word out to a larger crowd.

Focus on the Local Community

A great way to attract the attention of your local community is to implement cause-marketing efforts. By giving back to the area you can gather positive publicity and stand out from your competitors. Make the most of your efforts by donating to causes that are popular amongst your target audience. Besides offering donations, you could also open up your facilities to local nonprofits or youth clubs so they have a space to host events that help to raise money for their organization. Giving something back to the community will help you to be seen in a more positive light and get the public involved in your club. This will help to get the word out about your facilities through word of mouth and PR opportunities.

There are other marketing campaigns that will help boost your club’s membership or at the very least, raise your target market’s awareness of your club. The key is to know your local community and target market, and customise your marketing to appeal to them specifically.

Sydney, We Are Here To Serve You

Posted on October 21st, 2015

Nextrend Furniture Sydney

We are excited to better serve our Sydney clients with our relocation to our new Sydney showroom. Cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs in Sydney will now have easy and convenient access to our showroom where they can view an extensive range of hospitality furniture.

We are also ready to bring our products to you – just send us an email at sales@nextrend.com.au or call 1300 559 965. Our new showroom is located at 2 Holbeche Road, Arndell Park. Showroom visits are by appointment only so call us now for an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you with all your commercial furniture needs.

4 New Fiscal Year Resolutions For Hospitality Businesses

Posted on October 15th, 2015

4 New Fiscal Year Resolutions for Hospitality BusinessesAs we say hello to the new fiscal year, hospitality business owners across Australia are faced with new and exciting opportunities for growth. Rather than simply concentrating on tax minimisation strategies, small business owners should be focusing on growth strategies. As part of your new fiscal year resolutions, you should put the emphasis on tactics that will help you to attract more customers and increase sales.

Plan ahead and make sure you take any relevant tax changes into account. Take on board customer feedback and use it to set yourself a goal, such as opening up an outside seating area. By staying in the know, you can take advantage of relevant tax deductions to invest in new commercial furniture, grow your business and look forward to a strong year. Planning ahead allows you to make the most of the new fiscal year and avoid last minute rushes come June.

Plan ahead

In order to make the most of the new fiscal year, you need to make sure you plan ahead. Review your finances with your accountant and take a look at your performance in the last year. Did you meet the performance targets you set yourself? If not, what can you do differently this year? To get real growth, you should be taking the time to review anything that may have gone wrong the previous year.

Budget for the long term and prepare yourself for any possible changes in the market by doing the appropriate forecasting. Don’t just use last year’s budget as a template, it’s better to start from scratch, especially if there is a lot of room for improvement. It may sound like more work today, but you will be much better off by the time it gets to June.

Pay attention to tax changes

With the Government announcing various changes in their Small Business and Jobs Package, small businesses should keep an eye on any new measures that apply to them. You don’t want to miss out on an important tax break that could be instrumental to your growth strategy.

If you own a small hospitality business, you should make sure you take advantage of immediate tax deductions on assets costing less than $20k. Work it into your plan to make the most of the tax breaks from the start.

Set yourself a goal

In order for your business to grow, you need to set yourself a goal. Whether you plan on opening up new locations, hire new staff, expand seating areas or look into new food delivery options, having a clear goal will help you to put the proper financial planning in place.

If your goal was to expand your seating areas to allow for more customers, you can take advantage of the $20,000 tax deduction and buy yourself new hospitality furniture. By investing in quality commercial furniture, you can attract new customers and increase your revenue.

Listen to feedback

If you don’t already ask your customers for feedback, you should make it a priority for this year. There is no point setting yourself goals for growing your business, if they are not in line with what your customers are demanding. Listen to what your customers are saying and try and work it into your growth strategies to achieve higher success rates.

Your staff could also be a valuable source of knowledge, so make sure you involve them in your planning. If they know a local restaurant is planning on raising their prices, you want to make the most of the opportunity early on.

Nextrend can help you make the most out of your fiscal year. Plan ahead and take advantage of immediate tax deductions by upgrading your hospitality furniture. Check out our wide range of restaurant chairs, tables, bar stools, and lounges now!

When it Comes to Restaurant Furniture Supply, Nextrend is the Only Trend You Need to Know

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Very few things say more about the kind of restaurant you operate than the furniture you have in your restaurant. That’s why it’s so important to find a restaurant furniture supply vendor that is as committed to high-quality furniture with form, function, and an impeccable sense of style. Otherwise you may find yourself missing out on the high quality furniture experience you need in your restaurant’s furnishings.

Finding the right bar stools and other bar furniture for your restaurant might be a little bit more of a challenge than you initially thought however. That’s where the expertise of the highly trained Nextrend staff and their passion for furniture can help you get the best furniture for your money and the style you have in mind for your restaurant, bar, pub, or club. Here are just a few of the things you need to keep in mind as you check out your restaurant furniture supply options.

Showing is so much better than telling when it comes to stylish tastes. A restaurant’s furniture needs to the first -flavour- indicator restaurant guests and patrons see. It’s not just about the kind of food you’re serving but the overall atmosphere you’re promoting in your restaurant. It’s one of the first things people will notice about your restaurant and can make all the difference in the world for people struggling to choose between two different restaurants to try.

Believe it or not, comfort plays a critical role in whether or not people will come back to your restaurant. There are some things you can sacrifice, when it comes to restaurant furniture supply choices but comfort is not one of them – at least not if you want to have repeat business (which is the life-blood of any restaurant business). The more comfortable people are in your restaurant the more likely they will be to come back and recommend you to people they know.

Don’t forget to take a long look at the costs – and what those costs entail – when comparing one restaurant supply business to another. Nextrend prides itself on offer only high-quality furniture but at a price that’s affordable for restaurants of all sizes. We believe that quality doesn’t have to bear an astronomical cost and work hard to deliver the very best of both in the furniture we supply. Other factors that impact costs include: warranty coverage, replacement expenses, and depreciation.

While the warranty on furniture doesn’t always guarantee a specific lifespan or amount of durability on restaurant furniture it’s often a good indicator of how long the life span is anticipated to be. This is a good indicator of how long you should anticipate needing to replace the furniture with normal restaurant use and should be factored into the total expected costs of the furniture you purchase. The longer the warranty lasts, the more you can afford to pay upfront for the purchase of the furniture.

There are many reasons one restaurant furniture supply venue may be a good fit for you. However, when you find one that offers an excellent combination of service, style, cost and quality; it’s hard to find a reason to look any further. Let Nextrend be your next stop in your search for restaurant furniture.

What Do You Need from Your Hotel Furniture Supplier?

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Commercial furniture sales and service can be difficult to find when you don’t even know where to begin when looking for a hotel furniture supplier. The furniture you choose for your hotel says a lot about your hotel as a business and you as the person making these important purchasing decisions. Choosing the best furniture is about so much more than picking out the right colours to match your decor and finding a price that’s affordable for the hotel without sacrificing the all important quality that’s so necessary when your business name is the one that’s on the line.

But where should you begin when looking for the perfect business to handle your accommodation furniture needs? Here are a few basic concepts you should be on the lookout for when choosing any commercial furniture supplier but especially when it comes to hotel furniture, motel furniture, or any other accommodation type of furniture supplier.

This is more important than many hotel owners and managers realise. It’s important to go with a business that has a reputation as a leader in the industry. This will give you peace of mind that you’re making your purchase from a supplier that isn’t going to disappear if and when problems crop up during the ordering process or after you’ve received the furniture.

More importantly you want to go with a business that has few complaints to begin with. But, when there are complaints to be dealt with it’s really important that the business in question deals with them efficiently and effectively.

The hotel furniture supplier you ultimately trust with your business also needs to have a wide enough selection of products to serve your business now and in the future. It’s always wise to build long-term and lasting relationships with furniture and other commercial interests suppliers in order to have someone you can turn to at a moment’s notice when the need arises.

The longer these relationships develop the more likely it will be that the hotel furniture supplier you’re doing business with will be able to anticipate your needs and your tastes and make recommendations that work with the atmosphere you’re hoping to create with the motel furniture you buy.

Perhaps the most important need that your hotel furniture supplier needs to feel is quality. Quality needs to be noticed at every stage of the buying process. You need a high-quality standard in the construction of the furniture, a wide range of quality pieces from which to choose for the hotel furniture itself, and quality service at every turn. Quality is the one thing, above all others, that you don’t want your supplier to skimp on.

The final ingredient in the recipe for a perfect supplier of all your hotel furniture needs is an affordable price for all your furniture needs. Quality furniture for a hotel can really bring the costs of construction uncomfortably high. A vendor or supplier that understands this and does his or her best to alleviate the costs concerns whenever possible is an excellent choice for you to begin with.

At Nextrend we put you above all else. We specialise in commercial furniture and take pride in being a top hotel furniture supplier for Australian hotel and commercial interests. Whenever you need hotel furnishings whether for a new construction or remodel, make sure you take the time to talk to our helpful and dedicated team of professionals first to see what we can do for you and how much money we can save you over the competition.

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Visit Nextrend At the Hospitality And Gaming Australasia Expo

Posted on October 9th, 2015


Nextrend Furniture is a proud exhibitor at the Hospitality And Gaming Australasia Expo. It is a very busy and exciting two days for the hospitality industry with the expo happening right now.

Visitors to this year’s event will discover new products and services for dining, accommodation, entertainment, and gaming. They will also get to experience new and innovative cafe ideas and see Australian and world champion baristas all under one roof.

With over 100 exhibitors from various segments of the hospitality industry, this expo is a great opportunity to network, market, research, improve, and build relationships.

Visit the Nextrend Furniture at Booth number 68!

Top Quality Commercial Hotel Furniture from Nextrend

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend supplies top quality commercial furniture to the hospitality industry all over Australia. They have built a reputation of being highly reliable and offering amazing services, which has made them one of the leading suppliers of this type of furniture in the country.

Whether one is opening up a restaurant, cafe or a hotel or simply refurbishing such a venue, providing excellent furnishings can make or break such a venture. After all, in the hospitality industry, it’s all about being a great host and if one provides their customers with poor quality, uncomfortable furniture, they are guaranteed to leave as quickly as possible and never return. This is why it is imperative to work with a reliable, trustworthy company that understands the business and can make recommendations based on their customers’ needs.

This is what makes Nextrend such a valuable supplier of commercial hotel furniture. They understand what’s involved in running a successful hotel and they know that furniture plays an important role. After all, no one will revisit a hotel that had uncomfortable furniture and they certainly won’t recommend it to anyone else.

The more comfortable a person feels in a hotel, restaurant, bar or other venue, the longer they will stay. Thus, it is imperative for any such venture to ensure it obtains the best quality furniture.

Nextrend not only provides a wide range of products but they are quite willing to source whatever their clients require if they don’t have anything suitable. Thus, they go above and beyond for every client, to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Even getting a quote is a simple matter. All one needs to do is navigate to the company website, choose the products and forward the request for a quote to the team. The answer will be swift and might be surprising due to the highly competitive prices.

Nextrend is the preferred supplier of hotel furniture and other types of commercial furniture for many businesses, especially since they always go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy.

Learn more about Nextrend’s Hotel Furniture Range by clicking here.

Top 5 Hospitality Trends for 2014

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Changing trends within the hospitality industry can be responsible for increased expectations among your patrons. As competition for business within the hospitality industry continues to rise, it is important to consider whether it is worth integrating some emerging trends into your own business strategy.

Here are some of the top hospitality trends emerging for 2014:
Online Booking

Whether you want to believe it or not, many people turn to the internet before choosing a hospitality establishment. Before making any bookings at all, some people like the option of being able to check estimated costs, availability, and even browse through photo galleries to get a feel for what they will experience once they arrive. You will also find that there are a growing number of people who prefer to make their bookings online rather than via the phone. Likewise, the online availability of your menu or upcoming events can be a big drawcard for undecided patrons.

There was a time when the hospitality industry could rely on word of mouth between people to account for a percentage of new customers. However, the availability of online review sites makes it much easier for happy customers to spread the word about your establishment much faster and to far more people. Likewise, unhappy customers also get to vent their opinions without ever having to speak with you.

Waiter in casual clothes taking orderThink of online review sites as your digital word of mouth machine. Positive online reviews written by previous customers can play a pivotal role in increased booking numbers, especially when you take the time to thank those people for their reviews personally. By comparison, your prompt and professional responses to resolve any unhappy reviews can actually increase your business’s reputation in people’s eyes, leading to an increase in business overall.

Your online reputation management does not stop with your website or some simple reviews posted online. The social media scene is one of the fastest growing trends within the hospitality industry – and has continued to be for some years now. Customers have come to expect a certain level of interaction between establishment owners and patrons.

Many hospitality establishments have also ventured further and developed their own mobile application. Such apps allow you to extend your service to your potential customers whether they are in your establishment or not, increasing their awareness of your business and the potential that they will make their next booking with you.

Delivering great customer service is not a new trend, but it is one of the more influential factors involved in capturing new customers and encouraging existing customers to return. Most hospitality managers and employees understand that customers expect a certain level of service. However, those hospitality establishments that over-deliver on the expected customer services expectations and focus on creating a unique guest experience are those that continue to thrive.

Your choice of hospitality furniture can create a warm, welcoming ambience in your establishment, or it can create an air of disappointment in a customer’s eyes. The trends for hospitality furniture change accordingly with the needs and expectations of your customers.

Paleo Cafe orange chairsSimple, practical cafe tables and chairs may have been quite acceptable in many hospitality settings some years ago. However, your establishment may have evolved to incorporate a range of quality lounges, armchairs and other comfortable furnishings designed to appeal to a broader range of patrons.

There’s also a growing trend for people to expect a more international approach within many hospitality establishments. This has led to the emergence of more gourmet-focused restaurants and cafes, incorporating hospitality furniture that reflects a more international atmosphere, rather than a casual dining setting. The same can be true for the style and design of hospitality furniture chosen for reception areas and lobbies that play a part in setting the scene for your customer’s experience with your business.

The hospitality industry will always continue to grow and change. Where your business fits within the scope of the industry may just rest on your ability to adapt to new trends as they emerge.

Nextrend is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment.

7 Instagram Marketing Tips for Hospitality Businesses

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Instagram is leading the pack when it comes to visual social media platforms. With over 300 million monthly active users, it shows no sign of slowing down post its Facebook acquisition. As social media marketing trends predict persistence of visual social media platforms for 2015, businesses in the hospitality industry should take advantage of the free photo-sharing tool for their marketing campaigns.

One should note though that social media marketing approaches are very different from the traditional marketing approaches. There are certain marketing strategies that you can’t (and shouldn’t) use Instagram for:

Don’t use Instagram for hard sales messages. e.g sales pitches
Don’t use it as a traditional advertising platform. e.g brochures, postures

That being said, here are seven tips on how hospitality businesses can use Instagram for marketing. Use the potency of this channel to maximise potential exposure to support (not advertise or promote) campaigns or initiatives.

Add creative angles to your restaurant, bar, hotel rooms or cafes.

How you present the main areas of your business, its hospitality furniture or the amenities is what will set you apart from competitors. For example, instead of just taking pictures of hotel rooms, take photos of what the room looks like with the window displaying a gorgeous sunset or sunrise.

Present your hotel using different perspectives.

Don’t limit your photo sharing to just rooms and amenities. Showcase your surroundings, the special in-house menu that you offer, spontaneous smiles from receptionists welcoming guests or the busy hustling of valets and bellboys.

Instead of taking pictures of an empty bar or your list of drinks, take photos of the bar scene during nighttime and down time. Explore moods in photos that can evoke specific emotions in people.

Think of what will elicit strong emotions that will encourage people to go to your bar, book for accommodations, eat at your restaurant, or meet in your cafe.

Take them on a virtual tour behind the scenes.

What drives people to feel connected to businesses is being able to see how a business works. It sends out a message of transparency, honesty and if shown correctly, the high standard of quality your business lives up to. Highlight special ways your staff makes guests feel special – how hotel maids leave flowers or notes in beds after cleaning, how your valet seems to memorise every car that gets sent to the service without you showing the ticket or how your chefs cook the guest’s meals. It shows how hardworking and dedicate your staff members are to make guests’ experiences as seamless and a positive experience as possible.
These features humanise your business and positions your Instagram account not as business promoting its business, but a company that wants to share what goes behind the business.

Don’t limit your photos inside your business – highlight local attractions.

Promoting local attractions is an effective yet indirect way of promoting your business. This is a win-win situation in every aspect in whatever business you are in. If you own a hotel, you encourage travellers to visit the area and book with your hotel. If you own a restaurant, you gain traction with your area and the probability of tourists coming in will be high.

Use hashtags and tags effectively.

Hashtags are a great technical marketing tool. It functions like a search keyword that users can click to see related results. You can create your own hashtag for your business but don’t forget to use common hashtags too. For example, if you post a picture of a room view overlooking the beach, you can use the hashtags #beach #travel #adventure and your hotel location too.
You can create your own unique campaign or run contests using created hashtags too. Use it to share specific events your establishment is holding. For example, a weekend special may be #BeachSummerCamp or a special dining special with a band in your restaurant can be called #ValentineWeekendSpecial.

Share a story – not a photo.

This is where you can ask guests to participate. Ask them to take photos of their time in the hotel, the restaurant or cafe and share it in the platform using a designated hashtag – this way you can monitor who joins and feature them in your feed. Document other fun activities in your business too: lounge concerts, weddings, team buildings – and share that viewers in your feed can experience that too.
Never underestimate the power a tagged photo by a client of your business can do. People nowadays take photos of everything – their food, their scenery and every detail of their lives. A great photo of a delicious food spread tagged in your restaurant location is free and effective advertisement.

Don’t forget to interact with customers.

User engagement is key to building an audience and maximising your exposure in social media. Content easily goes viral and if used effectively, can be very good for your business. Answer comments and leave comments on users who have tagged you in their photos. It’s free advertising – be grateful for it.

Social media is a way to reach customers and potential clients on a more personal level so make sure that your feeds stay current and updated. Just like with any other social media channels, your presence should be consistent. Assign a team member to handle your Instagram account so that he can see to it that regular updates and customer engagement are done consistently.

We are also on Instagram! Check out the Nextrend Furniture Instagram account and click that follow button while you’re there.

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Bar’s Profits

Posted on October 9th, 2015

5-Easy-Ways-To-Increase-Your-Bars-ProfitsAlcohol and beverage sales offer you an easy way to increase profitability due to having lower costs and greater profit margins compared to other products, such as food. We consider some easy tips every bar manager should know to increase your bar’s profits.

Control Your Inventory

One of the easiest ways to lose out on profits in a bar is by having poor control over your inventory. Bartending is one of the few hospitality professions where the same person will be in charge of taking the order, serving the customer, preparing the bill, handling the cash, and taking the inventory. Each of these things has a direct influence on profits. That is why it is so important for staff to keep meticulous records in order to control stock and liquor costs.

You should also limit the amount of inventory you hold as overstocked inventory is a common drain on profit. Restrain from purchasing additional stock “just in case” and instead keep a good record of trends, sales, and inventory so you know which items will need to be restocked and which ones you have enough of. You should also teach your staff to rotate the stock so that the first ones in are the first ones out. This will ensure you are using your oldest stock first to avoid any waste.

Don’t Leave Customers Waiting

The last thing you want at your bar is to have a long line of customers empty handed and waiting to be served. Every time a customer is standing at the bar waiting, without a drink in hand, you are losing money. The worst part is that customers will likely choose another bar next time, which will cost you even more over time.

While it may be difficult to determine how busy you will be every night, it is typically worth paying for an extra bartender to serve, rather than leave your customers waiting. This is especially true on your busiest nights, which tend to be Fridays, Saturdays and special dates such as New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day.

Maintain Appealing Interiors

The interior design of your bar can have a huge impact on whether customers will be enticed to visit your bar and to stay for a considerable length of time. The longer they stay and the more frequently they visit, the higher profit you potentially make. Make sure that your bar furniture are stylish and comfortable. Do not let old and worn furnishings turn away even your regular goers. Keep your establishment clean and replace your commercial furniture regularly.

Create Deals and Special Offers

Creating your own deals and special offers can help drive profits and customer loyalty, so it’s a win/win. From loyalty cards to drink offers on certain days, you can encourage customers to keep coming back for more. Think about offers that would appeal to your target customers and keep things fresh and interesting.

Some bars have taken to new themed cocktails being offered on a set day of the week, or inviting their bartenders to create their very own cocktails in a competition. Not only will you be offering your customers something different to set yourself aside from competitors, but you can also get your staff involved and help boost creativity.


Offer Delicious Alcohol Free Drinks

Not everyone will come to a bar and order alcoholic drinks, so rather than leaving them to order the cheapest drinks with the lowest margins, you should create drinks targeted to this particular customer.

Virgin cocktails such as a frozen non-alcoholic daiquiri will taste delicious and can be sold at a higher price than a plain fruit juice or soft drink. Keeping a good range of non alcoholic bottled beverages will make your bar more appealing to non-drinkers. Not only will this help to increase profits, but it will also help to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

We have a wide range of bar furniture to help you keep your bar appealing and inviting. Call us now 1300 559 965 or head straight to our quote cart.

The Popular Palm Chair is Back in Stock at Nextrend Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

nextrend-palm-chair-is-backLooking for new restaurant furniture to spice up your space this holiday season? This season, Nextrend Furniture is offering 10 – 15% discount on some of our latest restaurant chairs, such as the Air Range, Ares Chairs and Resin Rattan Range. Plus, one of our most popular chair designs, the Duraseat Palm Chair, is also back in stock and is available at 10% off!

The Duraseat Palm Chair is a popular choice for those ‘semi-outdoor’ areas or venues that flow from indoors to outdoors. Its popularity is due to its clean straight appeal that will never date. To ensure maximum durability, the chair’s PE flat rattan is woven over a heavy duty welded extra thick and strong aluminium tube frame. This enables the rattan weave to deliver a delightfully comfortable experience to customers. The chair is also UV stable making it built to last in all weather conditions.

Palm Chairs can be easily stacked up to six chairs high to save space and for easy storage. It is available in two colour choices, black or chocolate PVC weave, which allows you to achieve the exact look you want for your space.

With Nextrend, customers can expect to receive a quote within 24 hours as well as expert advice for all their commercial furniture needs. All of our products are of high quality and even comes with a 2-year commercial warranty. We have huge stocks available for immediate dispatch and can guarantee competitive delivery prices and fast delivery services to cater to your holiday needs.

Grab this chance to get the popular Palm Chairs at discounted prices before stocks run out again. For more information about Nextrend’s Palm Chair, please visit this page. To enquire about our products, call 1300 559 965 now or request for a free quote.

Square Cafe Table Designs for the Future at Nextrend Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Business furniture isn’t always easy to select. This is especially the case for businesses in the highly competitive hospitality industry. That’s why it’s so important to turn to a real heavy hitter, like Nextrend Furniture in order to enjoy the widest selection of high-quality hospitality furniture that seamlessly blends form and function into one pretty furniture package.

Cafe Tables

Nextrend Furniture is an industry leader when it comes to commercial and hospitality furniture throughout Australia. In fact there aren’t any places around that can match the quality, beauty and price when it comes to cafe table bases, a plastic stacking chair, or even a bar stool. Australia business owners would do well to keep this in mind when making any of their commercial furniture selections.

Cafe table bases from Nextrend Furniture can be used for so much more than cafe dining tables. They can be used in cafeteria settings, for outdoor tables, for schools and universities, church groups, government offices and meeting spaces, hotel convention centres, and the list goes on and on. The possibilities are nearly limitless – especially if you choose high quality cafeteria furniture that’s built to last.

Cafe Tables

Nextrend employees are not only knowledgeable about the furniture they sell, they are passionate about design. This means that they are ready and waiting to provide enthusiastic assistance to business owners or managers interested in making design statements with the hospitality and other commercial furniture they need. It’s important to have the right kind of assistance so that decisions are made on much more than the mere aesthetics of the furniture. That’s why it’s often necessary to have an impartial third party to help with that important decision.

Boost Turnover with Restaurant Outdoor Chairs and Cafe Tables

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Many cafe and restaurant owners have taken advantage of extending their available seating to include outdoor dining options. Offering patrons outdoor seating can be a great way to improve business.

Many hospitality establishments have increased their turnover simply by offering patrons the option of being seated outside the establishment. Some people prefer the al fresco dining option, while there are establishments around that want to give customers the option of a smoking section.

This is where it’s important to source specific restaurant outdoor chairs and cafe tables. Nextrend specialises in providing high-quality commercial furniture for the hospitality industry.

Nextrend carries a substantial amount of stock across a variety of furnishing styles. This makes it much easier for any restaurant or cafe owner to refurbish an establishment quickly and without disruption to regular business.

Whether the preference is for plastic stacking chairs and folding trestle tables for temporary outdoor seating, or even for a more modern al fresco look, Nextrend has the stock to suit.

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs need to durable enough to withstand constant usage as well as exposure to the elements. For this reason, it’s important to seek out high-quality furniture that will stand the test of time. However, outdoor furniture also needs to be functional as well as stylish. With the wide range available at Nextrend, it’s very possible to source outdoor furniture that meets all these requirements.

What’s more, the friendly team at Nextrend will happily offer a free, no-obligation quote on any restaurant furnishings required. Their ability to purchase in bulk means they’re able to pass on the savings directly to customers, allowing them to buy high-quality items at the lowest possible prices.

For more information about Nextrend’s restaurant outdoor chairs, outdoor cafe tables, or bar furniture, please call us now at 1300 559 965

Queensland Emergency Services Complex Partners with Nextrend Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Queensland-Emergency-Services-Complex-partners-with-Nextrend-FurnitureWith the design purpose of having a casual area for all emergency services personnel to socialise, relax, and unwind, the Queensland Emergency Services Complex partnered with Nextrend to develop areas for smoking personnel and to supply furniture for a cafe located on one of the many buildings on site.

Smoking Area for Personnel

Queensland Emergency Services made an initiative to move the designated area for smoking personnel, in order to place it farther away from the main building and the offices. The new area was done on a constructed concrete slab and Nextrend provided a fixed table – a 1200×800 Duratop tabletop combined with two Rega shroud bases – under a shade umbrella. The Rega Shroud table base, with its stainless steel construction and dolt down surface mounting provides a stable base that is perfect for an outdoor setting.


Increased Seating for a Cafe and Outdoor Eating Area

A cafe under one of the many buildings on site and an outdoor eating area were also upgraded with more tables and chairs to replace old ones and to increase the limited seating. Nextrend provided new Astoria table bases with Stratos Duratop table tops.

The Stratos Duratop, which comes in different sizes and because of its resin moulded tabletop, is hygienic and easy to clean, a preference for any establishment looking for commercial furniture. With the Astoria table base made of aluminium with adjustable feet, it is the perfect compliment for the Statos Duratop table top that comes in a range of finishes.

The Ares Chair was the outdoor chair of choice for all three areas. Known for its stability and extraordinary strength, the Ares Chair is a leading choice for hospitality furniture when it comes to outdoor chairs. Available in black, dark grey, white, brown, dove grey, and teak, it is meant to provide function and durability at the same time compliment the theme of its surroundings. Since this one-piece injection moulded polypropylene has its legs reinforce with glass fibre, it ensures stability for the user and resistance to wind and natural elements. Its colour will not fade or the material go brittle under the sunniest weather conditions because of UV stabilisers packed in the mould.

We can help you if your establishment is in need of an upgrade similar to those made on the Queensland Emergency Services Complex. Call us now at 1300 559 965 or check out some of our Projects for more inspiration.

Nextrend Delivers Quality Restaurant Table Tops and Commercial Hospitality Furniture Right across Australia

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Finding a reliable source of high quality cafe furniture or bar furniture is much easier with Nextrend’s extensive range of top quality commercial furnishings suited to the hospitality industry.

Achieving the right atmosphere within any cafe, hotel or bar can set the mood for patrons. This is why it’s so important to have the right furniture to suit the style of the establishment.

Nextrend specialises in providing only the best quality hospitality furniture. The ranges available are designed to be durable and stylish, and offer restaurant or cafe owners plenty of options when it comes to choice.

Even casual outdoor dining furniture is considered at Nextrend, with ranges including durable aluminium outdoor cafe tables and chairs, as well as stylish plastic stacking chairs and folding trestle tables.

Commercial hospitality furniture does need to be durable enough to withstand frequent use without wearing. This is especially true for outdoor cafe furniture for those establishments offering patrons an al fresco dining option. Furnishings chosen need to be able to withstand exposure to the harsh Australian elements, while still providing comfort and functionality at the same time.

All furniture available from Nextrend is designed with these things in mind. This allows restaurant or hotel owners to be creative about decorating an establishment, while still catering to the comfort needs of patrons.

The friendly team at Nextrend will happily answer any questions about design needs. They have even worked closely with project managers, designers and architects for larger projects, including major refurbishments and fit-outs.

Nextrend is able to arrange for delivery of all hospitality furniture right across Australia. As they carry substantial levels of stock at all times, order fulfilment is generally quick and convenient, regardless of where in Australia the furniture will be delivered.

For more information about the quality range of hospitality furniture available, including restaurant table tops, bar furniture and cafe furniture, please visit Nextrend’s Product page

The Hospitality Industry Turns to Plastic Stacking Chairs from Nextrend Furniture to Increase Profitability

Posted on October 9th, 2015

The high-quality and durable plastic stacking chairs from Nextrend is a stylish yet cost-effective seating option that any establishment can use to boost profitability.

Competition in the hospitality industry is cutthroat and business owners know that in order to succeed, they need to find the right balance between offering customers an amazing experience at the right price and cost management. This is not easy to do, especially when people have so many options and have become so choosy as a result.

If an establishment focuses solely on the experience, offering an amazing atmosphere created with the help of the most expensive furniture available and top of the line products, they will be forced to charge a premium, which many people might not be prepared to pay. Even then there is no certainty that they will break even, let alone make a profit. Conversely, by placing all emphasis on cost management, an establishment could attract the wrong type of element, which could deter others from frequenting the establishment.

Nextrend Furniture helps businesses in the hospitality industry by offering a wide range of stylish, top-quality furniture at reasonable prices, helping them take a huge step in the right direction. For example, the plastic stacking chair is a stylish yet durable option for cafes, restaurants, or even outdoor functions such as weddings. They look great and are very comfortable, which will increase the appeal of any venue to customers and help increase profitability. This is because the increased level of comfort of cafe chairs, Sydney business owners, among others, have discovered will keep customers in their seats longer, which means a higher level of expenditure.

Besides the plastic stacking chair, Nextrend offers a wide variety of other types of furniture for the hospitality industry such as stylish outdoor cafe tables, stools for bars, furniture for catering companies, like the always useful folding trestle tables, and much more.

All products are sourced from top-quality manufacturers and are reasonably priced, which can help anyone in the hospitality industry improve their cost management and boost sales.

Nextrends Wholesale Folding Trestle Tables Make Ideal Outdoor Cafe Tables

Posted on October 9th, 2015

The ability for cafe owners to provide outdoor dining options to patrons can significantly improve business. Nextrend provides a high-quality range of wholesale hospitality furniture designed especially for cafe use, including folding trestle tables for seating larger parties.

Finding wholesale cafe chairs and tables in Sydney at competitive prices does not need to be a challenge. The key is to source the right stockist to suit the needs of each individual establishment, regardless of where in Australia that stockist might be located

The range of high quality hospitality furnishings available from Nextrend is ideally suited to outdoor cafe dining use. They carry a large amount of stock in a variety of styles and designs, so it is easy to select the right furnishings to suit any decor or theme.

Nextrend Furniture provides hospitality furnishings to any establishment across Australia. This includes a range of outdoor cafe tables and chairs, along with restaurant and bar furniture.

Smaller cafe tables designed for seating two or three people seem to be quite commonplace within al fresco dining locations. However, there are times when reservations are made for larger groups and parties. This is when some cafe owners run into difficulty if they do not have sufficient table space available to cater for larger numbers.

Rather than consider putting smaller tables together to form a larger seating allocation, it may be more prudent to consider using folding trestle tables to accommodate them. These are easily stacked and stored when they are not in use, but they also allow for greater flexibility in setting up a location in readiness for a larger booking.

The friendly sales team at Nextrend are able to assist with any queries related to their extensive furnishing stock. They will also happily supply an obligation-free quote featuring their unbeatable prices on any furniture items required. All orders can usually be shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order, so there is very little downtime involved if refurbishing or fitting out a new establishment.

Click here to know more about Nextrend’s Cafe furniture selection

Nextrend’s Gaming Stool, Bentwood And Destiny Indoor Chairs Are On Sale

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Looking to replace your establishment’s indoor chairs or add some gaming stools? Now is the perfect time to do so! We are having a sale on two of our indoor chairs and gaming stool. You can save up to 15% on the Bentwood chair and up to 20% on the Destiny chair.

The Bentwood B001 Chair has a solid European Beech frame and handmade in Romania by steambending process. The Destiny is also made of solid European Beech, made in Poland, and fully stackable to make storage quick and easy. Whether for a cafe or a restaurant, these Nextrend chairs are perfect for indoor use.

We currently have the Bentwood chair in chocolate timber finish and the Destiny chair in beech, walnut, and wenge. For extra comfort to your customers, both indoor chairs can be ordered with upholstered and padded seats.

For those who have gaming machines in their establishments or planning to add a few, the Duraseat gaming stool is the perfect pub furniture to add. This gaming stool, which comes with a black base and centre column, chrome foot ring, and black vinyl upholstery, can now be ordered with up to 30% off its regular price.

So what are you waiting for? Order your indoor chairs and gaming stools now!

To view our wide product range, use our menu on the left sidebar. You may also visit us in any of our showrooms listed here –http://www.nextrend.com.au/contact-us – or call us at 1300 559 965.

Nextrend Proudly Serves Lonely Planet’s Hippest City In Australia

Posted on October 9th, 2015

nextrend-cafe-restaurant-furniture-suppliersBrisbane has been recently named the ‘hippest city in Australia’ by leading Australian travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet. According to the travel bible, Brisbane is an “energetic river town on the way up, with an edgy arts scene, pumping nightlife, and great coffee and restaurants”. Nextrend hospitality furniture believe that a venue’s furnishings and fittings create the hip and stylish look that Brisbane is now renown for.

Nextrend Furniture is a leading supplier of hospitality furniture here in Australia and we source our products globally. This allows us to keep on top of worldwide trends and supply our customers with cutting edge commercial furniture that is both unique and practical.

The Brisbane hospitality scene is diverse and eccentric, from upmarket New Farm, alternative Westend, to stylish Teneriffe. We pride ourselves on being innovative and catering to the needs of a wide range of establishments.

Furthermore, our experienced team on hand can manage and design entire fit outs and refurbishments. Great news for those venues wishing to freshen up their look, go for a complete change in design, or just starting out.

Some of our diverse projects in Brisbane and surrounds include the Paleo Cafe in trendy Paddington, the Cleveland Motor Inn, Chandler Swimming Pool and even Dreamworld on the Gold Coast. Nextrend have an uncompromising mission to provide excellence at every level.

Nextrend also has one of the largest ranges of contract furniture in Australia. This allows businesses to have customised solutions and creates a more unique and hip environment. Importantly, all our contract furniture is durable, easy to clean, and stylish.

Whether you are located in the newly named ‘hippest city in Australia’ or anywhere across the country, Nextrend is able to help create globally inspired restaurants, cafes, bars, and function areas. In addition, all projects come with a 2-year commercial warranty and are backed up with excellent after sales service.

To view our wide product range, use our menu on the left sidebar. You may also visit us in any of our showrooms listed here –http://www.nextrend.com.au/contact-us – or call us at 1300 559 965.

Nextrend Offers Unique Furniture with Customised Upholstery

Posted on October 9th, 2015

hotel-furniture-by-nextrendChoosing hotel furniture can be an overwhelming task. With so many different styles and types to choose from, it can be difficult knowing where to begin. Nextrend offers a wide range of styles to suit all establishments. Customised upholstery allows us to tailor each order to fit your business, ensuring a completely unique design.

