Folding trestle tables have always been popular because they can be pulled out whenever they are needed and stored away to save space when not required. This makes them a great option for catering and event hire companies as well as for establishments that rent out space for different events, like hotels.

Nowadays, to compete in the cutthroat catering industry, companies need to do more than just supply the food if they want to stand out from the crowd and make a profit. Thus, catering companies are being forced to offer more and more services, from helping clients find the perfect venue for their event to supplying the furniture or, at the very least, providing a good source where their customers can rent the furniture for the event from.

Folding trestle tables are a great option for any catering company to have on hand because these cost-effective tables are easy to transport, don’t take up much room when stored away and can quickly be set up quickly with little fuss.

Event hire companies that offer trestle tables can significantly increase revenues because these sturdy tables are a great option for a wide range of events and venues. Whether someone is planning a business conference or a wedding, these types of tables are usually preferred because they are easy to transport and quick to install.

Since they are also cost-effective, meaning the initial investment is quite reasonable, they will quickly recoup the cash you spent on them. It will not be long before the income on these trestle tables is pure profit.

Hotels or other venues that rent out space for events can also benefit greatly. These cost-effective tables can be used to create various layouts to meet the specifications of any event. They can be used to turn an empty room into the perfect venue for a business conference, a board meeting or a wedding quickly and easily.

When not in use, the legs fold away, meaning they do not require a lot of storage space. The speed with which they can be set up is also a benefit since a room can quickly be changed around, allowing you to host multiple events on the same day.

Nextrend Furniture offers some of the best folding trestle tables on the market. These tables feature an easy folding leg system and great quality table tops that are laminated on both sides. The PVC edge is shock proof so you do not end up with chipped edges that look unprofessional. The sturdy steel support system ensures these tables can take a lot of weight, so you will not  have any surprises like a table buckling.

Whether you are looking for round, standard or curved trestle tables, Nextrend has the perfect option for you. The company also offers various table tops, available in beige, cherry, golden beech, ironstone, stainless steel, seal grey, wenge and white. This means they will seamlessly fit into any venue, regardless of decor, whether they will be used in an upscale hotel for a business event or an outdoor wedding.

Nextrend specialises in top quality commercial furniture, including outdoor cafe tables, bars furniture and cafe chairs. Sydney companies and much of Australia have been sourcing their commercial furniture from Nextrend for a very good reason: they know they can count on great customer service, amazing furniture and competitive prices.