Contract Furniture

Nextrend is one of the biggest suppliers of commercial furniture, with restaurant furniture one of the most supplied. It supplies indoor and outdoor tables and chairs for some of Australia’s top restaurants. This type of furniture is needed in places such as hotels, clubs, resorts and cafes.

It does not matter what type of establishment makes furniture requests, it will be filled according to the needs and style preference of that particular establishment. This is because there are so many different styles and colours for patio chairs and tables. Whether it is for a chic new cafe that needs chrome and leather chairs to the well established hotel that needs rich looking lounge chairs with a European style, Nextrend has cafe seating that will be sure to suit a particular taste. There are styles available that will make any restaurant, hotel and resort would be proud to present to its customers.

Hospitality Furniture

No longer are Australians just looking at food as a way to get your daily nutrition. Eating has become way of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle includes enjoying the company of good friends and eating good food. Quite naturally, restaurants will always be one of the most favoured choices for family, business and personal outings. It is just that now people expect to see more style and beauty when it comes to hospitality furniture. It makes up an important part of the overall dining experience.

As a result, restaurants are searching for suppliers who can help them keep up with the growing demand for cafe furniture. The dining experience is supposed to be fun, satisfying and exhilarating.

Nextrend helps provide that experience with the best hospitality contract furniture on the market. Contract furniture makes up a large percentage of the Australian furniture sales market, so rather than accept standard furnishings for an establishment, you can request furniture made to suit the individual needs of an establishment.

Nextrend’s commercial and hospitality furniture range should make it easy for any restaurant owner to find the right furnishings at the best possible prices.
Nextrend understand the popularity of ‘alfresco’ dining and that restaurant patio dining has become very popular, especially as the weather begins to warm up again. So much in fact that outdoor restaurant furniture has become in very much demand.

Of course, matching indoor furniture with the more sturdy furnishings designed to withstand being outdoors can be important to a restaurant owner. Patrons appreciate the appeal of a similar theme flowing from inside to outside that makes the establishment look more orderly.

Restaurants need plenty of hospitality furniture that keeps up with the growing demand of outside dining.

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