One of the most lucrative businesses at present is a cafe. People would always look for the jolt that a freshly brewed coffee can do to them. Business meetings, contract signing, casual meet-ups, matchmaking, and even first-time dates often happen in cafes.

For many cafe owners or those planning to start a cafe, there are several considerations. The first one is the location of your business, the second one is the quality of coffee that you would be serving customers, and the third one is your cafe furniture, which would primarily be composed of cafe chairs and cafe tables.

The first two considerations are usually the one that are thought of carefully, and the third one, is sometimes left in the hands of fate or whatever furniture pieces they happen to come across with. But this is not good practice in the cafe business. Remember that the furniture you use could help so much in giving your customers comfort, which they may look forward to in their next visit. Take away the comfort and you might lose the chance of having a returning customer.

Here are some tips on how you will be able to find the right furniture for your cafe, specifically your cafe tables.

  • Durability. This should be your first and foremost consideration. Will the tables last for years or only 6 months? The worst scenario is your cafe furniture would last only for a few uses of your customers. The tables would have to be durable enough to last, if possible more than 5 years. It would be very costly if you find yourself buying new tables every year just because the first ones you got were not durable enough. We, at Nextrend Furniture, do consider your predicament as a businessman, which is why we make sure that we provide quality tables for your business.

Durability also extends to the materials used for the cafe table. The tables are the ones that will hold the weight of, not only the beverage that will be placed on top of it, but also fifty percent of the weight of the customer. There is a high probability that the customer would lean forward with elbows propped on the table, thus putting much weight on it. Sometimes, two people would be occupying one table, sometimes three. What if all of them would be leaning forward simultaneously? To ensure that the tables can accommodate such weight, look for those that are made of strong materials, just like the ones that we are offering here at Nextrend Furniture.

  • Aesthetically pleasing. If your business primarily caters to giving people a sense of comfort, it follows that you must also please their eyes. It isn’t enough that you provide them with a sturdy and durable table, but these tables should also present that touch of loveliness in them. It must complement the colors of your walls, the counters, and most especially the cafe chairs. By getting everything to match perfectly, you will surely create an ambiance that is pleasing to customers.

In a cafe business, it isn’t only the location and the taste of the coffee that matters. Your cafe furniture also counts, considering that it is an essential part of your business that you cannot do away with. It is the one that will titillate the eyes and the sense of touch of your customers. By offering the best coffee and great comfort, you will have patrons for life.