Last Updated 30th November 2016

Sourcing good quality commercial bar stools and other bar furniture is now much easier with the range available from Nextrend.

Commercial Bar Stools

Many patrons of restaurants, hotels and bars like the ability to sit at the bar to casually enjoy a drink, sometimes before moving on to the meal or entertainment area. Bar stools should not only provide comfort and stability, but also be constructed with sturdy stainless steel frames for strength and support. Designed for a cosy ambience, timber commercial bar stools also provide plenty of strength and durability for indoor use and are available with cushioned or timber seats.

Bar stools are also perfectly appropriate for use around bar tables. These are more elevated than a regular dining table and are best suited for bars where patrons tend to sit in groups to enjoy a social drink.

With such a wide range of commercial furniture available, the team at Nextrend can match your selection with additional pieces intended for use in other areas of an establishment. For example, it’s possible to purchase bar stools from the exact same collection as dining chairs for those areas where both types of seating will be visible. This allows designers to let a furnishing theme flow through an entire restaurant, while using the same style.

Outdoor Bar Stools

With many hospitality establishments now embracing the Australian love of outdoor dining and entertainment, the need for appropriate outdoor bar stools is increasing. Many hotels have remodelled or extended their premises to incorporate:

  • Dedicated outdoor bar areas suitable for smoking patrons
  • Specific outdoor sections for those who prefer al fresco dining

However, not every single piece of furniture is properly built to accommodate the harsh weather conditions we endure here in Australia. Stools intended for use outdoors need to be made of rust-resistant aluminium, polypropylene or resin rattan. They should also feature a sturdy, durable design that won’t warp or buckle after repeated use. Additionally, these should be stackable so they can be stored securely indoors once operating hours have finished and the outdoor area has been cleared – one aspect you should keep in mind when making your selection.

Gaming Stools

If your establishment has a gaming or Pokies room, you should first and foremost focus your attention on the comfort of your guests and pick stools comfortable enough to suit long-term seating. Patrons tend to remain at their machines for some time, so it’s important that stools are well-cushioned, but also designed to allow easy movement between areas if needed.

There’s also the consideration of durable construction. These stools need to be able to withstand prolonged usage over time without suffering any immediate effects of wear and tear.

Here at Nextrend, our range of gaming stools has been designed to be both comfortable and durable, and they do come with a 2-year warranty.

Designer Ranges

Boutique hotels tend to shy away from commercially manufactured bar stools, preferring the more upmarket designer look for their establishments. It’s worth noting that Nextrend also stocks designer chairs, tables and stools specifically for those establishments that prefer a more unique styling and appeal.

Commercial and Business Customers Only

As a supplier of commercial hospitality furniture, Nextrends only focuses on commercial and business customers. Our extensive products range includes furnishings suitable for cafes, restaurants, hotels, pubs and tourist parks. We also feature a stylish range of commercial office furniture.

The furnishings available are all designed to be cost-effective solutions for providing high quality hospitality furniture to a range of business customers in Australia. Aside from specific bar and hotel furniture, Nextrend is also able to provide restaurant tables, plastic stacking chairs and table bases designed for the hospitality industry.

Our professional team will happily discuss any requirements for bar stools and furniture. Just head over to our Products page to know more and request a free quote – thanks to our huge stocks, we can organise an immediate dispatch and have those delivered to your establishment tomorrow!