Proven results and satisfaction guaranteed

Nextrend has worked with some of the leading hotels in Australia. One of our most recent jobs was to provide high quality hotel furniture to The Sebel Maroochydore Hotel. The specific furniture we provided for this project are:

Cruza stool: Created in Australia with a fully welded, stainless steel frame, the Cruza stool is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The moulded resin Duratop stool top is available in a wide range of designs. Offering a seat height of 750mm, the stool provides a sophisticated and modern design.

Club chair:  The armless Club chair is part of our Modular range and it is a fully custom made product. Australian made, the chair comes with a solid timber frame for maximum durability. It features Dunlop Enduro foam and is available in a huge choice of fabrics.

Club 2 Seater:  Our Club 2 Seater is a larger version of the Club chair and can be ordered with or without arms. With Dunlop Enduro foam and a solid timber frame, this high quality sofa chair is also part of our popular Modular range. It is custom made to fit each individual business and comes in a wide range of fabrics.

Club Armchair: Another addition to our Modular range is the Club Armchair. Choose from a huge selection of fabrics with this comfortable, deep seated custom made design. This armchair is also available without arms or as a 2 Seater sofa.


Gina Tub Chair: The superb quality Gina Tub Chair is another of our custom designs. Allow your customers to relax in comfort with this Dunlop Enduro foam filled chair. There is a large choice of fabrics to choose from and its solid timber frame ensures it really stands the test of time.

All of the pieces above were tailored to suit the preferences of The Sebel Maroochydore Hotel. With the huge selection of fabrics available, creating a unique look to suit your establishment has never been easier. We aim to provide truly unique results for each one of our clients. You may view more information and images of the Sebel Maroochydore Hotel project here.

Not sure which design is right for you? Our team can help. Guiding you through the process, we will ensure you end up with the best hotel furniture to suit your needs. Transform your venue with our excellent range of commercial furniture.

All of the products we offer are guaranteed for 2 years. We’ll provide fast, efficient service at unbeatable prices. We have a large stockholding of products, ensuring quick delivery. Whatever style you are hoping to achieve, we have a product that is just right for you.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements and we will provide a free, no obligations quote.

Nextrend Offers Specialised Service on Vast Range of Commercial Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Finding the ideal hospitality furniture can be a challenging decision for many restaurant or cafe owners. Yet, Nextrend offers a huge range of commercial furniture specifically designed to suit the needs of the hospitality industry.

Creating the right atmosphere for any restaurant, hotel, or cafe can make a big difference to the overall popularity of the establishment. Choosing cafe tables or cafe chairs might seem like a simple enough decision, yet there are plenty of factors to consider.

Rather than leave the decision to chance, the professional team at Nextrend are dedicated to helping clients make their selection with confidence. The friendly sales team at Nextrend is always willing to assist with the selection process in any way possible. Their aim is to discuss exact requirements, design needs and budget considerations, and then collaborate closely with clients to be sure each project or furnishing need is met.

This helps all their customers ensure they’re getting the best possible quality at the most cost effective prices available.

Nextrend carry an extensive range of high quality commercial furniture designed to suit the vast majority of hospitality requirements. Their personalised service and attention to detail make shopping for commercial furniture a much easier ordeal.

The professional team at Nextrend is always happy to offer a free quote on any hospitality furnishing needs. They’re also proud to offer clients very high quality furniture in an extensive array of styles, materials, designs and colours at unbeatable prices.

The design team at Nextrend are also keen to manage entire refurbishment and fit-out projects, including space planning and overall project planning.

Nextrend Offer High Quality, Cost-Effective Hotel Furniture across Brisbane and Sydney

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend are wholesale suppliers of high quality commercial furniture and hotel furniture across Brisbane and Sydney. Their professional sales and design team are focused on delivering personalised service to all customers.

Nextrend carries a large stock-holding of commercial furniture in a vast array of designs, styles, materials and colours. Their extensive range includes hospitality and hotel furniture, restaurant and cafe furniture, and function or commercial furnishings. This makes it easier for them to provide great quality chairs, tables, desks, and other commercial furniture at highly competitive prices. Nextrend can provide the right furniture to suit an outdoor al fresco dining area or to suit a stylish restaurant, or even to seat larger crowds for more formal functions.

The friendly sales team are always willing to offer advice and recommendations to customers who may want some assistance in choosing the right hotel furniture for their needs. They’re also happy to provide a free quote on any items selected, highlighting their unbeatable prices. Nextrend always strive to offer unbeatable prices on their entire range of commercial and hospitality furniture, so finding cost-effective furniture solutions should be easy got any establishment.

The professional design team at Nextrend is also able to assist with project design and management for refurbishment projects or fit-outs. The team will discuss the project goals with customers and collaborate with them to reach the best possible outcome.  Budgetary considerations are also factored into the project details. This highly personalised service takes much of the stress and hassle out of a design project for a hotel owner.

To learn more, visit Nextrend’s Hotel and Motel Furniture range.

Nextrend Introduces Corio a New Line of Italian Designed Chairs

Posted on October 9th, 2015

The Corio Mk2 chair was designed by Fenice Design Furniture and features compact sizes for portability. The Italy-designed furniture is stackable and comes in four neutral colours to suite every restaurant or hotel theme. Moreover, custom leather upholstery is available upon request for more comfort.

Nextrend’s Corio line of chairs is composed of a chromed steel frame for durability and stability. These stackable chairs come in black, cream, white or chocolate, including the customisable upholstery for commercial application.

These cost effective Corio Mk2 chairs are available on Nextrend’s website.

For more information on Nextrend’s products, including varieties, specifications, and pricing, visit Nextrend’s products page or call 1300 559 965.

Nextrend manufactures quality accommodation furniture across Australia. It specialises in hospitality furniture and has a myriad of products available on its website. Operating for many years now, Nextrend remains the trusted and leading provider of chairs, tables, stools, and a lot more across Australia.

Nextrend Furniture’s New Stock Has Just Arrived

Posted on October 9th, 2015

nextrend-truckNow is the perfect time to upgrade the furniture in your restaurant, cafe, club, or hotel.

Our new stock is all available for immediate dispatch.

You can even enjoy great savings because our free freight offer is still ongoing for deliveries to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Check out pre-approved financing worth $25,000 from SilverChef.

So what are you waiting for? Request a free quote now! Call 1300 559 965 or fill up our online quote cart.

Nextrend Furniture Expands Their Range of Commercial Furniture in Brisbane

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend Furniture makes it easy to source commercial furniture in Brisbane to fit out a restaurant or any other establishment in the hospitality industry.  Their commitment to providing excellent quality furnishings allows clients to choose from settings that can enhance any location.

Aside from comfort and style, the hospitality furnishings available also need to be durable and functional. This can often be a difficult mix to get right. Yet, the well-trained team at Nextrend are able to advise on specific styles and components that will be ideal for their intended use.

As an example, sourcing furniture for use in an outdoor dining setting will need to be durable and also able to withstand exposure to the elements. Yet, it should also be practical and visually appealing to patrons of the establishment at the same time.

The friendly sales team at Nextrend Furniture are highly focused on providing high quality commercial furniture across Brisbane. The team is happy to work with any clients’ direct requirements and assist with selections to suit specific applications.

Once the right hospitality or restaurant furniture has been narrowed down, a no-obligation free quote can be issued right away. The vast majority of Nextrend clients find the quotes to be extremely cost-effective for such high quality furnishings.

Nextrend adds Jamaica Barstool to increasingly popular Resin Rattan Range

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Jamaica Barstool, perfect option for outdoor bar & dining.  Stackable UV stable plastic barstool available in Chocolate or Anthracite (Dark Grey) colours, woven wicker look and feel, but 3 times the strength of a similar traditional woven wicker stool!  Lots more items in the Resin Rattan Range to match the stool, including Chairs, Lounges, Coffee Tables, Dining Tables, Sunloungers and more.

Jamaica Barstool - Chocolate

New Miami Rattan Chairs & Stools in Stock

Posted on October 9th, 2015

The latest news and product offerings by Nextrend Furniture.

Now in stock:  The Miami Chair and Miami Stool

The Miami chair & stool has a woven seat & back rest in Chocolate colour rattan.  The frame is polished aluminium, all welded joins and a cross bar under the seat for extra strength.  Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, perfect for all commercial hospitality applications such as Hotels, Restaurants, Bistros, Bars, Cafes, Clubs, Break-out areas etc.

miami chair stool

See more of our great range of hospitality furniture here.

New Brisbane showroom displays Nextrend hospitality furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

The company supplies high quality contract furniture for restaurants, cafes and other hospitality businesses. As a member of Contract Furniture Group, Nextrend is able to source products from all over the world and the company is now one of Australia’s largest importers of hospitality furniture.


European furniture designers are renowned for their creativity and style. Nextrend’s distribution arrangements with leading European furniture manufacturers allow the company’s buyers to locate hospitality furniture that embodies the best and latest designs. When sourcing fresh and stylish furniture for import, Nextrend is always conscious of our unique Australian conditions, and the emphasis is on tables and chairs in durable materials that withstand harsh sunlight and high levels of temperatures and humidity.

The Nextrend range of hospitality furniture has also been selected for its practical features that suit today’s dining trends. From traditional upholstered chairs for formal lounges to robust lightweight stackable tables for casual al fresco dining, Nextrend hospitality furniture delivers an unbeatable combination of style, durability and function.

The team at Nextrend have many years of experience in guiding clients through the process of selecting hospitality furniture. Whether you are starting a major fit-out or refurbishment project or looking for a few chairs, no job is too big or too small for the friendly knowledgeable team; they will be happy to help you to create a hospitality setting that looks great and works well for your business.


The hospitality furniture on display at the new premises provides an opportunity for clients to experience at first hand the style, comfort and practical features of the Nextrend range. The new showroom is just another example of the company’s commitment to customer focus.

Click here to learn more about Nextrend’s Range of Hospitality Furniture.

Nextrend Furniture – Meeting the Restaurant Table Tops Needs of Sydney and Beyond

Posted on October 9th, 2015

The restaurant and hospitality industry is one of the most competitive industries in Australia. Every edge is needed in order to make the difference between a major contender and a restaurant that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Not everyone believes that furniture makes that much of a difference, however, getting top quality furniture at wholesale prices like you can at Nextrend can make all the difference in the world between the financial success and failure of a restaurant.

Many people are curious as to what kind of difference furniture can really make when it comes to the success or failure of a restaurant. Nextrend understands just how true the statement is and are committed to providing top quality furniture with just the right amount of comfort, trendiness, and durability for the right price to make he waves in the hospitality industry.

Gone are the days when restaurant furniture was purely functional. Restaurant owners have figured out that is the chairs and outdoor cafe tables are comfortable enough, people will order more, linger over desserts with profitable mark-ups, and order top shelf liquors and flavoured coffee drinks. More importantly, they’ll come back with their trendy friends and do it all over again.

Nextrend, however, isn’t limited to bar furniture, and the occasional outdoor cafe table. They also offer a wide range of folding trestle tables, bars furniture, and an impressive plastic stacking chair selection that’s well suited for convention service, churches, and colleges. Nextrend also have the best selection of cafe chairs Sydney has to offer.

Whether businesses need a single outdoor chair or to completely refit several chain stores, Nextrend has the supply to meet the demand and prices real businesses can afford. That’s no small task in the current economy.

Making the Right Choice for Your Restaurant Supply Needs

Posted on October 9th, 2015

If you’re in the market for a solid restaurant furniture supply company to work with, it’s a good idea to explore your options and find the dealer that offers you the best overall quality. There are plenty of dealers out there that specialize in restaurant furniture but they are not equal by any means. Here are a few things you’ll want to explore before you decide to buy.

Does the Furniture Meet Your High Standards for Quality?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the restaurant business is all about the food. You have to get the bodies in the door first so you can sell them on the quality and flavour of your food. The way to get them to come inside is to offer them an inviting and attractive place to dine.

Whether you’re interested in creating an intimate restaurant atmosphere that is ripe for romance or you’re more interested in offering a completely modern upscale dining experience you have to have the furniture that draw people in and make them want to get comfortable and stay a little while.

More importantly, you need the quality of the furniture to represent the quality of service and food you offer to your patrons. By offering customers the highest quality in furniture you are providing them with an assumption that you’ll place as much care in selecting the food and staff as you placed in choosing the furnishings.

Does the Furniture Match the Style You’re Going For?

Chances are good that you already have a theme in mind for your restaurant. You’ve probably planned out how it’s going to look, the ambiance it’s going to exude, and even the type of customers you’re hoping to attract. The problem is finding the right restaurant furniture supply service to provide the bar stools, bar furniture, tables, and chairs that bring those looks from your imagination to the floor of your restaurant.

What you’re going to have to do is find a restaurant that offers an adequate selection of high quality furniture that’s perfectly suited for the restaurant you’re creating. The right supply centre for restaurant furniture can have your customers sitting pretty for many years to come without you paying a price that’s a little more than highway robbery.

What Kind of Prices Can You Afford?

Budgets are important in any business. The restaurant business is one where so many expenses are ongoing that it’s important to make sure that the price you pay for long-term business investments, like furniture, are reasonable for the return you expect to receive from them.

No matter which restaurant furniture supply company you work with, the furniture for your restaurant is going to be an investment. However, it doesn’t hurt to shop around and compare your options. Don’t forget to measure how long the furniture is designed to last while comparing costs as longer periods between replacement furniture is needed can significantly reduce the overall costs of furniture for your restaurant.

It’s important to the right choices when choosing a restaurant furniture supply centre to work with. This is especially true when it comes to providing your patrons with a stylish, comfortable, and safe place to enjoy their meals. Make sure you’re getting the right answers for these three questions when you pick the one for your restaurant business.

Large Stocks Of The New Air Range Now Available

Posted on October 9th, 2015

airstoolsFurnish your establishment with designer-looking furniture in just a few days. Nextrend’s Air chairs and stools in six colours are ready for immediate dispatch. These hospitality furniture items are no ordinary plastic furnishings – the entire cafe chair and bar stool are both one-piece injection moulded polypropylene with glass fibre-reinforced legs for higher strength, durability, and stability.

Able to withstand the sunniest weather conditions without fading or going brittle because the plastic is packed with UV stabiliser, the Air Range is perfect for outdoor dining areas, as well as your establishment’s indoor space. These are easy to stack so you can conveniently put them away in storage when necessary.

Our stocks of both the Air chair and Air stool are currently available in six trendy colours – orange, tropical green, white, black, red, and dark-grey. The very cool and funky design of these furnishings will look right at home in a modern and casual restaurant or cafe.


For those who prefer a more subdued and streamlined restaurant furniture, we also have new stocks of the Ares Chair and the Artemis Chair, also both by Siesta, Turkey. With the exact same material and manufacturing of the Air Chair, these chairs are equally durable and will never deteriorate and rust. We currently hold Ares chairs in four colours – teak, black, dark grey, and brown – and Artemis chairs in five colours – teak, black, white, dark grey, and brown.

All three designs are comfortable and lightweight with prices that can compete with any other designer-looking ranges. So if you want value both for your money and your diners, order yours now while we still have large stocks!

Our commercial furniture comes with a two-year warranty and you can still avail of our free freight offer. Request for a free quote now by calling 1300 559 965 or using our quote cart.

Huge Savings On Our June Specials

Posted on October 9th, 2015

nextrend-10-percent-off-ordersGet more for less with our special offers on selected commercial furniture this June!

Save up to 10% off on our Vita Chair in Black. This extremely popular model is versatile and shaped for maximum comfort. Made from UV stable plastic shell and anodised aluminium legs, you can be sure that it will not rust and will withstand even the roughest and toughest Australian weather conditions. We have tried and tested it in the Australian market for over 5 years now and have proven it to have long lasting durability that will look just right in any commercial venue.

If you’re looking for comfortable and elegant-looking restaurant chairs that can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings, you’d be glad to do know that we now have huge stocks of the Palm Chair in Chocolate available for immediate dispatch. This classic, durable model has a clean, straight appeal and is made of PE flat rattan that is woven over a heavy duty welded extra thick and strong aluminium tube frame.

Get a free cushion for every purchase of our Fiji Sunlounger — Anthracite before end of fiscal year June 30, 2015. Specifically designed for outdoor use, the European-made Fiji Sunlounger is UV stable and weather proof, made of an injection moulded resin lounge with a rattan looking seat, a 5-position reclining back rest, and reinforced with glass fibre to strengthen its legs. It has hidden wheels and non-slip feet too. It is strong and lightweight with a metallic frame that will never unravel or rust, making it perfect for harsh Australian outdoor conditions.

The Vita Chair, Palm Chair, and Fiji Sunlounger are all stackable furniture that come with a two-year structural warranty.

Looking to upgrade your restaurant tables? Purchase a Duratop 700 sq. Tabletop together with our Astoria Aluminium Table Base and receive a $10.00 discount per top. This base is ergonomically designed and staff friendly as it is one of the lightest ones in the market these days. Made with lightweight commercial grade aluminium, it meets the highest design and durability standards and is so versatile that it can be used with any top up to 80 cm square.

Here at Nextrend, we provide a wide range of high quality hospitality furniture for all types of commercial projects all over Australia, such as cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs, resorts, schools, churches, and government organisations. We feature the latest looks and trends that can suit any style, purpose, scale and budget.

Do not miss this chance to upgrade your commercial furniture at less cost by taking advantage of these special offers.

Check out our promo page for more information about this limited time offer

Call us at 1300 559 965 now to enquire about our June specials or request for a free quote.

Hospitality Furniture to Complement Pantone’s 2015 Colour of the Year

Posted on October 9th, 2015

It’s a brand new year and Pantone has released its official 2015 Colour of the Year, Marsala. This earthy, rich, warm and dramatic tone translates easily not only to beauty and fashion but also to industrial and commercial design, home furnishing and interiors. If your restaurant, bar, club, or cafe needs a colour upgrade, be on trend and take advantage of this highly versatile shade.

To update your hospitality furniture with this red-brown hue, check out some of Pantone’s suggested colour pairings with Marsala.

Lilac Marble (Pantone 14-3903), Marsala (Pantone 18-1438), Ashes of Roses (Pantone 15-0703), and Daybreak (Pantone 17-3817)

In this combination, Marsala’s warm, earthy shade pops vividly against the varying cool shades of grey. This is a great pairing to use if you wish for the Marsala shade to take centre stage. In this case, you might want to choose furniture that will pop as well such as those in shades of Marsala.  Alternatively, you can opt for those that will blend well with the grey tones, such as Nextrend Furniture’s Maya Chair and Diva Armchair in Silver Grey or the Air Chair and Air XL Chair in Dark Grey.

Marsala (Pantone 18-1438), Golden Ochre (Pantone 16-1346), Gold Earth (Pantone 15-1234), and Calypso Coral (Pantone 17-1744)

This golden pairing blends well with Marsala’s sultry warm hue with an unexpected vibrant shade of coral. Because this combination is already composed mostly of darker shades, it would be best to pair it with hospitality furniture in brighter colours. The Maya Chair and Diva Armchair in Orange will be the perfect choices for this as their colour will radiate brightly against the earthy tones of this combination. Got a bar? Fill it with Nextrend’s new Air Stool that also comes in Orange. If you have a lounge instead, the Cube Ottoman in Orange will provide a funky seating option.

Silver Pink (Pantone 14-1508), Terra Cotta (Pantone 16-1526), Marsala (Pantone 18-1438), and Cornstalk (Pantone 16-1315)

This colour combination pairs Marsala with some shades of pink and brown, which can go well with any classic feminine-inspired interiors. To get this look for your furniture, choose neutral shades that will complement the pairing;s understated tones. Ivory, beige, and light grey shades will work best. Nextrend Furniture’s Air Chair, Air XL Chair, Ares Chair and Artemis Armchair in Dove Grey will look fabulous with this pairing and will bring an air of quiet sophistication to your interiors.

Lily Pad (Pantone 16-5807), Teal (Pantone 17-4919), Marsala (Pantone 18-1438), Aqua Splash (Pantone 14-4812), and Marina (Pantone 17-4041)

If cooler shades are more your style, then this pairing is the perfect one for you. Marsala’s burnished undertones lends a welcoming splash of warmth against an otherwise monochromatic combination of blues and greens in both turquoise and teal.  Nextrend Furniture can provide you with several choices of furniture in shades of blue. The Maya Chair and Diva Armchair are both available in Light Blue while the Carlo Chair, on the other hand, comes in Blue.

Now is the right time to make a change in your hospitality furniture. Pantone has three other Marsala colour pairings that you can choose from. Following their suggested colour pairings will help you create stylish, sophisticated, and enriching interiors that your customers will fall in love with.

For more information about our products, browse our wide range of furniture selections here –https://nextrend.com.au/projects/hospitality-furniture-bardon-qld/.

5 Best Materials for Hospitality Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Last Updated 13th January 2017

5-Best-Materials-For-Hospitality-FurnitureForm and function – these are the two standards hotel owners and bar managers need to consider when buying hospitality furniture. Furniture, whether in the hotel, club, restaurant, cafe, or bar, need to be functional and durable as well as aesthetically designed to match the interior design or theme of the place.

The appearance of furniture pieces is as important as its structural strength. In the case of outdoor furniture, for example, they need to be resistant not only to natural elements and the weather, but also be able to withstand abuse from guests and staff and still look appealing! These two factors highly depend on the materials used.

While materials for hospitality furniture rely on whether you are going to be using it indoors or outdoors, here are the five best materials hospitality furniture should be made with:

Option 1: Aluminium or Stainless Steel

Aluminium is a great and popular choice because it can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is lightweight, easy to clean, and can withstand exposure to extremes in weather conditions. It is also easy to match with different themes, making it an economical choice especially if you decide to renovate or change interiors of your establishment every few years. You can go for minimalist or trendy, even classic with different aluminium-sourced furniture.

At Nextrend, we combine aluminium with different materials to give a modern twist to classic designs like the Vita, Dolce, and Concertina. Designs like the Ali Madrid, Madrid Blue, Lagoa, and the stainless steel-sourced material Carlo are popular for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Option 2: Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is an increasingly popular option, especially for outdoor cafe furniture. It gives off a classy feel, providing you with long-lasting and durable furniture. It is heavier than most materials so having it outdoors is an advantage if you are in a windy area. Otherwise, this might be a challenge moving around indoors, especially if you have floor surfaces prone to scratching.

Option 3: Wicker (Bamboo or Rattan)

Wicker is the more environmentally friendly option, usually sourced from easily renewable materials like cane, bamboo, or rattan. This light material is usually paired with Asian, minimalist decorations. We also have rattan-inspired chairs such as the Palm Chair (which also comes as an Armchair), the Florida Chair, and the Capri Armchair.

Option 4: Wood

Wood continues to be an extremely popular choice for furniture because of the variety of pieces it can produce. Wooden furniture is durable, low-maintenance, and produces natural oils that protect it against rot and deterioration. Wood materials are usually sourced from teak, pine, cedar, and oak.

Nextrend’s popular designs are made from beech or kiln-dried rubberwood with chocolate timber finish. They are a classic piece preferred by many and they come with the chair and barstool versions.

Option 5: Fibreglass or Polypropylene/Moulded Plastic

Fibreglass is one of the newer materials used for furniture, especially for outdoor chairs. It is extremely durable, fade-resistant, and strong. Along with it being waterproof and resistant to moulds, it is understandable why this material has become a popular choice for furniture these days. Maintenance involves the occasional waxing. The only disadvantage for fibreglass furniture is it is extremely heavy, making it hard to move around.

This is why polypropylene or moulded plastic is the best alternative. Our polypropylene products are made even better because they are packed with UV stabilisers and have glass fibre-reinforced legs, thus more durable and lightweight. UV stabilisers enhance the furniture’s durability, making it tough even against the sunniest Australian weather conditions and preventing colour from fading or the furniture piece going brittle. The Air chair, Ares chair, and Maya chair are just a few examples of furniture that are made from moulded plastic. They come in trendy, stylish colours and designs made for both indoor and outdoor environments. The Maya chair for one has a CATAS certificate that complies with European standards, it can handle load up to 160kg!

dolce chairs orange black whiteIt all begins with the right material

Interior designers and architects often advise hotel, restaurant, cafe, and bar owners that good hospitality furniture starts with the right material. The design and appearance of your furniture, like outdoor chairs for example, will be based on the source material you decide with. In the same light, the functionality, durability, and maintenance of your chosen furniture will also depend on the materials you have used.

By choosing the right materials for your hospitality furniture along with considering other factors, such as location (indoors or outdoors) and cost, you will get the best value out of your money. So do your research and don’t be afraid to invest a little more for it when it means you will get a higher quality piece that will last a long time.

Our professional team will happily discuss any requirements for your commercial furniture. Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered quickly to your establishment!

Nextrend Furniture Moves to New Premises

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend is excited to announce their move to a new bigger and better showroom location closer to town. Now, hospitality businesses throughout Brisbane that are in need of furniture will have all the top choices available together in one giant showroom.

Nextrend is delighted to announce their move to a new location, where they have plenty of room to spread out and show off their huge selection of high-quality restaurant and hospitality industry furniture.

Business owners in the hospitality industry will now be able to walk through and check out the actual furniture they’re considering buying for their bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, hospitals, and educational institutions before making their final decisions.

The location is what’s truly special about the new premises. It provides easy access to the town centre, where architects and designers are generally found and close proximity to the Valley. This means that the showroom is more accessible to a wider range of people than ever before.

The larger showroom floor means that more furniture items will be on display. Whether customers are looking for cafe chairs, pub furniture, bar stools, or restaurant tables, there is a wide range of furniture options now on display to meet any and all conceivable hospitality furniture needs.

Nextrend specialises in commercial hospitality furniture. This means that they have the most impressive collection of hospitality furnishing options in all of Australia. Furniture from Nextrend is featured across Australia in stores, churches, schools, government organisations, community centres, bakeries, wineries, resorts, restaurants, hotels, and more. The furniture they sell is built to withstand the heavy duty commercial furniture must endure and still look exceptional after months and even years of nearly constant use.

They can’t wait to show off their new showroom. Call Nextrend today or visit their showroom to see what they have to offer in the way of restaurant and hospitality furniture. Showroom hours are from 8:30 until 4:30 Monday to Friday, and appointments are strongly encouraged.

Getting the Most from Your Office Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you explore Sydney and Brisbane, Australia for the most perfect products in modern work stations your money can buy. Or, you could save yourself a lot of driving by shopping for your office furniture online through Nextrend.

Nextrend is a leader in the industry when it comes to affordable office furniture. We believe we set the bar high with extremely competitive prices, top-rate customer service, and a selection that no other business in Australia can really hold a candle to. The convenience of shopping online is one that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to selecting work stations, desk chairs, office chairs, credenzas, hutches, and filing cabinets for your office space needs. These are just a few of the things that are important to look for when purchasing commercial furniture for your office work space.

Quality Construction and Materials

It’s not enough that you find quality sales and service. You must begin with a high-quality product. Otherwise, it’s a simple waste of time and money the average business cannot really afford. The furniture you choose for your work space says a lot about you as an employer and the financial health and wellbeing of your organization. In other words it says a lot to your employees as well as to your potential clients. You can’t afford to skimp and purchase office furniture that’s likely to fall apart, warp, bend, or break within one or two years of the original purchase.


The current economy in Australia, and around the world, is not one that favours frivolous spending when it comes to businesses. The furniture you choose for your office needs to be made of the highest possible quality goods, materials, and construction methods without actually breaking the bank or the company budget. That is why it’s so important to choose the right partner to help you find the perfect fit of function, form, and finances as you buy furniture for your office work space.

Functionality and Form

In a perfect world, the anesthetics wouldn’t matter all that much. However, we’re walking around in an imperfect world. That leaves you with only one perfect solution. You must find an office furniture supplier that offers furniture that’s the perfect blend of form and functionality to keep you happy with your selection for many years to come.

You may have been led to believe that finding the right office furniture to meet your work space needs is an impossible mission to pursue. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. The fact is that at Nextrend furniture we offer a knowledgeable team of associates who are all ready to help you find the perfect furniture for your office at a price that’s sure to please without sacrificing good looks and durability in the process.

Get Huge Savings on Destiny Armchairs and Barstools

Posted on October 9th, 2015

destiny-armchairs-on-sale-nextrendGrab the chance to upgrade your commercial furniture for a low cost. We are offering up to 25% discount on our Destiny C0504 Barstools and Destiny B0504 Stackable Armchairs while stocks last.

Both the Destiny Barstool and Armchair are made in Poland with solid European beech frame, so you are assured of their strength and durability. The Destiny Barstool features a veneer seat and is also available in wenge finish.

If you are looking for chairs that are elegant, sturdy, and at the same time can be moved around easily and quickly, the Destiny Armchair is the perfect choice because it is fully stackable. Both the barstool and the armchair come with a 2-year structural warranty.

To take advantage of our offer, call us now at 1300 559 965 or request for a free quote.

Get Fresh Updated Furniture from Nextrend

Posted on October 9th, 2015

If you are tired of your cafe or restaurant’s ambience and furnishings and want to inject a new feel to your establishment, then you should consider Nextrend’s new range of furniture. Fresh from the production chain, these brand new furnishings are guaranteed to breathe new life and charm to your business. To view the full range and request a quote, visit our product page or call 1300 559 965.

Adelaide Hospitality Furniture

At the same time, interested restaurateurs can take advantage of Nextrend Furniture and Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy Program. With this option, restaurant owners can rent the furniture for a period of 24 months at affordable weekly rental payments. The owners can also enjoy a 75% rental rebate for equipment purchased during the first 12 months; and once the 2 year period is up, owners also get the option to renew the arrangement or purchase the furniture at a cost. With the Rent-Try-Buy Program, restaurateurs have an affordable and practical opportunity to update their restaurant’s ambience.

Nextrend - Outdoor Stacking Chairs

Nextrend Furniture is one of Australia’s largest importer and supplier of restaurant and hospitality furniture. With a large stockholding and a wide variety of products plus a fast and efficient customer service, you are guaranteed to find the right furnishings for your needs, stress and hassle-free.

Nextrend Offers Free Freight On Your Commercial Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend-Free-FreightNextrend Furniture offers another opportunity to save on your new commercial furniture. Getting a makeover for your business establishment has never been this easy and affordable!

Simply choose from our wide range of hospitality furniture and request for a free quote. We are currently offering free freight for deliveries to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, so you can get huge additional savings for your furniture makeover. To avoid huge cash-out costs, you may even purchase your furniture under our Rent-Try-Buy program.

We keep large stocks ready for immediate dispatch to make sure that we can provide quick delivery of the furniture that you want.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance to save on freight! Other areas also apply so make sure to enquire by sending us an email at sales@nextrend.com.au or calling 1300 559 965.

Nextrend Furniture Announces Designer Range Commercial Hospitality Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend Furniture, a leader in the industry throughout Australia when it comes to hospitality commercial furniture, is pleased to announce a new line of designer furniture designed specifically for hospitality industry venues such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, hotels, convention centres and more.

Commercial furniture in the designer range now offered by Nextrend Furniture goes far beyond traditional folding trestle tables that may be decorated to match the occasion. These pieces are designed to be works of art in their own merits. For any venue seeking to be the most modern and traditional of its kind in Australia, these furniture options are a great match.

What sets these pieces apart from other trendy hospitality furniture options? Perhaps one of the best things is that the designer range offered through Nextrend is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The other thing is that these furniture items display the same commitment to quality that is evident in all commercial hospitality furniture offered by Nextrend Furniture in Sydney and throughout Australia.

Wondering what types of furnishings one can find in the designer range? Many people are surprised by the wide range of options that include necessities such as indoor and outdoor cafe tables, cafe chairs, bar furniture, stacking chairs and more. These furniture items also come in a nice selection of colours, which makes it easier for hospitality business owners to match logo colours or to blend in to the building’s decor.

Why choose Nextrend? They are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to high-quality commercial hospitality furniture. In fact, that is all they do. This makes them true leaders in that they can offer expert advice on the furniture needs businesses face. They can help guide business owners to make the right furniture buying decisions for their businesses. Whenever the need for commercial hospitality furniture arises, Nextrend Furniture  is the only name business owners need to know.

Offer Patrons an Al Fresco Dining Option with Cost-Effective Wholesale Outdoor Cafe Tables

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Outdoor cafe tables offer the ideal opportunity to increase seating space available in any establishment. More patrons mean more profit to conscientious restaurant owners.

As more cafes and restaurants begin to incorporate outdoor dining options as part of their overall establishments, more patrons head out to enjoy the glorious climate along the east coast. This is especially true of any cafe with views of the coast or waterways around Brisbane or Sydney.

Choosing the right outdoor cafe tables and chairs involves more than just checking the price tag from the wholesalers. It is also important to consider the decor and theme of the establishment, as it is often possible to match outdoor furniture styles to interior furnishings already in use. This helps to keep the same level of ambience flowing across the entire establishment, whether the patron is inside or out.

Additionally, it is also important to consider the materials used to create furnishings. For any furniture intended for use outside, it is necessary to consider its suitability to be left out where it is exposed to the elements. Aluminium chairs and tables may provide strength and durability, but comfort may be compromised, especially if they are left out in the hot sun before a patron sits down. Heavy-duty plastic can provide an alternative, but style, colour and design are still important aspects to consider.

There is also the matter of using timber in outdoor locations where it may be exposed to rain or other water exposure. A good furniture wholesale company should be able to offer advice about various options available to suit any intended purpose.

The professional team at Nextrend is able to advise further and suggest various alternatives from their extensive range of wholesale hospitality furniture. This is true for individual establishment orders or for advice on complete fit-outs and refurbishments. Nextrend offers a high-quality wholesale range of commercial and hospitality furniture, which is available at extremely competitive prices.

For more information about the extensive ranges of outdoor cafe tables and chairs or bar furniture available, please browse our product page.

Commercial Furniture – How to Get the Best Bargain

Posted on October 9th, 2015

When it comes to buying commercial furniture, it’s important to get the best quality for your money. While not all businesses can afford to pay top dollar for things like bar stools and coffee shop furniture, that doesn’t mean you have to buy furniture that looks as though you’ve paid pauper’s prices either. There is a fine line between finding a great bargain and buying furniture that is simply cheap. Here are a few tips that will help you get the high-quality furniture you need for your commercial enterprise without breaking the bank to get it.

Compare Prices Before You Buy

When you’re buying customer for your business it’s a wise plan to explore your options before making a commitment to buy furniture at first sight. Impulse buys rarely serve you well and offer little time to get all the facts concerning durability, warranty information, and anticipated lifespan of the commercial furniture in question.

Unfortunately, these are all important factors that impact the ultimate costs of the furniture. If you must replace it every two years because it gets broken, damaged, or worn too quickly, those are factors that impact the furniture’s final price and must be considered in your calculations. What this ultimately means is that not all pieces of furniture that look like bargains at first glance really are.

Decide What’s Most Important

There is likely to come a time during your search for the right commercial furniture at the right price where you’re forced to choose either style or price. It’s something every business owner must face somewhere along the way unless you’re not worried about turning a profit and have all the money in the world to spend. Even high-end businesses must make painful choices concerning budgetary restrictions on occasion.

You may have to make a choice between your vision of the type of furniture you were going to have in your business and the financial realities of the business you’re running. It’s a painful choice but one that can serve your business much better along the way if you choose wisely. One thing to remember is that even if you can’t get the top of the line furniture you wanted for your business now, it can be a gift you give your business after a few years of success when you can better afford it.

Remember that Good Furniture for Your Business is an Investment

Good quality furniture for a commercial business is an investment. You shouldn’t think for a moment that this is going to be a painless proposition. The higher quality you expect from the furniture, the larger the investment will be. But, when you take your time on the front end and really study your options you’ll find that your money is much more wisely spent than the average commercial business owner.

