Over the last five years competition in Australia’s cafe industry has become fierce. With a hip new coffee house opening up in nearly every nook and cranny of your local city – cafes are at an all time high.


One of the biggest draws of a cafe, besides coffee, is the opportunity to sit down, relax and have a chat over a cappuccino and cake. As a coffee shop owner, a great way to build your brand and really set yourself apart is with the perfect cafe furniture. But with so many options of cafe chairs and tables, it can be hard to find a style that is right for you and your customers. Luckily, there are a few basic guidelines that you can follow to make sure you get the best cafe furniture for your business.


The first things you need to consider are what is the style of your cafe? Who is your demographic?

If you serve a lot of elderly customers you will want cafe chairs that can cater to their particular needs. Elaborate old iron cafe furniture might be very pretty, but you probably do not want to deal with the drama of having a customer’s smart phone fall through a gap of your cafe tables and smash on the floor.


It is not enough for cafe furniture to simply be beautiful; it must also be comfortable. A cafe table that is too high can make for an awkward lunch and no one has ever said, I cannot wait to go back to that place where I had that incredibly awkward first date.

Make sure your cafe furniture not only suits your decor but is also comfortable.


Another choice to consider is what materials you would like your cafe furniture to be made from. Plastic and laminates are a popular choice for cafe tables because they are cheap, easy to clean, and do not require much maintenance. You can even get laminates that provide the luxurious feel of the classical materials such as: stone, steel, and timber.


Consider where your cafe furniture will spend its lifetime. Will it have to endure the weather or will it be inside and protected? Purchasing a commercial grade set of cafe chairs and tables will have a much longer lifespan. A strong set of cafe chairs is one of the best things you can buy when setting up your business.


One of the great things about plastic is that it comes in wide range of colour options. This means you can give your cafe furniture a funky edge with bold splash of colour. Or, if you are looking for something a bit subtler there is a variety of cafe table wood finishes designed to suit the soothing ambience of your coffee house.

Finally, when buying your new cafe furniture you must make sure you are buying from an experienced commercial cafe furniture dealer. Buying a set of new cafe chairs and tables is a serious investment and you want to have the reassurance of a good maintenance plan and replacement policy.

Here at Nextrend Furniture, we offer you a range of high quality cafe furniture to match your establishment’s style. Our commercial furniture pieces are comfortable, durable, and some are available in different materials and colours. View our products here on the site or you may visit any of our showrooms listed.