Does your restaurant need new furniture? The staff at Nextrend can help you to find the right contract furniture. Exactly what is contract furniture and how can it benefit you? Basically it is commercial furniture. It looks no different from residential furniture and is just as attractive. However, commercial furniture must be a lot sturdier and made to last. In fact, some countries require that it tests according to certain standards. Keep in mind that your new commercial furniture will be used on a continual basis by numerous people. This is unlike the residential furniture in your home that is only used by one family.

Yes, as the name implies, many times there is a contract involved with regard to this furniture. However, this should be seen as an advantage instead of a disadvantage. You can state in the contract who will be responsible for certain aspects of your new furniture such as purchase, delivery, installation, repairs or replacement. In fact, many of these contracts do not go beyond the purchasing phase. However, Nextrend’s goal is to make sure that your furniture purchase is to your satisfaction from start to finish.

Why should you purchase contract furniture from Nextrend? This is because Nextrend is one of the best sellers of high-quality contract furniture in Australia. They sell cafe furniture, hospitality furniture, restaurant furniture and commercial furniture to companies all over Australia. They are committed to providing quality furniture to places such as hotels, schools, hospitals, clubs and restaurants.

Nextrend works very closely with designers and restaurant owners like yourself to ensure that your restaurant decor is perfect and to your liking. Let the team at Nextrend design, decorate and furnish your restaurant for you. This will give you more time to run the restaurant and form more customer relationships.

If you are looking for a particular type of furniture, Nextrend has relationships with furniture companies all over the world. Maybe you need outdoor cafe tables to fill an outdoor patio space. Or maybe you need folding trestle tables to accommodate large dining groups. Whatever type of furniture that you need, Nextrend can help you find it and provide great dining spaces for your customers. The following is just a sample of the contract furniture that Nextrend has to offer.

Rectangular Trestle Tables

Nextrend has a whole range of commercial trestle tables. Choose from three styles of Napoleon trestle tables. They can be purchased in numerous sizes. Each has legs that are simple to fold. They have other features such as a shock-proof PVC edge, ABS laminated edge and two a sided laminated table top. Each of these rectangular trestle tables can be purchased in colours such as ironstone, seal grey, white, cherry, golden beach, new stainless steel, and beige.

Round Trestle Tables

If a rectangular trestle table will not fit into your needed space, then opt for a round one. Nextrend offers two types of Napoleon round trestle tables. They are available in many different sizes and have simple folding legs. They too have a shock-proof PVC edge and are available in the same attractive colours as the rectangular tables.

Curved Trestle Tables

However, if your restaurant needs something even more distinctive than round or rectangular trestle tables, then Nextrend also offers curved trestles that you will find appealing. These tables can help you to expand to different U shapes. It is available with some of the same features and colours as the round and rectangular trestle tables.