Nextrend Furniture, one of Australia’s largest importer and supplier of restaurant and hospitality furniture recently partnered up with Silver Chef in establishing its Rent-Try-Buy Program.

As a commercial furniture solution, Nextrend Furniture offers restaurateurs a more feasible way of having functional interiors without the sky-high cost and maintenance. The company, which has furniture showrooms in key cities in Australia, has been a leading provider of some of the most creative and high quality restaurant table and chair sets among cafes, restaurants and other establishments in the hospitality industry.

Silver Chef is Australia’s first and only dedicated hospitality equipment funding business. Their Rent-Try-Buy Program allows restaurant owners and caterers to cost-effectively set-up shop by renting furniture and other equipment for 24 months . Once the two year are up, the owners have the option of either buying the furniture or renewing the arrangement.

Another advantage of the Rent-Try-Buy Program is that it is fully tax-deductible and the capital allocated for furniture and equipment can be used instead for other aspects of the business. At the same time, the program also allows owners to update their furniture and equipment regularly at minimal cost. This way,owners are guaranteed to get updated and high-quality furniture and equipment suited for their business needs.

With Nextrend Furniture and Silver Chef’s Rent-Try-Buy Program, expect to pay affordable weekly rental payments. Clients may also enjoy a 75% rental rebate for equipment purchased during the first 12 months. This way, restaurant and cafe owners are guaranteed to find the right and suitable function furniture for them without spending a big part of their capital. Cafe furniture and equipment also play a big role in the success of any establishment, as a relaxing ambience and comfortable seating are highly conducive for patrons to stay and spend inside the shop.

Inquire about the Rent-Try-Buy Program and take advantage of the swift approval process by getting a quote. Call 1300 559 965 and we will help you through the process.