It is not every day that you select hotel tables for your business. The task may seem a bit monumental at first glance, but that does not mean that you cannot do an excellent job selecting tables that are built to last without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal in the process. Here are a few factors you must consider in selecting the right tables to make your hotel a success.


This is not a job for unsound tables on spindly legs. Patrons can get a bit unruly. You need tables that can take a pounding without looking any worse for the wear.

Accomplish this important goal by looking for sturdy table bases that do not tip over easily. In addition to being sturdy enough for daily dining and drinking, they should also be good for indoor and outdoor use. This also means that you have a few more options for where to use the tables on your hotel property.

Water Resistance

Chances are, no matter what kind of table top you choose for your hotel, it is going to see more than its fair share of liquid. Whether it’s rain in an outside dining area, or spilled milk in the breakfast area, liquid is a given when it comes to hospitality furniture.

In a perfect world, someone on your staff will be there right away to clean up any spills left behind. However, things never run perfectly during busy hours. This is why it is important to choose wisely and find cafe table and chairs built to stand up to whatever your guests throw at them.

Conveniently manageable

One thing is absolutely certain when it comes to hotel tables – you must be able to move them around easily. Hotels constantly need to meet a wide range of dining needs. Tables often require rearranging or having table tops exchanged in order to accommodate larger or smaller crowds. Lightweight tables are the best choice for easy arranging — on the go.

Wait staff does not have the time to wait for two or three people to help out during busy hours so keep the total table weight in mind when shopping around. Choosing tables that can be moved easily by one person makes the job your staff easier.


No matter what kind of hotel you run, chances are, you have a certain style or atmosphere you are attempting to create within the building. Table tops and the general appearance of your table, can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your hotel furniture.

For instance, darker woods and dim lights are good choices for hotel bars who wish to give off a British pub vibe, while sleek laminate tops in black or red may be more in keeping with American diners from the 1950’s. Choose wisely to create the look you want for your hotel, but make sure that practicalities are your first priority.

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