hotel-restaurant-dining-interiorNextrend was recently chosen to provide hotel furniture for Eatons Hill Hotel in Brisbane, one of the largest entertainment venues of Australia. This modern and swanky establishment was looking for furniture that reflects its ethos of providing top quality service in a sophisticated setting. With four levels, a rooftop bar, and a fully equipped gaming room, the hotel required an advanced solution at an affordable price point as well as an experienced team ready to tackle a large commercial venture.

Our vast expertise in providing furniture for schools, hotels, pubs, motels, and restaurants, helped us provide Eatons Hill Hotel with a fully customised solution that was purposefully designed to cater to the establishment’s specific requirements. We provided two of our leading ranges to outfit the Eatons Hill Hotel, both known for optimum quality as well as premium aesthetics. With the help of our design team, the hotel selected these units for the following reasons:

  • Customisable – Nextrend was able to provide the exact colours, tones, and materials to fit with the hotel’s ambiance.
  • Premium Materials – despite the competitive price points, both ranges provide top-notch materials that are found on the high-end scale of products.
  • Solid Build – Eatons Hill Hotel is a premium entertainment centre in Australia, meaning that the chairs will be used by a large number of people every night. The establishment required hotel furniture that is built to last.
  • Competitive Prices – Nextrend has built a reputation for providing quality high-end products at competitive prices.
  • Continuity in Design – the hotel was looking to provide a homogenous look and feel, without any contrasting or ‘out of place’ items of furniture. Our experience in outfitting large commercial units, pubs, and restaurants provided us with the tools and expertise to deal with a project of this scale

banquet-seatingClub Range: This affordable chair range is custom made to requirements, allowing your establishment to use it in a variety of settings. It’s ideal as the ultimate modular unit, suitable as a corner seat, a 2-seater, without arms, and a range of other options. Its timber frame and Dunlop Enduro foam guarantee quality that’s built to last – the units are all 100% Australian-made, ensuring craftsmanship from top to bottom.

Hotels, restaurants, pubs, and clubs can use this range to fit an entire room if necessary, with the modular adaptability allowing each use case to be fulfilled with flexibility and ease. Eaton Hills Hotel took advantage of the modular options, as the establishment was looking to outfit several rooms of various sizes and shapes.

Sedja Chairs and Stools: This range is built from the highest quality solid European beech frame, ensuring that they’re built to last. The timber stains are available in several options, while the upholstery can be custom-made for the client’s requirements.

Eahotel-timber-dining-settingtons Hill Hotel opted for the Sedja chairs both for their customisable nature as well as high quality materials. The idea behind this investment is to buy something that will stand the test of time, not needing instant replacement. Both aesthetics and practical functions were served with this selection.

For further information on the specific products used or for a closer look at how everything was put together at the hotel itself, have a look at our Eatons Hill Hotel project page. In addition to furniture that is purpose-built for the hospitality industry, you may also view our selection of pub furniture, mining camp furniture, and commercial furniture, amongst many others.