Nextrend - Paddington ChairsHaving a beautiful place for customers to relax and enjoy themselves while eating is often not enough to sustain a food service establishment; it will help your business if you are constantly looking for ways to diversify your menu to attract a wider range of customers.

There is a growing number of health-conscious diners that are now looking for creative and wide-ranging alternatives in healthy fare. As a result, paleo and health food cafes are a fast growing trend in Australia. Even if your cafe is not categorised as a paleo or health food cafe, there is no reason why you cannot tap into this market segment. Here are some examples of food items you might consider for your menu to cater to the health-conscious customers.

Is Paleo the Way to Go?

Paleo restaurants and cafes have become increasingly popular. Paleo diets are based on the idea that our Paleolithic ancestors ate the types of food that we are genetically predisposed to eating, meaning that they are generally better for us. Paleo diets feature vegetables, nuts, and meats while eliminating or limiting legumes, whole grains, dairy, and some fruits.

The Paleo Cafe, which can be found in different locations throughout eastern Australia, offers breakfast items like the vegetable frittata served with sweet chilli onion jam and sides of bacon, salmon, or poached eggs. At THR1VE, which has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra, patrons can enjoy a spicy bowl of grass-fed, pulled barbeque beef with roasted peppers and caramelised onions. Both restaurants feature a variety of drink options and smoothies, and milk options for your coffee or latte include such choices as almond or coconut milk. Like many other restaurants that feature Paleo menu options, non-Paleo items are available as well.

Raw, Organic, and Other Popular Nutritional Options 

Perhaps you’re a little concerned that a Paleo diet neglects too many of the other core food groups. Maybe more raw foods or organic, non-processed items that can include whole grains and superfoods would fit your style.

Barry in Melbourne incorporates several of these nutritious options with menu items like coconut chia pudding served with bananas and sour cherries (among other ingredients) and raw falafels with beetroot relish and tahini pickled cauliflower. Establishments such as these offer a wide variety of healthy, organic drinks that feature multitudinous ingredients; for example, Melbourne’s Shokuiku offers a smoothie with seventeen different ingredients, including superfoods such as hemp, goji berry, and marine phytoplankton.

Nextrend Furniture - healthy SnacksCatering to Dietary Restrictions

Cafes and bistros are offering more gluten-, sugar-, and dairy-free items and vegetarian or vegan selections to accommodate visitors with special diets. One such example is the gluten-free pasta made with amaranth and quinoa served at Etto in Melbourne. Quinoa is also a primary component of a vegan salad that incorporates goji berry, pumpkin humus, and cauliflower on the menu of The Grain Store in Melbourne. Even bakeries can go entirely vegan, as evidenced by the products at Mr. Nice Guy’s Bake Shop in Melbourne.

Nice cafe furniture and a pleasing atmosphere are important elements in drawing customers to your restaurant, but pleasing customers’ appetites is paramount. There are a number of salutary and wholesome food choices out there. Do research and experiment with those that you could use in your menu to meet the needs of a health-conscious market.

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