It is not always easy to extend the life of outdoor cafe tables because they are constantly exposed to the harsh elements of long, hot Australian summers. They require a little more care and gentle treatment than indoor bars furniture needs since they are used to serve the needs of restaurant and cafe patrons who prefer to be outdoors for their dining pleasure. So how can you extend the life of the outdoor furniture you purchase for your cafe or restaurant?

Buy High-Quality Furniture

It is tempting to look for the best price when buying furniture for your hospitality business. This is not always the best course of action, however. It is a better plan to take a little time to compare the quality of various furniture items before deciding to buy. High-quality furniture is better designed to resist the elements while retaining its beauty and durability.

Purchase Furniture Designed for Outdoor Use

Not all furniture is designed for long-term exposure to the elements. It is in your best interest to buy furniture that is designed for the outdoors. If you do not invest in the right outdoor furniture, you may find that warranties are voided and that the furniture does not last long. The good news is that you can find a wide range of attractive and affordable options for your outdoor cafe tables and cafe chairs. Sydney business owners need look no further than our selection of products to find the perfect match for your cafe needs.

Choose Durability over Aesthetics

It is great to achieve a certain look, but your first priority when purchasing outdoor furniture needs to be durability. Buy tables that are sturdy enough to handle the occasional high-speed wind gust, driving rain, and the high heat of summer if you are interested in protecting your investment. The temptation may be to go for a certain look for your outdoor furniture or match it to your indoor furniture. This is not always the wisest choice, however, and can lead to furniture that needs to be replaced more frequently.

Follow Recommended Maintenance Procedures

Almost every furniture manufacturer recommends certain care and maintenance procedures designed to prolong the life of their furniture while maintaining its beauty. These recommendations are what the manufacturer has determined will keep your furniture looking as good as possible and operating optimally for the duration of the warranty period and beyond. It is a good idea to incorporate them into your regular cleaning, care, and maintenance routine.

Protect Your Investment from Extremely Harsh Conditions

There are some times, such as during East Cost Lows or thunderstorm Super cells, when it is wise to bring the furniture indoors to prevent damage from high wind and driving rain. These extreme weather systems are rare, but can cause a great deal of damage to your outdoor cafe tables and other furniture. Bringing them indoors or having a protected enclosure to store them during these times will help you maintain their beauty and prevent damage to the tables and chairs.

There are many benefits in extending the life of your outdoor furniture. The primary benefit, from a business perspective, is that you will prolong the life of your furniture, meaning you will need to purchase fewer replacements the years. The longer you can go without buying new furniture, the more cost-effective your tables and chairs become.