Look at the different styles. Compare prices from one company to the next. Consider the perks and add-ons companies can offer -including shipping expenses, taxes, etc. The bottom line is that cheap furniture on paper isn’t always that inexpensive once it’s been signed, sealed, and delivered.

It might seem like a lot of effort to go through for the sake of your business. However, you’ve invested a lot of painstaking time and effort to every other aspect of your business. The commercial furniture you select is equally important because it gives potential patrons a real clue about the successful nature of your business and what kind of future you have ahead of you.

When it comes to buying commercial furniture, it’s important to get the best quality for your money. While not all businesses can afford to pay top dollar for things like bar stools and coffee shop furniture, that doesn’t mean you have to buy furniture that looks as though you’ve paid pauper’s prices either. There is a fine line between finding a great bargain and buying furniture that is simply cheap. Here are a few tips that will help you get the high-quality furniture you need for your commercial enterprise without breaking the bank to get it.

Coffee Shop Furniture That Will Set the Stage for Your Cafe

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Choosing new coffee shop furniture or cafe tables is an important decision. These small pieces of furniture are responsible for setting the ambiance and creating the personality of the room. You must choose wisely in order to attract patrons and make all your new customers feel welcome and comfortable. Selecting one style that will attract all your customers may seem like a daunting task, after all people with all different fashion tastes love coffee, right? How can you choose one style that will attract the newspaper readers, college exam crammers, socialisers, prospective client entertainers, and the ‘I just need my coffee before work’ people?

It’s true that coffee is the perfect drink for any activity, and that is why you should focus on creating a friendly environment. Whether you choose classic modern or cosy country, you need to be sure to work with your layout, current design, and flow of traffic to create a new look that is not only fashionable, but functional as well.  Select furnishing, cafe table and chairs, and even outdoor furniture that will complement your current theme to make your coffee shop stand out from the competition.


If you are looking for that ultra modern, urban look that is well known for its metal framed furniture accented with brilliant reds, blues, and yellows, then modern or contemporary design will meet your needs. Mix and match short square and round tables in shiny black metal or lightly stained wood. Finish it off with a couple of dark leather sofas and coffee tables, track lighting, metallic framed mirrors, and unique artwork.


Perhaps you are just looking for that relaxed comfortable that traditional decor can provide.  Square wooden tables with chair cushions of contrasting colours will create that perfect blend of contemporary and country.  You can add display cases, large chalkboards with menu items handwritten.  Finish this look off with bookcases stuffed full of books and magazines for your customers to leaf through while enjoying their well-brewed mug.

Ocean View

Looking for that relaxing feel of the beach front? No matter whether you are on the coast or in the middle of a busy city, you can create that casual ocean view feel for your patron to relax and refresh. Go for tables with a ‘picnic’ style with long wooden benches and wicker chairs. Set this look off with large palm thatched umbrellas and seaside accessories. Oh and don’t forget the tiki torches!

Pet Friendly Coffee Shop Furniture

Jump on the hip new thing! Taking your pets along with you is the latest trend, so why not choose decor that will accommodate owner and pet alike. Sometimes the fastest way to a patron’s heart is through their pet, if you can create an environment that is welcoming for pet owners you will have loyal customers for life.

Choose a designated area when the pets can safely play and socialise. Include coffee tables and outdoor furniture with paw prints and hang tasteful pictures of cats, dogs, and other cuddly pets on your walls. Don’t forget to add a few stuffed pet beds about the room for our furry friends to relax. You can hand out cheap pet treats with every purchase, or donate a small portion to the local pet clinics.

Interested to know more? Click the link to learn about Nextrend’s Cafe Furniture line

Club Furniture Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Posted on October 9th, 2015

You’ve got the perfect location, the best employees, and now you need superior club furniture. No business, restaurant, or lounge is complete without stylish and comfortable furnishings that will impress your customers and entice them to come back again and again. No matter what style of furniture you need, NEXTREND has it.

Why Choose NEXTREND?

NEXTREND’s mission is to be an innovative organisation that is committed to helping people transform any type of venue, especially a club, into both a practical and a creative environment using the latest styles and technology.

NEXTREND understands just how frustrating it can be to choose hospitality furniture. There are so many different styles, colours, designs, and applications that the possibilities are endless. The staff at NEXTREND can guide you through the selection process, providing support, recommendations, and advice. Their goal is to give you a great experience with practical enjoyment of your furniture selection process. No job is too large or small for them.

Large Selection Of Club Furniture Products

Other than providing a great experience, people choose NEXTREND because they have every type of furniture in one location. This means only having to go to one location to purchase everything, whether it’s for industrial, commercial, hospitality, restaurant and furniture for hotels. And they can help you coordinate it all. Here is just a taste of the furniture available for a club and the office for the owner of the club:

  • Ottomans
  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Club sofas
  • Indoor chairs
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Arm chairs
  • Tub chairs
  • Office chairs
  • Stools

And since these furnishings will be in a club, there are a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from. A trendy club is the perfect atmosphere for modern and trend furnishings like sleek, transparent polycarbonate chairs and tables. A classic club will want their designs, decor, and furnishings to be more timeless, with wood furnishings. Bistro tables surrounded by Taffita stools would look fantastic. Don’t forget a few tub chairs and ottomans to provide a nice place for your guests to get off their feet, have a few cocktails, and chat with friends.

If a customer has trouble choosing furnishings for their club, NEXTREND’s staff is there to help. After answering a few questions about how large the venue is, the type of club it is, and the look or style you are after, they can help you pick the perfect items.

With the wide variety of club furniture at affordable prices, it’s no wonder NEXTREND is the best place in Australia to get the furnishings you need without breaking the bank. They have a great reputation for their outstanding customer service and high-quality and comfortable contract furniture. They even have dollies to help move all your new furniture into place.

Click here to learn more about Nextrend’s Club Furniture range

6 Ideas For Refurbishing Your Club

Posted on October 9th, 2015

6-Ideas-For-Refurbishing-Your-ClubPeople become members of golf and sports clubs not just for the sports facilities but also to dine, relax, and enjoy themselves in the company of their family and friends. However, because people are always looking for something new, it’s easy for club owners to lose members. That is, unless you think of ways to continuously up your game.

One way to do this is to refurbish your club to keep it looking its best. Here’s how.

Impressive entryway

Your entryway is the first spot in your club that your members and potential members will see. It is where their first impressions will be formed so making it appealing and inviting should be one of your top priorities. At the very least, it should reflect the overall theme of your club and be spacious enough for members and their guests to come in and out. Provide stylish and comfortable club furniture that will encourage people to lounge around.

Upgrade dining areas

Although the main focus of these membership clubs is the sports and recreational facilities, do not forget that your club also has other revenue streams, such as a coffee shop, lounge, and other dining areas. Having dining areas will provide your club members a reason to stay longer after engaging in a game of tennis, for example. While you’re at it, renovate your kitchen as well to help your staff to store, prepare, and cook food more efficiently.

Re-surface your flooring

Over time, asphalt or concrete flooring on your courts and fields become cracked, split or broken. Restore them to their former glory to bring them to a whole new level of finish, function, and appearance. Not only will they become more visually appealing, they will also ensure your club members’ safety and enjoyment. Similar maintenance must be done to the flooring in the other areas in your club.

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Update shower and changing rooms

The last thing your members need after enjoying your sports facilities is to shower and change in an old and dingy changing room. There are many ways to improve your changing room including replacing broken toilets and showers, installing new safety flooring and entrance matting, installing better lighting, and putting in new lockers and benches, among others.

Spruce up your walls

Sometimes all you need to make a place look nice and fresh is a new coat of paint. Try a new colour for both the interiors and exteriors of your club. Wallpaper is also a good alternative for your walls. Further, you can spruce up your walls some more by using fabric to cover wall openings or windows.

Comfortable and stylish club furniture

Nobody likes to see tired, worn out furniture. Make it inviting for your customers to stay at your club longer by using club furniture that are not only beautiful but comfortable too. Use contemporary club chairs, tables, and bar stools that go well with the theme of your club. Lounge chairs are also perfect for the quieter areas of your club.

Maintenance is a very important factor that affects the overall durability and life span of your sports facilities and your club as a whole. No matter your budget, there are many refurbishing ideas you can use to renew your club’s dated look. The most important thing is to always keep it fresh so that your customers will keep coming back.

Our wide range of club furniture will help you achieve a successful refurbishment of your club. Call us at 1300 559 965 to place your order or use our online quote cart.

Choose furniture for your cafe as carefully as you choose your menu

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Whether your cafe is in a busy city like Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, a sleepy country town or a vibrant beach resort, there are a lot of things to think about when you’re fitting out or furnishing the place.   We’ve listed four areas that are worth considering very seriously: style, space, comfort and practicality.

  • Style.  The furniture you choose will contribute a great deal to the ambience of your business.  Old world European? Consider bentwood cafe chairs.  Business club? Would tub chairs work?  Casual or beachy? How about ottomans or wicker?  Slick and hip? Cafe tables by a famous designer?
  • Space.  Floor space needs to be used wisely to plan an inviting layout. Your establishment should look spacious but not empty, popular but not cramped.  Having an accurate sketch, along with measurements of walls, doorways and open spaces, will save a lot of time and heartache at the planning stage.
  • Comfort. Business consultants and marketing gurus talk a lot about the importance of repeat custom in business profitability.  What does this have to do with cafe furniture? Well, attractive decor and furniture might entice customers for the first time, but if they find your furniture uncomfortable they may not return.  Think about the customers you’re likely to be targeting: their age, shape, level of fitness.  (Unless your cafe is in a gym or fitness centre, you might want to avoid chairs that are ultra slim in style.) Do you need to think about high chairs for young children, or tables that are wheelchair accessible? If you’re considering stools for a breakfast bar, are they designed for use by people of normal height and weight, or are they only accessible by tall gymnasts?
  • Practicality.  Will you have tables outdoors?  If you’ll be serving alfresco, and your furniture needs to be taken indoors overnight, stackable chairs and tables are the most practical option.  If the outdoor floor surface is uneven or slightly sloping, consider tables with adjustable feet.  Choose hospitality furniture that’s designed for outdoor use: weatherproof, fade resistant, easy to clean and maybe with drainage holes in the chair seats.  Think about the weight of your furniture, and how easy it is for your staff to manoeuvre – remember that staff who have to spend a lot of time lugging heavy furniture about your establishment might find it hard to keep focused, smiling and attentive to your customers!

When you’re running a cafe you probably revise your menu regularly, discarding less popular dishes and experimenting with new recipes.  Adjusting and tweaking your menu will probably cost you a few dollars for printing (and blackboard chalk), but changing your furniture is another matter.  To avoid costly mistakes, it’s important to choose cafe furniture carefully.  If you’d like to talk to someone who knows about commercial furniture, or find out what’s on the menu at Nextrend Furniture, give us a call.


8 Ways To Use Pinterest To Get Customers In Your Cafe

Posted on October 9th, 2015

8-Ways-To-Use-Pinterest-To-Get-Customers-In-Your-CafeMake Sharing Easy

Sharing content on Pinterest couldn’t be easier with all the share-friendly methods they have implemented. Including a ‘Pin It’ button on your website will make it easy for visitors to pin images directly from your site onto their own Pinterest boards. This will link back to your website, which will help to bring in traffic. Be sure to also include a follow button so users can follow your own Pinterest page and stay up to date with your posts.

Post Only High Quality Images

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest really is all about the images. With so much competition out there, you want to make sure your pictures stand out from the crowd. The bar is set high, so make sure you only use high-quality, beautiful images that will really grab your target customers’ attention. You not only want your images to be seen, but you want your images to be shared and re-pinned in order to attract more customers.

Brand Stamp Your Images

Adding a subtle brand logo or web address at the bottom of your images will not only help to raise brand awareness, but also re-direct traffic to your website. Make the most out of your posts by bringing the attention back to your business, but be careful not to ruin it with a big watermark.

Post Regularly

Regular and consistent posts are the best way to help build brand loyalty over time. If your cafe has its own blog, be sure to include beautiful images in each article and post these images back onto your Pinterest.

Create Inspiring Boards

The best boards on Pinterest are always niche and use gorgeous images to entice their users. Create boards featuring thing such as your food, staff, decor, cafe furniture and drinks. This will help to build an image of what customers can expect when they visit your cafe. Concentrate on your values or unique selling point to create niche boards that stand out from the others.


Include Interesting Descriptions

While the images are important, you don’t want to forget about the descriptions. Use the description to include keywords that will help people easily identify your pins. You can use #hashtags to categorise your pins, but be careful not to overdo it as this can hurt your search ranking.

Use Pinterest Place Pins

Using Pinterest place pins allows you to provide your customers with a simple visual guide to help them find your location. This will help to target customers in your area and make it easier for them to locate you.

Create A Board To Thank Your Customers

Thank loyal customers by creating a special board featuring all of your favourite customers. Always ask if they are happy to feature on your board and make the most of it by allowing them to pose with your delicious products or beautiful decor. This will not only make your loyal customers feel appreciated, but it will show online users the type of business you are.

Make sure you have Pinterest-friendly interiors! Check out our wide range of cafe furniture that will make your pins enticing to potential customers.

7 Tips When Buying Cafe Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

cafe-chairs-nextrendIn setting up or redesigning a cafe, buying cafe furniture is one aspect that you need to take seriously. Aside from your food and drink offerings, your furniture can help determine the success of your business. That said, when buying cafe furniture, there are some things you need to take into consideration.

Floor Space and Layout

Floor space will help you determine not just the type of furniture to get but also their size and quantity. You have to ensure that there is enough room for your customers to comfortably move around because nobody wants to stay in a crowded or poorly arranged space. Customers and servers must be able to go around the area without the risk of bumping into tables and chairs and knocking down food and drinks.


The first thing customers notice when they enter your cafe is not your drinks or your service but the physical aspect of your cafe. Style helps determine the ambience of your cafe so you need to make sure that it translates well to every aspect of your establishment especially to your furniture. There are many cafe furniture styles available in the market and you have the freedom to choose whether you want to go the traditional route or be a little more experimental.


No matter how beautiful your chairs are, customers will only love them if they’re comfortable. Customers go to your cafe to relax and unwind so choose comfortable furniture that will do just that. Before buying chairs, test them by sitting on them first to determine whether they’re comfortable enough.


You are purchasing furniture for a reason so choose those that will function well regardless of the season. Your best bet are stackable cafe furniture that can be easily moved around and stored when needed. This is especially important for accommodating groups of various sizes and also for cleaning and maintaining your cafe. If you have adequate outdoor space, you may also want to invest in cafe chairs that can be for both indoor and outdoor use.


Quality and Durability

There is no use buying furniture if they will only last for a while. Avoid continuous replacements or repairs by investing in good quality furniture made from durable materials that will last a long time. Durability is especially important for high traffic establishments, where furniture can sometimes be handled roughly, and also for outdoor seating areas, where they can be exposed to the elements.


Your colour choices will depend on the theme of your cafe. It doesn’t just contribute to the aesthetics of your place but also to the overall ambience. Colour has a psychological effect on people so you have to take extra care not to choose those that unconsciously turn people away from your cafe. Warm colours will work best. Red, for example, stimulates the appetite, encouraging customers to eat more. Orange, on the other hand, encourages social interactions and conversations. If you want your cafe to be on trend, check out the latest colour suggestions for the year. You may want to refer to the colour of the year and colour pairings released by Pantone every year. For 2015, you can get some ideas from our article on our suggested furniture and colours for 2015.


Furniture is an investment for your cafe but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune. In determining your budget, do not forget to take into account other costs such as customisations, delivery, and maintenance.

By taking time to consider all these factors, you will be able to determine exactly what type of cafe furniture you will need. We will be happy to help you find the perfect furniture for your cafe.

To browse Nextrend Furniture’s line of cafe furniture, visit our Cafe Furniture page.

BP Caboolture Partners With Nextrend Furniture

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Customers at BP Caboolture take pleasure in using new colorful and durable furniture courtesy of the fitout done by Nextrend. Dining will now be more enjoyable and pleasant with the range of commercial furniture provided by Nextrend.

High traffic and heavy use areas like the dining area in BP Caboolture require chairs and tables that can withstand quick turnaround of diners and are easy to clean. Nextrend fulfilled this requirement with the popular Vita Chairs, classy Gio Stool, Duratop Stooltop, and the bestselling Roma Table Base.

Restaurant Furniture

Vita Chairs

The Vita Chair by Siesta, Turkey is one of Nextrend’s most popular restaurant chairs. It is shaped for maximum comfort and built to withstand the roughest and toughest conditions – perfect for the needs of BP Caboolture. A portion of the indoor dining area and the outdoor dining area get significant amount of sunlight from the glass walls and the hospitality furniture placed here should be resistant to sunlight exposure. The Vita Chair fulfils this aspect well with its UV stable plastic shell, so it does not fade or go brittle even in Australia’s harsh outdoors. The Vita’s anodised aluminium legs make it light and sturdy.


BP Caboolture opts for three different colours of the Vita Chair – vibrant orange and green balanced with neutral black. As further testament to this popular chair’s durability, each chair comes with a 2-year commercial warranty.

BarStoolsGio Stool

The Gio Stool is the perfect bar stool for a light and casual environment, making it an excellent choice for BP Caboolture’s dining area. This bar furniture boasts of anodised aluminium legs, UV stable polypropylene seat, and a 2-year warranty.

Stool Tops by Gentas Duratop

Another set of stools were used for BP Caboolture’s fitout. The simple and clean-looking stools come with 340-mm diameter resin moulded round seats that are hygienic and easy to clean. These stools also come with Nextrend’s standard 2-year warranty.

Roma Table Base

The Roma Table Base is one of Nextrend’s bestsellers. It has adjustable feet, a polished aluminium pole, and a stainless steel wrap base, making it an excellent choice for various applications.

Both the Vita Chair and the Gio Stool are stackable, making it easy and convenient to put away or move around. With these durable commercial furniture pieces, BP Caboolture customers will enjoy having their meals in comfort and style for quite some time.

Nextrend Furniture can help dining establishments with all their commercial furniture needs. View more images of the BP Caboolture project or fill your own quote cart now.

The Best Cafe Furniture at the Best Wholesale Prices

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Nextrend are specialists in providing a wide range of commercial furniture to the restaurant and cafe industry. While it’s important to locate good quality, functional furniture for any cafe or restaurant setting, it’s also crucial that the design complements the decor of the establishment.

Nextrend’s range of wholesale restaurant furniture combines functionality with quality and style to deliver an excellent range of furnishings that will suit any application.

Choosing the Right Cafe Furniture

The key to choosing the right cafe tables and cafe chairs is to think carefully about the end result you’re trying to achieve. Furnishings for a comfortable, relaxed cafe will be different to those chosen for a modern alfresco setting.

Some cafe s will offer indoor seating as well as outdoor alfresco seating during the warmer months. In this instance, it may be wise to think about choosing suitable outdoor furniture that will allow you to continue a similar theme from the interior. This way the feel you’re trying to create for your cafe will flow to the outdoor sections of the establishment more readily, allowing customers to identify your unique style and decor.

Your patrons will also need to feel comfortable while sitting at your cafe, so take their comfort levels into consideration when choosing a particular style. Functional seating may be easier to store, stack and set up, but you still want your patrons to enjoy their visit to your cafe as much as possible. Make it easy for them to stay a little longer by ensuring their comfort levels.

Choosing a Cafe Furniture Wholesaler

Before you select any cafe furniture, always consider the furniture wholesaler you’re dealing with. Ask plenty of questions about cafe tables, cafe chairs and restaurant furniture in general. The responses you get from the consultant or staff member will give you plenty of insight.

Ideally, a customer-oriented furniture wholesaler will ask you questions as well. This shows an interest in helping you find the ideal furniture styles and materials that will most accurately match the image for your cafe you have.

The entire team at Nextrend is highly customer focused, working closely with designers and project managers, as well as with cafe and restaurant owners. Their aim is to assist in locating the right cafe furniture to suit an application in looks and style, as well as functionality and comfort.

What’s more, Nextrend pride themselves on offering only the highest quality wholesale furniture, but they make sure they do this at the most competitive prices possible. This allows their customers to achieve the total look for any cafe or restaurant setting with the peace of mind of knowing the prices are among the most competitive available.

Click here to learn more about Nextrend’s Cafe Furniture range.

How To Use Events To Target Niches For Your Bar

Posted on October 8th, 2015

How-To-Use-EventsTo-Target-Niches-For-Your-BarBars belong in a very competitive market. Therefore, marketing and promotional activities are necessary in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and to attract new and repeat customers to ensure profitability. Hosting events is a great way to do this.

However, not all types of bar events will work for all kinds of bars. One must determine first which ones will best fit the location and target niches of the bar. Below are some ideas for Sydney bar events.

Singles’ Night

The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that the average number of people in the top 10 singles suburbs in Sydney are significantly higher than the state average. Take advantage of this by hosting a Singles’ Night one night a week. Take it a notch higher by hosting a speed dating event.

Ladies’ Night or Men’s Night

There are times when even singles prefer to go on a night out only with friends of the same gender. A Ladies’ or Men’s night will be a great opportunity for you to push certain items on your menu that are only typically ordered by a particular gender, such as certain cocktails for women.

Sporting Events

Sponsoring local professional or community sports teams is also a great idea. Aside from attracting sports fans, you will also provide these teams a venue to celebrate their wins and hang out during their off days. If you have TV screens in your bar, you can also offer special screenings of games with matching special drinks and menu offerings.

Dancing Events

This option might require you to move around your bar furniture for a night but it’s a fun way to entice dancing divas to visit you. Aside from playing cool music, you can also hire dance instructors for your guests. Themed dancing events such as a Salsa Night is also a good way to target a more specific niche.

Charity Events

Hosting this type of event will not only be a great opportunity for you to lend support to a great charity but will also give you a good reputation as an upstanding establishment in your community. You can either sponsor your venue for the event or donate a portion of your earnings that night to the charity.

Guest Bartenders

Having guest bartenders is one of the best ways to direct focus on the most important aspect of your establishment – the bar area. Whether you decide to hire a professional bartender, a celebrity or a regular customer, it is guaranteed to attract a crowd of their fans, friends, and family. Another fun alternative is to host a bartending competition instead.

Karaoke Night

If you’re already hosting a dancing event, why not try a karaoke night as well to draw in guests who are up for a fun night of singing? Don’t have the necessary equipment. Just rent one if you don’t want to make an investment.

Comedy Night

This is one of the easiest events to host. Just invite a comedian or two and provide them with a stage area, a microphone and a bar stool and you’re up for a night full of laughter.

There are many types of events that cater to a variety of niches. They key is to study your market to figure out which ones will work for your bar.

No matter what event you host in your bar, Nextrend has the bar furniture that will ensure your customers’ comfort and enjoyment. Check out our selection of bar furniture in time for your next event.

Guide to Buying Bar Stools

Posted on October 8th, 2015

There are thousands of choices when it comes to buying bar stools. It’s a crucial piece of bar furniture and as bar owners, you need to take your time looking for, comparing, and deciding which ones to buy. Aside from buying good quality ones, you also need to find the bar stools that are of the right height and style for your bar tables.

Consider these tips as your guide to buying bar stools.

Select the right height for your bar stools.

A common bar-height bar stool is 29 to 32 inches from the floor to the seat. Pair these with 41 to 43-inch table heights.

As a rule, there should be about 10 inches between the seat of the bar stool and the bar table surface.

Measure the width space so you will know how many bar stools to purchase.

Don’t forget to measure for elbow room and general comfort. This is especially true if you are purchasing fixed bar stools.

To get the width space, measure the width of the bar stool and add two inches for elbow room. Divide the length of the bar counter by that number, remembering to round down (if the answer you get is 5.4, buy five bar stools) since it’s better to have more space than overcrowd your space.

Decide on bar stool materials.

The materials that make up your bar stools affect the product quality and price. Choose bar stools that are for commercial use; make sure to purchase for durability. Ensure that they are also protected with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Bar stools should blend in with your bar’s interior decoration. So whether you have an old-world pub, tropical resort, or contemporary cafe, buy pieces that seamlessly blend and complement your decor.

These pieces of furniture are usually made of wood or metal and can be upholstered. Each of these options comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Wood and metal bar stools are durable, long lasting and often do not require maintenance. Some bar owners choose upholstered bar stools provide comfort. Depending on the material used, they can be easy to clean and maintain. Leather, microfiber, and polyester are more stain-resistant than fabric, an important factor when you serve food and beverages.

Decide on the style of the bar stool.

After you decide on the material, you need to decide the style of your bar stool. You can often choose from these features:

  • Swivel or stationary
  • With or without backrest
  • With or without armrests

When you decide on style, factor in function and your target/ideal customer base. For example, swivel bar stools are generally easier to get on and off and do not need to be rearranged as they effortlessly turn to their original positions after use. However, swivel bar stools might be a challenge for small children or elderly guests. It would also require more spacing in your bar counter-stool design layout.

Backless bar stools require less space, making them easier to move and tucked in out of sight when not in use. These are ideal for counters that are overhang or have less depth. However, these offers less support, so extended seating periods are not encouraged. Armrests give the same comfort as bar stools with backrests but also take up additional space.

Don’t forget to combine feature with function when deciding on which bar stools to buy for your bar. Take time to measure your bar tables, take into consideration the layout of your bar and its theme, and consider other factors mentioned above to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

We offer an excellent selection of bar stools to make any bar functional, comfortable, and stylish. Check out our range of bar furniture as well to complete all your furniture needs.

4 Top Trends In Golf Club Management

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Golf_Country_ClubIt’s safe to say that the traditional golf club of yore is becoming increasingly rare. With many golf clubs around the globe being faced with the very real possibility of having to close down due to the economic downturn, this year has seen an unprecedented amount of change. While Australia hasn’t been hit quite as heavily, quite the opposite, we’ve nevertheless seen that golf clubs this side of the world have also seen transformation – these are the top 4 trends in golf club management we’ve encountered this year.

Adventure Golf Is a Big Hit with New Golfers

Many would-be golfers can be a little intimidated by the sport, especially if they’ve never set foot on the green. Large swathes of land, intimidating players that know what they’re doing, and expensive equipment can often act as a deterrent to potential players.

To counteract this, many golf clubs are investing in the creation of small ‘adventure golf’ courses. The benefit of these are multiple, one of which being the relatively small amount of investment required. Considering the fact that these courses take up a minuscule amount of space compared to your run-of-the-mill golf course, it’s no surprise many club owners are investing in this option.

Rise of Flexible Memberships Packages

We’ve also seen a discernible increase in the number of golf clubs offering flexible membership structures. With increasing competition in the marketplace, it may seem a little counter-intuitive to create ‘gaps’ that allow customers to leave, but it has actually become a very strong selling point to draw in new customers.

The reason for this is that it gives consumers the freedom to choose their terms, rather than being handcuffed to an expensive annual membership they may not end up using. Golf clubs that implement the flexi approach offer reduced price packages for longer commitments, which usually leads short-term customers to sign up once they’re happy with the golf club they’ve chosen.

More Than Just a Golf Club

These days, golf clubs can’t afford to rest on their laurels. With consumers faced with a plethora of entertainment choices, clubs are going all-out to ensure they stand out from the crowd. From establishments focusing only on golf, we’re seeing clubs taking that next step and investing in non-golf revenue streams.

For example, the prestigious Wentworth Club no longer limits itself to the golf club tag, but instead places emphasis on other areas such as tennis, fitness, and spa days. Clubs are taking their investment beyond the green, with buildings being given complete facelifts with the installation of new club furniture, bar areas, and more.

The idea is to draw not just the golf players themselves, but their non-golf playing families and friends as well. With expansions such as spas, health facilities, and restaurants, your golf club can be given a new lease of life.

GolfClubFurnitureIncreased Focus on Female Golfers  

With around 20% of golfers being women, there’s an opportunity to draw more players into the sport. Leading golf clubs have come to realise it, with establishments evaluating how welcoming their facilities are for female players and creating programmes specifically catered towards women. For example, some golf clubs are giving discounted rates for coaching to introduce women to the sport.

The key takeaway from these trends is just how quickly things are shifting in another direction. Golf clubs are diversifying income streams, going beyond the traditional clientele, and offering their services in brand new packaging. For those of you in a position to make decisions, these trends are more than just ‘food for thought’ – it may be what’s necessary to keep your business moving forward!

Check out our selection of club furniture that will help keep your club design appealing and stylish.

Top 5 Cafe Trends for 2014

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Coffee consumption is rising rapidly across the globe, and Australia is no exception. With the increasing popularity, cafes are looking for ways to stand out. If you are a coffee lover, chances are you have visited many cafes and know that each one has its own unique atmosphere, coffee varieties, and other features that make it distinct. Here’s a look at some of the cafe trends happening this year.


1. Healthy Eats

Cafes are known for providing healthier food options than their fast food rivals. Some cafes, like Di Bella Roasting Warehouse in Melbourne, even offer gluten-free and vegan dishes. In 2014, look for even more nutritious and unique breakfast and lunch menus with expanded to-go options for customers on the go.

2. Distinctive Cafe Furniture and Decor

Whether you are popping in for a cup of coffee on your lunch break or you are looking to settle in with a good read, there are two emerging cafe furniture trends taking hold across Australia.

First is the rise in popularity of the inviting communal table. If you are looking to hang out amongst your fellow coffee lovers, you’ll love this feature. Communal tables are often custom made and have an inviting distressed look and feel. Many feature an artistic centerpiece or a vase of flowers to complete the look.

On the flip side, another emerging trend is hip European-inspired futuristic decor featuring sleek metal cafe furniture, including metal bar stools and tables, or those that have distinct patterns or textures.


3. Bean Sourcing

Ever wonder where your coffee beans come from? Different sources have distinct flavours. Regardless of your bean preference, chances are you will be able to find something out there that suits you. This year, you can expect to see cafes highlight the specific origins and even the farms from which their coffee is sourced. For example, baristas at Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne pass out single source farm information to customers.

4. Coffee Tasting Sessions

Coffee tasting or “cupping” sessions are similar to wine tasting, but you don’t have to worry about driving home afterward. More and more cafes are offering coffee cupping sessions, complete with sparkling water to cleanse the palate, to teach consumers about the various flavors and subtleties associated with coffees of different origins. Are you a true java connoisseur? Take a crack at guessing the origin of the coffees sampled based on their distinct characteristics.


5. Entertainment

In an effort to stand out, many cafes are beginning to offer different types of entertainment to entice customers. The Wentworth Perk Coffee House in Sydney offers great live musical performances. Other types of entertainment gaining popularity include art galleries, game nights, comedians, poetry readings, and more.

From entertainment to tastings to unique cafe furniture, there’s something for every java lover in this year’s trends. Fortunately, Australia offers plenty of unique cafes and coffee houses for every taste and personality. And with many popular coffee bars offering extended hours to accommodate eager sippers, more and more customers are opting to patronize their favourite coffee spots late into the evenings, creating even more opportunity to branch out. What’s your favourite cafe?

New Rattan Chairs by Siesta

Posted on October 8th, 2015

The latest news and product offerings by Nextrend.

New technology Verona, Capri and Ibiza ‘rattan look’ chairs by Siesta, Turkey.

These chairs are stackable and made of durable weather-resistant resin reinforced with glass fibre.

Non-metallic frame will never  unravel, rust or decay.  It is UV protected which ensures the colours will not fade.  For indoor or outdoor use.

new rattan chairs

See more of Nextrend’s Cafe Chairs range by clicking here.

6 Easy Ways to Give Your Cafe a Makeover

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Last Updated 30th November 2016

Paleo Cafe orange chairsIf you are a cafe owner, you know how fierce the competition is out there to get the attention of hungry customers and keep them coming back for more. One very effective way to improve your sales and boost customer visits is to invest in a remodel. In fact, studies show that a food joint can expect to see a sales traffic bump of 2-6% following minor remodelling.

Although the word “remodelling” seems like a major undertaking, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are updating your hospitality furniture for a more modern look, improving lighting, or refreshing your menu, there are several simple changes you can make to delight customers and bring new life to your cafe.

Step 1 – Update Poor Lighting

Abundant natural light is ideal, but if adding more windows isn’t an option, think about updating your lighting fixtures. Your lighting should be bright enough for customers to easily read the menu or their newspaper, but not so harsh that it makes guests feel like they are under a spotlight.

Step 2 – Replace Outdated Furniture

Is your furniture outdated, clunky, or in disrepair? With so many great options out there, it is easy to find hospitality furniture that is modern, attractive and budget-friendly. If possible, provide a variety of seating options like bar stools for the customer on the move, tables and chairs for families, and cosy booths for couples and friends to hang out in.


Step 3 – Modernise the Decor

Simple changes like adding a fresh coat of paint, some eye-catching wall art, live plants, or chalkboards of various sizes to highlight certain menu or display items can go a long way. If you have brightly patterned, outdated carpet, consider a new design that is muted and goes with the rest of your decor. Whatever your theme, be consistent.

Step 4 – Leverage the Exterior

The exterior of your cafe is the first thing potential customers see. A rundown appearance or inadequate signage can repel guests. Be sure that your exterior is clean, updated, and clearly marked. Think about adding a sign or two in your window highlighting menu items or current specials. You can even use a pavement board with a clever message or an enticing deal in front of your establishment to grab the attention of hungry passers-by.

Step 5 – Refresh Your Menu

Many consumers are clamouring for healthier options. Because of this, superfood and paleo cafes are quickly growing in popularity. Tap into the health-conscious market by adding some new, healthy options to your menu, including some gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free offerings, to attract a wider range of diners.

Nextrend - Restaurant Lighting

Step 6 – Get into the Digital Age

Just about everything is more techie nowadays. Capitalise on this by moving your cafe into the digital age as well. Whether it is simply by offering free Wi-Fi, replacing paper menus with tablets or iPads, or having a digital menu wall, you will definitely attract more technologically-attuned guests and they will be enticed to settle in and order that second cup of coffee or some dessert. They will be more likely to make your cafe a regular stop.

There are many simple ways to give your cafe a quick makeover that fits your brand and budget. Take advantage of some of the ideas above to delight your patrons, attract new customers, and boost your bottom line.

Why Get Your Club Furniture From Nextrend

Posted on October 8th, 2015

In the hospitality and food industry, making a statement can be as simple as choosing the right set of hospitality furniture. If you own such a business, you would know that the process of buying the best restaurant furniture or cafe furniture for your business is never really as simple as it might sound. As much as there are many looks to choose from such as traditional, modern, and many others, there is also a great variety of furniture that can match your preferred look.

The first thought would be to choose the ones that look best but there are always varying definitions for what is best. This is why your ultimate choice would often come down to the consideration of your own taste and needs. Here is where you would likely find difficulty – choosing between your needs and desires.

Fortunately, Nextrend is here to provide not only high quality commercial furniture but also personalised service that seeks to help our clients make the choices that work best to their advantage. Our several years of handling different projects, which involved supplying furniture to numerous hospitality businesses in Australia, have enabled us to establish a good grasp of working with different types of clients and giving them the optimum customer satisfaction.


Nextrend starts with the visual goals of the client – your vision of what your establishment would look and feel in the eyes of your target customers. The combination of colours and designs will be decided based on your ideas, as well as the lingering factors such as the surrounding area, the type of people that you intend to serve and more.

Apart from the look, Nextrend’s specialist would also match the budget that you have for the furniture; our ultimate goal is to provide the furniture with the best function and visual boost for your business.

Let us say your establishment happens to be a club. Since most guests would like to do some relaxing, you would most probably find more use for an ottoman. These straightforward yet stylish seats do, in fact, have the makings of the most ideal club furniture.

Ottoman is the term used in order to describe a padded foot stool or an upholstered seat that does not feature any backrest. It first came about in the 18th century as a family seating piece that featured piles of cushions. Ottomans are the kind of chairs that do not consume too much space which is great for clubs since these places tend to draw lots of crowds. What is more, ottoman pieces can actually help people to socialise since it promotes shared seating spaces.

