With Australia’s beautiful weather, any cafe owner should consider taking advantage of it by creating an outdoor area for patrons to dine or relax over a cup of coffee. And with the stylish outdoor cafe tables Nextrend offers, you can increase the number of patrons your cafe can accommodate quickly and efficiently.

Choosing the Right Furniture for an Outdoor Area

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing furniture for an outdoor dining area. First and foremost, you need something durable. The last thing you need is furniture that cracks and warps due to extensive exposure to the elements. Generally, you will find that companies offer furniture that is specifically built for outdoor use.

For example, the Mio Chair – Indent from Nextrend is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use with its powder-coated frame and durable seat. Available in a range of colours, this seat can be used to furnish both the inside and outside of your cafe. To set the areas apart, you can purchase this stylish seat in two complementary colours that will still keep the same theme but give your cafe a little more pizazz.

Comfort is also something you need to consider. Just because a seat looks attractive, it does not mean it is comfortable. If the seats are uncomfortable, patrons will not stay as long and they are very likely to not return. The more a customer stays in your establishment, the more they will spend. And it is well-known that a loyal, returning customer will always spend more than a new customer. It is more cost-effective to attract and retain a steady stream of customers and one thing that can help you do that is by choosing comfortable and attractive furniture.

The Aruba Chair from Nextrend is a perfect example of a comfortable yet stylish chair that will keep patrons in their seats. It is also designed for outdoor use and is highly durable thanks to the durable weather resistant moulded resin it is made from.

In terms of outdoor cafe tables, you should consider something that is weather-resistant and also low-maintenance. The stainless-steel Innox Top Round table top from Nextrend is perfect because it is completely weather resistant, highly durable and will probably last you more years than you can count.

What about a bar?

Another attraction you can add to your establishment to attract more patrons is a bar area. This will provide a waiting area for people who are waiting to be seated and will allow them to spend money, instead of leaving and looking for other establishments if your place is full.

Of course, choosing great bar furniture is essential and you should definitely consider maintaining the theme throughout your cafe, from the outdoor furniture to the bar stools. Nextrend offers a wide range of furniture designed specifically for bars, from contemporary designs for modern themes to furniture with a more traditional look for those establishments that have a more rustic look.

Regardless of the type of furniture you need, Nextrend can help you. Offering a wide range of top quality commercial furniture for numerous industries including mining, hotels, restaurants and cafes, Nextrend can help you with all your furniture needs. From outdoor cafe tables to ottomans and drums, you can go wild and create any theme you like with Nextrend’s help.