The ability for cafe owners to provide outdoor dining options to patrons can significantly improve business. Nextrend provides a high-quality range of wholesale hospitality furniture designed especially for cafe use, including folding trestle tables for seating larger parties.

Finding wholesale cafe chairs and tables in Sydney at competitive prices does not need to be a challenge. The key is to source the right stockist to suit the needs of each individual establishment, regardless of where in Australia that stockist might be located

The range of high quality hospitality furnishings available from Nextrend is ideally suited to outdoor cafe dining use. They carry a large amount of stock in a variety of styles and designs, so it is easy to select the right furnishings to suit any decor or theme.

Nextrend Furniture provides hospitality furnishings to any establishment across Australia. This includes a range of outdoor cafe tables and chairs, along with restaurant and bar furniture.

Smaller cafe tables designed for seating two or three people seem to be quite commonplace within al fresco dining locations. However, there are times when reservations are made for larger groups and parties. This is when some cafe owners run into difficulty if they do not have sufficient table space available to cater for larger numbers.

Rather than consider putting smaller tables together to form a larger seating allocation, it may be more prudent to consider using folding trestle tables to accommodate them. These are easily stacked and stored when they are not in use, but they also allow for greater flexibility in setting up a location in readiness for a larger booking.

The friendly sales team at Nextrend are able to assist with any queries related to their extensive furnishing stock. They will also happily supply an obligation-free quote featuring their unbeatable prices on any furniture items required. All orders can usually be shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order, so there is very little downtime involved if refurbishing or fitting out a new establishment.

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