Nextrend’s ottoman choices would be the Venus Rectangular Ottoman which provides enough space to seat at least four people at a time. They can also be used as show pieces in order to highlight a particular area in the club. To this end, Nextrend has the rectangular ottomans which are not bulky yet visually striking, making them such a great fit to function as club furniture.

Ottoman, as a club furniture, can also be used as a stylish side or coffee table. This is particularly true if what you have is an ottoman that is taller than usual. Some possible options would include Nextrend’s cube ottoman which comes in such shades as apple green, bright orange, and red.

For more high quality club furniture pieces and ottoman choices, visit our product pages or download our PDF catalogues.

Round Or Square: Which Café Table Is Best?

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Last Updated 13th January 2017

One of the most important elements of a café is its furniture. Sometimes, it is your café setting that will beckon to people to come and taste the exquisite brew of your coffee. It does not mean that if you have the best tasting coffee in town, you would no longer care about how your café looks. You should at least consider both aspects, especially when you are still in the planning stage.

There are basically two types of furniture that you need for your café – the chairs and the tables. Since these café furniture pieces are the most visible ones, you need to choose the right type for your business.

Duratop - Roma coffee table

When it comes to café tables, there are two primary shapes – round and square. Round shape café tables could often seat three or four depending on the size. Square shaped ones would either seat two or four.

So which one should you prefer? There are actually certain advantages when you choose one over the other. Below are some comparisons between these two main café table shapes.


The first thing that will be affected by your choice of café table is your space. It is way easier to arrange the tables if they come in squares. At the same time, you will be able to put the tables side by side without leaving some space in between. This is something that you cannot easily do with round tables. Try to put round tables side by side and you will see that there will always be some space in between them.


If your primary concern is aesthetics, there might be some degree of class with a round café table. Round café tables can look really classy and elegant. This does not mean that a square table will not make your café look posh. It is just that if you want to add some bit of contrast, then you may opt for a round table.

There are some cafés that would actually combine both types of tables. Sometimes, they would consult an interior designer who can provide them with a good plan on where the round tables will go and where the square tables will be. Once fully set up, you will still be the judge whether the whole setup looks appealing or not.


If you are that particular about the materials that are used, then it will be best if you check out the different materials that we, at Nextrend, are offering you. We will always provide you with a good list of materials for your café tables. Most materials are available for both round and square tables.


Your preferred café chairs will also influence which tables are the most suitable for your business. Some chairs are best partnered with round tables while others look better with square ones. You can try taking a look at the different shapes and sizes of café chairs that are available here at Nextrend. We can provide you with a host of designs and shapes, which will match the table that you have chosen.

The choice between round or square tables might be minor to some but it could spell a lot of difference for your business and for your customers. Whether you prefer contemporary furniture, or those that can be termed as classic, we can always provide you with good, sturdy, yet elegant-looking materials that you will be proud to include in your array of café furniture.

Whether it is tables or chairs that you need for your café, we have got everything that you could possibly need. Just head over to our Products page to view our extensive collection of café furniture and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those quickly delivered to your café!

Where to Find Good Cafe Furniture in Brisbane

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Sourcing a reliable supplier of high quality cafe furniture in Brisbane does not have to be a challenge. The key is to consider the type of contract furniture required and then compare the suppliers available.

Of course, a highly competitive pricing structure is desirable in any furniture supplier you are working with. However, a willingness to source any furnishing style or design you might require is also a massive benefit to you.

Some of the contract furniture available should include:

Indoor and Outdoor Cafe Furniture

If your aim is to supply the hospitality industry with a stylish range of quality cafe furniture, check that your supplier offers ranges suited to indoor and outdoor use. Many cafes and restaurants are incorporating outdoor alfresco dining options for their patrons to enjoy.Avoca BeechVita Chair - Blue

Ideally, you should also be offered a separate range of cafe tables and cafe chairs, so as to mix and match your needs more adequately. Likewise, some establishments prefer to use specific restaurant furniture inside, while incorporating stacking chairs for outdoor use.

Bar Furniture

These days, many cafes within Brisbane also have a liquor license. Alternatively, many hotels also offer cafe and dining locations for patrons to enjoy. In order to find the right bar furniture that can also double up as restaurant furniture, it pays to work with a reputable supplier that carries plenty of stock to suit any intended usage for the hospitality industry.

Alternative Hospitality Clients

There are times when the needs of a client may not fit squarely within the hospitality niche. However, the right furniture supplier should offer a broad enough range of commercial furniture to make it easy to find whatever is required.

As an example, larger companies tend to offer their staff members dining facilities. This might include the mining industry or large industrial factories, where trestle tables and durable chairs may be required for a large number of people.

There is also the consideration of function furniture and even furnishings to suit corporate events. While these may be considered part of the hospitality industry overall, only specialist suppliers will carry stock suited to the specific needs of as wide a range of industries as possible.

Interior Designers

Aside from checking out the range available, it is also wise to consider the quality of furnishings on offer and whether the supplier maintains a large enough stockholding to fulfil orders in a timely manner.

If your aim is to develop a close rapport with a commercial furniture supplier, take the time to discuss your needs with your intended supplier. The right company to suit your needs will be only too happy to comply with your wishes, as the success of your business ultimately leads to the success of theirs in turn.

Nextrend Furniture for All Your Cafe Furniture in Brisbane

Nextrend Furniture offers all of these and more. Our unbeatable prices make it very difficult for other suppliers to match. Still, it is our top quality range of furnishings that make us really stand out from the competition.

Our friendly, professional sales team here at Nextrend Furniture are keen to assist your business, we will even source any furnishings we do not already offer in our standard range of stock.

Call Nextrend Furniture and see why we are Brisbane’s premier supplier of commercial hospitality furniture today.

Padded or Not: When to Use Padded Cafe Chairs

Posted on October 8th, 2015

005One of the things that should be taken into consideration when choosing a cafe or restaurant to have a meal at is the ambiance of the place. Depending on whether you intend to linger and catch up with a friend, spend quality time by yourself with a good book, or if you are just dropping by for a quick bite or a light lunch, your preference for the look and feel of a place will definitely change.

Along with the cafe’s noise levels and lighting, you may also pay close attention to the available seating. Seating is an important thing to consider for a lot of people, especially for those planning to spend a longer time in the cafe or restaurant. Hence, one of the most important questions that restaurant and cafe owners need to ask is whether to use padded cafe chairs in their establishments or not.

Focus on Comfort

Customers who plan to stay and linger in a restaurant tend to gravitate towards places that are bright, relatively quiet and have a homey feel over all. Most would prefer cafes that have cushioned seats, and finding one with large sofa chairs or cushioned arm chairs is a definite plus in this case. After all, comfort is a key factor when looking for a place to spend a few hours in. If this is something that you want to achieve for your restaurant or cafe, padded chairs would be the best option for you. Being able to set a comfortable vibe does encourage customers to stay and linger longer at your establishment. A great example of a chair that invites customers to stay longer is our Tequila Lounge Sofa with Cushion.

Taffita Chair - Choc

Focus on Style

When the mood you want to set is one that is edgy, modern and stylish, you can actually go for either padded or non-padded chairs. In fact, you are at the liberty to mix and match, with an assortment of styles for cafe tables and seats. For bistro-type dining establishments, you could go for a chair with a wooden frame and padded seat, like the Taffita Chair found in our catalogue. If you have tall cocktail tables or a bar, you can choose sturdy high stools without cushioned seating. The tasteful mix of a variety of furnishings is sure to create a chic feel for your cafe.

Focus on Practicality

Finally, keep in mind that practicality matters when choosing cafe furniture. Your available space is one of the most important things to look at. Few things are more inconvenient than having to squeeze in between tables and chairs to get around a restaurant because the furnishings are just too large for the area. If you have limited space, it is better to choose sleek, slim furniture, an example of which is our Avoca chair. Ottomans also add additional seating without taking up much space. When you have a large floor area on the other hand, padded seating would look better because their bulkiness helps to fill up the space nicely.

Avoca chairs and dining tables

Choosing the right seating can really influence the tone and ambiance of a cafe, so this is a selection that ought to be taken seriously. Whether an establishment uses padded chairs or non-cushioned seating is something that customers actually notice and pay attention to. For certain, it makes an impact on their entire experience with you.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Cafe’s Seating Capacity

Posted on October 8th, 2015

If your cafe is in the doldrums or you are simply looking to expand, increasing your establishment’s seating capacity is the quickest and easiest way to drive additional profits. You may feel that you have tried absolutely everything to make it work, but we guarantee that you have not implemented some of the following methods.

Listen – some of these changes will cost you a pretty penny. However, the investment will be more than worth it. For those of you who just cannot afford it at the moment, we have also made sure to include a couple of no-frills options that will not rock your bank account too much.

Use Outside Space Wisely

Many restaurateurs complain about the lack of space in their establishments, yet leave a huge piece of real estate out the equation: outside! Your outdoor space should be maximised, especially if you are in a location that gets anywhere near decent weather.

Aspley Pub Lovers Tavern outdoor chairs

In addition, the merge between indoor and outdoor spaces is happening in the trendiest restaurants in the country. The focus on so-called ‘outdoor living’ is greater than ever and has become more than just a buzzword. It is likely that this change will not just bring you more space, but more customers as well!

Our long-term recommendation is to try and blend the two spaces so that you can really take advantage of the benefits. People will see outside seating as more welcoming if it is seen as part of the establishment itself, rather than just an add-on.

Get the Right Furniture

While the aesthetic qualities of your furniture should be a primary concern, it should not take precedence over utility. We are not saying that you need to squeeze in as many seats as possible, but try and mix it up to increase seating options.

For example, instead of opting for a series of large comfortable couches, think about investing in smaller cafe chairs instead. Stacking varieties are particularly useful, as you can move them out of the way quickly should your establishment need to clear room during the evenings for your bar area.

dolce chairs orange black white

You also want to use furniture that works together. Do not just whip out your credit card when you see a table or chair you think will ‘look nice’ in your cafe. Think about how the items will actually fit into your existing layout. If they do not quite match, move on.

Change Your Cafe’s Layout

It is time to think outside the box a little bit. Changing the layout of your establishment may seem impossible, particularly if you have a limited amount of space to play with in the first place. However, you will be surprised by just how much you can do with just a few simple changes.

Paleo Cafe Paddington Chairs

One strategy that doubles capacity (depending on your building limitations of course) is the installation of counters along the wall of your establishment. Combined with small cafe chairs. The centre of the rooms can then be used a communal area – refectory style tables work fantastically well for this purpose.

These changes can be a little daunting to implement, require a little creativity and/or some funds, but the long-term benefits are more than worth it. And once you get going, you will actually find that they are relatively easy. The trick is in flicking that switch and getting to it. Imagine instantly adding a few dozen customers on a daily basis. You will soon forget about the upfront costs.

Here at Nextrend, we offer a wide range of cafe seating options that will help you maximise your business space. View our products to get started.

Different Types of Commercial Furniture

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Last Updated 13th January 2017

Doing good business means the ability to provide customers with a totally satisfying experience the moment they set foot in your place of business. Everything that the customer will see and use should provide a sense of comfort, allowing them to have a positive perception of the business that you are offering. Therefore, if you are in the hospitality industry, you need to make sure that the first impression that customers will have of your business will be nothing short of excellent.

One good way to ensure that customers will have a good time as they shop, dine, or relax within your place of business is to have high-quality commercial furniture. Having the finest furniture will create the difference between loyal patrons and one-time customers.

Take a look at the different types of commercial furniture that you can have for your business.

Cafe Furniture

Aside from the interior design of your cafe, one thing that you should carefully consider is cafe furniture. This will include your cafe chairs and tables, as well as couches that you will be placing in the waiting area. These furniture pieces would have to be thought of carefully since they need to go along with the theme of your cafe. The colour, the shape, the style, and the material that will be used should match every facet of the interiors of your cafe.

Bar Furniture

One of the most intricate types of furniture is bar furniture. While this may look seemingly fragile and the least bit sturdy due to the thin and narrow frames, the opposite is quite true. Bar furniture should be sturdy enough to hold varying weights of individuals and this is most especially true for tall bar chairs and tables. This is why the finest materials are always used for this furniture.

Restaurant Furniture

When it comes to creating pieces that can provide maximum comfort to customers who dine with their friends and family, we at Nextrend are experts. Our classy range of restaurant furniture defines what dining places really are – places of comfort and relaxation. Each piece carefully matches the theme that is used by designers in a restaurant, ensuring that your place of business makes a really nice impression to customers. For sure, this will make them look forward to their next visit.

Hotel Furniture

If you are looking for the finest pieces of hotel furniture that will give your guests the most pleasurable stay, then our range of hotel furniture can certainly answer your needs. From chairs, tables, couches to lounge chairs and many more, you can be assured of quality furniture that does not age with time. We make use of the best materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture. You can expect our indoor furniture to highlight the facets of the hotel interiors, while our outdoor furniture will definitely give guests a relaxing time. These furniture items are durable and elegant; always pleasing the eyes of your guests.

Our wide range of products include indoor chairs, outdoor chairs, stools and barstools, tables, table tops and bases, ottomans, tub chairs, lounge, function furniture, and office furniture.

Here at Nextrend, we make sure that every piece of furniture that we build won’t be the only ones that you will have us create for you. We aim to please not only your customers, but most especially you, our customers. Our decisions are based on what will work best for you and your business.

Did you know that Nextrend is a direct importer and stockist of commercial furniture in Australia? Head over to our dedicated page showcasing our wide range of commercial furniture to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those quickly delivered to your door!

Trestle Tables

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Does your restaurant need new furniture? The staff at Nextrend can help you to find the right contract furniture. Exactly what is contract furniture and how can it benefit you? Basically it is commercial furniture. It looks no different from residential furniture and is just as attractive. However, commercial furniture must be a lot sturdier and made to last. In fact, some countries require that it tests according to certain standards. Keep in mind that your new commercial furniture will be used on a continual basis by numerous people. This is unlike the residential furniture in your home that is only used by one family.

Yes, as the name implies, many times there is a contract involved with regard to this furniture. However, this should be seen as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. You can state in the contract who will be responsible for certain aspects of your new furniture such as purchase, delivery, installation, repairs or replacement. In fact, many of these contracts do not go beyond the purchasing phase. However, Nextrend’s goal is to make sure that your furniture purchase is to your satisfaction from start to finish.

Why should you purchase contract furniture from Nextrend? This is because Nextrend is one of the best sellers of high-quality contract furniture in Australia. They sell cafe furniture, hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture and commercial furniture to companies all over Australia. They are committed to providing quality furniture to places such as hotels, schools, hospitals, clubs and restaurants.

Nextrend works very closely with designers and restaurant owners like yourself to ensure that your restaurant decor is perfect and to your liking. Let the team at Nextrend design, decorate and furnish your restaurant for you. This will give you more time to run the restaurant and form more customer relationships.

If you are looking for a particular type of furniture, Nextrend has relationships with furniture companies all over the world. Maybe you need outdoor cafe tables to fill an outdoor patio space. Or maybe you need folding trestle tables to accommodate large dining groups. Whatever type of furniture that you need, Nextrend can help you find it and provide great dining spaces for your customers. The following is just a sample of the contract furniture that Nextrend has to offer.

Rectangular Trestle Tables

Nextrend has a whole range of commercial trestle tables. Choose from three styles of Napoleon trestle tables. They can be purchased in numerous sizes. Each has legs that are simple to fold. They have other features such as a shock-proof PVC edge, ABS laminated edge and two a sided laminated table top. Each of these rectangular trestle tables can be purchased in colours such as ironstone, seal grey, white, cherry, golden beach, new stainless steel, and beige.

Round Trestle Tables

If a rectangular trestle table will not fit into your needed space, then opt for a round one. Nextrend offers two types of Napoleon round trestle tables. They are available in many different sizes and have simple folding legs. They too have a shock-proof PVC edge and are available in the same attractive colours as the rectangular tables.

Curved Trestle Tables

However, if your restaurant needs something even more distinctive than round or rectangular trestle tables, then Nextrend also offers curved trestles that you will find appealing. These tables can help you to expand to different U shapes. It is available with some of the same features and colours as the round and rectangular trestle tables.

Top 6 Cafe Menu Items to Attract New Customers

Posted on October 8th, 2015

restaurant-food-wrapsNo matter how busy your cafe might be right now, there is always room to boost sales further. Many cafe owners work hard to encourage patrons to purchase more during each visit to maximise sales. Others focus on encouraging more return visits.

Wraps and Sandwiches

Many people associate going to a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Yet adding simple wraps and sandwiches to the menu can be a great way to entice more customers to visit your establishment for lunch, rather than just a quick snack.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

A few years ago only a few cafes focused on the needs of non-meat eating patrons. These days it is quite common to find tasty vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu. Adding some alternative menu options that appeal to vegetarians and vegans can add appeal to a range of customers you may otherwise not have reached. Besides, adding a range of salads may also appeal to your more health-conscious customers at the same time.

Gluten-Free Meals

Heading out to a cafe with friends can be frustrating for gluten-intolerant diners. Finding food suitable for someone with a wheat-intolerance makes it very difficult to eat out easily. This opens up opportunities for a cafe offering gluten-free meal options to appeal to a whole new group of people.

Gourmet Alternatives

Not everyone enjoys a simple sandwich and a coffee when visiting a cafe. In fact, many prefer the more upmarket gourmet selections available. Regardless of what your existing customers enjoy, adding a gourmet selection of mouth-watering alternatives to your menu can entice more people to try your new offerings. Besides, most people are willing pay more for that gourmet meal than they would for a casual snack.

restaurant-breakfast-setBreakfast Delights

Offering the traditional coffee and cake or simple sandwiches in a cafe seems to be the norm. However, cafe owners who open their establishments to include dining times outside of brunch or lunch tend to enjoy better sales overall. Adding a breakfast menu can encourage early morning diners to frequent your cafe to enjoy a bagel or croissant or even a plate of bacon and eggs.  Likewise, offering casual dinner meals in the early evening may be the encouragement your customers need to spend money at your cafe later in the day.

Winter Warmers

It’s quite common for many cafe owners to experience a slight decline in business during the colder months of the year. Adding a selection of winter meals designed to warm up patrons could help to boost those ailing sales. Soup is a quick and easy menu addition during the winter months. Likewise, adding a range of hot foods to the menu can be a great way to prompt more business through your doors.

restaurant-food-nicheDon’t Forget the Social Aspect

Regardless of how well you re-vamp your cafe menu in your efforts to stimulate sales, it’s still crucial to focus on encouraging more social interaction between customers while they’re in your establishment.

Take an objective look at your current cafe furniture. Many cafes already feature the standard cafe tables and chairs, but is there room in your cafe to include a small lounge area? Customers who feel comfortable in a social setting are more inclined to purchase subsequent rounds of coffee or other drinks as they extend their stay. By working out the most optimal way to arrange your cafe furniture while boosting your cafe menu, you could potentially increase sales and improve your business profits.

Nextrend Furniture is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment.

Top 5 Success Tips for Managing A Bar

Posted on October 8th, 2015

bar-furniture-setupManaging a bar can be tough, exhausting and time consuming. With all the competition around and without spending an absolute fortune, it is hard to set your bar apart from the pack and make it a real attraction. But by following these 5 simple tips you can set yourself on the right path to success.

Design and Layout

When designing or renovating your bar, it is very important to take into consideration the overall theme and layout you are trying to achieve. If not, your design could easily become muddled, resulting in a cluttered and unappealing mix. Investing in suitable bar furniture that matches and is in line with your chosen theme, will help set the overall tone of your establishment and help set it apart.

BartenderStaff Training

The level of hospitality and knowledge your staff possess will have a lasting effect on any potential customers. This is the one of the key areas that affects whether a customer will return to your bar. Whether your employees have zero working experience or have tons, it is very important to train your staff in the particular methods that you wish your place to be run. It is tempting to allow new staff members to hit the ground running, but it can lead to serious mistakes – find a balance instead and don’t just expect them to know what they’re doing with instruction.

Keep your Equipment up to Date

When running a successful bar, it is integral you don’t get lazy and comfortable with what you have. By doing this you may slip behind the competition and lose valuable custom. Keep one step ahead by always striving to be better. This means keeping all your equipment such as fridges, glasses, bar furniture etc. up to date and not letting them become worn and dilapidated. This is especially true of front of house equipment, which is in the public eye.

barstoolsKeep it Clean

No matter what, your bar should always look clean and presentable. To improve this, you can set up a daily routine that can set out guidelines to the general cleanliness of your business. This can include hourly checks of the toilets to make sure they are up to scratch, polishing of glasses and cutlery after they have been washed, and regular wipe downs of the countertop.

Establish a Good Working Relationship with your Suppliers

If your bar is the body, your suppliers are the blood. Without them your business won’t survive for very long, so it is integral that you establish a good working relationship with them. With them comes the possibility of striking drink deals and specials, potentially increasing profit. Another added bonus is that they can also supply you with branded merchandise like coasters and napkins, so you don’t have to shell out money to buy them – again, this adds to your bottom line.

In a nutshell, running a successful bar can be challenging. It is important to have a clear idea of what you want your bar to look like and achieve and to ensure your staff are all properly trained to the standard you want to set out. Following these five easily achievable tips will help make your business become a success and stay there.

Nextrend Furniture is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment.

Tips for Buying Club Furniture

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Owning a bar might just be one of the most pleasurable investments you can make; you get to earn money and have fun at the same time. This is just the tip of the iceberg though since running a club will require you to have a keen business mindset as well. The goal is to make sure that the club will be a hit and attract many customers.

Commercial Furniture1(3)

In a commercial space such as a club, it is always about the atmosphere. There are many qualities to consider such as practicality, comfort, and creativity. There are also some traits that might depend on the type of visitors that you are trying to appeal to such as luxurious or modest and modern or traditional. This is important so that the club can establish its distinct attraction and seem well-designed. Otherwise, the club might seem to be designed haphazardly to your customers. Your first concern should be to create the appropriate atmosphere that you want and a lot of times, it all comes down to the choice of furniture.

Needless to say, the club furniture is essential to the club just as hotel furniture to hotels and restaurant furniture to restaurants. These are basically the things that accommodate the guests and customers as they experience the services of these establishments. The overall quality of the furniture used says a lot about the business. First impressions tend to stick and you might actually end up with the customer heading for the exit a few seconds after they came in if your furniture pieces are ill-chosen. Since you can never count on luck, below are some tips for choosing your club furniture.

  • See to it that the club furniture is acquired from reputable suppliers. Obviously, this involves a hefty investment which you should secure to ensure that you get quality furniture pieces.
  • Consider getting contract furniture instead of simply buying them outright. In such offers, a supplier would typically help you choose the furniture that best suits your business. This way, you can get a more personalised atmosphere that will attract your target clients.
  • For the chairs, prioritise comfort and durability. Naturally, their look should be appropriate to the overall style and design of the establishment as well. It is worthy to note that ottomans are a good choice for clubs. The comfort is there and there are diverse designs that allow them to fit varying setups well. Apart from that, they are not as bulky as other chair types so they save on space too.
  • The bar furniture should be given precedence. The height and dimensions of the bar table should be accurately planned. It is also a good idea to drill the bar table into place for added protection.

These tips should be well-remembered by club owners like you. Fortunately, there are many trustworthy suppliers of commercial furniture out there today that can help you with your needs. Nextrend Furniture specialises in a wide array of hospitality furniture that will definitely be worth your money.

5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Cafe Furniture in Australia

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Over the last five years competition in Australia’s cafe industry has become fierce. With a hip new coffee house opening up in nearly every nook and cranny of your local city – cafes are at an all time high.


One of the biggest draws of a cafe, besides coffee, is the opportunity to sit down, relax and have a chat over a cappuccino and cake. As a coffee shop owner, a great way to build your brand and really set yourself apart is with the perfect cafe furniture. But with so many options of cafe chairs and tables, it can be hard to find a style that is right for you and your customers. Luckily, there are a few basic guidelines that you can follow to make sure you get the best cafe furniture for your business.


The first things you need to consider are what is the style of your cafe? Who is your demographic?

If you serve a lot of elderly customers you will want cafe chairs that can cater to their particular needs. Elaborate old iron cafe furniture might be very pretty, but you probably do not want to deal with the drama of having a customer’s smart phone fall through a gap of your cafe tables and smash on the floor.


It is not enough for cafe furniture to simply be beautiful; it must also be comfortable. A cafe table that is too high can make for an awkward lunch and no one has ever said, I cannot wait to go back to that place where I had that incredibly awkward first date.

Make sure your cafe furniture not only suits your decor but is also comfortable.


Another choice to consider is what materials you would like your cafe furniture to be made from. Plastic and laminates are a popular choice for cafe tables because they are cheap, easy to clean, and do not require much maintenance. You can even get laminates that provide the luxurious feel of the classical materials such as: stone, steel, and timber.


Consider where your cafe furniture will spend its lifetime. Will it have to endure the weather or will it be inside and protected? Purchasing a commercial grade set of cafe chairs and tables will have a much longer lifespan. A strong set of cafe chairs is one of the best things you can buy when setting up your business.


One of the great things about plastic is that it comes in wide range of colour options. This means you can give your cafe furniture a funky edge with bold splash of colour. Or, if you are looking for something a bit subtler there is a variety of cafe table wood finishes designed to suit the soothing ambience of your coffee house.

Finally, when buying your new cafe furniture you must make sure you are buying from an experienced commercial cafe furniture dealer. Buying a set of new cafe chairs and tables is a serious investment and you want to have the reassurance of a good maintenance plan and replacement policy.

Here at Nextrend Furniture, we offer you a range of high quality cafe furniture to match your establishment’s style. Our commercial furniture pieces are comfortable, durable, and some are available in different materials and colours. View our products here on the site or you may visit any of our showrooms listed.

Things to Look for in Cafe Chairs

Posted on October 8th, 2015

It takes so much more than café chairs to make your restaurant, pub, hotel, or club run well. However, to ignore their importance when selecting items to stock your business venture would be a little bit premature. Chairs are more important than the average owner realises at first glance. The wrong chairs can be uncomfortable and uninviting, which can lead to people leaving far too soon. The following information will help you choose picture perfect furniture selections that are going to be just as appealing to your customers as they are to you.

How long do you want customers in your seats?

It all goes back to Goldilocks and the three bears. Dad’s chair was much too hard, while mom’s chair was much too soft. Baby bear’s chair, on the other hand was a perfect fit. Granted you cannot please everyone with the chairs you choose. Some people will find them more comfortable than others. However, if you choose chairs that are overly stiff and provide no give or comfort, you are going to have people who cannot wait to get out of their seats and move to a different establishment.

On the other hand, if you go with chairs that are a little bit overstuffed and completely comfortable and inviting, you will have customers who will linger for quite a long time. Restaurants make money by turning over seats. You do not want people who are going to order once and be comfortable sitting all day. Overall, find chairs that are comfortable without going over the top.

Where will you use the chairs?

The other factor that carries quite a good deal of importance is where you are going to use the chairs. Will you use them indoors, outdoors or both? If you are going to use your chairs or commercial barstools in your outside dining area where they will be exposed to the elements, then you need to make sure that the furniture you select can handle a hot Aussie summer.

How much is your budget?

As tough as this is to say, all businesses have budgets. Of course, everyone wants the very best. The problem is, you cannot always afford the best right out of the gate. Set a budget you can afford and choose visually appealing, comfortable, and sturdy wholesale hotel furniture that falls within your appointed price range.

Price matters. The economy, while looking up, has struggled greatly in the past few years. It is important to not dive right into hot water before businesses, on the local level, have a real opportunity to bounce back and get their legs under them for a while. Create a budget that may prove a little challenging but still allows you some creative license to get furniture that will really work for your business venture.

Whatever your furniture needs may be, from cosy and comfortable café chairs to industrial strength bar stools, it is worth your while to take a little extra time to explore your options, compare prices, and examine the warranties on the furniture choices you are most interested in purchasing. Always, however, stay true to the vision you have for your business — even when buying furniture.

Things To Consider When Buying Cafe Tables

Posted on October 8th, 2015

One of the most lucrative businesses at present is a cafe. People would always look for the jolt that a freshly brewed coffee can do to them. Business meetings, contract signing, casual meet-ups, matchmaking, and even first-time dates often happen in cafes.

For many cafe owners or those planning to start a cafe, there are several considerations. The first one is the location of your business, the second one is the quality of coffee that you would be serving customers, and the third one is your cafe furniture, which would primarily be composed of cafe chairs and cafe tables.

The first two considerations are usually the one that are thought of carefully, and the third one, is sometimes left in the hands of fate or whatever furniture pieces they happen to come across with. But this is not good practice in the cafe business. Remember that the furniture you use could help so much in giving your customers comfort, which they may look forward to in their next visit. Take away the comfort and you might lose the chance of having a returning customer.

Here are some tips on how you will be able to find the right furniture for your cafe, specifically your cafe tables.

  • Durability. This should be your first and foremost consideration. Will the tables last for years or only 6 months? The worst scenario is your cafe furniture would last only for a few uses of your customers. The tables would have to be durable enough to last, if possible more than 5 years. It would be very costly if you find yourself buying new tables every year just because the first ones you got were not durable enough. We, at Nextrend Furniture, do consider your predicament as a businessman, which is why we make sure that we provide quality tables for your business.

Durability also extends to the materials used for the cafe table. The tables are the ones that will hold the weight of, not only the beverage that will be placed on top of it, but also fifty percent of the weight of the customer. There is a high probability that the customer would lean forward with elbows propped on the table, thus putting much weight on it. Sometimes, two people would be occupying one table, sometimes three. What if all of them would be leaning forward simultaneously? To ensure that the tables can accommodate such weight, look for those that are made of strong materials, just like the ones that we are offering here at Nextrend Furniture.

  • Aesthetically pleasing. If your business primarily caters to giving people a sense of comfort, it follows that you must also please their eyes. It isn’t enough that you provide them with a sturdy and durable table, but these tables should also present that touch of loveliness in them. It must complement the colors of your walls, the counters, and most especially the cafe chairs. By getting everything to match perfectly, you will surely create an ambiance that is pleasing to customers.

In a cafe business, it isn’t only the location and the taste of the coffee that matters. Your cafe furniture also counts, considering that it is an essential part of your business that you cannot do away with. It is the one that will titillate the eyes and the sense of touch of your customers. By offering the best coffee and great comfort, you will have patrons for life.

Things to Consider in Selecting Hotel Tables

Posted on October 8th, 2015

It is not every day that you select hotel tables for your business. The task may seem a bit monumental at first glance, but that does not mean that you cannot do an excellent job selecting tables that are built to last without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal in the process. Here are a few factors you must consider in selecting the right tables to make your hotel a success.


This is not a job for unsound tables on spindly legs. Patrons can get a bit unruly. You need tables that can take a pounding without looking any worse for the wear.

Accomplish this important goal by looking for sturdy table bases that do not tip over easily. In addition to being sturdy enough for daily dining and drinking, they should also be good for indoor and outdoor use. This also means that you have a few more options for where to use the tables on your hotel property.

Water Resistance

Chances are, no matter what kind of table top you choose for your hotel, it is going to see more than its fair share of liquid. Whether it’s rain in an outside dining area, or spilled milk in the breakfast area, liquid is a given when it comes to hospitality furniture.

In a perfect world, someone on your staff will be there right away to clean up any spills left behind. However, things never run perfectly during busy hours. This is why it is important to choose wisely and find cafe table and chairs built to stand up to whatever your guests throw at them.

Conveniently manageable

One thing is absolutely certain when it comes to hotel tables – you must be able to move them around easily. Hotels constantly need to meet a wide range of dining needs. Tables often require rearranging or having table tops exchanged in order to accommodate larger or smaller crowds. Lightweight tables are the best choice for easy arranging — on the go.

Wait staff does not have the time to wait for two or three people to help out during busy hours so keep the total table weight in mind when shopping around. Choosing tables that can be moved easily by one person makes the job your staff easier.


No matter what kind of hotel you run, chances are, you have a certain style or atmosphere you are attempting to create within the building. Table tops and the general appearance of your table, can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your hotel furniture.

For instance, darker woods and dim lights are good choices for hotel bars who wish to give off a British pub vibe, while sleek laminate tops in black or red may be more in keeping with American diners from the 1950’s. Choose wisely to create the look you want for your hotel, but make sure that practicalities are your first priority.

Do not wait and hope that the perfect hotel tables fall into your lap. Here at Nextrend, we have a wide range of table tops designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily hotel use with beauty, grace, and strength. Browse our hotel and motel furniture range now.

How Can You Take Advantage of the 20K Small Business Tax Break?

Posted on October 8th, 2015

20K-Small-Business-Tax-BreakThe announcement of the Federal Government’s $20,000 small business tax break has resulted in a huge retail spree and increase in retail shares. The $5.5 billion stimulus package is aimed at stimulating jobs and economic growth, as well as making a permanent difference to small businesses across Australia.

The two-year window provides you with the opportunity to write off the entire cost of items purchased up to $20k, for as many items as you wish. That means that you can transform your business with brand new commercial furniture and it’s 100% tax deductible! This is a great opportunity for small business owners to expand and purchase new furniture, machinery or equipment.

What is the $20k Tax Break?

The $20,000 small business tax break is available to registered businesses or sole traders with an annual turnover of less than $2 million and an Australian Business Number. Those businesses can claim an immediate tax deduction on items purchased under $20k until June 30 2017. There is no limit to the amount of products you can claim on, as long as they do not go over the threshold.

The items must be related to your business and can only be claimed on physical items. That means you can claim on hospitality furniture, but not on marketing costs, stock or software developed in-house for the business.

How Can I Take Advantage?

Anyone who has a small business, or is thinking of starting one, should take advantage of this rare opportunity to purchase items necessary for the business. The time to act is now, as it is only available on a temporary basis and is scheduled to return to the $1000 threshold on 30 June 2017. This is significant opportunity for small businesses and sole traders alike.

For a small business owner in the hospitality industry, this provides you with just the excuse you need to give your establishment a complete makeover. New furniture can help to transform your business and attract new customers. You can create new seating options, outdoor seating areas, or refurbish a tired function room with our Nextrend Hospitality Furniture range. If it is under $20k, then it is immediately 100% tax deductible.

Not only is this the chance to upgrade your old furniture, but it also gives you the opportunity to try out something new in your establishment. Have you been considering adding barstools to your bar? Now is your chance. Looking for new tub chairs for the hotel lobby? Nextrend has it covered with our full commercial furniture range. This is a rare chance to purchase everything you need to make your business stand out from its competitors.

What Else Do I Get?

If you plan on purchasing items over $20k, then you can add these together and they will be depreciated at the same rate. The rate of depreciation in the first year of income is 15%, going up to 30% per year thereafter. If your company has an annual turnover below $2 million, then you will see your tax rate lowered to 28.5% from the initial 30%, which is lower than the tax rate has been in almost fifty years. This will make it easier for you to expand, create or employ new staff within the business.

Check out our wide range of indoor chairs, outdoor chairs, stools and barstools, and tables now to take advantage of the 20k small business tax break! Call us now at 1300 559 965 or 07 3257 7272 for a quick discovery call.

Stylish Cafe Furniture from Nextrend Helps Cafes Save Money and Gain Customer Loyalty

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Nextrend has high quality, stylish cafe furniture for sale at extremely competitive prices. Whether you want to refurbish your establishment or are a new cafe owner, the top quality furniture from Nextrend can help you save money and gain the loyalty of your customers.

Marketing the Smart Way

One of the most effective ways to get patrons in through your doors is to make sure your customers recommend your establishment to people they know. Considering the power of the internet, the more happy customers you have, the more they will recommend your cafe – meaning positive online reviews. One happy customer can lead to ten more coming through your doors just from a simple online review.

So first, you need to ensure that your patrons are not only pleased but are highly satisfied and happy with your establishment that they return on a regular basis. A loyal customer is more likely to want to do you favours, including writing positive reviews of your establishment online. And since most people check out online customer reviews of pubs, cafes, restaurants and other hospitality and entertainment venues before going, this can prove invaluable.

