Outdoor cafe tables offer the ideal opportunity to increase seating space available in any establishment. More patrons mean more profit to conscientious restaurant owners.

As more cafes and restaurants begin to incorporate outdoor dining options as part of their overall establishments, more patrons head out to enjoy the glorious climate along the east coast. This is especially true of any cafe with views of the coast or waterways around Brisbane or Sydney.

Choosing the right outdoor cafe tables and chairs involves more than just checking the price tag from the wholesalers. It is also important to consider the decor and theme of the establishment, as it is often possible to match outdoor furniture styles to interior furnishings already in use. This helps to keep the same level of ambience flowing across the entire establishment, whether the patron is inside or out.

Additionally, it is also important to consider the materials used to create furnishings. For any furniture intended for use outside, it is necessary to consider its suitability to be left out where it is exposed to the elements. Aluminium chairs and tables may provide strength and durability, but comfort may be compromised, especially if they are left out in the hot sun before a patron sits down. Heavy-duty plastic can provide an alternative, but style, colour and design are still important aspects to consider.

There is also the matter of using timber in outdoor locations where it may be exposed to rain or other water exposure. A good furniture wholesale company should be able to offer advice about various options available to suit any intended purpose.

The professional team at Nextrend is able to advise further and suggest various alternatives from their extensive range of wholesale hospitality furniture. This is true for individual establishment orders or for advice on complete fit-outs and refurbishments. Nextrend offers a high-quality wholesale range of commercial and hospitality furniture, which is available at extremely competitive prices.

For more information about the extensive ranges of outdoor cafe tables and chairs or bar furniture available, please browse our product page.