Nextrend- Mobile Resto AppApps are the newfound rage amongst business owners trying to tap into the digital market. With most of us surfing the web using smartphones or tablets, it is an effective way of engaging with would-be and existing customers. In fact, most restaurants would benefit from this form of customer engagement.

But you cannot release anything and expect users to jump on it – you are going to have to create something that is actually worth downloading. In order to make your app a proverbial part of your restaurant, then you need a plan of action. The following tips for designing your restaurant app will give you a good framework to build from.

Focus on Apple and Android

Don’t place your bets on a single horse – designing your App for one or the other will alienate a good chunk of users, no matter which you go for. Instead, ensure you cater to both.

Worried about the costs involved? Use technology that’s adaptable rather than in-house tools – for example, HTML5 will allow you to serve apps that work on a wide range of devices quickly and easily. While it is not the same as offering dedicated native apps, it is still a good idea to try and serve your entire audience.

Quality Images and Video

If you plan on using a good amount of images and videos in your app, we applaud you for it. We must insist, however, that you do not let your audience see anything that falls below quality standards. In other words, stick to high-res at all times. And do not forget to optimise.

Photos of your premises need to be crisp and clear – users should be able to see the detail of your restaurant furniture, so to speak. If it is blurry or unfocused, go back to the drawing board and get your hands on something that oozes quality. Videos should have both excellent audio and visuals. Just make sure they are quick to download as well.

User Friendly Tops Complex and Layered

Some people (incorrectly) feel that adding intricate and complex features actually adds to an app. There is nothing further from the truth. Users want something that’s intuitive and easy to use – not a puzzle to solve.

Try and make your app easy to navigate and command. User friendliness needs to come near the top of your priorities, lest you lose your new customers before they’ve been given a chance to be convinced by your cuisine.

Mobile App for Restaurants - NextrendBring Something to the Table (Excuse the Pun)

Your app needs to have a clear purpose and goal. It should add value to each user that chooses to download it. If they realise that it’s just full of fluff and a waste of precious hard-drive space, they won’t think twice about sending it to the bin.

Think about why someone would choose to download what you’ve got to offer. Will you be giving exclusive discounts and promotions? Perhaps you’ll give away free recipes or tips. Whatever it is, make it unique and exciting. That will make users stick around for the long-term.

Remember that your app is more than just a vanity. It shouldn’t exist simply for the sake of existing or to serve your business ego. You’re looking to expand your client base and take care of those you already have. Keep that at the forefront of your mind throughout the design process and you should be just fine.