THE OTHER SIDE: Refurb for Revenue

Apr 21, 2020 | Accommodation, Cafes, Clubs, Design, Hospitality, Hotels, Marketing, Restaurants | 0 comments

With the majority of us in lockdown, we need to find creative ways to keep the lights on and ensure when we get to reopen we are ready to capture every bit of business possible.  So how do we do this?  Over the next few weeks Nextrend will engage with professionals in the Hospitality & Tourism sector to get their opinion on what you can do now, to ensure you are in a position to succeed at the other end of this crisis.

The first in this series is Refurb for Revenue.  We know everyone will have differing abilities to be able to give their business a Freshen up during this time, however if there is anything that you can do, at no or minimal cost it should certainly be considered.  When we get to the other side, people will be keen to once again frequent restaurants, dine out, holiday and explore.  It is imperative when they do that your business is not only ready to welcome them back, but  also appealing to the potential customer. 

Brittany Dain of Dain Interiors shares 5 Interior Design Tips that won’t break the bank.

What a great time to spruce up your space! Unfortunately, with many businesses being forced to close due to COVID-19 there is a silver lining. This is a perfect time to look at giving your space a bit of love and a new life, so when you do reopen the doors you have a fresh new look and feel that will entice more customers through that door! 

Here are my top 5 Interior Design tips to give your business a new look. 


Whether you want to brighten up that dark corner you have been dreading, use a white or neutral colour or if you want to add a splash of colour to create a feature wall and area of interest – A fresh coat of paint is the most effective way to change the look and feel of a space without breaking the bank. Its important to pay attention to the existing features and furniture pieces that you already own, to ensure that your new colour choice will complement them, not clash. Colour is incredibly effective in creating a mood and feel of a space; using a crisp white can make it feel fresh and calm, and a deep orange can make it feel cozy and warm. Remember to always check your colour swatch in natural lighting or space you plan on painting before you purchase. 


I have always been a firm believer that indoor greenery makes the world of difference! It’s something I always implement in my designs. Humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life, this is called ‘Biophilia’ and in the design world we use the term ‘Biophilic Design’. 

Picture working in a room only made up of white walls, floor and ceiling. Now picture yourself working in the outdoors with all the greenery surrounding you. Which would you prefer? Adding indoor planters to your space not only gives it a sense of life, but many studies have been conducted to proven that greenery indoors improves mood and productivity in workers. Now that’s a BIG positive! So, find your green thumb and order some plants for your space, and if you find you can’t keep them alive, there’s always faux ones for your choosing. 


Another crucial element of designing a space, your lighting! Great interior spaces have a variety or layered lighting, this gives the ability to control lighting for different times of the day or for specific events or moods. 3 important forms of lighting: General, task and accent. 

General lighting is referring to your downlights, ‘general’ lighting source of artificial light, if your thinking that your space needs a little more ambience consider installing dimmers to have more control. 

Task lighting is directional lighting to illuminate a specific area where a task is going to be performed, like a desk lamp or a pendant. 

Accent lighting is used to focus on a room’s features, this could be artwork, decorative objects or even a wall feature. 

There are really no limitations when it comes to lighting, just evaluate your space… Where needs brightening up? What kind of mood am I trying to achieve? What features do I want to enhance? Work with your licensed electrician and VOLA! You have just improved your business space with the use of lighting. 



Let it go! Its time to finally get rid of that tired looking, stained couch that you have built a connection with… as Marie Kondo would say, “thank it, now say goodbye”. Let’s get rid of the unhygienic furniture and buy yourself something new and fresh. When looking at commercial furniture for my designs there are two key things, I pay attention to: 

  • Maintenance 
  • Longevity 

It’s important to choose furniture that can be easily cleaned, low maintenance and long lasting, so you can focus on the importance of running your business. You don’t want to be replacing furniture every 2 years, am I right? That’s money and time. 


Space planning is another extremely important aspect of design. You could buy all these beautiful furniture pieces but have no idea where they are going once they arrive… BIG NO-NO. Let’s say you have your space, what is it going to be used for? What areas are designated for what activity? Where do you need storage? I could go on, it’s all about tailoring to your space and its use. Its critical to the design process, this means: 

  • Measuring your space 
  • Allocating areas for activity 
  • Think about traffic flow 
  • Scale of your furniture 
  • Placement 

Once you have completed these simple steps, then you can order away! But remember to keep within the budget! 

Brittany Dain
Dain Interiors
Facebook: @DainInteriors
Instagram: @daininteriors