In the hospitality and food industry, making a statement can be as simple as choosing the right set of hospitality furniture. If you own such a business, you would know that the process of buying the best restaurant furniture or cafe furniture for your business is never really as simple as it might sound. As much as there are many looks to choose from such as traditional, modern, and many others, there is also a great variety of furniture that can match your preferred look.

The first thought would be to choose the ones that look best but there are always varying definitions for what is best. This is why your ultimate choice would often come down to the consideration of your own taste and needs. Here is where you would likely find difficulty – choosing between your needs and desires.

Fortunately, Nextrend is here to provide not only high quality commercial furniture but also personalised service that seeks to help our clients make the choices that work best to their advantage. Our several years of handling different projects, which involved supplying furniture to numerous hospitality businesses in Australia, have enabled us to establish a good grasp of working with different types of clients and giving them the optimum customer satisfaction.


Nextrend starts with the visual goals of the client – your vision of what your establishment would look and feel in the eyes of your target customers. The combination of colours and designs will be decided based on your ideas, as well as the lingering factors such as the surrounding area, the type of people that you intend to serve and more.

Apart from the look, Nextrend’s specialist would also match the budget that you have for the furniture; our ultimate goal is to provide the furniture with the best function and visual boost for your business.

Let us say your establishment happens to be a club. Since most guests would like to do some relaxing, you would most probably find more use for an ottoman. These straightforward yet stylish seats do, in fact, have the makings of the most ideal club furniture.

Ottoman is the term used in order to describe a padded foot stool or an upholstered seat that does not feature any backrest. It first came about in the 18th century as a family seating piece that featured piles of cushions. Ottomans are the kind of chairs that do not consume too much space which is great for clubs since these places tend to draw lots of crowds. What is more, ottoman pieces can actually help people to socialise since it promotes shared seating spaces.

Nextrend’s ottoman choices would be the Venus Rectangular Ottoman which provides enough space to seat at least four people at a time. They can also be used as show pieces in order to highlight a particular area in the club. To this end, Nextrend has the rectangular ottomans which are not bulky yet visually striking, making them such a great fit to function as club furniture.

Ottoman, as a club furniture, can also be used as a stylish side or coffee table. This is particularly true if what you have is an ottoman that is taller than usual. Some possible options would include Nextrend’s cube ottoman which comes in such shades as apple green, bright orange, and red.

For more high quality club furniture pieces and ottoman choices, visit our product pages or download our PDF catalogues.