5 Reasons Gold Coast Hospitality Businesses Should Work with a Specialist Furniture Supplier

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities and an important tourist destination. With over 10 million tourists per year generating more than $4.4 billion, it’s clearly a great place to open a hospitality business, whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel.

Of course, many entrepreneurs feel the same way, as evidenced by the booming hospitality industry this area boasts. However, seeing as tourism to the area is on the rise, there’s still plenty of room for a budding entrepreneur to establish a business. There is a problem, though. The hospitality business isn’t easy, nor is it glamorous. In fact, a large percentage of restaurants and cafes fail within the first year, so there are no guarantees of success.

One aspect that can greatly help you in your endeavours to succeed in the hospitality industry is to work with a furniture supplier that specialises in hospitality furniture. A specialist supplier is in a better position to understand the unique issues you face and can offer you the quality of furniture you need at competitive prices.

A specialist supplier, like Nextrend Furniture, is more likely to have the quantities of furniture you need in stock, ensuring quick delivery, meaning that you won’t have to keep your establishment closed longer than necessary. They also generally have an extensive offering of furniture, meaning that you can browse various styles and are more likely to find the exact furniture you need.

A Specialist Supplier Understands Your Unique Requirements

Owning a hospitality business, whether it’s a hotel, a bar, a cafe or a restaurant, comes with a unique set of issues, especially when it comes to furniture. You have to find the right combination of quality, style, comfort and durability and, preferably, at reasonable prices. This can appear to be an insurmountable task, especially if you are trying to work with local furniture retailers.

A specialist supplier knows exactly what you need and working with a company like Nextrend will make your life much easier because you can be certain that all the products in their selection will meet your requirements. In other words, all you have to do is pick out the style you find most attractive and fits in with the theme of your establishment because you can be certain it’s comfortable, durable and competitively priced.

A Specialist Supplier Offers Top Quality Furniture

The quality of furniture is essential for the hospitality industry. Poor quality furniture will start falling apart before you know it, which means it will have to be replaced. And it doesn’t even have to be poor quality. If the furniture in question has been designed for domestic use, for example, it won’t be durable enough for the needs of a restaurant or a bar.

Sourcing your furniture from a company that specialises in commercial furniture will ensure that you are getting the type of furniture you need. In other words, it won’t fall apart from the excessive use expected in a hotel or a cafe.

A Specialist Supplier Offers Competitive Prices

Purchasing furniture at wholesale prices is very important, especially for a new business. You need to minimise costs so you can break even as quickly as possible and then start making a profit. However, not all furniture suppliers can offer you highly competitive prices, particularly if you are trying to work with retailers.

Nextrend Furniture, for example, offers great wholesale prices, allowing you to get ahead faster. This is because they purchase such large volumes of stock that they have the ability to negotiate more attractive prices. They pass this savings on to their clients, which means you can get top quality furniture at rock-bottom prices.

A Specialist Supplier Will Have the Quantities You Need

There’s nothing worse than gritting your teeth, knowing that with every hour and every day that passes you are losing money because you’re still waiting for the furniture to be delivered. You call up the retailer every hour and they keep giving you excuses. Generally, this is because most furniture distributors don’t have the level of stock required to service a hospitality business and they have to bring it in.

Nextrend always has a large quantity of stock available, ensuring they can deliver quickly and efficiently. In other words, you don’t have to lose money because you didn’t get the furniture you needed on time.

A Specialist Supplier Will Have an Extensive Selection

A furniture retailer is unlikely to have an extensive range of furniture available for commercial applications. This means that you are going to check out multiple retailers and then, when you do find something you like, you discover that they don’t have the quantity you need or that particular style is only available for tables and not the chairs, which can seriously throw your design ideas off.

A specialist supplier will have an extensive range of products available in various styles, giving you the opportunity to mix and match while still maintaining the overall theme. Nextrend has a wide range of styles available, making the whole process more efficient because you can work with a single supplier.

Nextrend is one of Australia’s biggest suppliers of hospitality furniture, offering a wide range of products from cafe chairs and tables to catering furniture. Regardless of what you need, your hospitality business will benefit greatly from working with a supplier that prides itself on ensuring customer satisfaction.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and have had enough of trying to work with retailers who can’t possibly understand what you need, then it’s time to check out Nextrend’s site, where you will find all the products they offer. Once you’ve decided on the furniture that would suit your Gold Coast cafe, restaurant, bar or hotel perfectly, send them a request and they’ll respond immediately with a no-obligation quote. You are definitely going to be surprised at how competitive the prices are for such amazing furniture.