Queensland-Emergency-Services-Complex-partners-with-Nextrend-FurnitureWith the design purpose of having a casual area for all emergency services personnel to socialise, relax, and unwind, the Queensland Emergency Services Complex partnered with Nextrend to develop areas for smoking personnel and to supply furniture for a cafe located on one of the many buildings on site.

Smoking Area for Personnel

Queensland Emergency Services made an initiative to move the designated area for smoking personnel, in order to place it farther away from the main building and the offices. The new area was done on a constructed concrete slab and Nextrend provided a fixed table – a 1200×800 Duratop tabletop combined with two Rega shroud bases – under a shade umbrella. The Rega Shroud table base, with its stainless steel construction and dolt down surface mounting provides a stable base that is perfect for an outdoor setting.


Increased Seating for a Cafe and Outdoor Eating Area

A cafe under one of the many buildings on site and an outdoor eating area were also upgraded with more tables and chairs to replace old ones and to increase the limited seating. Nextrend provided new Astoria table bases with Stratos Duratop table tops.

The Stratos Duratop, which comes in different sizes and because of its resin moulded tabletop, is hygienic and easy to clean, a preference for any establishment looking for commercial furniture. With the Astoria table base made of aluminium with adjustable feet, it is the perfect compliment for the Statos Duratop table top that comes in a range of finishes.

The Ares Chair was the outdoor chair of choice for all three areas. Known for its stability and extraordinary strength, the Ares Chair is a leading choice for hospitality furniture when it comes to outdoor chairs. Available in black, dark grey, white, brown, dove grey, and teak, it is meant to provide function and durability at the same time compliment the theme of its surroundings. Since this one-piece injection moulded polypropylene has its legs reinforce with glass fibre, it ensures stability for the user and resistance to wind and natural elements. Its colour will not fade or the material go brittle under the sunniest weather conditions because of UV stabilisers packed in the mould.

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