THE OTHER SIDE: Creative Kitchens Keep Cooking

Apr 21, 2020 | Bars, Cafes, Clubs, Hospitality, Management, Marketing, Restaurants, Uncategorized | 0 comments

With COVID-19 shutting down the dining areas of Cafes & Restaurants across the country, many have had to adapt.  Finding ways to keep the kitchen running during this time has been extremely important, and a job many of you have done well.  In today’s Newsletter we look at the two main ways you have operated to keep your doors open and ways you can expand on this. 

In order to keep trading we have seen many businesses turn to online ordering for takeaway or delivery.  The rates offered up for services like Deliveroo or UberEats however have been restrictive for some.  Below we have 4 ideas to help you reduce expenditure in this area to keep more profits in your pocket.

1.  Run your own Online Ordering System.  If you website is Word Pressed based it is easy to get a plugin to do this.  This would be the same for many other platforms as well. By running your own system you can pretty much eliminate all fees associated with taking online orders.  If you don’t have the knowledge to do this, or want something with a bit of support, maybe chat with the guys at who can get you up and running as well as help with optimising your marketing starting from $149 per month.

2.  List your menu on Facebook and share details on as many local groups as possible.    Facebook is a hive of activity at the moment.  Ensuring people know you are open and what you are selling is important.  Post your menu regularly and share it on local community groups within Facebook.  Doing a special on Schnitzels today? Take a photos and post this as well.  With many people locked at home, food won’t be far from their mind.  Additionally look for any local websites that list businesses that are open, and make sure you are listed there as well.

3.  Like Facebook, list your menus on Google Business.  If you don’t already have a Google Business Listing, now is the time to make sure you get one.  By adding pictures and your menu to this it will allow people searching for food in the area to find you quickly and see what you offer.  Maybe do a post with an image relating to the services you are offering currently so when they see your listing, they know straight away you are open for business.

4.  Distribute your menu. If you are using UberEats or a similar service, try to ensure a menu goes out with every order, as well as details to order through your own system (if you have one) to increase return business and reduce overheads.  Trying to keep healthy through COVID?  Why not walk your neighbourhood and drop copies of your menu into Letterboxes to expand your reach to those that have not discovered you in passing or online.

With businesses moving to Takeaway and Delivery, some have taken it one or two steps further by offering pre packed meals.  We have seen a huge increase in these sorts of offerings for essential workers.  By offering pre packed meals you are able to reinforce your branding and minimise your menu offerings to reduce potential waste. 

Additionally some businesses have also commenced offering Meal Plans with their pre packaged meals.  By offering meal plans you are now able to book sales in for several days of the week.  The more meal plans ordered, the more stability you create for your kitchen.  If you are a business already offering take away or delivery, this could be a great next step for you.

If you would like help organising the packaging for your Pre Packed Meals, we highly recommend you have a chat to the guys at CBS Printing.  They can also help out with your menu printing needs.  To find out more about their service visit

We are all hopeful that we are not too far away from a return to regular operation.  However when that day does come, you may find that some of the strategies you have implemented to help you survive, will allow you to thrive post Covid.