Choosing commercial cafe and restaurant furniture goes further than just deciding on some chairs and tables for patrons to use. The furnishings used also need to enhance the decor and ambience of the establishment at the same time as providing comfort.

Rather than guess what any establishment might prefer, the professional team at Nextrend will happily assist you in finding the right furniture for any application.

Cafe Chairs and Tables

Sourcing high quality cafe furniture can be challenging if you’re unsure where to begin. It’s important to consider several factors, including whether you want your cafe chairs and tables to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. You will also need to consider what material will be most practical for your particular establishment and your intended patrons. For example, stackable plastic chairs can be ideal for use in outdoor areas, as they’re easy to set up and pack away, but they also provide durability when exposed to the elements.

Restaurant Chairs and Tables

The right restaurant furniture really can be crucial for creating the right level of ambience in any establishment. Restaurant chairs and tables need to provide comfort for patrons while they dine, but they should also enhance the overall decor within the restaurant at the same time.

Table sizes and shapes should also be a consideration. Small, intimate two-person settings can be ideal for some establishments, while larger settings to cater for parties might be preferable to others. The same consideration will apply to deciding between square tables or round tables.

Additionally, some restaurants feature separate areas that may require different styles of furniture. Matching your dining chairs and tables with bar stools and other furnishings in neighbouring areas can help continue the same interior decoration theme throughout the entire establishment.

Al Fresco Dining Options

As outdoor dining becomes increasingly more popular, the ability to offer al fresco dining options becomes a major consideration for many restaurant and cafe owners. Yet, finding the right al fresco dining furniture to entice patrons and still provide functionality can be a challenge.

Outdoor furniture does need to be durable and sturdy. Tables and chairs should be able to withstand being left out in the rain periodically, but also not pose the risk of burning patrons if left out in the sun. Furniture designed for outdoor use also needs to be easily stacked and packed away after business hours, so you want to look for furniture that addresses each of these things.

Hotel Bar Stools and Tables

The range of hotel bar stools and tables available gives you lots of options for any establishment. They allow you to create a comfortable pub atmosphere or to provide plenty of convenient seating options for those patrons who are happy to remain by the bar and enjoy a few drinks.

The key to choosing the right bar furniture is to consider the overall requirements of your hotel’s patrons and how those furnishings will complement the decor within the establishment. Cushioned bar stools provide better levels of comfort, while flat-based seats can offer more durability for high-traffic areas where people tend to come and go frequently.

Many hotels are also now incorporating outdoor garden areas for patrons to enjoy. This also means considering specific outdoor bar furniture that provides comfort but also offers durability when exposed to the elements.

Nextrend’s Commercial Cafe and Restaurant Furnishing Ranges

Regardless of what your furnishing needs are, Nextrend specialise in providing high quality commercial furniture to suit almost every hospitality application.