Last Updated 13th January 2017

Doing good business means the ability to provide customers with a totally satisfying experience the moment they set foot in your place of business. Everything that the customer will see and use should provide a sense of comfort, allowing them to have a positive perception of the business that you are offering. Therefore, if you are in the hospitality industry, you need to make sure that the first impression that customers will have of your business will be nothing short of excellent.

One good way to ensure that customers will have a good time as they shop, dine, or relax within your place of business is to have high-quality commercial furniture. Having the finest furniture will create the difference between loyal patrons and one-time customers.

Take a look at the different types of commercial furniture that you can have for your business.

Cafe Furniture

Aside from the interior design of your cafe, one thing that you should carefully consider is cafe furniture. This will include your cafe chairs and tables, as well as couches that you will be placing in the waiting area. These furniture pieces would have to be thought of carefully since they need to go along with the theme of your cafe. The colour, the shape, the style, and the material that will be used should match every facet of the interiors of your cafe.

Bar Furniture

One of the most intricate types of furniture is bar furniture. While this may look seemingly fragile and the least bit sturdy due to the thin and narrow frames, the opposite is quite true. Bar furniture should be sturdy enough to hold varying weights of individuals and this is most especially true for tall bar chairs and tables. This is why the finest materials are always used for this furniture.

Restaurant Furniture

When it comes to creating pieces that can provide maximum comfort to customers who dine with their friends and family, we at Nextrend are experts. Our classy range of restaurant furniture defines what dining places really are – places of comfort and relaxation. Each piece carefully matches the theme that is used by designers in a restaurant, ensuring that your place of business makes a really nice impression to customers. For sure, this will make them look forward to their next visit.

Hotel Furniture

If you are looking for the finest pieces of hotel furniture that will give your guests the most pleasurable stay, then our range of hotel furniture can certainly answer your needs. From chairs, tables, couches to lounge chairs and many more, you can be assured of quality furniture that does not age with time. We make use of the best materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture. You can expect our indoor furniture to highlight the facets of the hotel interiors, while our outdoor furniture will definitely give guests a relaxing time. These furniture items are durable and elegant; always pleasing the eyes of your guests.

Our wide range of products include indoor chairs, outdoor chairs, stools and barstools, tables, table tops and bases, ottomans, tub chairs, lounge, function furniture, and office furniture.

Here at Nextrend, we make sure that every piece of furniture that we build won’t be the only ones that you will have us create for you. We aim to please not only your customers, but most especially you, our customers. Our decisions are based on what will work best for you and your business.

Did you know that Nextrend is a direct importer and stockist of commercial furniture in Australia? Head over to our dedicated page showcasing our wide range of commercial furniture to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those quickly delivered to your door!