Coffee consumption is rising rapidly across the globe, and Australia is no exception. With the increasing popularity, cafes are looking for ways to stand out. If you are a coffee lover, chances are you have visited many cafes and know that each one has its own unique atmosphere, coffee varieties, and other features that make it distinct. Here’s a look at some of the cafe trends happening this year.


1. Healthy Eats

Cafes are known for providing healthier food options than their fast food rivals. Some cafes, like Di Bella Roasting Warehouse in Melbourne, even offer gluten-free and vegan dishes. In 2014, look for even more nutritious and unique breakfast and lunch menus with expanded to-go options for customers on the go.

2. Distinctive Cafe Furniture and Decor

Whether you are popping in for a cup of coffee on your lunch break or you are looking to settle in with a good read, there are two emerging cafe furniture trends taking hold across Australia.

First is the rise in popularity of the inviting communal table. If you are looking to hang out amongst your fellow coffee lovers, you’ll love this feature. Communal tables are often custom made and have an inviting distressed look and feel. Many feature an artistic centerpiece or a vase of flowers to complete the look.

On the flip side, another emerging trend is hip European-inspired futuristic decor featuring sleek metal cafe furniture, including metal bar stools and tables, or those that have distinct patterns or textures.


3. Bean Sourcing

Ever wonder where your coffee beans come from? Different sources have distinct flavours. Regardless of your bean preference, chances are you will be able to find something out there that suits you. This year, you can expect to see cafes highlight the specific origins and even the farms from which their coffee is sourced. For example, baristas at Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne pass out single source farm information to customers.

4. Coffee Tasting Sessions

Coffee tasting or “cupping” sessions are similar to wine tasting, but you don’t have to worry about driving home afterward. More and more cafes are offering coffee cupping sessions, complete with sparkling water to cleanse the palate, to teach consumers about the various flavors and subtleties associated with coffees of different origins. Are you a true java connoisseur? Take a crack at guessing the origin of the coffees sampled based on their distinct characteristics.


5. Entertainment

In an effort to stand out, many cafes are beginning to offer different types of entertainment to entice customers. The Wentworth Perk Coffee House in Sydney offers great live musical performances. Other types of entertainment gaining popularity include art galleries, game nights, comedians, poetry readings, and more.

From entertainment to tastings to unique cafe furniture, there’s something for every java lover in this year’s trends. Fortunately, Australia offers plenty of unique cafes and coffee houses for every taste and personality. And with many popular coffee bars offering extended hours to accommodate eager sippers, more and more customers are opting to patronize their favourite coffee spots late into the evenings, creating even more opportunity to branch out. What’s your favourite cafe?