The restaurant and hospitality industry is one of the most competitive industries in Australia. Every edge is needed in order to make the difference between a major contender and a restaurant that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Not everyone believes that furniture makes that much of a difference, however, getting top quality furniture at wholesale prices like you can at Nextrend can make all the difference in the world between the financial success and failure of a restaurant.

Many people are curious as to what kind of difference furniture can really make when it comes to the success or failure of a restaurant. Nextrend understands just how true the statement is and are committed to providing top quality furniture with just the right amount of comfort, trendiness, and durability for the right price to make he waves in the hospitality industry.

Gone are the days when restaurant furniture was purely functional. Restaurant owners have figured out that is the chairs and outdoor cafe tables are comfortable enough, people will order more, linger over desserts with profitable mark-ups, and order top shelf liquors and flavoured coffee drinks. More importantly, they’ll come back with their trendy friends and do it all over again.

Nextrend, however, isn’t limited to bar furniture, and the occasional outdoor cafe table. They also offer a wide range of folding trestle tables, bars furniture, and an impressive plastic stacking chair selection that’s well suited for convention service, churches, and colleges. Nextrend also have the best selection of cafe chairs Sydney has to offer.

Whether businesses need a single outdoor chair or to completely refit several chain stores, Nextrend has the supply to meet the demand and prices real businesses can afford. That’s no small task in the current economy.