Restaurant and bar owners often find it challenging to locate the right pub bar furniture to suit their requirements. They must make sure that their bar has enough room for customers to socialise and have fun. But, they must also see to it that the bar has atheistically appealing decor. It has to be inviting and relaxing enough to prompt customers to spend time there. If your customers do not feel comfortable in a bar, they are not going to stick around and spend money. Obviously, this will have a negative impact on sales.

This is why it is imperative that bar owners do everything possible to provide a relaxing bar setting that will make customers want to hang out with their friends and acquaintances. Concentration must be placed on things such as lighting, decorations, tables and bar stools.

Nextrend specialises in providing furniture to the hospitality industry. It offers cost-effective hotel furniture such as restaurant chairs, plastic stacking chairs, folding trestle tables, outdoor cafe tables and bar furniture. The company delivers high quality restaurant and bar furniture to business locations such as clubs, taverns, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

This is a whole range of furniture that caters to both traditional and modern restaurant and bar owners. All in all, Nextrend has a vast selection of bar furniture. The following are just a few examples of the types of bar stools that Nextrend has to offer:

  • The Block Stool looks like the standard stool that you would find in most bar settings. It has a stainless steel square frame with a vinyl seat which does not have a back.
  • The Cruza Stool is a traditional round stool without a back. It has a moulded resin top, which can be customised with many different materials. The seat also has a stainless steel frame and a 750mm height. Overall, the chair can be used for both outside and inside bar settings.
  • The Manola Stool comes in a chocolate timber finish. The seat has sleek lines that make it a good choice for both modern and traditional bar settings. It has a tall frame and sturdy back that will make it very comfortable for customers overall.
  • The Avoca Stool was made in Taiwan and comes with a two year warranty, like all of the other chairs that Nextrend offers. It has a very modern look with its chrome frame and light beech finish. The stool has a height of 750mm.

When it comes down to it, bar owners have the responsibility of making sure that their customers are comfortable and satisfied. Although bar owners want bar decor that has a certain look, it does not make sense to have a certain design style if your customers are not going to feel at home and be comfortable. The trick is to find the right bar furniture that gives the bar a crisp, clean and distinctive style that is also comfortable.

In addition, if you are a bar owner, you want to choose bar furniture that is going to find this delicate balance without draining your wallet. Nextrend can help you to find the right balance.

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