Restaurant and Cafe Furniture in Darwin

Due to the strength of the tourism sector, hospitality is something the residents of Darwin take seriously. Whether you plan on marketing your business to tourists or not, Darwin has been known for quality hospitality at cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and other similar locations. Any prospective business owners must place emphasis and set their sights on providing at least the same quality hospitality to achieve the success they dream of.

Restaurant and cafe furniture represents an important part of great hospitality in Darwin. Nextrend understands the expectations of customers and provides high quality products without compromising on budget. The Darwin area is ready for some great new or updated restaurants and cafes. We promise to help you become a favourite among your customers.

Quality and Low Pricing

At Nextrend, we disagree with the idea that you need to choose between quality and cost. Our products use a wide range of different materials, but all are designed with durability and style in mind. In fact, all of our restaurant and cafe furniture products feature a two year commercial warranty. We strive to ensure that you get the best quality products possible without going over your budget.

Throughout our vast selection, Nextrend also carries an extensive supply of different styles and designs. Your restaurant, pub, hotel or cafe should stand out among the competition. Nextrend understands that plain, predictable furniture and dull decor won’t help you grow your business. By browsing our commercial furniture online, you can find the perfect style to match your own unique decor at a surprisingly low price!

Strong and Stylish Seating

When it comes to starting up a hospitality business in Darwin, the importance of seating can be forgotten. However, poor quality or boring chairs can really be a drag on your business. Your chairs must withstand constant traffic from your customers without losing structural integrity or style.

No matter what decor or atmosphere you choose for your new business, the wide range of commercial chairs offered by Nextrend will meet your needs. We feature restaurant and cafe chairs for indoor dining settings, outdoor spaces, lounge areas, bars, pubs, and more. Pick from many different materials from European beech wood to stainless steel, durable moulded resin, and custom upholstery!

Whether you need stackable chairs for easy storage, comfortable bar chairs for a hotel bar, or elegant armchairs to match a luxurious atmosphere, Nextrend has what you need. Most of our chair and seating products are available in stock, but we also offer custom and indent options.

Tables and Table Parts

The restaurant and cafe furniture at Nextrend goes far beyond seating. We also offer an extensive line-up of tables, table tops, and table bases. Our vast stock selection of tables features styles to match almost any decor across lounge spaces, outdoor areas, and dining rooms, but many custom and indent options are also available.

Nextrend also offers the opportunity to purchase separate table tops to meet your needs. Our line of
“Duratop” table tops are all resin moulded, made in Europe, and come with a two year commercial warranty. From deep red to walnut and shesman finishes, these table tops can be used in outdoor or indoor areas and feature an easy-to-clean surface. Stainless steel, melamine, and laminate are also available as a custom option.

Our strong and sturdy table bases area available in a variety of sizes, materials, styles, and finishes. Some feature adjustable feet while others mount to the floor surface. The wide range of different stock options makes it easy to match your ideas for the decor of your restaurant, cafe, bar, or hotel in Darwin. However, several custom options provide flexibility in special situations.

Indent Range (Import-to-Order)

From the moment they come through the door, your customers should see that your business is different from all the others. Since restaurant and cafe furniture can make such a difference in the overall appeal of your space, it is important to find the perfect style. Nextrend offers a fantastic collection of indent range or, import to order, products for this exact purpose.

These designer tables, stools and chairs are perfect for fresh contemporary decors and other unique applications. From inspiring chair designs to weather-resistant resin rattan tables, Nextrend ensures that customers remember your business. All of our indent range furniture products are imported to order and come with some lead time. This lead time varies based on your product choice, but typically lasts between 8 and 16 weeks.

The quality of your restaurant and cafe furniture in Darwin is important, but you don’t need to sacrifice your budget to get the furniture you need. Browse the Nextrend Furniture website to choose the perfect product, or call us at 1300 559 965 to take the first step to a fresh new look at your business!