Once you have secured customer loyalty, you can take things a step further by offering discounts or freebies to customers who review your cafe online. Remember, the more positive reviews you have, the better the chances of people coming to your cafe.

You can also offer a free coffee for example, to people who “check in” with Facebook when they visit your establishment. The advantage to this is that others will see people frequenting your cafe on a regular basis, which will lend even more credence to the positive reviews they leave regarding your establishment.

The First Step to Loyalty: Creating a Great Atmosphere

The key to creating a great atmosphere in a cafe is to provide people with relaxing surroundings. Most people go to cafes to unwind, while some people might come to your establishment to get some work done in a more relaxing atmosphere. So you want to create an ambience in which people are comfortable and that means having the right cafe furniture.

When you buy furniture, consider the different needs your customers might have. Someone who’s coming to unwind after a long day at work probably wants to relax in a tub chair or even a lounge chair. However, people who want to work will need appropriate cafe table and chairs, especially if they have a lot of typing to do. You can mix and match different types of furniture in the same style to create the perfect ambience for anyone, regardless of their needs.

Of course, you will need to buy excellent quality furniture. The better the quality, the more attractive it will be, giving your cafe a stylish air that your customers will adore. No worries on the prices too because you do not need to break the bank when buying furniture. If you do things the right way, like buying cafe chairs wholesale, you will be able to get excellent furniture at competitive prices.

Nextrend, for example, has a wide range of cafe furniture for sale at highly competitive prices. Excellent quality, an extensive selection of styles and products, as well as great service are only a few of the reasons why you should source your furniture from Nextrend.

Nextrend Furniture Offers Practical Commercial Furniture Solutions with Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy Program

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Nextrend Furniture, one of Australia’s largest importer and supplier of restaurant and hospitality furniture recently partnered up with Silver Chef in establishing its Rent-Try-Buy Program.

As a commercial furniture solution, Nextrend Furniture offers restaurateurs a more feasible way of having functional interiors without the sky-high cost and maintenance. The company, which has furniture showrooms in key cities in Australia, has been a leading provider of some of the most creative and high quality restaurant table and chair sets among cafes, restaurants and other establishments in the hospitality industry.

Silver Chef is Australia’s first and only dedicated hospitality equipment funding business. Their Rent-Try-Buy Program allows restaurant owners and caterers to cost-effectively set-up shop by renting furniture and other equipment for 24 months . Once the two year are up, the owners have the option of either buying the furniture or renewing the arrangement.

Another advantage of the Rent-Try-Buy Program is that it is fully tax-deductible and the capital allocated for furniture and equipment can be used instead for other aspects of the business. At the same time, the program also allows owners to update their furniture and equipment regularly at minimal cost. This way,owners are guaranteed to get updated and high-quality furniture and equipment suited for their business needs.

With Nextrend Furniture and Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy Program, expect to pay affordable weekly rental payments. Clients may also enjoy a 75% rental rebate for equipment purchased during the first 12 months. This way, restaurant and cafe owners are guaranteed to find the right and suitable function furniture for them without spending a big part of their capital. Cafe furniture and equipment also play a big role in the success of any establishment, as a relaxing ambience and comfortable seating are highly conducive for patrons to stay and spend inside the shop.

Inquire about the Rent-Try-Buy Program and take advantage of the swift approval process by getting a quote. Call 1300 559 965 and we will help you through the process.

Sensational Cafe Designs: Creating a Hospitable Yet Unique Space with Quality Cafe Furniture

Posted on October 8th, 2015

A cafe should be a relaxing venue where customers can come and enjoy a cup of coffee, either in peace and quiet or in the company of their friends. The type of cafe furniture you use in your venue can have a significant impact on whether or not you can entice patrons into coming back.

Warm And Comfortable Yet Different

When it comes to cafes, consumers frequent venues that offer great coffee as well as a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. If you take a quick look around the internet, you will see some stunning cafe designs from all over the world. Despite the fact that they are all extremely different from one another, they do feature some common trends.

First of all, their designs are unique. Whether the entire cafe has a completely different look or a single element is used, the effect is the same. People remember the venue and it stands out from the crowd.

Secondly, no matter how wildly creative the interior is, all the designs are warm, welcoming, and comfortable, which is exactly what every coffee shop should aim for. No one would want to stay in a cafe that is very stiff and cold.

Last, but certainly not least, despite being warm and welcoming, these cafes have a stylish atmosphere that is uncommon in people’s houses. A lot of people prefer a chic and tasteful place where they can escape to after a long day at work instead of sitting around in their living room. The goal should not be to make your cafe look too comfortable as if it is someone’s living room. An environment that is too laid-back can turn some people off.

All of these mean that there is a need to be highly creative in designing a space that is comfortable and relaxing. An eclectic design is also welcome for as long as it creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes people want to relax and linger.

Quality Furniture Is Mandatory

Among the things you will have to invest in to create a stylish yet comfortable ambience in your cafe are good quality furniture pieces. Nextrend Furniture features a wide range of pieces in various styles at reasonable prices.

Whether you are looking for something practical like stacking chairs or something a little more playful like armchairs, Nextrend furniture will be able to help you. If you can’t find the perfect pieces for your needs, Nextrend’s team will be happy to help you find whatever you need, regardless of where they have to source it from for you.

So, if you’re looking to create a cafe design that will not only entice consumers to step across your threshold but will also keep them coming back on a regular basis, make sure you combine a playful and different design with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. And with Nextrend’s help, you can source quality cafe furniture that will fit in perfectly with your vision.

Restaurant Outdoor Chair and Table Themes Made Easy

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Nextrend is an Australian company that sells hospitality, cafe, restaurant, and commercial furniture. The company sells furniture to restaurants, hotels, clubs, resorts designers, hospitals, and also schools. Nextrend prides itself on providing quick, top-of-the-line and customised service to the satisfaction of its customers. They are experts in planning furniture spaces and ensuring that these spaces are properly suited for specific types of furniture. This is an important aspect when it comes to implementing a new furniture project. The experienced and friendly staff is available to help coordinate colour, styles, and sizes of various furniture products.

Why is this important? As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers have a wonderful dining experience. When they walk into your restaurant, you determine what they feel, see and hear. Restaurant purchases are usually made based upon a general theme. Think about the style of furniture that works best for your particular restaurant’s theme.

Different Dining Themes

What would work best for a trendy new urban restaurant? What would work best for a country, family-style buffet? A swanky new cafe would probably cater more to the tastes of adults. This means that the decor and furniture choices should be different from those that are found in a family style restaurant.

Outdoor cafe furniture would most likely have sleek and contemporary lines that are not only sturdy, but also very pleasing to the eye, whereas the furniture in a family style restaurant might be constructed for durability instead of attractiveness. These are the types of things that restaurant owners must take into consideration when making furniture selections.

The Customer Dining Experience

As a restaurant owner it is up to you to make sure that the customer dining experience is not tarnished. No matter the restaurant style, it must include furniture that is functional, stylish, comfortable, and appealing to the eye. Nextrend can help. Picking out commercial or hospitality furniture is usually very time-consuming and frustrating, especially for the inexperienced. This is where the professionals at Nextrend can lead you in the right direction.

The goal is to create an atmosphere that is enjoyable for your customers. The dining experience begins the minute the customer walks through the door. He judges the wait staff, the decor, the food and the furniture too. All of these are analysed before he is even seated. If things have been done properly, hopefully the restaurant outdoor chair that he is sitting on is very comfortable and to his liking. It’s the little things that can either make or break a dining experience. Outdoor dining should be just as spectacular as indoors. In addition to the right outdoor seating, it should also include the right cafe tables as well. No one wants to be seated at an incompatible table while dining.

Nextrend’s Great Selections

Nextrend stocks plenty of comfortable tables and chairs. The Verona and Florida are examples of such outdoor restaurant chairs. They are available in colours such as dark grey and chocolate. These armless chairs are made with a strong resin that will not rust. They are also available with a two-year warranty. If you would like a chair that has more colour, then you will like the Dolce armchair, which is available in bold and beautiful colours such as orange and red. All in all, Nextrend has a great selection of restaurant furniture to suit any requirement.

Improve Revenues and Get More Patrons with Quality Pub Restaurant Furniture

Posted on October 8th, 2015

The pub industry is highly competitive, which is why it is critical for you to ensure the loyalty of your customers. The more loyal customers who return to your establishment on a regular basis, the higher your profits will be in the long run. One way to achieve this is with great food and comfortable pub restaurant furniture.

The Importance of Loyal Patrons

Any business can benefit greatly from loyal customers. Firstly, retaining customers is a lot cheaper than attracting new ones. In fact, it has been proven that it is approximately seven times cheaper to keep a customer than it is to find a new one.

Not only is it cheaper to retain your customers, but you will also make a lot more money in the long-run. A loyal customer has a higher lifetime value than a one-off client and is likely to spend more per visit than a new customer.

Furthermore, a loyal customer will also recommend your establishment to their friends and acquaintances. Considering that word-of-mouth recommendations are the most effective form of advertising, this makes a loyal customer priceless. After all, there is a better chance of someone visiting your pub if it has been recommended by a friend than if they just saw it on a flyer or advertisement.

Gaining the Loyalty of Your Customers

So, you definitely want to retain your customers and win their loyalty. But how exactly can you do that? Clearly you need to make sure they enjoy themselves. That means offering top quality service and making them feel important. Yes, it means ensuring that staff members know your patrons and greet them appropriately. You would be surprised at how effective that is at making people feel relaxed and happy to visit your pub.

Additionally, you want to make sure the atmosphere is enjoyable and one of the things that contribute to a relaxing ambience is furniture. You need to make sure you have quality furniture that is comfortable. That does not mean you need to spend a fortune on furnishings such as indoor chairs, but it does mean that you need pieces that look smart and are comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting in an uncomfortable seat. In fact, uncomfortable furniture is one of the quickest ways to get rid of your customers.

If you do not serve food, you should consider incorporating a kitchen if possible. However, if you are already providing this service, then be objective when it comes to the quality of the food you serve. Invite someone who is impartial and ask them to sample your dishes. If needed, improve the quality of the food and the menu.

While you do not want to go overboard with the number of dishes, you might need to diversify a little. Some pub owners think that having dozens of dishes on their menu is a great way to attract patrons. However, if you do not have a large kitchen staff, then it is better to cut down on the number of dishes on the menu so that instead of a lot of mediocre dishes, you are serving a few excellent ones.

These are just a few things you can do to gain the loyalty of your customers. And give priority to the furniture because even if everything else is perfect, bad quality furniture that looks worn and uncomfortable will have people running for the hills.

Nextrend specialises in a wide range of hospitality furniture – from pub restaurant furniture to cafe chairs and tables, folding trestle tables and other types of furniture for the catering industry. So, if you are looking for quality, stylish and comfortable furniture at competitive prices, Nextrend is the perfect solution for you.

Learn more about Nextrend’s selection of pub and bar furniture by clicking here.

Pub Bar Furniture – How to Stretch Your Money

Posted on October 8th, 2015

There are many different types of furniture needed for your pub or bar. Finding the right bars furniture choices for the right price can be extremely challenging. It’s important for the bar to project a certain image, but it’s equally important to remain within a certain budget too. This leaves some bar owners and managers feeling a bit of an economic pinch – or at least it has in the past. We offer a wide range of furniture options at exceptional prices. Here are a few other things you might consider in order to make your dollars stretch when buying furniture for your restaurant, pub, or bar.

Choose Furniture with a Great Amount of Versatility

Versatility is important in many things and not something that’s always first and foremost on the minds of pub owners when picking out furniture. However, a high-quality restaurant table top can be used to make smaller tables larger. This holds true with high pub tables as well as lower tables. This is great for accommodating larger crowds or when hosting events where more table space is needed.

While most people don’t think of the plastic stacking chair as a prime choice for club furniture, the truth of the matter is that new designs are aesthetically pleasing and these chairs are inexpensive, though handsome in appearance. These are great if some events require additional seating, and they can be easily stacked and stored out of the way when less seating is called for more room for dancing is in order.

Folding trestle tables are also quite versatile as they provide plenty of seating for large groups and conferences that can be taken away and stored when not needed. However, they can also serve as buffet tables, display tables, and even gift tables for wedding parties. The options are nearly limitless for these extremely useful tables. The bottom line is that the more versatile furniture is, the better value it’s going to be for the price.

Seek Furniture Known for Durability

The other thing you want to find in bar furniture for your pub, club, or other hospitality establishment is durability. The longer it will last, the stronger it is, and the greater amount of time this furniture will retain its beauty, the better it will serve your business.

This is especially necessary when you’re selecting outdoor cafe tables and similar furniture that must be able to withstand the elements month after month and still continue to function properly (not to mention safely) while also maintaining its appearance. That’s no small order when it comes to commercial furniture but one that will definitely help stretch your dollar.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an outdoor cafe table or something for the interior of your pub or bar. When you’re buying furniture for your business it needs to be furniture that’s likely to last.

How will you be able to tell?

Furniture that is built to last generally offers some sort of guarantee or warranty that it will last a certain number of years. Check out the fine print to see what kind of offer the furniture you’re considering for your pub has for coverage and compare it to other offers on furniture in a similar price range. How does your furniture stack up? The longer the warranty, the better, generally speaking, quality it’s likely to be in a given price range.

Little steps like these make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to stretch your furniture buying budget for cafe chairs (Sydney and beyond), the right pub bar furniture, or any other furniture for your establishment.

Pub Bar Furniture

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Restaurant and bar owners often find it challenging to locate the right pub bar furniture to suit their requirements. They must make sure that their bar has enough room for customers to socialise and have fun. But, they must also see to it that the bar has atheistically appealing decor. It has to be inviting and relaxing enough to prompt customers to spend time there. If your customers do not feel comfortable in a bar, they are not going to stick around and spend money. Obviously, this will have a negative impact on sales.

This is why it is imperative that bar owners do everything possible to provide a relaxing bar setting that will make customers want to hang out with their friends and acquaintances. Concentration must be placed on things such as lighting, decorations, tables and bar stools.

Nextrend specialises in providing furniture to the hospitality industry. It offers cost-effective hotel furniture such as restaurant chairs, plastic stacking chairs, folding trestle tables, outdoor cafe tables and bar furniture. The company delivers high quality restaurant and bar furniture to business locations such as clubs, taverns, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

This is a whole range of furniture that caters to both traditional and modern restaurant and bar owners. All in all, Nextrend has a vast selection of bar furniture. The following are just a few examples of the types of bar stools that Nextrend has to offer:

  • The Block Stool looks like the standard stool that you would find in most bar settings. It has a stainless steel square frame with a vinyl seat which does not have a back.
  • The Cruza Stool is a traditional round stool without a back. It has a moulded resin top, which can be customised with many different materials. The seat also has a stainless steel frame and a 750mm height. Overall, the chair can be used for both outside and inside bar settings.
  • The Manola Stool comes in a chocolate timber finish. The seat has sleek lines that make it a good choice for both modern and traditional bar settings. It has a tall frame and sturdy back that will make it very comfortable for customers overall.
  • The Avoca Stool was made in Taiwan and comes with a two year warranty, like all of the other chairs that Nextrend offers. It has a very modern look with its chrome frame and light beech finish. The stool has a height of 750mm.

When it comes down to it, bar owners have the responsibility of making sure that their customers are comfortable and satisfied. Although bar owners want bar decor that has a certain look, it does not make sense to have a certain design style if your customers are not going to feel at home and be comfortable. The trick is to find the right bar furniture that gives the bar a crisp, clean and distinctive style that is also comfortable.

In addition, if you are a bar owner, you want to choose bar furniture that is going to find this delicate balance without draining your wallet. Nextrend can help you to find the right balance.

To know more about Nextrend’s selection of Pub and Bar furniture, click here.

Benefits of Plastic Stacking Chairs for Outdoor Al Fresco Dining

Posted on October 8th, 2015

All over the country, restaurants and cafes are extending the seating room they have available by expanding outdoors. Al fresco dining is extremely popular in every city, so offering patrons the ability to enjoy their meals outside can be a great way to stay busy and entice new customers.

This is where selecting the right outdoor cafe furniture can be so important. Obviously you want your patrons to be comfortable while they are at your establishment, but you also need your furniture to be practical and durable at the same time.

There is also the consideration of style and design to think about, as a flimsy plastic chair may not give off the image you want for your cafe.

Fortunately, it is possible to choose from a wide range of durable, practical plastic chairs that do not appear flimsy, but that are also designed to be stylish at the same time.

Outdoor Cafe Tables and Chairs

The tables and chairs you choose for the outside section of your cafe or restaurant can be crucial. Ideally, you want them to last over the long term without risk of breaking or falling apart. You also want to think about customer comfort while they are eating. If your outdoor section is shaded by a veranda or an awning, this is not too much of a problem.

Plastic is far less likely to conduct heat in the same way metal chairs and tables will. If your outdoor dining area is exposed to the heat of the afternoon sun for hours at a time, metal furniture could pose a problem.

Heavy duty plastic is extremely durable and is not likely to buckle very easily. It is also likely to offer more comfort during the warmer months. Plastic can also be coloured very easily, so it is possible to match your outdoor furnishings with those inside your establishment to carry a theme through the entire place.

Why Plastic Stacking Chairs?

When business hours are finished for the day, the last thing you want is to leave your outdoor furniture outside. This is where opting for stackable chairs makes it quick and efficient for packing up furnishings and storing them inside until the next business day.

Metal chairs can be stacked quite easily too, but plastic tends to be lighter overall, which makes it easier for staff members to carry them around without risk of injury.

Outdoor Bar Furniture

It is not just cafes and restaurants turning to outdoor dining options. Bars and hotels are also keen to offer patrons outdoor areas to enjoy a drink and a cigarette. This is especially true with the new non-smoking laws, forcing patrons outside to smoke.

Choosing the right outdoor bar furniture should be quite simple. Bar stools and tables designed for outdoor use are extremely durable and need to be practical by nature. They are also available in a wide range of styles and designs, so it should be very easy to match outdoor furnishings to any indoor chairs and tables you already have.

Nextrend carry extensive ranges of hospitality furniture specifically designed to suit the needs of restaurant, cafe, and bar owners. If you are unsure about which outdoor furniture will suit your needs, the team at Nextrend will be happy to assist you with any queries you might have.

Plastic Stacking Chair and Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Posted on October 8th, 2015

There are several different factors that can influence a customer’s dining experience. This is a combination of the restaurant’s theme, staff, food, location, decor, and even furniture. Slight changes in each of these factors can greatly affect how a customer views your restaurant.

As a restaurant owner, you want to make sure that all customers like the atmosphere of your restaurant. If they have a fantastic dining experience, most customers will be more than willing to share with others about the things that made their time at your restaurant so enjoyable. However, if your restaurant lacks in any of these factors, a pleasant dining experience may be taken away and it will be hard to get customers to return.

Restaurateurs should start by getting the right furniture. Commercial furniture has to not only be comfortable but also functional and pleasing to the eye. It must always fit the theme of the restaurant to perfection. After all, it really does not make sense to have trendy leather furniture in a restaurant that is the local hangout for teens. Getting the right type of age-appropriate furniture will help to ensure that this group of customers will keep coming back on a regular basis.

If you are like the average person, you probably are not that experienced in picking out commercial furniture such as folding trestle tables, outdoor cafe tables or restaurant outdoor chairs. This is where Nextrend Furniture can help you. Nextrend stocks a large supply of commercial furniture and has a solid reputation for supplying furniture to all parts of Australia. The team of qualified professionals can help you plan your restaurant space and provide the furniture that your restaurant needs. Not only does the company provide great service and exceptional products, but it is all done with prices that are very competitive. Once you find the commercial furniture that is needed, Nextrend will even have it delivered straight to your restaurant doorstep.

Nextrend has a large selection of commercial furniture that can be used outdoors or indoors. It also has different grades of commercial furniture that can be used for different styles of restaurants. For example, you might want to go with more modern furnishing for a teen hangout instead of a formal style. A teen hangout needs a furniture choice that is stylish, comfortable and durable.

You might be tempted to get a style of chair that is also sturdy and long-lasting. However, consider your customers. With a younger crowd, the style changes practically every day. What appeals to them now might not be appealing a year from now. You want your furniture choices to be stylish and contemporary, but also practical in terms of use and price.

If this sounds like too much information for you to take in, you can always just let the professionals at Nextrend handle the furniture planning process. Advise them that your furniture choice will include a plastic stacking chair instead of a leather one. The pros will know how to work with your specifications and provide the dining atmosphere that best fits your customers, preferences, and budget.

It takes a lot of work to keep a restaurant up and running every day. As the owner, you are responsible for every detail, right down to picking out the right furniture. Nextrend’s staff can not only plan and order furniture for you, but it can be delivered fairly quickly to your door as well.

Learn more about our range of stackable chairs by clicking here.

Outdoor Cafe Tables Can Help Increase Your Revenues

Posted on October 8th, 2015

With Australia’s beautiful weather, any cafe owner should consider taking advantage of it by creating an outdoor area for patrons to dine or relax over a cup of coffee. And with the stylish outdoor cafe tables Nextrend offers, you can increase the number of patrons your cafe can accommodate quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the Right Furniture for an Outdoor Area

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing furniture for an outdoor dining area. First and foremost, you need something durable. The last thing you need is furniture that cracks and warps due to extensive exposure to the elements. Generally, you will find that companies offer furniture that is specifically built for outdoor use.

For example, the Mio Chair – Indent from Nextrend is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use with its powder-coated frame and durable seat. Available in a range of colours, this seat can be used to furnish both the inside and outside of your cafe. To set the areas apart, you can purchase this stylish seat in two complementary colours that will still keep the same theme but give your cafe a little more pizazz.

Comfort is also something you need to consider. Just because a seat looks attractive, it does not mean it is comfortable. If the seats are uncomfortable, patrons will not stay as long and they are very likely to not return. The more a customer stays in your establishment, the more they will spend. And it is well-known that a loyal, returning customer will always spend more than a new customer. It is more cost-effective to attract and retain a steady stream of customers and one thing that can help you do that is by choosing comfortable and attractive furniture.

The Aruba Chair from Nextrend is a perfect example of a comfortable yet stylish chair that will keep patrons in their seats. It is also designed for outdoor use and is highly durable thanks to the durable weather resistant moulded resin it is made from.

In terms of outdoor cafe tables, you should consider something that is weather-resistant and also low-maintenance. The stainless-steel Innox Top Round table top from Nextrend is perfect because it is completely weather resistant, highly durable and will probably last you more years than you can count.

What about a bar?

Another attraction you can add to your establishment to attract more patrons is a bar area. This will provide a waiting area for people who are waiting to be seated and will allow them to spend money, instead of leaving and looking for other establishments if your place is full.

Of course, choosing great bar furniture is essential and you should definitely consider maintaining the theme throughout your cafe, from the outdoor furniture to the bar stools. Nextrend offers a wide range of furniture designed specifically for bars, from contemporary designs for modern themes to furniture with a more traditional look for those establishments that have a more rustic look.

Regardless of the type of furniture you need, Nextrend can help you. Offering a wide range of top quality commercial furniture for numerous industries including mining, hotels, restaurants and cafes, Nextrend can help you with all your furniture needs. From outdoor cafe tables to ottomans and drums, you can go wild and create any theme you like with Nextrend’s help.

Nextrend Furniture Outfits The Eatons Hill Hotel

Posted on October 8th, 2015

hotel-restaurant-dining-interiorNextrend was recently chosen to provide hotel furniture for Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane, one of the largest entertainment venues of Australia. This modern and swanky establishment was looking for furniture that reflects its ethos of providing top quality service in a sophisticated setting. With four levels, a rooftop bar, and a fully equipped gaming room, the hotel required an advanced solution at an affordable price point as well as an experienced team ready to tackle a large commercial venture.

Our vast expertise in providing furniture for schools, hotels, pubs, motels, and restaurants, helped us provide Eatons Hill Hotel with a fully customised solution that was purposefully designed to cater to the establishment’s specific requirements. We provided two of our leading ranges to outfit the Eatons Hill Hotel, both known for optimum quality as well as premium aesthetics. With the help of our design team, the hotel selected these units for the following reasons:

  • Customisable – Nextrend was able to provide the exact colours, tones, and materials to fit with the hotel’s ambiance.
  • Premium Materials – despite the competitive price points, both ranges provide top-notch materials that are found on the high-end scale of products.
  • Solid Build – Eatons Hill Hotel is a premium entertainment centre in Australia, meaning that the chairs will be used by a large number of people every night. The establishment required hotel furniture that is built to last.
  • Competitive Prices – Nextrend has built a reputation for providing quality high-end products at competitive prices.
  • Continuity in Design – the hotel was looking to provide a homogenous look and feel, without any contrasting or ‘out of place’ items of furniture. Our experience in outfitting large commercial units, pubs, and restaurants provided us with the tools and expertise to deal with a project of this scale

banquet-seatingClub Range: This affordable chair range is custom made to requirements, allowing your establishment to use it in a variety of settings. It’s ideal as the ultimate modular unit, suitable as a corner seat, a 2-seater, without arms, and a range of other options. Its timber frame and Dunlop Enduro foam guarantee quality that’s built to last – the units are all 100% Australian-made, ensuring craftsmanship from top to bottom.

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, and clubs can use this range to fit an entire room if necessary, with the modular adaptability allowing each use case to be fulfilled with flexibility and ease. Eaton Hills Hotel took advantage of the modular options, as the establishment was looking to outfit several rooms of various sizes and shapes.

Sedja Chairs and Stools: This range is built from the highest quality solid European beech frame, ensuring that they’re built to last. The timber stains are available in several options, while the upholstery can be custom-made for the client’s requirements.

Eahotel-timber-dining-settingtons Hill Hotel opted for the Sedja chairs both for their customisable nature as well as high quality materials. The idea behind this investment is to buy something that will stand the test of time, not needing instant replacement. Both aesthetics and practical functions were served with this selection.

For further information on the specific products used or for a closer look at how everything was put together at the hotel itself, have a look at our Eatons Hill Hotel project page. In addition to furniture that is purpose-built for the hospitality industry, you may also view our selection of pub furniture, mining camp furniture, and commercial furniture, amongst many others.


Nextrend Commercial Furniture Suppliers

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Nextrend commercial furniture is the premier hospitality, cafe and restaurant furniture specialist that offers high quality products in Australia. We design and develop high performance workplaces of unparalleled functionality, beauty, and durability. We design furniture that meet the specific needs of each client. When making your decision on commercial furniture, you must consider that you are also starting a relationship with a local commercial furniture supplier. We believe that this is the most important part of the decision. We guarantee that an entire team of professionals will be working behind the scenes and on site to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Commercial furniture for a restaurant, lobby, hotel or other public venue that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable can make a business more appealing to customers. When the overall look of the room makes an impact with your customers and clients, you can expect that this project will lead to more orders with the same clients.  You can build your own loyal client database with these customers. The commercial grade furniture chosen to design an interior office or restaurant is important because it sets the tone and atmosphere inside the facility. Therefore, it is important for a designer to analyse his or her clientele before choosing a design scheme for a public lobby, hotel, restaurant or facility.

Nextrend supplies commercial furniture and is a good choice for progressive companies all over Australia. We offer contemporary commercial furniture that can create a hip yet sophisticated atmosphere that is appreciated by different crowds. Our furniture also makes an area look and feel bigger. Accents such as coffee tables and side tables that are added to commercial lobbies can provide a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design to the room.

When starting a hotel or restaurant business, some of the most important decisions you have to make involve your choice of furniture. People go to various establishments to relax, dine, or socialise with friends. Choosing the right kind of commercial furniture for your business will play a big part in its success. We have a long list of commercial furniture that you can choose from for your establishment’s overall design. If you are a restaurant or a cafe owner looking for stylish yet sturdy piece of furniture, Nextrend will provide you high quality pieces. We ensure that these products will be delivered accordingly for your maximum satisfaction.

We understand your need for comfort. A restaurant with uncomfortable chairs or tables will not stay in business for long. If a customer is not comfortable when he dines there, he will dine somewhere else. Our commercial furniture has a comfortable look and feel. At the same time, it maintains the sustainability of more traditional commercial pieces. Commercial dining furniture should not only be sturdy, but it should also offer a relaxing dining experience.

Our high quality designs are making an impact in the hospitality industry. We are sure that our designs will continue to play a central role in the years to come. Our furniture designs reflect the business identity and overall aesthetic of any establishment. We prioritise both practicality and function in our designs. We will provide you with high quality furniture that is both attractive and functional.

Maya Chairs: One of Nextrend’s Top Restaurant Chairs

Posted on October 8th, 2015

Nextrend specialises in supplying some of the best commercial furniture on the Australian market. Sourced from all over the world, their range of furniture is second to none. Among their range of restaurant chairs, the Maya chair is one of the most favoured by clients for a variety of reasons, including its versatility.

Introducing the Maya Chair by Siesta

The Maya Chair might look like just another plastic chair, but it hasn’t become one of the best-selling chairs Nextrend offers for no reason. Its simple, clean lines make it suitable for a variety of settings, but that is not what has gained this chair its great reputation.

siesta-maya-chair-black siesta-maya-chair-orange

This chair is incredibly strong because it is made from thermoplastic that has been injection moulded so it is actually one piece.

Thermoplastic is a polymer that has a high molecular weight and can only be moulded once it is heated to a certain temperature. The high molecular weight is what lends this material its strength. Additionally, thermoplastic is somewhat different from other types of polymers because once it cools, it returns to the same bulk properties, unlike other polymers which alter their structure irreversibly.

Furthermore, the chair’s legs have been reinforced with glass fibre, further strengthening it and giving it more stability.

The thermoplastic used in the construction of this chair is mixed with UV stabilisers, and when one takes into account this polymer’s capacity to return to its normal state after being heated to immense temperatures, it is understandable why the Maya chair is resistant to sunlight.

In other words, the Maya chair can be used both indoors and outdoors, and even if the sun shines on it every day, it will not become brittle and the colour will not fade.

Applications for the Maya Chair by Siesta

The Maya chair is available in a wide range of colours, including white, black, silver-grey, chocolate, orange, red, blue, and beige. Regardless of the theme of your venue, you can find Maya chairs that complement the colours you have chosen.

The clean lines of these chairs also make them perfect for a wide range of applications, whether you are looking for restaurant chairs for indoor use or cafe chairs that you want to put out on a patio. They are great for catering jobs as well or for areas where furniture has to be put away every night because they are also stacking chairs. You can stack six of these great chairs together, enabling you to quickly clear space. They are also a great option if you have limited storage space.

In terms of applications, the sky is the limit when it comes to the Maya chair. It can hold up to 160 kg and is in full compliance with European commercial standards, featuring a CATAS certificate. It is built to last and is ideal in any venue with a lot of traffic.

However, you need to be careful because there are other versions of the Maya chair on the market but none of them have the stability or durability of the Maya Chair by Siesta from Nextrend. They are completely different, with only Nextrend’s version being constructed for high-traffic venues, a trait you would expect from excellent hospitality furniture.

Nextrend specialises in a wide range of furniture for the hospitality industry, including club furniture and hotel furniture. With a reputation as one of the best restaurant furniture suppliers in Australia, you can be certain that anything you purchase from Nextrend, whether you buy cafe tables or restaurant chairs, is the best possible quality.

Kookaburra Hotel: Before and After the Nextrend Hotel Furniture Fitout

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Nextrend Fitout - Kookaburra Hotel[Last Update February 16th, 2017  ] The popular Kookaburra Hotel has always maintained a cosy ambience that patrons love. However, the furniture in the dining area was not very comfortable for customers.

The original timber chairs featured throughout the dining room are more commonly seen in residential furnishing stores for home-use dining. While they suited the decor of the establishment nicely, they also feature hard timber bases which can be uncomfortable when sitting down for a length of time.

A simple consultation with a commercial furniture specialist showed that a quick and easy fitout with specifically designed commercial restaurant chairs will be beneficial. The only change made was to replace the original rustic, country-look timber chairs with stylish, sleek Taffita Chairs from Nextrend Furniture.

The entire fitout took only a few hours to replace the seating, so there was minimal disruption to business overall. Yet the end result is a spectacular lift in the ambience, coupled with an increased comfort level for patrons.

A spokesperson from the Kookaburra Hotel was quoted as saying of the new dining room chairs that “they raise the bar” and also that “they look warm and comfortable”.

Taffita Chairs

The Taffita chairs offer cushioned seats that provide comfort to diners while enjoying their meal. The chairs also have higher backs than the previous seats used in the establishment.

These high-backed seats are covered in darker timber colour and have dark brown vinyl seat covers, bringing out the warm atmosphere of the dining room and making it feel even more inviting.

The Taffita restaurant chairs are designed specifically to suit the hospitality industry. For establishment owners, strong, durable, and high quality furnishing means greater savings because it will incur less costs in replacing or repairing inferior chairs, making them extremely cost-effective.

Nextrend - Taffita ChairBuilt using kiln-dried solid rubberwood, the chairs are made to withstand constant traffic and repeated usage in busy areas. Designed with a U-shaped leg rail which provide additional support, the Taffita chairs are extremely durable. Additionally, Nextrend’s range of restaurant seating comes with a 2 year structural warranty.

The padded seats are covered with a vinyl cover, available in a standard dark brown to match the warm timber colour. Custom vinyl colours on the seat cushions are also available if clients prefer a different colour scheme.

We are specialists in supplying high quality furniture designed for the hospitality industry. Our warehouse carry a large stockholding of all the items in our ranges and we can arrange fast, efficient delivery to ensure any fit-out or refurbishment project is completed with minimal fuss or delay.

Along with our comfortable and stylish restaurant chairs, we can also supply a quality range of restaurant tables, outdoor seating, bar furniture and even furnishings to suit hotels and motels. Whether you are furnishing a traditional restaurant setting or a modern alfresco area, Nextrend Furniture has the ideal commercial furniture solution to help you achieve the look and feel you want.


Increase Revenue with Outdoor Cafe Tables and Chairs

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs can be the ideal way for any establishment owner to seat more patrons without overcrowding the indoor space available. Many restaurant and cafe owners already take advantage of the ability to extend their premises by making use of outdoor dining locations. This might be a relaxed al fresco dining situation or an outdoor setting for licensed premises.

Choosing Outdoor Cafe Furniture

It is no secret that many customers love to sit outside to enjoy a quiet coffee or a meal, especially in the warmer months. In order to take advantage of this preference, you may need to consider which style and design of furnishing will best suit your establishment.

If you expect high traffic in your outdoor dining area, you will need to consider durability of the furniture you choose. This may mean opting for heavy-duty plastic chairs and aluminium tables. Many of the newer chair designs available are very stylish and are designed specifically for use in cafes and restaurants.

You may prefer to try and keep your outdoor furnishings as similar as possible to any indoor decor you already have. This helps you continue a design theme and ambience throughout the whole establishment.

In any event, it is still wise to consider how the furniture you choose will withstand exposure to the elements over time.

Seaside cafes may want to furnish a balcony or footpath location to take advantage of ocean views. This may mean considering a comfortable low table with sofa-style seating in a wicker style to capture that whole seaside ambience. Just keep in mind that timber or wicker will need to be treated to reduce warping or cracking due to moisture or heat.

Licensed premises and bars may also want to extend the design theme through to bar furniture as well. It is possible to select bar stools and tables that match other forms of cafe dining tables and chairs, which is ideal if you do not want to compromise on design or style.

Some businesses may prefer to use smaller cafe tables, designed to seat only two or three people. This is ideal for busy cafes that tend to get a lot of smaller groups in throughout the business day.

However, if you are likely to receive bookings from larger groups you may want to consider choosing tables that can be placed together to seat larger parties. Alternatively, there is also the option of using folding trestle tables for those bigger crowds.

Finally, if you do not intend to leave your outdoor furniture outside overnight, you may want to consider choosing chairs that are easily stackable. This reduces the time taken for staff to close up for the evening and makes it much easier for them to set up again the following day.

