Selecting the right furniture for your restaurant or club is an important decision. There’s no doubt about that. Sometimes it’s hard to take note of all the important details that should be folded into this ever-so-important decision. While there are many things you might want to consider, some things are more important than others. Here are a few of the top things to keep in mind so that your decision about the right restaurant table top for your needs can be the best possible for your business.

How Versatile do the Table Tops Need to Be?

Some restaurants operate indoors and out. Some restaurants cater to small audiences and focus on room for groups of two or four while others are more likely to accommodate larger groups of people. Other restaurants need to have the flexibility to handle both and be able to switch back and forth quickly and easily. You need to think about your general needs for the day to day operation of your business and decide, based on the greater need in your business, which choice is better for you.

If you frequently switch back and forth from large to small groups you might want to consider table tops that can be placed on top of other table taps to extend them or make them larger. This is rather simple to do, especially in restaurants that have table cloths because the new table top configuration doesn’t have to be picture perfect. It’s a great way to add four or more seats at a table without investing a lot of extra time to do so.

Upscale dining establishments are wise to consider this when large parties come in so that you can use the existing open tables without needing to rearrange tables or people. Couple the table top with a well-designed plastic stacking chair for every additional place setting you’re putting out and no one will know the difference.

How Well Does the Table fit into Your Budget?

It’s also important to understand exactly what your needs are and how much budget you can afford in order to accomplish those needs. Establishing a budget is necessary not only to prevent you from spending money you can’t afford to spend on furniture for your restaurant like pricey outdoor cafe tables, but also so you know what the limits are going into the purchase and can negotiate aggressively to get the best possible value for your money.

Whether you’re purchasing one outdoor cafe table, a large stack of folding trestle tables, or all the cafe chairs Sydney has to offer, you need to make a point of sticking to your budget. It does no good to find the prettiest, most stylish restaurant outdoor chair in all of Australia if you can only manage to work one of them into your budget. Not many people want to dine outside alone, after all.

When you’re buying pub bar furniture and restaurant furniture alike, it always needs to be done with the future in mind. Versatility and price are important for bars furniture but they aren’t the only story by any means. Pay attention to the comfort of furniture, the style of the furniture, and how long the average life of the furniture happens to be before you make your final choice.