airstoolsFurnish your establishment with designer-looking furniture in just a few days. Nextrend’s Air chairs and stools in six colours are ready for immediate dispatch. These hospitality furniture items are no ordinary plastic furnishings – the entire cafe chair and bar stool are both one-piece injection moulded polypropylene with glass fibre-reinforced legs for higher strength, durability, and stability.

Able to withstand the sunniest weather conditions without fading or going brittle because the plastic is packed with UV stabiliser, the Air Range is perfect for outdoor dining areas, as well as your establishment’s indoor space. These are easy to stack so you can conveniently put them away in storage when necessary.

Our stocks of both the Air chair and Air stool are currently available in six trendy colours – orange, tropical green, white, black, red, and dark-grey. The very cool and funky design of these furnishings will look right at home in a modern and casual restaurant or cafe.


For those who prefer a more subdued and streamlined restaurant furniture, we also have new stocks of the Ares Chair and the Artemis Chair, also both by Siesta, Turkey. With the exact same material and manufacturing of the Air Chair, these chairs are equally durable and will never deteriorate and rust. We currently hold Ares chairs in four colours – teak, black, dark grey, and brown – and Artemis chairs in five colours – teak, black, white, dark grey, and brown.

All three designs are comfortable and lightweight with prices that can compete with any other designer-looking ranges. So if you want value both for your money and your diners, order yours now while we still have large stocks!

Our commercial furniture comes with a two-year warranty and you can still avail of our free freight offer. Request for a free quote now by calling 1300 559 965 or using our quote cart.