Access Top Quality Range of Commercial Hospitality Furniture in Melbourne

The thriving cafe culture in Melbourne has been the catalyst for the increase in the number of cafes and restaurants around the city. As more trendy new establishments open and attempt to lure new customers to sample their wares, this leaves existing establishments competing for business.

In an effort to keep up with style and trend, this often means planning a refurbishment to update tired or dated decor. Unfortunately, the cost to businesses by closing doors for days at a time to complete an entire fit-out can be detrimental.

This is why it’s so important to have access to a reliable commercial furniture wholesale suppliers like Nextrend Furniture. They offer a broad range of stylish cafe chairs and tables suitable for any cafe, restaurant, hotel or bar at highly competitive wholesale prices.

Indoor and Outdoor Furnishings

As more cafes begin to take advantage of the increasingly-popular alfresco style of dining, it’s important to consider whether tables and chairs will be suitable for outdoor use.

Offering patrons an outdoor dining option can be the ideal way to increase seating allocation and boost profits overall. However the furnishings chosen for outdoor alfresco areas not only have to be functional and durable, but they also need to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

There’s also the consideration of matching heavy-duty outdoor furnishings to the decor inside the establishment. Matching the theme of furniture inside and out can help to enhance overall ambience and atmosphere.

What’s more, you may also want to take into account the ability to stack outdoor furniture conveniently and quickly. This allows staff to pack away tables and chairs at closing time with a minimum of fuss and store those pieces safely inside until you open again the next day.

Nextrend Furniture stocks an extensive range of cafe chairs and tables, along with bar stools and other hospitality furniture that be mixed and matched to suit any theme or decor requirements.

Durability and Quality

It’s unfortunate that so many business owners associate cheap prices with inferior quality. This often means they end up paying far more than they should at retail rates for hospitality furnishings that they could easily have sourced at wholesale prices.

The team at Nextrend Furniture are wholesale suppliers of only high quality furnishings. Most of the pieces available from their extensive range come with a guarantee, which reflects on the level of quality available.

They understand that any chairs and tables purchased for use in a commercial setting will need to be durable so as to withstand constant usage over the long term without buckling, warping or breaking. This is why they insist on only stocking good quality items across their range.

Large Stock Holdings

Nextrend Furniture maintains a large stock holding of all the hospitality furnishings in their extensive range. This allows for orders to be fulfilled and shipped quickly to their destination.

Rapid fulfilment and delivery of larger furniture orders allows a business owner to take advantage of minimal disruption to business, as the refurbishment can be completed quickly and business can continue as usual.

Personalised Service

Taking time out from running a busy business to trawl through furniture catalogues is not many business owners’ idea of fun. There are so many considerations to take into account, from the size and shape of table tops to maximise seating allocations, to the style and design of chairs to suit the theme of the place.

For this reason, the friendly team at Nextrend Furniture strive to provide top quality customer service. They’ll happily guide you through the selection process to ensure the right pieces are chosen to suit the application required.

Whether you’re a cafe or restaurant owner, or an interior designer working with a client to refurbish or fit-out a new establishment, the team at Nextrend Furniture are available to guide you every step of the way.

Competitive Wholesale Prices

Dealing with a reliable wholesale hospitality furniture supplier means you have access to highly competitive wholesale prices on their range of furnishings. This is ideal for those establishment owners or project managers who want to achieve a high-end finish on a cost-effective budget.

Contact the team at Nextrend Furniture for a free no-obligation quote on any commercial furniture needs. They’re certain you’ll be thrilled with their unbeatable prices.