The hospitality industry will always flourish as a whole because people are social creatures by nature. We like to go out, meet new people, and enjoy a relaxing, fun evening with those close to us. However, this doesn’t mean that every establishment will succeed because there are so many variables that can make or break a hospitality business. Hospitality furniture is one such important factor, and if you get it wrong, you’re doomed to fail. Let’s look at the different types of furniture available for hospitality establishments, and why it’s important to purchase the right furniture.

The Right Type of Furniture for the Right Establishment

Different types of establishments require different types of furniture. For example, low couches and tables might be suitable for a club, but in no way would they be ideal for a restaurant. So, the first step in buying the right furniture for your hotel is ensuring that you are sourcing the right type of commercial furniture. Luckily, this won’t be too hard since most commercial and restaurant furniture suppliers offer dedicated lines for different applications.

Restaurants and Cafes

If you are opening up a restaurant, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of options when it comes to restaurant furniture. The key is to find furniture that is comfortable, attractive and stylish. Pieces that are relatively low maintenance should also be considered. Remember that the key to a restaurant’s success is creating an attractive atmosphere while providing your patrons with the comfort they desire.

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Cafe furniture should be purchased with the same goal in mind. Of course, you should also consider checking out the latest design trends and putting your own spin on them so you can stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t necessarily mean using weird cafe chairs that look great but are a pain to sit on, even if that is the trend. It doesn’t mean spending a fortune either. You can achieve an amazing look with just a few strategic pieces, or by playing with colour, such as having contrasting cafe tables and chairs.

Clubs and Bars

When it comes to buying club furniture, things are a little different in that people go to clubs mainly to drink and dance in a flashy atmosphere. However, you still need to provide comfort. Generally, low, comfortable sofas are ideal for clubs rather than regular tables and chairs because they help set the mood for a night of dancing and fun. Sitting in a stiff chair won’t exactly help create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

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Bars are a bit easier in terms of the furniture you need because you can use a combination of sofas, chairs, stools and more. Remember, though, that people go to bars to drink and talk, which means your setup and the bar furniture you purchase should reflect this.

Buying Furniture for Hotels

Hotels are somewhat different in that people don’t necessarily go to hotels to relax, but use these establishments as their home base while they are travelling. Of course, providing customers with all sorts of entertainment and other services, such as a restaurant and a bar, is a good way to increase profitability but you still need to focus on the fact that hotel furniture is completely different to other types of commercial furniture – for one thing, you wouldn’t be buying a bed for a bar. However, the same basic principles apply, namely quality furniture that impresses but also provides comfort.

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