Wholesale Hospitality Furniture Suppliers

Nextrend specialises in providing high-quality furniture to the hospitality industry. They carry a large range of stock, so refurbishing an entire restaurant or completing a design fit-out for a new establishment is quick and easy. There is minimal downtime required waiting for delivery of furniture, so the project can be completed quickly.

The team at Nextrend will happily provide you with a free quote on any of their extensive furniture range. We are confident you will be thrilled with our competitive prices, so call today and discuss your hospitality furniture needs with one of our friendly staff.

How to Save on Your Business’s Commercial Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

The hospitality industry is clearly one that relies heavily on getting all of the furniture that they need because without these, the primary functions of the business will not be realised. For an instance, a bar cannot serve its customers if there are no bar furniture such as bar stools and counters and a hotel will not be as inviting if it does not have the homely hotel furniture such as beds, sofas, tables, etc.

If you are planning to start your own business in this industry, you must know that investing in good commercial furniture is a priority. As a matter of fact, it is even more of a major concern since this is an investment that will consume a huge percentage of your capital.

Nextrend - Commercial Furniture

With a good business mindset, it is easy to understand that getting optimum quality in your furniture is always a must. This applies to both the practical and aesthetical sense, meaning, these should be durable and visually appealing at the same time. Typically, you would get the notion that you will need to spend money for the furniture. However, there are actually ways in which you can save up on your commercial furniture without having to compromise on the quality. The following are a few tips on how you can do so.

  • Consider leasing instead of actually buying. Since you are just starting, it would serve you well to spend as less as you can without having to slow down the establishment of your business. Leasing is one approach that allows you to do so by not forcing you to pay in lump sum. Instead, you will be under a contract for a certain period of time in which you will have to pay in installments.
  • Do not fall for cheap prices. If you are willing to spend money anyway, ensure that you are getting top quality furniture. This actually prevents you from considerable expense because your furniture will last for a very long time. For any type of hospitality furniture, cheap almost always means a compromise on the overall quality of the product. Buying affordable restaurant furniture is a choice you might eventually regret, because customers will be constantly complaining about how uncomfortable their seat is. On the other hand, if you are opening a pub, durability should be a great concern since it often gets intense in these establishments when arguments arise and the regulars get worked up. Of course, durability in furniture is always a priority regardless of what type of business you will have.
  • Do not go overboard on your design efforts. When it comes to furniture, the more intricate the design is, the more expensive it will be. The truth is that you do not always have to put too much effort in this design department, even if it is club furniture you are looking for. Often, it is the simplicity that draws the attention of people. With proper styling, you do not need to waste your money on elaborately designed furniture.

With these few tips in mind while buying the furniture that your business requires. Keep in mind that finding trustworthy suppliers is the first thing to consider. Nextrend Furniture is a trustworthy Australia contract furniture supplier; we help our clients choose the best-suited furniture for them in consideration of their needs and budget.

How to Pick the Right Restaurant Table Top

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Selecting the right furniture for your restaurant or club is an important decision. There’s no doubt about that. Sometimes it’s hard to take note of all the important details that should be folded into this ever-so-important decision. While there are many things you might want to consider, some things are more important than others. Here are a few of the top things to keep in mind so that your decision about the right restaurant table top for your needs can be the best possible for your business.

How Versatile do the Table Tops Need to Be?

Some restaurants operate indoors and out. Some restaurants cater to small audiences and focus on room for groups of two or four while others are more likely to accommodate larger groups of people. Other restaurants need to have the flexibility to handle both and be able to switch back and forth quickly and easily. You need to think about your general needs for the day to day operation of your business and decide, based on the greater need in your business, which choice is better for you.

If you frequently switch back and forth from large to small groups you might want to consider table tops that can be placed on top of other table taps to extend them or make them larger. This is rather simple to do, especially in restaurants that have table cloths because the new table top configuration doesn’t have to be picture perfect. It’s a great way to add four or more seats at a table without investing a lot of extra time to do so.

Upscale dining establishments are wise to consider this when large parties come in so that you can use the existing open tables without needing to rearrange tables or people. Couple the table top with a well-designed plastic stacking chair for every additional place setting you’re putting out and no one will know the difference.

How Well Does the Table fit into Your Budget?

It’s also important to understand exactly what your needs are and how much budget you can afford in order to accomplish those needs. Establishing a budget is necessary not only to prevent you from spending money you can’t afford to spend on furniture for your restaurant like pricey outdoor cafe tables, but also so you know what the limits are going into the purchase and can negotiate aggressively to get the best possible value for your money.

Whether you’re purchasing one outdoor cafe table, a large stack of folding trestle tables, or all the cafe chairs Sydney has to offer, you need to make a point of sticking to your budget. It does no good to find the prettiest, most stylish restaurant outdoor chair in all of Australia if you can only manage to work one of them into your budget. Not many people want to dine outside alone, after all.

When you’re buying pub bar furniture and restaurant furniture alike, it always needs to be done with the future in mind. Versatility and price are important for bars furniture but they aren’t the only story by any means. Pay attention to the comfort of furniture, the style of the furniture, and how long the average life of the furniture happens to be before you make your final choice.

How to Furnish Your House with Contract Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

You might think that contract furniture only belongs in a cafe, bar, or hotel suite, but there are many possibilities for the wide varieties of chairs, couches, tables, and stools that continue to push the boundaries of style and design. One possibility is to fill your home with these comfortable and showcase-worthy pieces. From the foyer to the living room to the master bedroom and even the bathrooms, here are some instances where hospitality furniture can truly make your home pop.

Cafe and Bar Furniture in the Kitchen

Nextrend - Bar & Pub Furniture

The kitchen is a place to cook and entertain friends and family, but no one said that it has to be stocked with the same old traditional furniture. Cafe furniture can add eloquence and charm to any kitchen atmosphere, which will make friendly gatherings and family get-togethers particularly memorable. Cafe tables and cafe chairs are only two categories of furniture that will make your kitchen truly stand out. Bar stools are another option if you have an elevated bar or counter area to suit them.

Club Furniture in the Living Room

Nextrend - Club Living room Furniture

Have you ever been to club that featured plush or leather couches, ottomans, and tub chairs in various modern design choices? While these commercial furniture selections look perfectly at home bathed in multi-coloured or even strobe lights, they will look even better perfectly situated in your living room in front of the TV.

Both club and hotel furniture will make your guests want to snuggle in and stay awhile. With the right couches, loveseats, ottomans, and chairs, you might have a hard time getting anyone to leave. The good news is that bar, hotel, and restaurant chairs come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, allowing you to find the best fit for your tastes and preferences.

Cafe Furniture in your Outdoor Area

Cafe Furniture - Chairs - nextrend

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs are specifically designed to withstand rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions. You can put your patio or backyard to maximum use by placing some outdoor cafe furniture where you can sit and relax. Enjoying a good meal outdoors will be made possible if you have comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture.

Restaurant Furniture Throughout

Nextrend - Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

Imagine having a tall table with stools surrounding it in your dining room, a loveseat in your bathroom or a booth and table in your bedroom. Do not confine yourself to what you think seems normal or natural. Interior designers make their money by going against the grain and by placing furniture in places that most people do not consider. Instead of hiring one of these interior designers, why not do the job yourself? Really stretch the limits of your imagination and the home design process and look for locations to place contract and commercial furniture selections throughout your home. These pieces will look perfect inside your home, outside your home, and even in your garage.

As you can see, contract furniture has many uses and it is not solely for bars, restaurants, pubs, motels and hotels any longer. If you walk through your home and you can manage to ignore your current furniture choices, you just might find new and innovative locations to place the newest and most eye-catching furniture selections from world renowned manufacturers located all over the world.

To see a full list of these furniture pieces and to revolutionise your home with hospitality and commercial furniture, browse through the wide selection on the Nextrend Furniture website. With the latest furniture ranges and at prices you would not believe, your home is about to get a Nextrend makeover. Visit today to place your order with one of our professional and skilled representatives.

How To Find The Best Restaurant Furniture Supplier

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

The hospitality industry is one in which you need a good perspective of what looks good. Whether it is a hotel, a cafe, a bar, a club, or a restaurant, you need to exude a certain appeal in order to attract people effectively. The customers of these businesses tend to be dismissive and fickle based on what they see.

Nextrend - Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

Hotels will try to look as luxurious and elegant as they can; cafes will try to make a statement with how cozy their ambiance is. Meanwhile, clubs and bars will mostly want to exude a front that easily shows their capability to deliver the good times that most of their patrons will be looking for. With this common goal of attracting and keeping customers, it is important to find the best restaurant furniture supplier. Below are some tips to help you find the best restaurant furniture supplier.

Choose the supplier with extensive experience.

One of the things that you have to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right restaurant furniture supplier is the years of experience the supplier has. The longer the supplier has been in the industry, the better since this can mean that they have come to easily adapt to the changing needs of the market. Nextrend has been in the business of providing bar furniture, club furniture, hotel furniture and cafe furniture, among others, for almost a decade now, allowing them to provide clients with a wider range of designs.

Ask for referrals.

You probably have a few restaurants or cafes whose furniture pieces have appealed to you. You can also check out your favorite restaurants and hangouts and see if the kind of furniture that they have is something that you would want for your own. If it is, check with the owner who their restaurant furniture supplier is. You can then get in touch with this company for the design that you want. In most cases, companies like Nextrend would typically provide you a list of their furniture that you might to go through just to be sure you have the right design in mind. You might have to acquaint yourself with such furniture pieces as the cube ottoman, bistro tables, lounge sofa and armchair, and tub chairs.

It is also a good idea to check with previous clients what they think about the furniture pieces that they have purchased from the supplier you are considering. If this is not possible, you can also check out the testimonial or feedback page that can often be found in business websites.

In entrusting the choice of your restaurant furniture to Nextrend, there are some significant benefits that you should expect. First, we will ensure the increase in your guests experience of leisure while dining in your restaurant. Being seated comfortably on a well-crafted chair and eating on a stunningly fashioned dining table will make the customer feel a great sense of leisure and luxury.

If the furniture feels good, then surely it must look equally as attractive as well. This is the primary objective of restaurants – to improve their look through the furniture. Since the chairs, tables, and all else become functional decorations, Nextrend has some of the most visually captivating products out of all the restaurant furniture suppliers in Australia. We have different sizes, colours, and designs from which you can freely choose from so that you can match your personality, as well as your usual customers inclinations. After all, seeing what they like makes it more likely for them to return.

Look for competitive prices.

Then, there is also the price of the furniture. Nextrend sees to it that we can maintain competitive prices with our offers. We make sure that your purchase of our furniture is worth your investment since we provide a thorough assistance from the choice of furniture to the delivery and even installation into your restaurant setting.

For hospitality business success, choose the best restaurant furniture supplier.

How to Clean and Maintain Stacking Chairs

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Many hospitality business owners understand the need to use stacking chairs when furnishing their establishments. The ability to stack restaurant and cafe chairs conveniently when they are not being used means it is much easier to arrange tables and seating as required.

However, cleaning and maintaining stacking chairs can sometimes be a little more time-consuming than simply taking care of specific hospitality seating that remains in place all the time.

Blue - Carlo ChairNextrend - Ali Madrid Chair

Here are some tips that will help you choose, maintain, and care for your establishments stacking chairs.

Outdoor Cafe Chairs

Many establishment owners incorporate an alfresco dining area for patrons to enjoy sitting outside. Choosing the right outdoor cafe furniture intended for use outside is an important consideration.

Most outdoor cafe tables and chairs often need to be moved out into the outdoor area at the start of the working day and packed away again at night. For this reason, it makes sense to choose stacking chairs that can be moved into place quickly and stored again conveniently.

If you have chosen aluminium or heavy-duty plastic cafe chairs, ask staff members to wipe down the seat tops before each chair is stacked. As chairs are brought outside again at the start of each day, wipe the tops down again to remove any scuff marks or dust left on the seat from the underside of the chair that was stacked above it overnight.

Stacking Bar Stools

If the style of bar stools you have chosen allows the stools to be stacked when not in use, it is important to make sure that the stools do not get scuffed or scratched. Always check that the bases of the stools legs have protective covers on them which are either plastic stoppers or felt undersides. This will reduce the amount of scuffing on stools as you stack them on top of each other. If the stools you have chosen have cushioned seats, be sure to wipe the top of the fabric or vinyl with a clean, damp cloth to remove surface grime before each stool is stacked.

Stacking Hotel Furniture

Some hotels utilise the same areas for multiple purposes. During meal times, a section of the hotel may be set up with restaurant furniture to accommodate dining patrons. When the kitchen is closed, some establishments convert the dining area into a larger function area or nightclub area.

It is important that staff members are able to pack and stack away restaurant furniture quickly and easily in order to begin setting up bar furniture for evening patrons. In some cases, you may have other hotel furniture to set up once the dining tables and chairs have been packed away.

With so much furniture being switched around and packed away, it is important to choose the right style of furnishings to suit your needs. Ideally, the furniture you choose should be very durable and able to withstand being stacked when not in use without causing damage to cushions or frames.

At the same time, it is also important to consider worker safety, so the commercial furniture you choose also needs to be relatively easy to move around and care for at the same time. If you are unsure about the best way to increase the longevity of your stacking chairs, discuss your specific needs with your chosen restaurant furniture suppliers. Here at Nextrend Furniture, we offer a large selection of stacking chairs and we can recommend a specific style or design that may be better suited to your needs.

How To Clean and Maintain Hotel Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 30th November 2016

Hotel furniture is designed to help your establishment make a statement, but that statement will not be very favourable if your furniture is dirty or poorly maintained. To keep your chairs, lounges, stools, and other furniture always looking its best, a proper cleaning and maintenance protocol should be followed. From spot cleaning to shampooing, polishing, and more, here is a list of steps to follow to keep your furniture looking five-star ready all year round.

Nextrend - Hotel & motel Furniture

Fabric & Vinyl Hospitality Furniture

For spot cleaning chairs, sofas, lounges, and other furniture made of soft fabrics and sleek-looking vinyl, follow those steps:

  1. Use a paper towel and lightly dab any excess moisture. This will make sure that you do not rub excess dirt or grime into the fabric or vinyl during the cleaning process.
  2. With the excess gone, apply warm soap and water to a rag and gently rub the spot in a circular motion, rinsing the towel or replacing it as the spot begins to fade. Special cleaners can be used, but only if the labels say that solution is safe for fabric and vinyl.
  3. If you do plan to use a spot cleaning solution, even an extremely mild one, apply it to an inconspicuous spot first. This will allow you to see if any bleeding or colour running occurs, in which case you should choose a milder cleaner for cleaning and maintaining your furniture.
  4. For shampooing of commercial furniture, follow the same advice. Make sure all detergents and shampoos agree with the furniture in question. That may seem obvious, but many establishments end up ruining their furniture altogether because they fail to remember this very simple tip…

Chrome and Wood

Polishing chrome and wood should be done with their respective cleaning agents. Ideally, you should polish your chrome and wood furniture at least once per month, but you can polish them once per week if they need it.

Ensure that connecting pieces, such as plastic seats on chrome-framed stacking chairs, are cleaned adequately with their own respective cleaners along with polishing. For plastic and other hard surfaces, soap and water or a mild cleaner may be used.

Follow the Manufacturers Suggestions

Nextrend will always supply you with the paperwork that explains all of the manufacturers suggestions for taking care of the furniture properly. This will include spot cleaning, shampooing, polishing, recovering, and many other options for adequate cleaning and maintenance.

As long as you are careful with cleaning, you test using inconspicuous spots when you are unsure of a cleaning agents strength, and you are vigilant to clean spots precisely when they form, your pieces will always maintain their appearance even with heavy use.

It does not take that much effort to keep your hotel furniture looking nice, as long as your pieces are made of high-quality materials like the ones we provide, here at Nextrend.

Nextrend will not only supply you with the best hotel and restaurant furniture money can buy, but we will also tell you exactly how to care for those pieces so that they always look fresh from the factory. If you are looking for fabric furniture, vinyl, chrome, wood, or pieces made of any other type of material, browse our wide product range and you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

How to Choose the Right Bar Stool

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Choosing the right type of commercial furniture is crucial, as it does not only define the entire look of your shop or office, but also influences customer impression of your business. This is even more important for businesses in the food and dining industry; bar and restaurant furniture are integral in creating the perfect ambience and theme for your interiors, which can make or break the customer’s dining experience.

For owners in the process of designing their bars or restaurants, one of the first things to look at are the chairs and bar stools. These are the cornerstone of your establishment’s dining space and are crucial to the entire dining experience. Selecting chairs is actually easy as they are often sold in sets. For bar stools, however, the process of choosing can actually get tricky. To help you decide which type of stool to use, we have rounded up some do’s and don’ts that you ought to follow:

Do: Measure your counter or table height.

For bars and restaurants, table height is usually at 40 to 45 inches. In this case, you can easily narrow down your selection to 30-inch bar stools. At the same time, measure its width and make sure that there’s still space for your customers to comfortable ease their way into or out of their seats.

Don’t: Choose a bar stool with no back if your table is not high enough.

Bar stools without backs are usually used when customers are more likely to lean on the table while watching the game, drinking, chatting, etc. However, they might get uncomfortable if there is not enough support, so you’d better choose a stool with arms and a back in this case.

Do: Consider using metal bar stools for your bar.

Metal is easy to clean, affordable, and stylish enough to match most countertops and tables. If you have a wooden floor and counter, it creates a contrast between modern and rustic design. An example of a very simple and minimalist metal barstool is our Kellis Stool.

Kellis Barstool - Nextrend

Don’t: Use a metal bar stool with back and arms support for small spaces.

Metal bar stools with back and arms support may limit the space and are more appropriate for a home kitchen or bar (but this can work if you have swiveling bar stools). As much as possible, choose stools that occupy minimal amount of space, but make sure they’re still comfortable enough to accommodate even people with larger body types.

Do: Go for wooden bar stools if you want a more country and rustic look

Wood and woven stools offer a more traditional feel, usually made of dark woods, painted woods, and sometimes with leather cushion. These stools are the top choice for designers going for the vibe of sports bars, classic 50’s bars, or European-styled restaurants. Nextrend offers several wooden barstools such as the Destiny Barstools.

Beech Barstool - Nextrend

Nextrend - Destiny Chair

Do: Experiment! Try to use the bar stool to connect the ceiling, walls, and floors of your establishment.

Distressed wood and metal stools work great if you want a vintage look for a new space. Molded plastic stools are great for ice cream shops and family diners, as they help the interiors form a more youthful vibe. They are also available in several colours and styles, making them suitable for rooms with all-white wallpapers or paint colour. Wicker and rattan stools or similar stools are great if you have a tropical/luau themed restaurant such as Nextrend’s Palm Barstool or Jamaica Barstool. Some bar furniture also come with floral or colourful upholstery.

Hot Cafe Trends: Ideas for Healthy Food Items to Incorporate in Your Cafe

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Nextrend - Paddington ChairsHaving a beautiful place for customers to relax and enjoy themselves while eating is often not enough to sustain a food service establishment; it will help your business if you are constantly looking for ways to diversify your menu to attract a wider range of customers.

There is a growing number of health-conscious diners that are now looking for creative and wide-ranging alternatives in healthy fare. As a result, paleo and health food cafes are a fast growing trend in Australia. Even if your cafe is not categorised as a paleo or health food cafe, there is no reason why you cannot tap into this market segment. Here are some examples of food items you might consider for your menu to cater to the health-conscious customers.

Is Paleo the Way to Go?

Paleo restaurants and cafes have become increasingly popular. Paleo diets are based on the idea that our Paleolithic ancestors ate the types of food that we are genetically predisposed to eating, meaning that they are generally better for us. Paleo diets feature vegetables, nuts, and meats while eliminating or limiting legumes, whole grains, dairy, and some fruits.

The Paleo Cafe, which can be found in different locations throughout eastern Australia, offers breakfast items like the vegetable frittata served with sweet chilli onion jam and sides of bacon, salmon, or poached eggs. At THR1VE, which has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra, patrons can enjoy a spicy bowl of grass-fed, pulled barbeque beef with roasted peppers and caramelised onions. Both restaurants feature a variety of drink options and smoothies, and milk options for your coffee or latte include such choices as almond or coconut milk. Like many other restaurants that feature Paleo menu options, non-Paleo items are available as well.

Raw, Organic, and Other Popular Nutritional Options 

Perhaps you’re a little concerned that a Paleo diet neglects too many of the other core food groups. Maybe more raw foods or organic, non-processed items that can include whole grains and superfoods would fit your style.

Barry in Melbourne incorporates several of these nutritious options with menu items like coconut chia pudding served with bananas and sour cherries (among other ingredients) and raw falafels with beetroot relish and tahini pickled cauliflower. Establishments such as these offer a wide variety of healthy, organic drinks that feature multitudinous ingredients; for example, Melbourne’s Shokuiku offers a smoothie with seventeen different ingredients, including superfoods such as hemp, goji berry, and marine phytoplankton.

Nextrend Furniture - healthy SnacksCatering to Dietary Restrictions

Cafes and bistros are offering more gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free items and vegetarian or vegan selections to accommodate visitors with special diets. One such example is the gluten-free pasta made with amaranth and quinoa served at Etto in Melbourne. Quinoa is also a primary component of a vegan salad that incorporates goji berry, pumpkin humus, and cauliflower on the menu of The Grain Store in Melbourne. Even bakeries can go entirely vegan, as evidenced by the products at Mr. Nice Guy’s Bake Shop in Melbourne.

Nice cafe furniture and a pleasing atmosphere are important elements in drawing customers to your restaurant, but pleasing customers’ appetites is paramount. There are a number of salutary and wholesome food choices out there. Do research and experiment with those that you could use in your menu to meet the needs of a health-conscious market.

Nextrend is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment.

Hospitality Design Trends: Bold and Stunning Bar Furniture Is the Future

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Design trends in the hospitality industry change practically every year, making it difficult for restaurant and bar owners to keep up, especially when a significant investment is required to stay up to date. It seems that the latest trends tend towards minimalistic yet flashy designs. Simple yet stylish restaurant furniture that could easily have been plucked out of someone’s dining room, simply doesn’t offer the escapism consumers are looking for.

Venues Need to Be Unique, Bold and Comfortable

Regardless of the style you are aiming for when it comes to designing the interiors of your venue, the key is to be unique. With so many restaurants and bars in existence and with so many more opening up practically on a daily basis, venues need to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

Uniqueness can be created in various ways, such as the use of custom lights and interior personalised graphics. You can even use recycled materials, which will not only help you set your venue apart but ensure that you conform to the latest eco-friendly trends.

No matter how unique or stunning the interior design of your venue is, if you don’t offer customers comfortable, quality Remember that you shouldn’t shy away from colour, and you should definitely break away from the idea that consumers are looking for venues with toned down or muted designs. While minimalistic ideas are definitely in, you still want to create a space that offers consumers the escapism they are looking for. In other words, unleash your creativity and go wild, but make sure to source comfortable, quality bar furniture to keep your patrons coming back.

Take Your Hospitality Business To The Next Level With Nextrend’s Table Tops

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Table Tops - Cafe - NextrendChoosing tabletops is one of the most important furniture decisions you have to make as a food service operator. Tabletops affect not just the look of your restaurant or cafe but also your guests’ overall dining experience.

Importance of Quality Tabletops

Purchasing tabletops is an investment that has to be made wisely. Choosing good quality tabletops is important for the following reasons:


Usually, you have to choose a table base and a tabletop to go with it. While the table base serves as the foundation of the table, the function of the tabletop is to provide an area where you can present and serve your dishes and where your guests can experience what you have to offer. The tabletop, therefore, has to be the right size and shape so that diners can enjoy their meals.

 Durability and Maintenance

Tabletops need to be durable and easy to maintain in order to withstand long term use and heavy traffic. Because they are available in various materials, it is essential to choose one that best suits the environment where it will be placed. Some are best used indoors while others are more suited for the outdoors.


Tabletops must reflect your establishment’s theme and ambience. The tabletop is the first thing that people see when they sit down. Therefore, the colour, design, and texture of the tabletop has to complement your restaurant decor, which is essential in building concept and brand recognition.

Nextrend’s Table Top Selections

We, at Nextrend, know how important the right tabletop is to your hospitality business. We can help take your business to the next level with our huge range of tabletops for your restaurant, cafe, hotel, pub or other commercial establishment. No matter what your requirements are, we have tabletop selections that can be mixed and matched with a variety of table bases to suit your needs.

Our Inox Table Top design will be perfect for your indoor restaurant chair needs. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, it has a hardwearing stainless steel seamless edge design with a ring polish finish that will suit heavy traffic restaurants.

If you prefer a wooden look, our Melamine Table Top is a great alternative for your indoor tables. You can choose from a variety of Decorwood finishes to match your establishment. It has a scratch and wear resistant surface and is also available in different shapes and sizes.

Our Duratop is a more flexible option, great for both indoor and outdoor use. Made in Europe, the Duratop is a resin moulded tabletop that is hygienic and easy to clean.

For your outdoor cafe chairs, our Compact Laminate Tabletop will be your best choice. It has an extremely durable and hardwearing surface that is resistant to scratches, wear, stains, moisture, and high impact.

We ensure that our furniture pieces are built to maintain their appearance and function in harsh Australian conditions, using materials proven for their safety and stability. Plus, for your peace of mind, all of our furniture pieces come with a two-year commercial warranty.

Choosing the right tabletop need not be such a challenging task for you. Call us now at 1300 559 965 so we can help you make the right choices.


Nextrend Offers a Great Selection of Cafe Chairs in Sydney

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Spring is in the air and everyone wants to get out and enjoy everything that the new season has to offer. It does not matter if it means getting on the golf course or jogging down the lane. It cannot be denied that this is the time of the year that people start to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Most restaurant owners know this all too well. Their regular customers start heading for the outside patios to enjoy their favourite meals, especially if they are offered the option of being seated on cafe chairs in Sydney. Bar owners also have customers who would rather enjoy their wine on the balcony or patio.

Popularity of Outdoor Hospitality Furniture

The main reason hospitality furniture is so popular is that they are made for both outdoor and indoor dining. They are used in places such as restaurants, resorts, hospitals, schools, bars, cafes and clubs. As long as there are places that offer public dining and socializing, you will see outdoor furniture.

Not only should hospitality furniture be aesthetically appealing, comfortable and sturdy for the customers, but it should be affordable for the restaurant or bar owners. Quite naturally, there will be some customers who will not even notice the cafe chair in which they are sitting. However, if it is uncomfortable, they will remember their restaurant or bar experience when their bodies ache later in the day.

Customer Comfort and Satisfaction

Customers will not return to a restaurant where the furniture is not comfortable. They have the option to stand by the bar all night long, but who really wants to do that? It is in the owner’s best interest to make sure that the needs of his customers are taken care of; this includes getting the best hospitality furniture for the money. This is why restaurant and bar owners are in need of quality hospitality furniture.

Hospitality Furniture Experts

Nextrend is considered to be among the largest hospitality furniture suppliers in Australia. If you need quality commercial furniture for your restaurant, bar, club, resort, or cafe, Nextrend is your best source to get the furniture that you and your customers will appreciate. The company has numerous styles of hospitality furniture to choose from such as chairs, outdoor cafe tables and bars furniture. This furniture is available in a wide range of colours, size configurations and designs. You can have your choice of steel, chrome, wood, teak, bamboo, and most other kinds of materials.

It does not matter what type of style your establishment might have; Nextrend has the commercial furniture that will suit your particular taste. This is true whether you are buying cafe chairs in Sydney or restaurant tables in Perth, as Nextrend can deliver Australia-wide.

Nextrend understands that you are trying to buy furniture that not only complements your overall restaurant theme, but it also has to be appealing to and comfortable for the customer. In addition, it has to fit into your budget. Many times, it is hard to find a hospitality furniture supplier that has furniture in house that will meet all of these particular needs. However, Nextrend has the reputation of supplying a vast selection of chairs, tables and stools for the hospitality industry. It can supply cafe chairs for Sydney customers or any other location in Australia.

This is the season in which people want to spend more and more time outdoors. If you are a restaurant owner, then you must be ready for this increasing demand for quality outdoor furniture. Nextrend is a reputable supplier of both outdoor and indoor furniture. It is good to know that you can depend on this company for your specific hospitality furniture needs.

Getting More Life from Your Outdoor Cafe Tables

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

It is not always easy to extend the life of outdoor cafe tables because they are constantly exposed to the harsh elements of long, hot Australian summers. They require a little more care and gentle treatment than indoor bars furniture needs since they are used to serve the needs of restaurant and cafe patrons who prefer to be outdoors for their dining pleasure. So how can you extend the life of the outdoor furniture you purchase for your cafe or restaurant?

Buy High-Quality Furniture

It is tempting to look for the best price when buying furniture for your hospitality business. This is not always the best course of action, however. It is a better plan to take a little time to compare the quality of various furniture items before deciding to buy. High-quality furniture is better designed to resist the elements while retaining its beauty and durability.

Purchase Furniture Designed for Outdoor Use

Not all furniture is designed for long-term exposure to the elements. It is in your best interest to buy furniture that is designed for the outdoors. If you do not invest in the right outdoor furniture, you may find that warranties are voided and that the furniture does not last long. The good news is that you can find a wide range of attractive and affordable options for your outdoor cafe tables and cafe chairs. Sydney business owners need look no further than our selection of products to find the perfect match for your cafe needs.

Choose Durability over Aesthetics

It is great to achieve a certain look, but your first priority when purchasing outdoor furniture needs to be durability. Buy tables that are sturdy enough to handle the occasional high-speed wind gust, driving rain, and the high heat of summer if you are interested in protecting your investment. The temptation may be to go for a certain look for your outdoor furniture or match it to your indoor furniture. This is not always the wisest choice, however, and can lead to furniture that needs to be replaced more frequently.

Follow Recommended Maintenance Procedures

Almost every furniture manufacturer recommends certain care and maintenance procedures designed to prolong the life of their furniture while maintaining its beauty. These recommendations are what the manufacturer has determined will keep your furniture looking as good as possible and operating optimally for the duration of the warranty period and beyond. It is a good idea to incorporate them into your regular cleaning, care, and maintenance routine.

Protect Your Investment from Extremely Harsh Conditions

There are some times, such as during East Cost Lows or thunderstorm Super cells, when it is wise to bring the furniture indoors to prevent damage from high wind and driving rain. These extreme weather systems are rare, but can cause a great deal of damage to your outdoor cafe tables and other furniture. Bringing them indoors or having a protected enclosure to store them during these times will help you maintain their beauty and prevent damage to the tables and chairs.

There are many benefits in extending the life of your outdoor furniture. The primary benefit, from a business perspective, is that you will prolong the life of your furniture, meaning you will need to purchase fewer replacements the years. The longer you can go without buying new furniture, the more cost-effective your tables and chairs become.

The Four Things All Hospitality Furniture Should Be

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

When it comes to choosing the right hospitality furniture for your establishment, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account, from design and style to durability and cost. However, none of that really matters if you have chosen the wrong furniture for your hospitality establishment, whether you run a hotel or are opening up a café. So, let us look at some of the things hospitality furniture should offer to help ensure your success.

Stylish and Attractive Furniture Gets Patrons through the Doors

Some people tend to be rather shallow, so if something does not look good, there are people who are not going to like it. In fact, some will steer clear of it with such utter conviction that nothing will get them inside an establishment that has ugly furniture. So, it is vital that your establishment features attractive furniture that will entice potential customers to walk through the door. This applies to any type of establishment, whether you run a hotel, a bar, or a café. Having stylish furniture that looks new and clean will go a long way in luring people to go inside your establishment.

Comfortable Hospitality Furniture Is Non-Negotiable

If your hotel, bar, restaurant or café furniture is uncomfortable, it does not matter how attractive it is because people are not going to come back. In fact, you will be really lucky if they spend more than a few minutes in your establishment. People generally do not want to sit on uncomfortable and dirty-looking café chairs.

Uncomfortable furniture will have people running out the door faster than you can blink, which means that you need to find the right balance between creating a style they will like and providing them with the comfort they need.

Durable Furniture Is a Necessity

Durability is essential in hospitality furniture. Unlike the furniture you have at home, commercial furniture has to be able to take a beating while still looking new. Consider how many people will be using the furniture in question, and how frequently, which will show you exactly why you need furniture with a high level of durability. After all, the last thing you want is for one of your restaurant chairs to fall apart under a customer. That is a definite way to make sure no one comes back, simply because of the fear of suffering similar humiliation.

Hospitality Furniture Needs to Be Low-Maintenance

While intricately carved furniture might be beautiful, it also requires a lot of maintenance. It’s difficult to clean and storage can be more than problematic for fear of damage. And the last thing you need is taking up your staff’s time with cleaning. You need furniture that only needs a quick wipe-down to look fresh, instead of pieces that you need to use a toothbrush on to get them looking even vaguely presentable. The less time your staff spends cleaning restaurant furniture, the more money you save.

Nextrend Furniture supplies a wide range of top quality hospitality furniture that is durable, comfortable, stylish, and low-maintenance. In other words, their wide range of furniture pieces are ideal for any establishment owner looking to buy the best furniture for their bar, café, or restaurant. Whether you want to buy café furniture in Brisbane or hotel furniture in Sydney, Nextrend can supply you with exactly what you need.

Folding Trestle Tables: Cost-Effective and Profitable

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Folding trestle tables have always been popular because they can be pulled out whenever they are needed and stored away to save space when not required. This makes them a great option for catering and event hire companies as well as for establishments that rent out space for different events, like hotels.

Nowadays, to compete in the cutthroat catering industry, companies need to do more than just supply the food if they want to stand out from the crowd and make a profit. Thus, catering companies are being forced to offer more and more services, from helping clients find the perfect venue for their event to supplying the furniture or, at the very least, providing a good source where their customers can rent the furniture for the event from.

Folding trestle tables are a great option for any catering company to have on hand because these cost-effective tables are easy to transport, don’t take up much room when stored away and can quickly be set up quickly with little fuss.

Event hire companies that offer trestle tables can significantly increase revenues because these sturdy tables are a great option for a wide range of events and venues. Whether someone is planning a business conference or a wedding, these types of tables are usually preferred because they are easy to transport and quick to install.

Since they are also cost-effective, meaning the initial investment is quite reasonable, they will quickly recoup the cash you spent on them. It will not be long before the income on these trestle tables is pure profit.

Hotels or other venues that rent out space for events can also benefit greatly. These cost-effective tables can be used to create various layouts to meet the specifications of any event. They can be used to turn an empty room into the perfect venue for a business conference, a board meeting or a wedding quickly and easily.

When not in use, the legs fold away, meaning they do not require a lot of storage space. The speed with which they can be set up is also a benefit since a room can quickly be changed around, allowing you to host multiple events on the same day.

Nextrend Furniture offers some of the best folding trestle tables on the market. These tables feature an easy folding leg system and great quality table tops that are laminated on both sides. The PVC edge is shock proof so you do not end up with chipped edges that look unprofessional. The sturdy steel support system ensures these tables can take a lot of weight, so you will not  have any surprises like a table buckling.

Whether you are looking for round, standard or curved trestle tables, Nextrend has the perfect option for you. The company also offers various table tops, available in beige, cherry, golden beech, ironstone, stainless steel, seal grey, wenge and white. This means they will seamlessly fit into any venue, regardless of decor, whether they will be used in an upscale hotel for a business event or an outdoor wedding.

Nextrend specialises in top quality commercial furniture, including outdoor cafe tables, bars furniture and cafe chairs. Sydney companies and much of Australia have been sourcing their commercial furniture from Nextrend for a very good reason: they know they can count on great customer service, amazing furniture and competitive prices.

Five of Australia’s BEST Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

The growing popularity of vegetarianism in Australia has seen a massive surge in vegetarian restaurants and cafes across the country.

