restaurant-food-wrapsNo matter how busy your cafe might be right now, there is always room to boost sales further. Many cafe owners work hard to encourage patrons to purchase more during each visit to maximise sales. Others focus on encouraging more return visits.

Wraps and Sandwiches

Many people associate going to a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Yet adding simple wraps and sandwiches to the menu can be a great way to entice more customers to visit your establishment for lunch, rather than just a quick snack.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

A few years ago only a few cafes focused on the needs of non-meat eating patrons. These days it is quite common to find tasty vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu. Adding some alternative menu options that appeal to vegetarians and vegans can add appeal to a range of customers you may otherwise not have reached. Besides, adding a range of salads may also appeal to your more health-conscious customers at the same time.

Gluten-Free Meals

Heading out to a cafe with friends can be frustrating for gluten-intolerant diners. Finding food suitable for someone with a wheat-intolerance makes it very difficult to eat out easily. This opens up opportunities for a cafe offering gluten-free meal options to appeal to a whole new group of people.

Gourmet Alternatives

Not everyone enjoys a simple sandwich and a coffee when visiting a cafe. In fact, many prefer the more upmarket gourmet selections available. Regardless of what your existing customers enjoy, adding a gourmet selection of mouth-watering alternatives to your menu can entice more people to try your new offerings. Besides, most people are willing pay more for that gourmet meal than they would for a casual snack.

restaurant-breakfast-setBreakfast Delights

Offering the traditional coffee and cake or simple sandwiches in a cafe seems to be the norm. However, cafe owners who open their establishments to include dining times outside of brunch or lunch tend to enjoy better sales overall. Adding a breakfast menu can encourage early morning diners to frequent your cafe to enjoy a bagel or croissant or even a plate of bacon and eggs.  Likewise, offering casual dinner meals in the early evening may be the encouragement your customers need to spend money at your cafe later in the day.

Winter Warmers

It’s quite common for many cafe owners to experience a slight decline in business during the colder months of the year. Adding a selection of winter meals designed to warm up patrons could help to boost those ailing sales. Soup is a quick and easy menu addition during the winter months. Likewise, adding a range of hot foods to the menu can be a great way to prompt more business through your doors.

restaurant-food-nicheDon’t Forget the Social Aspect

Regardless of how well you re-vamp your cafe menu in your efforts to stimulate sales, it’s still crucial to focus on encouraging more social interaction between customers while they’re in your establishment.

Take an objective look at your current cafe furniture. Many cafes already feature the standard cafe tables and chairs, but is there room in your cafe to include a small lounge area? Customers who feel comfortable in a social setting are more inclined to purchase subsequent rounds of coffee or other drinks as they extend their stay. By working out the most optimal way to arrange your cafe furniture while boosting your cafe menu, you could potentially increase sales and improve your business profits.

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