Nextrend commercial furniture is the premier hospitality, cafe and restaurant furniture specialist that offers high quality products in Australia. We design and develop high performance workplaces of unparalleled functionality, beauty, and durability. We design furniture that meet the specific needs of each client. When making your decision on commercial furniture, you must consider that you are also starting a relationship with a local commercial furniture supplier. We believe that this is the most important part of the decision. We guarantee that an entire team of professionals will be working behind the scenes and on site to ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.

Commercial furniture for a restaurant, lobby, hotel or other public venue that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable can make a business more appealing to customers. When the overall look of the room makes an impact with your customers and clients, you can expect that this project will lead to more orders with the same clients.  You can build your own loyal client database with these customers. The commercial grade furniture chosen to design an interior office or restaurant is important because it sets the tone and atmosphere inside the facility. Therefore, it is important for a designer to analyse his or her clientele before choosing a design scheme for a public lobby, hotel, restaurant or facility.

Nextrend supplies commercial furniture and is a good choice for progressive companies all over Australia. We offer contemporary commercial furniture that can create a hip yet sophisticated atmosphere that is appreciated by different crowds. Our furniture also makes an area look and feel bigger. Accents such as coffee tables and side tables that are added to commercial lobbies can provide a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design to the room.

When starting a hotel or restaurant business, some of the most important decisions you have to make involve your choice of furniture. People go to various establishments to relax, dine, or socialise with friends. Choosing the right kind of commercial furniture for your business will play a big part in its success. We have a long list of commercial furniture that you can choose from for your establishment’s overall design. If you are a restaurant or a cafe owner looking for stylish yet sturdy piece of furniture, Nextrend will provide you high quality pieces. We ensure that these products will be delivered accordingly for your maximum satisfaction.

We understand your need for comfort. A restaurant with uncomfortable chairs or tables will not stay in business for long. If a customer is not comfortable when he dines there, he will dine somewhere else. Our commercial furniture has a comfortable look and feel. At the same time, it maintains the sustainability of more traditional commercial pieces. Commercial dining furniture should not only be sturdy, but it should also offer a relaxing dining experience.

Our high quality designs are making an impact in the hospitality industry. We are sure that our designs will continue to play a central role in the years to come. Our furniture designs reflect the business identity and overall aesthetic of any establishment. We prioritise both practicality and function in our designs. We will provide you with high quality furniture that is both attractive and functional.