The question is, where ARE the best places for vegetarians to eat?  Vegetarian restaurant owners have a long list to tick, from delicious and affordable food, to ambience and atmosphere, created through restaurant furniture and decor. The options are plentiful, as are the internet based reviews and information sites. So, we have decided to make your life a whole lot easier by identifying the top 5 vegetarian restaurants in the whole country.

  1. Grumpy Greens, Melbourne.

Not only does this Smith street spot have delicious vegetarian food, they also encompass green living through their whole approach, their restaurant furniture, and their location. Their toilets are operated through the use of rain water and they cut their electricity for three hours a week as part of a drive to diminish their carbon footprint. Locally brewed beers combines with a funky organic music scene, making this spot a force to be reckoned with.

For more information visit:  www.grumpysgreen.com

  1. Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant, Sydney.

If you are in the Sydney area, then this restaurant is a “Must Do” for all vegetarians. The name stands true, as the menu is subject to the season and what is deliciously and locally available. Their menu boasts dishes for both vegans and vegetarians, with the restaurant being located in a beautiful old heritage building, with restaurant furniture and decor to match the olden day ambiance.

For more information visit: www.harvestvegetarianrestaurant.com


  1. Vege Rama, Brisbane.

Fun, friendly and affordable, Vege Rama will blow any vegetarians taste buds out of the water. This restaurant is famous for their amazing vegan menu as well as their fabulously friendly staff. Vege Rama is also dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly living, which resonates in their food, attitude and decor.

Their concept is inspired by cuisines from all over the world, including India, South East Asia and Greece. This is reflected in everything, from food to restaurant furniture, making Vege Rama a prime spot to visit.

For more information visit: www.vegerama.com.au

  1. Red Cabbage, Perth

Whilst Perth may still be catching up on the vegetarian scene, Red Cabbage has stood out amongst all as the best Vegetarian restaurant in Western Australia.  Their cuisine is a mixture of English, Australian and Asian fusion, proving to be a menu packed to the brim with fresh and unique flavours.

Their attitude to their food is to create dishes and an ambiance that captures the beauty of childhood and life’s beautiful and unique experiences.

For more information visit: www.redcabbagefoodandwine.com.au

  1. Bliss Organic Cafe, Adelaide

The final spot on our list is located in beautiful Adelaide.  Bliss Organics raw food menu has attracted rave reviews from around the world, all praising this great spot. They are the only organic raw food cafe in the whole of South Australia and their eco-friendly and earth loving approach is present in all that they do.

This cafe is one that will warm the cockles of your heart as well as fill your belly with great food, love and laughter.

For more information visit:  www.blissorganiccafe.com.au

So, there it is: Five of the best that Australia has to offer. With these options, nourishing your body, mind, and soul has just been made easy. Enjoy!


Establish a New Cafe or Restaurant in Adelaide without the High Start-Up Costs

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Nextrend - Cafe Furniture AdelaideMany business owners thinking of starting up a new restaurant or cafe in Adelaide find that the initial costs of establishing the business can be too restrictive. Purchasing durable hospitality furniture to seat sufficient numbers of patrons only adds further to the associated costs.

However, it is possible to refurbish a new bar or restaurant very cost-effectively by using the innovative Rent-Try-Buy program. You get the advantage of fitting out your premises with stylish, modern furniture without the initial outlay required to purchase those items upfront.

Opening a New Business on a Budget            

Renting the commercial furniture you need could be the ideal solution for keeping start-up costs to a minimum. It’s ideal for any business owner wanting to ensure that a new hotel, bar, restaurant or cafe has the right furnishings to suit the theme or ambience you want without the initial costs.

It also means there’s no need to compromise on quality. With Nextrend Furniture, you’re able to choose from an extensive range of high quality, stylish furniture to suit your intended atmosphere or design.

Cash Flow Benefits of Renting Hospitality Furniture

As any new business owner will know, cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Spending large amounts of money on capital purchases to establish the business in the first place can leave the coffers looking extremely bare.

This can be detrimental to the success of a restaurant, especially if there are still suppliers and other creditors to pay each month just to get to the point of opening the doors for business.

By comparison, choosing to rent stylish cafe chairs and tables offers the ideal way to keep capital costs to a bare minimum. This leaves more money in the coffers to act as a buffer to cover other vital expenses until patrons start frequenting the establishment and churning a profit.

Tax Advantages of Rent-Try-Buy

Of course, purchasing new restaurant furniture can offer plenty of tax benefits to a new business, but there may also be comparable tax advantages to renting.

The affordable monthly payments you make on your rented furnishings are fully tax deductible, making this an even more cost-effective option for many businesses.

Nextrend - Restaurant & Cafe FurnitureUpdate or Buy Outright

The Rent-Try-Buy agreement available throughNextrend Furniture allows you to rent your cafe or restaurant furniture for up to 2 years. At the end of the rental agreement, you have the option to purchase the furnishings you’ve been using in your establishment at a reduced price.

In fact, there’s a rebate of up to 75% available if you decide to purchase your rented furniture within the first 12 months of your agreement.

However, if you decide that the tables and chairs you chose at the beginning of your rental agreement no longer suit the decor within your establishment, you can choose to update to new furniture styles instead.

You simply return your originally rented furniture and choose new pieces based on the style and design you prefer. It’s up to you whether you continue to rent those items or whether you want to purchase them outright from your commercial furniture wholesaler.

Why Choose Nextrend Furniture as Your Wholesaler?

Sourcing good quality furniture to suit the hospitality industry is important. Not only does the furniture need to be durable enough to withstand constant traffic, but it also needs to be stylish enough to suit the decor of your establishment.

Aside from those considerations, it’s also vitally important to ensure that you’re accessing your furnishing needs from a reputable wholesaler. You want to know that the wholesale company you work with maintains a large stock holding at all times so that you can order as much as you need to and be assured that your order can be fulfilled the very next day.

This is where Nextrend Furniture excels. They’re renowned for their first-class customer service and they strive to make the entire process of fitting out or refurbishing any cafe, restaurant, bar or hotel in Adelaide as easy as possible every step of the way.

Call the friendly team at Nextrend Furniture today and ask for a free quote for your furniture needs. They’ll even be happy to discuss your options if you prefer the idea of renting your furnishings to help you get started.

A Look at Different Types of Hospitality Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

The hospitality industry will always flourish as a whole because people are social creatures by nature. We like to go out, meet new people, and enjoy a relaxing, fun evening with those close to us. However, this doesn’t mean that every establishment will succeed because there are so many variables that can make or break a hospitality business. Hospitality furniture is one such important factor, and if you get it wrong, you’re doomed to fail. Let’s look at the different types of furniture available for hospitality establishments, and why it’s important to purchase the right furniture.

The Right Type of Furniture for the Right Establishment

Different types of establishments require different types of furniture. For example, low couches and tables might be suitable for a club, but in no way would they be ideal for a restaurant. So, the first step in buying the right furniture for your hotel is ensuring that you are sourcing the right type of commercial furniture. Luckily, this won’t be too hard since most commercial and restaurant furniture suppliers offer dedicated lines for different applications.

Restaurants and Cafes

If you are opening up a restaurant, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of options when it comes to restaurant furniture. The key is to find furniture that is comfortable, attractive and stylish. Pieces that are relatively low maintenance should also be considered. Remember that the key to a restaurant’s success is creating an attractive atmosphere while providing your patrons with the comfort they desire.

Nextrend - Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

Cafe furniture should be purchased with the same goal in mind. Of course, you should also consider checking out the latest design trends and putting your own spin on them so you can stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t necessarily mean using weird cafe chairs that look great but are a pain to sit on, even if that is the trend. It doesn’t mean spending a fortune either. You can achieve an amazing look with just a few strategic pieces, or by playing with colour, such as having contrasting cafe tables and chairs.

Clubs and Bars

When it comes to buying club furniture, things are a little different in that people go to clubs mainly to drink and dance in a flashy atmosphere. However, you still need to provide comfort. Generally, low, comfortable sofas are ideal for clubs rather than regular tables and chairs because they help set the mood for a night of dancing and fun. Sitting in a stiff chair won’t exactly help create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Nextrend - Bar & Pub Furniture

Bars are a bit easier in terms of the furniture you need because you can use a combination of sofas, chairs, stools and more. Remember, though, that people go to bars to drink and talk, which means your setup and the bar furniture you purchase should reflect this.

Buying Furniture for Hotels

Hotels are somewhat different in that people don’t necessarily go to hotels to relax, but use these establishments as their home base while they are travelling. Of course, providing customers with all sorts of entertainment and other services, such as a restaurant and a bar, is a good way to increase profitability but you still need to focus on the fact that hotel furniture is completely different to other types of commercial furniture – for one thing, you wouldn’t be buying a bed for a bar. However, the same basic principles apply, namely quality furniture that impresses but also provides comfort.

Nextrend - Hotel & Motel Furniture

When it comes to purchasing hospitality furniture, whether you’re looking for restaurant chairs or cafe furniture in Brisbane or any other area, there’s no better supplier than Nextrend Furniture. They carry an extensive range of furniture for hospitality establishments, and their top quality pieces are competitively priced. So, regardless of the type of furniture you need or the design you are after, Nextrend is the one supplier that will go the extra mile to ensure you and your customers are happy.

Developing Trends in Club Furniture and Design

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Many designers of nightclub interiors are now keeping in mind the consumers and people who will be using the area they are designing. Design trends fluctuate but the thing that remains constant is the human interaction that goes on in these clubs. The goal is to cater to as many consumers as possible which may mean combining common areas that have a more intimate atmosphere. This can be done with the right use of quality club furniture.

Design Your Club around Your Guests

The key to a successful nightclub is to cater to all of your patrons. This means creating large common areas where people can dance and interact with others they’ve never met before. You can also provide areas that are quieter and more intimate so people can have a conversation if they so choose.

While most people associate nightclubs with loud blaring music, the fact is that people can’t dance all night. Sometimes they simply want to retreat to a quiet space so they can talk, especially if they’ve made a new acquaintance.

By providing small areas that feature a more intimate atmosphere, you are catering to the desires of the consumer, which will increase the number of patrons coming to your venue as well as improve customer retention significantly.

Smaller, More Specialised Clubs

Another common trend is that clubs are getting smaller and more specialised, featuring comfortable furniture, stylish interiors, and customised drinks. It’s all about offering the most amazing experience possible

The trend with lighting is to make them darker and to focus on special lighting effects such as beams and lasers. Thus, dance floors are bathed in darkness with stunning light effects, which is exactly what can entice people to get up and dance. After all, most people are shy and a dance floor that is bathed in brightness will only deter patrons from getting up.

Consider Feeding Your Guests

After a long night out, or even during it, most people want to have a bite to eat, which is why all-night fast food places make a fortune and why you lose customers. You could make a fortune by offering your guests food. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated but a variety of small-plate food items will ensure that patrons don’t leave your club in search of food, never to return.

This doesn’t require a significant investment. You could partner with a catering company or install a simple kitchen. Have some restaurant chairs or cafe chairs and tables ready and you could earn some more. Regardless of how you decide to go about it, the key is that patrons won’t be forced to leave your nightclub to go in search of food.

Another option would be to consider a multiple activity venue, such as a restaurant that turns into a nightclub and bar later on in the evening. While such an operation can be complicated to manage as well as coming up with an appropriate design equally challenging, all it takes is a bit of imagination, creativity, and some fancy lighting work.

Focusing on your customers will make it easy for you to follow any design trend for your club furniture and interiors. Nextrend furniture is your partner in making your club trendy and functional. Once you put the human element at the forefront, creating a stunning environment that will get people coming back for more will be easier than ever.

Tips for Designing a Mobile App for your Restaurant

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Nextrend- Mobile Resto AppApps are the newfound rage amongst business owners trying to tap into the digital market. With most of us surfing the web using smartphones or tablets, it is an effective way of engaging with would-be and existing customers. In fact, most restaurants would benefit from this form of customer engagement.

But you cannot release anything and expect users to jump on it – you are going to have to create something that is actually worth downloading. In order to make your app a proverbial part of your restaurant, then you need a plan of action. The following tips for designing your restaurant app will give you a good framework to build from.

Focus on Apple and Android

Don’t place your bets on a single horse – designing your App for one or the other will alienate a good chunk of users, no matter which you go for. Instead, ensure you cater to both.

Worried about the costs involved? Use technology that’s adaptable rather than in-house tools – for example, HTML5 will allow you to serve apps that work on a wide range of devices quickly and easily. While it is not the same as offering dedicated native apps, it is still a good idea to try and serve your entire audience.

Quality Images and Video

If you plan on using a good amount of images and videos in your app, we applaud you for it. We must insist, however, that you do not let your audience see anything that falls below quality standards. In other words, stick to high-res at all times. And do not forget to optimise.

Photos of your premises need to be crisp and clear – users should be able to see the detail of your restaurant furniture, so to speak. If it is blurry or unfocused, go back to the drawing board and get your hands on something that oozes quality. Videos should have both excellent audio and visuals. Just make sure they are quick to download as well.

User Friendly Tops Complex and Layered

Some people (incorrectly) feel that adding intricate and complex features actually adds to an app. There is nothing further from the truth. Users want something that’s intuitive and easy to use – not a puzzle to solve.

Try and make your app easy to navigate and command. User friendliness needs to come near the top of your priorities, lest you lose your new customers before they’ve been given a chance to be convinced by your cuisine.

Mobile App for Restaurants - NextrendBring Something to the Table (Excuse the Pun)

Your app needs to have a clear purpose and goal. It should add value to each user that chooses to download it. If they realise that it’s just full of fluff and a waste of precious hard-drive space, they won’t think twice about sending it to the bin.

Think about why someone would choose to download what you’ve got to offer. Will you be giving exclusive discounts and promotions? Perhaps you’ll give away free recipes or tips. Whatever it is, make it unique and exciting. That will make users stick around for the long-term.

Remember that your app is more than just a vanity. It shouldn’t exist simply for the sake of existing or to serve your business ego. You’re looking to expand your client base and take care of those you already have. Keep that at the forefront of your mind throughout the design process and you should be just fine.

Cost Effective Cafe Furniture, Restaurant Table Tops, and Bar Stools

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Nextrend - Taffy StoolAs a restaurateur, you want to make sure that your customers have a very enjoyable time whenever they visit your restaurant. This means that the food has to be delicious, the customer service must be spectacular, and, in addition, the layout, design, and decor have to be stylish, comfortable, inviting, creative, and functional. However, like most business owners, you probably do not have the extra time that you will need to handle all of these important tasks.Nextrend might not be able to provide valuable assistance with your restaurant’s cuisine or staffing needs; however, it can provide the right commercial furniture for your restaurant.

Nextrend Furniture is an expert in the Australian hospitality industry. It carries commercial, restaurant, cafe, and hospitality furniture. The company specialises in providing products such as plastic stacking chairs, folding trestle tables, outdoor cafe tables, and bar furniture.Nextrend delivers furniture to restaurants, cafes, hotels, motels, and clubs. It is easy to get affordable commercial furniture with the look and feel that you want. It does not matter what design you envision because the staff at Nextrend will work closely with you to come up with a design that suits your business to a tee.

What if you already have tabletops and table bases, but you just want to change or update the look of your restaurant? You can always just change out the table tops to create a whole new look and feel for your restaurant. This is where Nextrend comes in to help. The company has a vast selection of cafe and restaurant furniture to choose from in different sizes, colours, materials, and, of course, prices. Their hygienic tabletops can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, they are designed so that they are not hard to clean after a full day of use. But, most importantly, each table top has a two-year warranty that will surely come in handy. There are numerous table tops to choose from. The following table tops are just two of the many that Nextrend offers:

First, the Innox Tabletop is a stainless steel table top that is available in 600 mm, 700 mm, and 800 mm sizes. This particular table can be purchased in either a round or square shape. If neither of these table top shapes fit into your design plans, it can also be purchased in a rectangular 1200 mm x 800 mm size.

Gentas Duratop - Nextrend

Second, if you want and need something with a little bit more pizzazz andcolour, then you will love the RedDuratopresinmoulded table top. It is available in round sizes of 600 mm, 700 mm, and 800 mm. It can also be purchased in square sizes of 600 mm x 600 mm, 700 mm x 700 mm, and 800 mm x 800 mm. The table top is also available in a rectangular size.

Nextrend Furniture delivers custom and stock furniture to all parts of Australia. If the product is in stock, it will be shipped on the same day or the very next day. Quite obviously, different Australian cities will have different delivery lead times. Customer service can provide the lead time for your particular furniture delivery based on your location. Your customised furniture orders will always be delivered straight to your place of business in the shortest time possible.

Nextrend - Cafe Chairs

Quality Commercial Bar Stools and Bar Furniture Designed for the Hospitality Industry

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 30th November 2016

Sourcing good quality commercial bar stools and other bar furniture is now much easier with the range available from Nextrend.

Commercial Bar Stools

Many patrons of restaurants, hotels and bars like the ability to sit at the bar to casually enjoy a drink, sometimes before moving on to the meal or entertainment area. Bar stools should not only provide comfort and stability, but also be constructed with sturdy stainless steel frames for strength and support. Designed for a cosy ambience, timber commercial bar stools also provide plenty of strength and durability for indoor use and are available with cushioned or timber seats.

Bar stools are also perfectly appropriate for use around bar tables. These are more elevated than a regular dining table and are best suited for bars where patrons tend to sit in groups to enjoy a social drink.

With such a wide range of commercial furniture available, the team at Nextrend can match your selection with additional pieces intended for use in other areas of an establishment. For example, it’s possible to purchase bar stools from the exact same collection as dining chairs for those areas where both types of seating will be visible. This allows designers to let a furnishing theme flow through an entire restaurant, while using the same style.

Outdoor Bar Stools

With many hospitality establishments now embracing the Australian love of outdoor dining and entertainment, the need for appropriate outdoor bar stools is increasing. Many hotels have remodelled or extended their premises to incorporate:

  • Dedicated outdoor bar areas suitable for smoking patrons
  • Specific outdoor sections for those who prefer al fresco dining

However, not every single piece of furniture is properly built to accommodate the harsh weather conditions we endure here in Australia. Stools intended for use outdoors need to be made of rust-resistant aluminium, polypropylene or resin rattan. They should also feature a sturdy, durable design that won’t warp or buckle after repeated use. Additionally, these should be stackable so they can be stored securely indoors once operating hours have finished and the outdoor area has been cleared – one aspect you should keep in mind when making your selection.

Gaming Stools

If your establishment has a gaming or Pokies room, you should first and foremost focus your attention on the comfort of your guests and pick stools comfortable enough to suit long-term seating. Patrons tend to remain at their machines for some time, so it’s important that stools are well-cushioned, but also designed to allow easy movement between areas if needed.

There’s also the consideration of durable construction. These stools need to be able to withstand prolonged usage over time without suffering any immediate effects of wear and tear.

Here at Nextrend, our range of gaming stools has been designed to be both comfortable and durable, and they do come with a 2-year warranty.

Designer Ranges

Boutique hotels tend to shy away from commercially manufactured bar stools, preferring the more upmarket designer look for their establishments. It’s worth noting that Nextrend also stocks designer chairs, tables and stools specifically for those establishments that prefer a more unique styling and appeal.

Commercial and Business Customers Only

As a supplier of commercial hospitality furniture, Nextrends only focuses on commercial and business customers. Our extensive products range includes furnishings suitable for cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs and tourist parks. We also feature a stylish range of commercial office furniture.

The furnishings available are all designed to be cost-effective solutions for providing high quality hospitality furniture to a range of business customers in Australia. Aside from specific bar and hotel furniture, Nextrend is also able to provide restaurant tables, plastic stacking chairs and table bases designed for the hospitality industry.

Our professional team will happily discuss any requirements for bar stools and furniture. Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered to your establishment tomorrow!

Choosing Restaurant Outdoor Chairs and Tables

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Many cafe and restaurant owners are boosting business by expanding their available seating areas to include an al fresco dining option. Lots of patrons love the idea of enjoying a meal or a social cup of coffee outside, especially when evenings are warmer. It is also a great way to seat more customers at the same time without trying to squeeze them into your existing establishment.

Durability and Functionality

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs need to be chosen with consideration. Obviously, you will want durable furniture that will withstand frequent use, but you also want to know they will provide your patrons with a level of comfort while they are at your establishment.

Lightweight aluminium chairs may offer longevity in terms of not needing replacement immediately furniture so quickly. However, keep in mind that outdoor chairs and tables are often left out in the sun for extended periods of time. This increases the risk of customer complaints from hot seating. If your cafe or restaurant does not offer an awning or pergola to shade outdoor areas, this could pose a problem.

There is the option of heavy duty plastic chairs, which will not conduct heat so easily. This could help improve comfort on warmer days. Treated timber furniture can also be ideal for outdoor use in many applications. Just be aware that over time, some timber may require more maintenance than aluminium or plastic options.

Seaside cafes may opt for wicker outdoor furniture. This can create an inviting beachside ambience for outdoor balcony dining areas or al fresco seating areas. Wicker is also easily painted so any furnishings can match the existing decor.

Additionally, outdoor chairs and tables may need to be packed away inside after business hours. Ideally, you may want to consider stackable chairs to make this task easier on your staff at closing time.

Style and Design

There is also the consideration of design and style to factor into your decision. If the interior of your cafe or restaurant is already furnished to suit a specific theme or ambience, you may want to continue this through to your outdoor areas as well.

New designs available mean you do not need to put up with flimsy plastic chairs. Instead, it is possible to purchase very trendy chairs that can be modern or contemporary, depending on your preference.

Colours and styles can be important, especially if your existing customers have come to expect a particular ambience within your establishment.

Outdoor Bar Furniture

Aside from cafes and restaurants, many hotels and bars have also begun to incorporate outdoor areas within their establishments. This is partly due to changes in smoking laws that are forcing patrons to move outside in order to light up.

Rather than leave those people standing uncomfortably while they are at your premises, specific outdoor bar furniture offers a great option.Bar stools and tables specifically designed for outdoor use allow those patrons who do prefer to be outside to at least enjoy a level of comfort.

When you are choosing restaurant outdoor chairs, tables or any other furniture, always consider each of these factors. You will find it is much easier to coordinate style and design with functionality and durability if you take these things into account before making your decision. Want to learn more about our selection of bar stools? Click here!

Choosing Commercial Cafe and Restaurant Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Choosing commercial cafe and restaurant furniture goes further than just deciding on some chairs and tables for patrons to use. The furnishings used also need to enhance the decor and ambience of the establishment at the same time as providing comfort.

Rather than guess what any establishment might prefer, the professional team at Nextrend will happily assist you in finding the right furniture for any application.

Cafe Chairs and Tables

Sourcing high quality cafe furniture can be challenging if you’re unsure where to begin. It’s important to consider several factors, including whether you want your cafe chairs and tables to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You will also need to consider what material will be most practical for your particular establishment and your intended patrons. For example, stackable plastic chairs can be ideal for use in outdoor areas, as they’re easy to set up and pack away, but they also provide durability when exposed to the elements.

Restaurant Chairs and Tables

The right restaurant furniture really can be crucial for creating the right level of ambience in any establishment. Restaurant chairs and tables need to provide comfort for patrons while they dine, but they should also enhance the overall decor within the restaurant at the same time.

Table sizes and shapes should also be a consideration. Small, intimate two-person settings can be ideal for some establishments, while larger settings to cater for parties might be preferable to others. The same consideration will apply to deciding between square tables or round tables.

Additionally, some restaurants feature separate areas that may require different styles of furniture. Matching your dining chairs and tables with bar stools and other furnishings in neighbouring areas can help continue the same interior decoration theme throughout the entire establishment.

Al Fresco Dining Options

As outdoor dining becomes increasingly more popular, the ability to offer al fresco dining options becomes a major consideration for many restaurant and cafe owners. Yet, finding the right al fresco dining furniture to entice patrons and still provide functionality can be a challenge.

Outdoor furniture does need to be durable and sturdy. Tables and chairs should be able to withstand being left out in the rain periodically, but also not pose the risk of burning patrons if left out in the sun. Furniture designed for outdoor use also needs to be easily stacked and packed away after business hours, so you want to look for furniture that addresses each of these things.

Hotel Bar Stools and Tables

The range of hotel bar stools and tables available gives you lots of options for any establishment. They allow you to create a comfortable pub atmosphere or to provide plenty of convenient seating options for those patrons who are happy to remain by the bar and enjoy a few drinks.

The key to choosing the right bar furniture is to consider the overall requirements of your hotel’s patrons and how those furnishings will complement the decor within the establishment. Cushioned bar stools provide better levels of comfort, while flat-based seats can offer more durability for high-traffic areas where people tend to come and go frequently.

Many hotels are also now incorporating outdoor garden areas for patrons to enjoy. This also means considering specific outdoor bar furniture that provides comfort but also offers durability when exposed to the elements.

Nextrend’s Commercial Cafe and Restaurant Furnishing Ranges

Regardless of what your furnishing needs are, Nextrend specialise in providing high quality commercial furniture to suit almost every hospitality application.

How a Quality Cafe Table Base Can Help You Attract More Customers without Breaking the Bank

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

The Eat Drink Design Awards showed the latest trends in the hospitality industry and the direction seems to be towards simple, cosydesigns. From a simple café table base to cosy seating and subdued lighting, the way forward seems to be a more minimalist and sustainable approach.

Designers admitted that flashy opulence might work for higher-end establishments but the fact is that most people want to visit an establishment where they are not overpowered by their surroundings. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed, which is why the latest restaurant design trends are moving towards simplicity.

The Importance of Interior Design to the Hospitality Industry

To ensure a booming restaurant business, you need to look further than the cuisine. You need to take a three-pronged approach to ensure people are treated to a complete experience. This means offering great food, amazing service but also a comfortable interior atmosphere where patrons will feel at ease.

And the Eat Drink Design Awards clearly show that restaurant design trends are moving towards what customers want rather than complicated, high-end designs that might garner the designer an award but makes people feel as if they are eating in a museum or a gallery where they should be careful of their every move.

Therefore, designers are moving towards a more simplistic approach and are using communal tables, comfortable restaurant chairs and subdued lighting in cutting-edge spaces. Combined with an open kitchen to bring supporters closer to the action and intimate bar areas, restaurant trends are clearly moving towards creating a home away from home for patrons.

In fact, it has actually been noted that home kitchens are now satiated with the latest conveniences and gadgets and resemble professional restaurants more than the restaurants themselves do, which are trending towards creating a lounge room atmosphere for their customers.

Sustainability Plays a Significant Role in Restaurant Design

Saving the planet is something some people scoff at but the fact is that if every person did one little thing for our environment, it would entail a lot of small things together which would have a significant effect. And designers in the hospitality industry have fully embraced this concept.

The restaurant industry is slowly taking a more and more sustainable approach, with numerous venues using recycled materials in their designs – from reclaimed timber floors to recycled bricks. This gives the space an industrial edge while also helping the environment. This trend has also caught on with patrons as they feel that they are doing their part by frequenting establishments that clearly care for the planet.

If you are considering taking this approach, remember that a venue focused on sustainability involves more than reusing a cafétable or putting a few recycled bricks here and there. It is a total concept that needs to be carried throughout, which can include recycling as much as possible, to creating your own vegetable and herb garden – a trend that is increasing in popularity with cafésto high-end restaurants.

Nextrend Can Help You Update Your Restaurant to the Latest Trends

Nextrend offers a wide range of commercial and hospitality furniture that can be used to create precisely the cosy and simplistic ambience that is so popular now in Australia. From a simple yet stunning café table base to a wide range of comfortable chairs,Nextrends’ extensive range of furniture can help you achieve the look that will ensure you are in line with the latest trends to attract an ever-increasing number of customers.

Cafe furniture plays an important role in the overall success of your business

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Cafe furniture plays an important role in the overall success of your business

How many times have you been out for a coffee, snack or full meal and not fully enjoyed the experience because the cafe furniture has been uncomfortable or cramped?  Serving first class coffee, gourmet delicious food and drink and providing attentive table service is a major part of a successful catering business, however if your clients are not comfortable and relaxed the impact can be lost.

Sitting on cafe chairs that are too low for the table, hard, cold or unsteady simply takes the gloss off any of your culinary efforts and affects the overall impression made on you clientele.

Also consider how important the visual impact of your cafe tables and chairs is.  Walking along a sea front esplanade or city high street, where there are many food and drink outlets for potential customers to choose from, there are two main influences in your final choice where to dine.  One of course is the menu on offer, but the other surely is the look and feel of the place often created by the cafe furniture, the decor and the layout of the dining area.

When planning a new cafe or restaurant, or making renovations to an existing premise, give some careful thought to the furniture and layout of the public area, as well as the kitchens, menu and other issues involved in this complex business.

What is your available floor space and what will be the most efficient and comfortable layout?  Is there going to be an outdoor area, indoor area or both?  Where and how are you going to store any outdoor furniture when the business is closed and locked up for the night?

Do you want a cosy, traditional look and feel, or a modern trendy theme?  The look and feel of your restaurant is definitely achieved by using the right furniture and chairs.

For outdoor dining, restaurant tables and chairs are designed to allow for  durability and storage,  and more often than not lightweight and stackable.  Ranging in construction many utilise aluminium, plastic, pvc “wicker” weave and weatherproof materials  such as moulded resin table tops.

For indoor dining, the design is less limited by being weatherproof, lightweight and stackable, and is therefore able to be constructed of solid timber, be upholstered in fabric or leather or vinyl.  However one important aspect to remember is the necessity to keep furniture clean.  Tables should be able to be hygienically cleaned,  surfaces should be free of grooves and crevices where old food can hide and grow, and chairs need to be able to be wiped clean of spillages easily without leaving stains.

Today there is a large wide range of cafe furniture available in an amazing array of designs ready to put the final touch the dining experience,  and the process of choosing the right colour, design and application can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.  Whether it is a traditional or modern alfresco scene, or somewhere in between you are looking for for your restaurant, using a cafe furniture supplier who will help and guide you through this process is a sensible option.  Use their experience and knowledge to your benefit and make sure they will back you up with good after sale service should you encounter any defects or difficulties with your furniture.

Nextrend specialises in supply high quality cafe furniture, prompt and free quotations, competitive prices and delivery to your door. Contact our friendly sales team on 1300 559 965 or click here to view our selection of cafe furniture to complete the total experience in your dining establishment.

Beautiful Commercial Furniture: Brisbane Restaurants are Going Green and Natural

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Comfort and beauty are not the first things that most people think of when it comes to commercial furniture. Brisbane has plenty of up and coming restaurants and their owners are trying to find ways to outdo the competition and appeal to new patrons.

Most of the time restaurant decor has a theme which the furniture emphasizes and completes. For instance, if the restaurant has a western menu and theme, then customers can expect to eat a thick steak while drinking beer and sitting on a wooden bench or chair – especially if it is a family style restaurant. However, a different restaurant could serve the same thick steak, but the patrons are sitting in leather booths and sipping red wine.

Restaurant decor plays a major part in the dining experience, and just the same, the right wholesale hotel furniture has to meet the approval of the users, and if not, it can totally spoil the experience. It does not matter if the restaurant serves Italian, Mexican or sushi food; the restaurant owner has the responsibility of making sure that the menu and decor are all coordinated so that patrons enjoy both the food and the overall restaurant experience.

However, despite the menu, restaurants change the interior design on a more frequent basis just to keep updated with the changing times and trends. Cafe and restaurant furniture can help to create new and unique dining experiences, which is a great way to appeal to new customers, and also keep old patrons coming back.

Restaurant trends are not always decided by the owner. Many times these are established by what is happening within society and the preferences of the patrons. After all, they are the ones who frequent dining establishments. If they fail to have a nice and relaxing dining experience, the restaurant owners will not have another opportunity to appeal to their culinary senses.

Exactly what do Australian restaurant goers want these days? The trend is to go green and enjoy natural looking commercial furnishings. They want plenty of down to earth colours and natural looking wood. The trend is to recycle what you already have and find ways to blend it with new decorations.

Although the dining experience remains elegant and appealing, the trend is moving away from glitz and artificiality. The goal is to achieve a rustic charm that makes guests feel like they are in a stylish, but homey establishment.

Brisbane restaurant owners are forced to keep up with the times and cater to the design whims of its customers. In order to remain competitive and keep patrons interested, they have to follow the trends and do more than just provide appetizing foods and ordinary commercial furniture. Restaurant owners must appeal to the senses of their patrons and Nextrend Furniture’s unique and quality furniture can help them achieve this goal. Nextrend is a reputable Australian company that prides itself on providing top notch restaurant furniture to restaurants all over Australia and they can help you create the right and updated restaurant setting that will make your patrons feel special and right at home.

Learn more about our commercial furniture selection by clicking here.

Top 3 Benefits of Using Rattan Furniture

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Last Updated 30th November 2016

One of the ways you can really maximise an outdoor space is by choosing furniture and decor that will transform it into a functional area. The possibilities are countless when it comes to what you can do to turn an ordinary garden or patio into an al fresco seating area, or a space available for garden parties and cocktails. When choosing cafe furniture to fill up your outside areas, rattan pieces are great options that can help to create an amazing ambience in your space.

Versatile in Style and Comfort

Rattan furniture can be styled and dressed up in many ways to give you both style and function. For instance, if you prefer sofa-style cafe chairs, you may add cushions and pillows to these to make them more comfortable to sit on, while at the same time adding a pop of colour or print that will enhance the look of your space.

Various pieces can be mixed and matched to create beautiful outdoor sets of rattan furniture, from chairs and sofas to ottomans and table bases. These are usually more lightweight than their wrought iron counterparts, making redecoration and simple rearranging of furniture much more convenient.

Flexible and Strong

A great advantage of rattan is the flexibility of the material, which allows for it to be woven and shaped around frames of varying shapes and sizes. It creates a very strong weave that does not easily tear or unravel, especially when properly treated and coated. However, many are still wary of choosing rattan pieces because of the risk of quick deterioration.

Instead, for their peace of mind, business owners choose to use outdoor commercial furniture made of moulded resin and glass fibre that are designed to look like rattan. From classic and homey to modern and sleek, these rattan-like chairs and table bases add the same look and feel to your garden or patio as the traditional wood weave.

Durable and Weather Proof

When properly coated with a protective finish, rattan furniture should last for years without visible damage to the weave or to its metal frame. Paint and clear shellac coating are among the more popular finishes to use for furnishings of this type. Alternately, you may also opt to go for rattan-like pieces such as the ones showcased by Nextrend.

Rattan Range Setup - Nextrend

The line of Aruba Tub Chairs, for instance, will never rust or unravel. These are completely weather proof, and are made from moulded resin made to look like rattan, with frames of extra strong glass fibre. They add to your ambience the same way that rattan does and they are easy to clean with a simple hose down. They are easy to stack and store as well and are totally weather resistant. These, along with the other rattan-like pieces from Nextrend, such as the Florida Chair and Bali Table, are great for use both inside and outside your restaurant or cafe, as individual pieces and as furniture sets.

Florida Chair - Nextrend Aruba Chair - Nextrend

Rattan furniture has long been a common type of furniture that continues to be preferred by many. No matter what your reason may be for choosing rattan or rattan-inspired furniture, make sure that you put careful thought and consideration to your choice.

Did you know that Nextrend is a direct importer and stockist of resin rattan furniture in Australia? Head over to our dedicated page showcasing our wide range of resin rattan pieces to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered to your café tomorrow!

The Benefits of a Commercial Furniture Provider

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Furnishing an office, restaurant or hotel lobby with commercial furniture can be a tedious and costly project, you are challenged to incorporate design and dimension to enhance your area. When furnishing your place, you may use modern and contemporary furniture to make your area comfortable and stylish. You have to ensure that the furniture is made from durable materials and these should be produced in a way that makes it simple to customize the size, style and colors. Savvy interior designers have the ability to provide that high-class look at a price.  An interior designer can combine the furniture pieces and accessories in order to make the area stylish, practical and comfortable.

