Many cafe and restaurant owners are boosting business by expanding their available seating areas to include an al fresco dining option. Lots of patrons love the idea of enjoying a meal or a social cup of coffee outside, especially when evenings are warmer. It is also a great way to seat more customers at the same time without trying to squeeze them into your existing establishment.

Durability and Functionality

Outdoor cafe tables and chairs need to be chosen with consideration. Obviously, you will want durable furniture that will withstand frequent use, but you also want to know they will provide your patrons with a level of comfort while they are at your establishment.

Lightweight aluminium chairs may offer longevity in terms of not needing replacement immediately furniture so quickly. However, keep in mind that outdoor chairs and tables are often left out in the sun for extended periods of time. This increases the risk of customer complaints from hot seating. If your cafe or restaurant does not offer an awning or pergola to shade outdoor areas, this could pose a problem.

There is the option of heavy duty plastic chairs, which will not conduct heat so easily. This could help improve comfort on warmer days. Treated timber furniture can also be ideal for outdoor use in many applications. Just be aware that over time, some timber may require more maintenance than aluminium or plastic options.

Seaside cafes may opt for wicker outdoor furniture. This can create an inviting beachside ambience for outdoor balcony dining areas or al fresco seating areas. Wicker is also easily painted so any furnishings can match the existing decor.

Additionally, outdoor chairs and tables may need to be packed away inside after business hours. Ideally, you may want to consider stackable chairs to make this task easier on your staff at closing time.

Style and Design

There is also the consideration of design and style to factor into your decision. If the interior of your cafe or restaurant is already furnished to suit a specific theme or ambience, you may want to continue this through to your outdoor areas as well.

New designs available mean you do not need to put up with flimsy plastic chairs. Instead, it is possible to purchase very trendy chairs that can be modern or contemporary, depending on your preference.

Colours and styles can be important, especially if your existing customers have come to expect a particular ambience within your establishment.

Outdoor Bar Furniture

Aside from cafes and restaurants, many hotels and bars have also begun to incorporate outdoor areas within their establishments. This is partly due to changes in smoking laws that are forcing patrons to move outside in order to light up.

Rather than leave those people standing uncomfortably while they are at your premises, specific outdoor bar furniture offers a great option.Bar stools and tables specifically designed for outdoor use allow those patrons who do prefer to be outside to at least enjoy a level of comfort.

When you are choosing restaurant outdoor chairs, tables or any other furniture, always consider each of these factors. You will find it is much easier to coordinate style and design with functionality and durability if you take these things into account before making your decision. Want to learn more about our selection of bar stools? Click here!