You might think that contract furniture only belongs in a cafe, bar, or hotel suite, but there are many possibilities for the wide varieties of chairs, couches, tables, and stools that continue to push the boundaries of style and design. One possibility is to fill your home with these comfortable and showcase-worthy pieces. From the foyer to the living room to the master bedroom and even the bathrooms, here are some instances where hospitality furniture can truly make your home pop.

Cafe and Bar Furniture in the Kitchen

Nextrend - Bar & Pub Furniture

The kitchen is a place to cook and entertain friends and family, but no one said that it has to be stocked with the same old traditional furniture. Cafe furniture can add eloquence and charm to any kitchen atmosphere, which will make friendly gatherings and family get-togethers particularly memorable. Cafe tables and cafe chairs are only two categories of furniture that will make your kitchen truly stand out. Bar stools are another option if you have an elevated bar or counter area to suit them.

Club Furniture in the Living Room

Nextrend - Club Living room Furniture

Have you ever been to club that featured plush or leather couches, ottomans, and tub chairs in various modern design choices? While these commercial furniture selections look perfectly at home bathed in multi-coloured or even strobe lights, they will look even better perfectly situated in your living room in front of the TV.

Both club and hotel furniture will make your guests want to snuggle in and stay awhile. With the right couches, loveseats, ottomans, and chairs, you might have a hard time getting anyone to leave. The good news is that bar, hotel, and restaurant chairs come in a variety of styles, colours, and materials, allowing you to find the best fit for your tastes and preferences.

Cafe Furniture in your Outdoor Area

Cafe Furniture - Chairs - nextrend

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs are specifically designed to withstand rain, sunlight, and other weather conditions. You can put your patio or backyard to maximum use by placing some outdoor cafe furniture where you can sit and relax. Enjoying a good meal outdoors will be made possible if you have comfortable, stylish, and durable furniture.

Restaurant Furniture Throughout

Nextrend - Cafe & Restaurant Furniture

Imagine having a tall table with stools surrounding it in your dining room, a loveseat in your bathroom or a booth and table in your bedroom. Do not confine yourself to what you think seems normal or natural. Interior designers make their money by going against the grain and by placing furniture in places that most people do not consider. Instead of hiring one of these interior designers, why not do the job yourself? Really stretch the limits of your imagination and the home design process and look for locations to place contract and commercial furniture selections throughout your home. These pieces will look perfect inside your home, outside your home, and even in your garage.

As you can see, contract furniture has many uses and it is not solely for bars, restaurants, pubs, motels and hotels any longer. If you walk through your home and you can manage to ignore your current furniture choices, you just might find new and innovative locations to place the newest and most eye-catching furniture selections from world renowned manufacturers located all over the world.

To see a full list of these furniture pieces and to revolutionise your home with hospitality and commercial furniture, browse through the wide selection on the Nextrend Furniture website. With the latest furniture ranges and at prices you would not believe, your home is about to get a Nextrend makeover. Visit today to place your order with one of our professional and skilled representatives.