Your interior designer normally has limited budget to work with, and they need to abide by local rules and traditions. There are some localities that compel properties to mix in with the look and feel of the surrounding areas. Also, you have to consider that there are properties that have specific areas allocated for parking. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a commercial furniture provider to make sure your interior designer understands these regulations. Nextrend has extensive knowledge to guide you in the process, and we provide the best quality commercial furniture for your specific furnishing needs for a restaurant, cafe, hotel or a commercial office space.  We help interior designers and interior design firms provide for their customers with our wide range of products. Our high-quality products are the combination of comfort, style, affordability and durability.

Luxury hotels and their lounges require a huge selection of commercial furniture that will enhance the theme of the commercial property. You can take advantage of the characteristics of upholstered furniture and other contemporary furniture to make your places look modern and elegant. For people who go to villas, they have particular expectations with outdoor furniture such as a sun lounger. Upscale villas will incorporate custom cabinets and exceptional pieces that blend flawlessly with the entire interior design concept. Nextrend has been providing quality furniture in the hospitality industry, regardless of size or needs. With our diverse collection of furniture, we guarantee that we can fulfill all your commercial furniture needs.

For owners of multiple commercial properties, you could acquire commercial furniture in bulk to benefit from our discounts. This can substantially reduce the expenses spent for furniture items as compared to buying items separately at normal retail cost. Nextrendprovides excellent commercial furniture with our huge stock of high quality pieces at affordable prices.  We take pride in our wide range of services that allows us to create a great environment that encourage our customers to enjoy the comfort and style that our products provide. Whether you are looking for commercial furniture, restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, leather sectional sofas, accent chairs, ottomans, lounge sets, dining chairs or dining sets, we have wholesale furniture options for you. Nextrend goes beyond providing furniture, we take our products to greater heights by enhancing the look of your hotel, resorts, restaurant or cafe and we work closely with architects and project managers to provide budget quotations, complimentary seating layouts and advice.

9 Restaurant Ideas To Attract Millennials – Infographic

Posted on September 23rd, 2015

Ideas for Restaurants - NextrendMillennials are those born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. These people, now between the ages of 18 – 34 years old, make up a huge part of the market.

Since millennials grew up in a world shaped by technology and the Internet, their lifestyle choices are different. This translates to their dining habits and preferences as well, which means that businesses such as restaurants now have to come up with new ways to attract them.

Below are ideas on how to attract millennials to your restaurant.

Menu Choices

Millennials expect to have more options to choose from in the menu. They have a global palate and are constantly looking for new dishes, drinks, and interesting combinations. Providing them a mix of traditional and non-traditional dishes will surely keep their interest.


Millennials also appreciate opportunities to customise their own meals and dining experiences so provide them an opportunity to do so. McDonald’s did something similar with their Create Your Taste program in the U.S., allowing customers to customise their own sandwiches and burgers. Giving them the freedom to choose based on their own preferences will increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Quality Ingredients

A lot of millennials prefer healthier choices over processed food and are particular about where certain ingredients on their food are grown. Dishes using fresh, healthy, and organic ingredients are a big deal to them.

Quirky, Distinct Decor

Picture-perfect restaurant design appeals to millennials. A restaurant has to be youthful and distinctive because millennials love taking photos, which they share on social media. Choose a fun, eclectic design and add some funky restaurant furniture to pique their interest.

Communal Dining Experience

Millennials are a very sociable bunch and they like to sit together in large groups at long restaurant tables. Some even move around tables and restaurant chairs together depending on their needs. Restaurants with some sort of gathering place will allow millennials to easily socialise.

Open Kitchen

Food transparency is a big deal to this group of people. Not only do they count calories and research on nutritional information and restaurant reviews, they also like being able to see how their food is prepared. Open kitchens provide a way for millennials to see that their food is truly freshly made.


A study revealed that 28 percent of younger millennials and 14% of older millennials with children said that they have visited a restaurant less often because it wasn’t kid friendly. Include more kid-friendly menu options and features so you don’t miss out on this market.

Sustainable Materials

Millennials will trust you if they see that you are exerting effort into making the world a better place. Be a more socially responsible business by using recycled and sustainable materials in your establishment from your furniture, lighting, and packaging materials, among others.

Electrical Outlets and USB Ports

Millennials grew up in a world of gadgets and chances are they’ll be bringing them to your restaurant as well. Provide them with ample electrical outlets and USB ports so that they can plug in and charge while they eat. While you’re at it, provide free WiFi too.

Millennials are going to reshape the economy. It would do well for businesses like yours to start marketing to them now while they are still young. Transform your establishment into one that they will want to visit and frequent – check out our range of restaurant furniture or call us now at 1300 559 965.

8 Tips for Success in Your Catering Business

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Nextrend - Catering EquipmentCreating a successful catering business requires a lot more than just providing tasty food to a bunch of guests at an event. Even if you do have the most delicious catering menu available, it is still important to consider a range of factors that could make or break your business.

Here are the top 8 tips for success in your catering business.

  1. Cleanliness and Hygiene

A catering business is all about the food served at events. However, in order to supply great food to guests, you will need to pay particular attention to food handling, preparation, and serving rules and regulations. Ensure the room in which any food is prepared is clean. Check that all staff members working for you are aware of the importance of hygiene when handling and preparing food.

  1. Create a Solid Event Plan

Every event will be slightly different. Whether you are catering for a wedding, anniversary, funeral, or corporate event, take the time to plan each individual booking on its own merits. The menu will vary between functions and the number of staff required to facilitate your services will also fluctuate. Work out exactly what is required to meet your catering obligations in advance. Then stick to that plan.

  1. Pricing, Costing, and Earning

Undercutting your prices in an effort to win business might keep you busy, but will your business really be profitable in the long run? It is easy enough to add up your total food cost to cater for an event, but have you taken into account the cost of labour, uniforms, remaining food stock you are holding, linen costs and other incidental items?

Work out your accurate costings before setting a price for a catering event. You will be in a better position to set your prices accordingly and ensure your business is still making a profit in the end.

  1. Catering Furniture

Will you be required to provide any catering furniture for the event? Providing trestle tables, chairs, and serving tables to seat the required number of guests can be challenging, unless you work with a good quality restaurant furniture supplier that can help you with your specific needs.

Nextrend - Function Seating

  1. Be Creative

Affordable catering should never mean ordinary food. There is always plenty of scope to be creative with the type of food you serve and still ensure guests are happy. Even with seemingly boring food, it is possible to create a taste sensation by getting creative with sauces, dips, or seasonings. Get it right and you can turn a boring selection of meatballs or finger-foods into yummy morsels that have guests coming back for more.

  1. Know Your Guests

Turning up to a high class event with frozen party pies may not get you the response you hoped for. Likewise, there is no point arriving at a casual event armed with intricate petit fours and hors d’oeuvres that make the guests scratch their heads in wonder at what they might be eating. You may find guests were expecting finger foods brought around to them by your staff, so planning a full sit-down three course dinner may be pointless.

It is important to select your menu items according to the expectations of the guests and the hosts. Ask plenty of questions when accepting bookings and be sure you are in a position to provide the type and quality of food everyone expects.

  1. Special Catering Needs

Most catering businesses know well enough to provide vegetarian options. However, have you considered other special catering needs that may arise? For example, you may be required to provide gluten-free options, lactose-free options, or full vegan options for guests with very specific dietary needs. Does your event require wheelchair access for some guests? Always take the time to check whether any special needs need to be taken into account.

  1. Don’t Forget Buffer Foods

Regardless of how well you estimate the amount of food required to cater for the number of guests attending, there will always be times where you are caught short. Consider including a selection of platters that allow people to nibble and graze. Cheese and crackers are ideal options to have available, as are nuts or fruit platters. Simple platters like these can stretch much further than hors d’oeuvres and ensure you will not run low on food if you have underestimated.

The food you serve can be one of the more memorable things about any party or event. Keep these tips in mind when planning your next catering event and you will ensure the success of your catering business.

Here at Nextrend Furniture, we help ensure the success of your catering business with high quality function furniture. View our selection of function chairs, trestle tables, and other function furniture.

7 Ways Golf Clubs Can Generate Revenue During The Winter Season

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Last Updated 13th January 2017

7-Ways-Golf-Clubs-Can-Generate-Revenue-During-The-Winter-SeasonDuring the winter months, it is important for golf clubs to make an additional effort to attract and maintain members. Generating revenue during this time can be more challenging, but can be done by using the right marketing schemes and rewarding your loyal members.

You can easily transform your club to cater for different niches by rearranging the club furniture and adding some decorations. It may sound simple, but even small changes can have a big impact on your revenue and are worth the effort during the colder months.

Here are 7 ways for golf clubs to generate revenue during the winter season.

Bring in More Traffic

In order to attract more people to your club during the winter months, you need to start thinking outside the box. That means bringing in visitors that aren’t going to be coming to your club simply for the golf. You can do this by developing specific programs to target certain niches.

Option 1: Pay-as-you-go Fitness Programs

Introducing fitness programs that your members can pay for on a pay-as-you-go basis offer them the perfect chance to try out a new fitness program without the long-term commitment. Professionals are always looking to get fit, but tend to be very busy, so being able to fit their fitness regime around their schedule will make them more likely to buy into it. This also targets regular golfers in your club who will need the added fitness routine once they lessen their time on the greens during winter.

Option 2: Host Speciality Events

Whether you host prom parties, bridal registries, baby showers or anniversary celebrations, there are plenty of opportunities to gain additional revenue for your club no matter what the season. Develop specific programs that accommodate the different niches and tailor your club to meet their needs. This could include things like buying commercial furniture that can be used for specific events, simply buying additional club chairs, or changing the layout of your club furniture for each event.

Option 3: Junior Golf Promotions

Marketing your club to beginners is completely different to marketing to experienced golfers. This is especially true to children and teenagers. They require a different tactic and trainers who can go through the basics step by step. By putting emphasis on families, you will be much more likely to attract the whole family rather than just one member. The more members you have in one family, the more reason they will have to stay with the club all year round.

Reward Loyal Customers

As well as bringing in new customers, you also want to make sure you reward your existing members. This will help to keep them happy and more likely to stay on with the club even when the temperatures start to drop.

Option 4: Reward Repeat Guests

These days, repeat patronage should be encouraged. You can grow your revenue line by encouraging members in bringing their guests along by providing services they can enjoy. If members can bring their friends, they will be much more inclined to visit the club for the social aspect, whether it’s on or off the golf course.

Option 5: Personalised Memberships

You can reward loyal members by offering them personalised membership options. You can base this depending on the services the member wishes to use, certain advantages that are included, or other options specific to your club. If they feel they are getting personalised service and good value for money, they will be happy to be part of your club for the additional services.

Marketing Tactics

Don’t forget to promote your club’s goods and services using marketing tactics. Stay on top of the trends and make sure you use the most effective and up to date methods. This is vital during quieter times of the year when you want to encourage business.

Option 6: Shared Memberships

Shared memberships can be a great way of bringing in new members and keeping existing members on. This is particularly the case during the winter season when some members might be looking to resign.

Option 7: Online Contests

Running online contests on social media platforms are great for spreading the word about your club. You can run these on a monthly basis, changing the prizes each time. Get people to enter by liking your page or sharing the post in order to increase visibility. Give people a reason to want to visit your club, no matter the weather.

Get your club ready for the winter season! Now is the best time to upgrade your club furniture because your club members will be spending more time inside your facility once the temperatures drop.

Our professional team will happily discuss any requirements for your golf club. Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those quickly delivered to your club!

6 Tips for Boosting Country Club Membership

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Nextrend - Function ChairsCountry club membership fees help to generate income that pays for the facilities, employees, and general upkeep and maintenance of the club. There are plenty of things country clubs can do to boost membership, such as improved marketing, holding events, and offering free goods and services to prospects. Taking the time to research your target market will not only help you to attract new members, but can also help you improve the club and keep members happy.

Market Research

Undertaking market research will help you to get a better idea of who your target market is and what prospects are looking for in a country club. Not only will this offer you an insight into how to best capture new members, but it can also give you a better understanding of what current members want and help you retain members. You can also ask current members about their experience with previous clubs and what attracted them to join your club so you can use this as a selling point for potential members.

Improve Facilities and Services

Take the knowledge gained from your market research to improve your club and offer members exactly what they need. Your members might appreciate children-focused services such as nanny areas and summer camps. They might also think you could improve certain areas, such as food or club furniture. By revamping the club in the areas that need it the most you can help keep your members satisfied.

Change Perceptions

Many people have misguided perceptions about country clubs, including membership limitations. Some think that you have to be a resident of the community in which the club is situated, but this is not the case. Also, most people would want to know they can maximise their club memberships before actually signing up. By targeting a customer base within a 15-minute drive of the country club, you can increase your potential membership base. Many potential members would prefer to sign up with a club closest to their homes so they can be sure that they will have minimal travel time when going to the club.

Update Your Website

These days, people get most of their information from the internet, so make the most of it by updating your website and making it informative and easy to navigate. Your website should show off the best of what the club has to offer, so make sure you provide high quality images and lots of information. Include details of upcoming events to demonstrate what else the club has to offer and keep members informed.

Nextrend - Golf Country Club

Hold Club Events

A great way to target new members is to invite them to a club event, such as a free evening that includes food, drinks, prizes, and entertainment. Prizes should appeal to your target audience, such as a free putter or golf lesson. While it may seem costly to offer invitations for a free dinner to a large number of guests, you only need a few people to sign up to generate a great deal in membership fees.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring a special event can help to raise awareness of your country club and generate publicity. You could try hosting a media golf tournament with professional golfers as special guests. Alternatively, you could hold a fundraising tournament to raise money for a local charity. Invite professional writers along who could write pieces on the club that will help to spread the word. Make sure you offer the media freebies such as free rounds of golf, food, liquor, golf equipment, and logoed shirts and caps. Offering a positive experience will make you memorable and you will be more likely to receive a favourable review.

The members of a club are, undoubtedly, its lifeblood. Make sure to focus on increasing club memberships or at least maintaining them.

6 Restaurant Interior Design Tips

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Designing a restaurant fit out or refurbishment can be daunting for many restaurant owners. There are so many aspects of the project to consider, making it possible to overlook some things that could affect the end result.

Here are some interior design tips to keep in mind when planning your restaurant fit out or refurbishment.

Style and Theme 

Before you begin any fit out project, it is important to determine the overall theme you want to achieve. Will you aim for a trendy and modern theme or is your preference for a more intimate style? Perhaps your restaurant maintains a focus on a specific type of cuisine that could benefit from a style akin to the cuisine’s locale?

indoor restaurant table - nextrend

Restaurant Furniture

Once you have an idea of the style and theme you would like to achieve, it becomes easier to select restaurant furniture that will enhance the overall atmosphere of the establishment. Of course, you cannot choose your restaurant furniture based on design and style alone. You also need to consider durability and comfort. Good quality furniture is likely to last much longer, meaning fewer expenses for maintenance and replacement. However, opting for comfortable furnishings allows patrons to enjoy their experience within your establishment for longer periods of time.

Nextrend - Restaurant Chairs


You may have the colour scheme and design styles down to a few favourite selections, but have you considered the importance of your lighting choices? The lighting you choose for your restaurant can create an entirely new ambience. As an example, you could opt for bright neutral lighting to make your restaurant appear light and airy. Alternatively, you can select intimate pendant lighting hung above the proposed location of individual tables to lend a more romantic element into your customers’ dining experience.

Nextrend - Restaurant Lighting


Regardless of how well you believe you have laid out your tables and seating plans, there will be occasions when seating will have to be rearranged to suit larger bookings. Ideally, the restaurant furniture you choose should be able to double for intimate seating to suit couples, but should still be able to be moved around to accommodate a larger party.

There is also the consideration of whether furnishings will be moved to an outdoor dining location during opening hours. Offering patrons an outdoor dining option on a balcony, patio or al fresco area can increase seating allocation. However, tables and chairs will need to be brought inside overnight for safe storage. This means chairs may need to be stackable to make storage easier. Stackable chairs can also make closing easier on staff.

Nextrend - Outdoor Stacking Chairs


The restaurant furniture you choose may be ideal in terms of theme and design to suit your intended finished look, but have you taken comfort into account? Patrons may visit your establishment to enjoy the delights on your menu, but they will also expect a level of comfort while they’re in your restaurant.

Nextrend - Tub Chair


Budget is often a concern for many restaurant owners, leading many to shop based on price alone. While the temptation to keep costs to a bare minimum can be tempting, it is also important to consider the long-term costs associated with your furnishing purchases.

Ideally, the restaurant furniture you choose should be durable enough to last the long term. Strong, high quality furniture will alleviate the need to repair or replace individual items regularly, which means lower overhead costs for your business in the long run.

When planning a restaurant fit out or refurbishment, you should always take the time to discuss your plans and ideas with a professional restaurant furniture supplier.

Here at Nextrend, we love to help people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment. We will offer suggestions and tips that can help to make your project much smoother. Check out some of the establishment fit outs we have done here.

5 Ways To Market Your Club As An Event Venue

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Nextrend - Function ChairsMarketing your club as an event venue might require a different strategy than one you would use on your main target market. In order to make the most of your club, you need to market it effectively to the right people. This means understanding your target market and building a successful venue-marketing plan.

Expanding your marketing strategies to sell your club as an event venue will help to boost revenue for your club and attract more members. The following five tips will help you to adapt your marketing strategies to your new audience.

Understand Your Target Market

Club owners will have several key target markets which require specific marketing processes and expertise. When it comes to marketing your club as an event venue, you need to focus on targeting members, guests, and venue hirers.

In order for your club to be viewed as the place to stage an event, you need an effective marketing solution to target these specific groups. This may require additional research to better understand these new markets and what they look for in an event venue.

Open Days

Holding open days or public events can be a valuable external marketing strategy. Getting involved with the community through a charity or local organisation will not only improve your reputation, but it can also help you to make connections.

Use open days as a way of letting potential hirers see the venue and its features. There is no better way of showing potential clients just what your venue has to offer than being able to see it in action. Make the most of this opportunity and use your club to its full potential.

E-shots and Newsletters

Sending tactical e-shots and newsletters is a great way to reach out and engage with your target audience. You can use this opportunity to tell them about your venue’s recent successes, including images of different events. This will help to showcase your club as the ideal venue for various types of events, such as weddings, birthdays, or company gatherings.

Including information on your venue’s new features, services, and updates such as new club furniture will potentially attract the interest of potential hirers. This will help keep your venue in the public eye and strengthen your venue ‘brand’.

Social Media

Social media is becoming ever more important in the marketing world and should be included in your marketing strategy. It can be a very useful tool for your club if used correctly, and is an ideal way of engaging potential clients where they spend a lot of their time.

Build a digital presence in which to market and promote your venue by using various social media sites. Images are particularly effective and tend to get a much better response than plain text. Make sure you take plenty of great photographs of your venue, including details such as club chairs and other club furniture, so that your customers can get a good idea of what your venue offers.

Optimise Your Website

While your website may have been initially built with a different target market in mind, you need to ensure that it is fully optimised for your new audience. Using strategic keywords and phrases that relate to events will make it easier for prospective clients to locate your website ahead of your competitors.

Make the most of your website by including a specific section on events, including information on the different options available to prospective hirers. Include images of past events and reviews from hirers so clients will know just what they can expect.

Positioning your club as a good venue for events can do wonders both for increasing or maintaining your club membership and for generating additional income for your club. A solid reputation as an events venue will increase your club’s presence in the local community and extend your reach even to those who are non-members of your club.

To learn more on how we can help you improve and redecorate your venue with beautiful and functional furniture, contact us today for a quick discovery call at 1300 559 965

5 Top Picks for Club Flooring

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Club Flooring top picksWhen planning for flooring options for activity centers of business centers like lobbies, reception areas, and clubs, the first consideration would often be geared towards the aesthetic – what will look good and compliment club furniture or which colors will fit with the chosen decor or theme of the place.

However, one consideration that should be more looked into is which flooring options will put up with the abuse of high traffic areas these activity hubs will most likely get. Aside from intense foot traffic and heavy loads, floors are also exposed to different elements: dirt, debris, spilled food and drinks and more. They need to be able to withstand these harsh conditions without wearing out and needing to be replaced or maintained often.

You would also need to consider that high traffic areas are busy centers – long downtimes and the need for frequent repairs and maintenance aren’t options. The flooring needs to be easy to clean. Fast turnarounds are the norm for these areas, with as little disruption to operations or activities as possible.

We rounded up five top picks for your club flooring options.


Natural stone is durable and considered to be a great aesthetic addition to any building establishment.  Not all natural stone floors are resilient for high traffic areas though. Stick with the stronger varieties like granite, limestone, and sandstone. Sealed stone is easy to clean and maintain. However, this is a more expensive option.


Don’t fret – your flooring will not look like a sidewalk or parking lot. Concrete flooring options come in acid-stained, stamped, etched, and tinted concrete and can even be mixed together with other flooring options like embedded tiles and stone. This would be a great alternative so you can infuse design elements in your floors to tie up with an overall theme.


Tile remains to be the most popular choice for flooring even if they can be expensive because it is durable and very low-maintenance. Ceramic tile has been in use for thousands of years and remains to be the number one choice of establishments.  Modern designs coupled with innovative manufacturing have even produced tile that looks and feels like wood.


Hardwood is durable, resilient, and very attractive. It automatically adds value to the room they are installed in. The materials can be costly but it is a worthwhile investment. While others see hardwood flooring options as high maintenance – hardwood floors are susceptible to scratching – there are options like pre-finished wood flooring and finishing textures that can be used to protect your hardwood floors.


Laminate flooring is designed to mimic the appearance of its other flooring option counterparts like stone or hardwood at a much lower cost. Laminate flooring is durable and long lasting but the standard type is susceptible to water damage. If you go with laminate flooring, look for those that have a thick layer of melamine resin. The usual options range from 6-15mm; for high traffic areas it is advisable to go with 12-15mm options.

Mix and Match Options

Like club furniture, flooring is essential to the design and functionality of your activity centers.  There is no clear-cut way when it comes to design but the criteria of durability and functionality should always be factored in when choosing. Consider getting club furniture that is durable but isn’t that heavy such as stackable chairs, so as not to add to the load your flooring will receive. These activity hubs experience a lot of action, including moving (and dragging) of club furniture. Let’s try to make it easier for our floors to last longer.

To learn more about how Nextrend can help your club business by upgrading your furniture, contact us today or give us a ring for a quick discovery call: 1300 559 965

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5 Reasons For Golf and Sports Clubs To Use Social Media

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Social Media - Nextrend A lot of golf and sports clubs make the mistake of thinking that social media is just for the young and that their establishment has no business venturing into it. What they fail to recognise is that their club members and guests, young and old alike, are likely to be in those social media channels.

By not being present in social media, golf and sports clubs are missing out on its benefits. Social media can actually be an effective tool in achieving club objectives. Here are just some of the main reasons why your club should be in social media.

It drives people to your website.

Almost all businesses nowadays have a website because at this day and age, Internet presence is a must. However, unless people search for your website, it can be hard for them to find it. Social media channels can help direct more traffic to your website, allowing people to learn more about your club.

Similarly, you can also add links to your social media accounts on your website to direct more traffic to them. This will then give you the opportunity to engage with your website visitors.

Social media creates a community for your business.

Social media is all about building relationships. It enables your club to connect with your members and guests by providing you with an avenue to engage them in conversations. This is an opportunity for you to learn and understand your customers better. Depending on the social media channel, it can help make customer segmentation easier so that you can build a list of people that you want to follow or engage with. The more you understand your customers, the more you will be able to satisfy them.

It helps generate leads, partners, and opportunities.

Being in social media allows your club to spread brand awareness not only in your present community but globally as well. Increased brand awareness enables you to explore untapped markets, which could contribute to increased revenues through tee bookings, memberships, and events. It also helps you discover opportunities and business partners. Do you need a graphic designer for your new menu or a new supplier for your club furniture? You just might find them on LinkedIn.

It allows you to promote other products or services.

Just because you have a golf or sports club doesn’t mean that’s all you have to offer. With social media, you can also highlight lesser known products or services. Post a photo of your club cafe with bespoke club furniture. Guests may want to book the place for their business meetings. Maybe you have function rooms that can be used for weddings, parties, and other events. Post videos of them on YouTube to encourage people to book these services as well. Does your website have a blog? Use social media to get those blog posts read.

Sports Club - NextrendSocial media is an effective research tool.

Learn more about what your customers think of your club by searching for their tweets through hashtags. Analytics also help you determine other valuable information about your followers, such as age, location, interests, and social media habits.

Social media is a cost-effective, accessible, and user-friendly way of connecting to your community. To make it work for you, just consider which channel will best suit your club’s needs and give you the most value.

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4 Ways Nextrend Furniture Can Give You Better ROI

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Nextrend - Cafe FurnitureChoosing furniture for your cafe, bar, or restaurant is no joke. There are many considerations to think about and many options to choose from. The last thing you want is to lose valuable time and money from making the wrong choices.  To avoid this, finding the right furniture supplier is critical.

Nextrend Furniture understands that hospitality furniture should help you achieve business goals, whether you need to boost traffic or squeeze more customers into a tight space. By creating inviting spaces for your business, you will not only entice new customers but also keep regulars coming back. Here’s how choosing furniture that works for you provides you with better ROI.

Eliminate Expenses on Furniture Repairs and Frequent Replacements

Nothing is worse than having your furniture constantly repaired and replaced because of poor quality. This can wreak havoc on your productivity and profitability. Eliminate waste, in terms of time and resources, by selecting furniture that are built to withstand heavy and constant usage as well as harsh Australian weather conditions.

Nextrend’s tables and chairs are of superior quality and made from strong, safe, and durable materials, which eliminates the need for constant repairs and replacements. Our wide range of extra finishes and practical solutions, such as stackable furniture, easy cleaning,and liquid resistance, also extend your furniture’s lifespan and save you time, effort, and money.

Fewer Downtimes

Downtime costs money and has a substantial impact on the profitability and cost efficiency of your business. Therefore, you need a reliable partner who can provide you with the products and services you need with minimum downtime.

With Nextrend,you can easily request for quotes online and expect a response within 24 hours. Our large volumes of stock on hand keep lead times short and enable us to offer same day dispatch and free delivery to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. In the hospitality industry, all of these mean shorter down times, allowing you to remain fully operational all throughout your furniture upgrade or refurbishment.

Do Away with Other Suppliers

Choosing hospitality furniture can become complicated if you have to deal with several providers. Nextrend eliminates the need for other suppliers by taking the complexity out of purchasing commercial furniture. By providing customers with everything they will need, Nextrend allows customers to focus their time and resources on their core business functions instead. We work closely with customers to provide guidance and advice throughout the whole process – from planning and design, to selection and ordering, delivery and assembly, and after-sales support – and work with you to meet deadlines and choose the best options.

Nextrend - Hospitality FurnitureProvide a Healthy Environment to Employees and Customers

Choosing sustainable products will help your business provide a healthy and sustainable environment for your staff and your customers as well – all translating to a better non-monetary return on investment. Nextrend only selects furniture manufactured to strict quality procedures and adhere to environmental standards, such as the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) standards. GECA-certified products are carefully tested to ensure that they are not only environmentally safe but also address their impacts on human health.

With Nextrend, you’re sure to get the best quality furniture with the best value for money and better ROI. Call us now at 1300 559 965 to enquire about our furniture and get a free, no obligations quote.

3 Ways to Give Your Bar A Redesign

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Bar Furniture - NextrendA bar is a favourite hangout for a lot of people. However, with so much competition, you need to step up your game in order to make your customers happy and keep them coming back. One of the ways you can do this is to give your bar a redesign. Maintain your competitive edge by giving your bar a facelift now. Here’s how.

Re-layout Your Bar Area

One of the most common mistakes bar owners make involves bar design. The bar is obviously the main focus of your establishment, which is why bar owners make a big deal about how it should look like.  However, the design should never overshadow function, which will affect not only your bartender’s efficiency and productivity but your profitability as well.

An operationally friendly bar design allows bartenders to quickly serve guests, because you would not want to provide poor service that will leave your guests unsatisfied and will cost you money. Space problems can be overcome by optimising limited space.  Position all bar tools, such as liquor guns and ice makers, and ingredients near the drink prep stations.

Every bartender station ideally must also have a dedicated register, speed rail, garbage disposal unit, and glassware storage. An automated glass washer and a bar sink with foot-operated hot and cold water controls will also help increase efficiency.

Upgrade Your Bar Furniture

Bar furniture contributes to the overall theme of your establishment. Make sure they are not only visually-appealing but up-to-date and comfortable too. If your furniture are all worn out, it’s time you consider an upgrade.

Your choice of furniture will help determine the overall satisfaction of your customers. Before purchasing new ones, first determine the length and width of your tables as well as their height from the ground. Then calculate how many chairs and tables you will need before choosing a style. Leave enough room for people to comfortably walk around.

Consult with furniture suppliers regarding what types of pieces will best fit your bar. Comfort is key to making your guests stay as long as possible. Choose comfortable bar stools that are not only beautiful but also sturdy and made from durable, high quality materials. You can also complement them with matching bar tables.  If you have adequate outdoor space, bar furniture that can withstand the elements is your best bet.

Improve the Ambiance

Nobody wants to hang out in a bar that has bad atmosphere. Creating a good ambience gets your customers in the mood and is therefore a crucial part of their overall bar experience.

To improve your bar’s ambiance, first make sure that it accurately matches your brand. For instance, a couple on a romantic date wouldn’t want bright lights over their table. Lighting is an essential aspect in creating a good ambience. Choose dimmer lights for a more intimate feel. Reserve bright lights for those spots you wish to highlight.

Aside from lighting, music also contributes to the overall customer experience. Make sure that it fits the mood of your bar and that it can be heard by all of your guests without overpowering their conversations.

Serving great food and drinks are not the only factors that makes for a great bar. In order to provide your customers a great dining experience, you should not forget the little details that help make their stay with you a satisfying one.

If you want to know more about how you can improve and redesign your bar, contact us today for a discovery call and how we can help you with your business.


6 Ways To Attract More Customers To Your Bar

Posted on September 21st, 2015

Last Updated 13th January 2017

Bar Furniture - NExtrendWith so many bars out there, it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the competition and attract more customers. However, there are various simple things you could be doing to help bring in the crowds, including hosting special nights, actively promoting the bar, and updating your look.

Not sure where to start? Here are 6 easy ways to attract more customers to your bar!

Option 1: Have an Online Presence

Make sure that you not only have a website, but also have profiles on various social media sites. This will allow you to engage with your customers and raise your profile. Don’t forget to post regularly; include things such as digital flyers promoting certain nights or special events and promotions, as well as pictures to show customers just how much fun can be had at your bar. The more platforms you use, the more customers you can reach.

Option 2: Focus On What Makes You Unique

Set yourself apart from other bars in your area by offering something different to your customers. You need to give them a reason to want to visit your bar, so focus on a unique selling point. It could be a special cocktail menu, signature drink, or creative decor. Attract new customers by promoting this feature online. If you specialise in a certain drink, such as vodka or whisky, then you can post fun facts and trivia relating to those drinks. This will help you to stand out and encourage customer interaction.

Option 3: Stay on Trend

Having a trendy decor can be hugely appealing, so give your bar a makeover and get rid of any out-dated bar furniture. The last thing your customers want to do is walk into a bar with ratty old bar stools that look like they belong in another decade. Changing things like the furniture or colour of your walls can have a huge effect on the overall look of your bar and is worth the investment.

Bartender - Adelaide

Option 4: Sell Branded Merchandise

A great way to help build your brand is to sell, or even give away, branded items such as T-shirts, bar glasses, pens or caps. You can sell the goods at your bar or give them away for free if you are promoting the bar at places like student fairs. Getting students to wear your logoed T-shirt around campus can be a great way to increase visibility.

Option 5: Host Theme Nights

Theme nights can be a great way of bringing in a different type of crowd to that of your regular customers, helping to expand your customer base. You could host theme nights focused around different music genres, such as pop, hip hop or RnB. Alternatively, you could host singles parties, student nights, comedy nights or live music sessions. Holding them on regular days, such as every Thursday or every last Friday of the month can help you to build a loyal customer base that will come back especially for those nights.

Barstools Nextrend

Option 6: Work With Local Businesses

Teaming up with local businesses can be a great way of bringing in regular customers and help spread the word about your bar. You can work with events management companies to host special events, sign up to be part of a local bar crawl, or team up with dating agencies to host a fun singles night. By making this a regular night you can bring in a steady flow of customers and make the most of other people’s contacts.

These are just some of the things you can do to attract more customers. Tap into your creative and fun side and you might come up with unique ways to build buzz around your bar and to increase your appeal to a wider clientele!

Ready for a makeover? Nextrend provides high quality bar furniture that will surely make your clients stay longer and keep coming back.

Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered quickly to your bar!

5 of the Best Cafes in Australia

Posted on September 17th, 2015

When it comes to figuring out what the best cafes in Australia have in common, the results might not be quite what you would expect. Cafe owners spend money sourcing the best cafe furniture in an effort to create the right ambience within an establishment. They spend more money on advertising to attract more customers. They may even pay higher rent to locate their cafe or restaurant in a location with more foot-traffic passing by or to secure larger premises to fit more patrons in.

However, some of the best cafes in Australia are not renowned for their choice of cafe furniture or their location. Instead, they are renowned for their service, their staff, and the taste sensations they deliver to their customers.

Here are some examples of the best cafes in Australia – and how they got their reputation for being among the best:
CircaEspressoCirca Specialty Coffee – Parramatta – NSW

Circa Specialty Coffee is not located in a high traffic area, nor is it a huge establishment. Rather, it is located in a narrow laneway with a tiny kitchen space that is smaller than most household bathrooms. Yet, the patrons of this successful cafe swear by the high-detail coffee and the taste sensations available on their creative menu.

Check out Circa Specialty Coffe’s Facebook page.


Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee – Glenhuntly, VIC

The Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee cafe does offer a generous menu of cafe-style food. However, it is the exceptional quality coffee that keeps customers coming back for more. The cafe offers a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere created partially by their choices in cafe furniture, but predominantly due to the friendly staff.

Visit Workshop Brothers Specialty Coffee in Facebook.


 Dovetail on OverendDovetail on Overend – Norman Park, QLD

The Dovetail on Overend is only a newly opened establishment, but it is already making a huge splash in the cafe scene. The cafe combines excellent coffee with a casual outdoor cafe ambience, created by way of some unassuming outdoor cafe furniture, and topped off with friendly staff and great service. It certainly seems like a winning combination.

Check out Dovetail on Overend’s Facebook page.

(image used with permission from http://beanbrewding.wordpress.com/2014/05/08/dovetail-on-overend-in-norman-park/)


Coffee Alchemy – Marrickville, NSW

Easily a stand-out success story, Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville does not even serve food on the menu. Instead, the establishment owner maintains a strong focus on roasting the best beans and brewing the best possible coffee you’ll find anywhere in Sydney. The result keeps patrons coming back time and time again.

Visit Coffee Alchemy in Facebook.

(images used with permission from Twitter and Beanhunter user @SirKieranAllen)

Coffee Alchemy 2 Coffee Alchemy Image

LTD Espresso + Brew Bar – Brisbane, QLD

Another cafe to make the list of best cafes in Australia is the Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar. Read any of the hundreds of positive rave reviews this cafe receives and you’ll see the popularity all comes from the excellent coffee served here. If you read a bit further, the only complaints you will find are from people who are rather put off by the cheap-looking cafe furniture. Of course, as the establishment has only been open for 18 months, there’s still even more room for improvement, so leave the owner’s cafe furniture choices aside and visit for the awesome coffee instead.

Check out LTD Espresso + Brew Bar in Facebook.

As you can see by the selection of cafes on the list of best cafes in Australia, people will frequent an establishment based on their enjoyment factor. Whether they visit to enjoy the coffee, the cuisine or the atmosphere, the one thing each of these establishments has in common is their friendly, helpful and accommodating staff.

Nextrend is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment.