Choosing new coffee shop furniture or cafe tables is an important decision. These small pieces of furniture are responsible for setting the ambiance and creating the personality of the room. You must choose wisely in order to attract patrons and make all your new customers feel welcome and comfortable. Selecting one style that will attract all your customers may seem like a daunting task, after all people with all different fashion tastes love coffee, right? How can you choose one style that will attract the newspaper readers, college exam crammers, socialisers, prospective client entertainers, and the ‘I just need my coffee before work’ people?

It’s true that coffee is the perfect drink for any activity, and that is why you should focus on creating a friendly environment. Whether you choose classic modern or cosy country, you need to be sure to work with your layout, current design, and flow of traffic to create a new look that is not only fashionable, but functional as well.  Select furnishing, cafe table and chairs, and even outdoor furniture that will complement your current theme to make your coffee shop stand out from the competition.


If you are looking for that ultra modern, urban look that is well known for its metal framed furniture accented with brilliant reds, blues, and yellows, then modern or contemporary design will meet your needs. Mix and match short square and round tables in shiny black metal or lightly stained wood. Finish it off with a couple of dark leather sofas and coffee tables, track lighting, metallic framed mirrors, and unique artwork.


Perhaps you are just looking for that relaxed comfortable that traditional decor can provide.  Square wooden tables with chair cushions of contrasting colours will create that perfect blend of contemporary and country.  You can add display cases, large chalkboards with menu items handwritten.  Finish this look off with bookcases stuffed full of books and magazines for your customers to leaf through while enjoying their well-brewed mug.

Ocean View

Looking for that relaxing feel of the beach front? No matter whether you are on the coast or in the middle of a busy city, you can create that casual ocean view feel for your patron to relax and refresh. Go for tables with a ‘picnic’ style with long wooden benches and wicker chairs. Set this look off with large palm thatched umbrellas and seaside accessories. Oh and don’t forget the tiki torches!

Pet Friendly Coffee Shop Furniture

Jump on the hip new thing! Taking your pets along with you is the latest trend, so why not choose decor that will accommodate owner and pet alike. Sometimes the fastest way to a patron’s heart is through their pet, if you can create an environment that is welcoming for pet owners you will have loyal customers for life.

Choose a designated area when the pets can safely play and socialise. Include coffee tables and outdoor furniture with paw prints and hang tasteful pictures of cats, dogs, and other cuddly pets on your walls. Don’t forget to add a few stuffed pet beds about the room for our furry friends to relax. You can hand out cheap pet treats with every purchase, or donate a small portion to the local pet clinics.

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