Are you often short of tables in your café, restaurant or hotel? Perhaps you are in a dilemma as to what size tables you need for your establishment. If you’re located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or other parts of Australia and looking to maximise your seating capacity, we can help. Outlined in this article are proven tips on how to choose the right size table for your seating requirements. Read on.

Work Within Your Available Space

Whether yours is a conventional restaurant or outdoor café layout, choosing the right table size and shape for your establishment will have you considering two crucial factors:

  • Shape and size of your available floor area
  • The number of guests you intend to accommodate

You know you’ve achieved the correct layout, number and size of tables when chairs are easy to pull out while still providing ample room for your guests to move around comfortably.

Use the illustrations accompanying this article to help you determine the right table shape and dimensions for your seating requirements.

Ideal Table Size for a Small Restaurant or Cafe

Every bit of space counts when you’re dealing with a small dining area. As a rule, smaller four seater and two seater café tables, which can easily be combined or rearranged, are ideal when you’re looking to maximise your seating capacity. Large banquet size tables, on the other hand, tend to have the exact opposite effect in that they severely hamper your flexibility in accommodating diners of varying group sizes.

With the right mix of café table shapes and sizes, you’re not only making the most of your available dining space, but also cutting down customer wait time, leading to more sales and profit.

Table Size Choices for Large Capacity Cafes and Restaurants

If your restaurant of cafe offers a generous amount dining space, you can take advantage of larger tables, six seaters and up. This is so you can eliminate the need of combining small tables to accommodate large parties of diners as well as to improve the ambience of your space.

Cafe Table Spacing

Three factors dictate the general layout of café tables in a dining room:

  • Shape of café table
  • Available space
  • Shape of dining area

Of the three considerations, available space is the most important element. For an enjoyable and comfortable dining experience, offer as much space as you possibly can:

  • Round tables require a distance of at least 137 cm between them
  • Rectangular tables require about 152 cm of space between them

This allows approximately 61 cm of service space with the chairs pulled out. For the main service aisles, provide even more room to ease the heavier traffic.


Determining Table Area Per Diner

The minimum requirement for comfortable dining is that each person be allowed 762 square cm of table area.

How do your café tables measure up?

Now let’s take a look at the two-seater square table in the illustration. The table’s dimension is 60 cm x 60 cm, with a dining area of 3,600 square cm. Divide by two, and you have an area of 1800 square cm for each diner, which greatly exceeds our minimum requirement by more than half.

Thus the two and four seater round and square tables in the illustration would be ideal sizes for small to medium size cafes and restaurants, ensuring each customer will have more than ample room to enjoy their meal in complete comfort.

If you have a bigger dining area, adding one or two six seater rectangular tables would be a convenient decision to accommodate larger groups of diners with ease. Of course the eight and 10 seater round tables are great if yours is an even bigger venue.

The type of food you serve also dictates how much table area to allocate per customer.

Western menus, on the average, require no more than the minimum café table area. However Mexican and Italian menus, on the other hand, with their endless array of condiments and side dishes, may require more than the minimum 762 square cm dining area.


Buy Commercial Grade Restaurant and Café Tables

Many café owners have made the mistake of buying residential quality chairs, tables and furniture for their establishment, only to find out these furniture items are of inferior quality, light duty, undersized, and unfit to cater to the demands of today’s busy diners.

Also, residential type tables and chairs tend to be bulky and take away the advantage of maximising your available café or restaurant dining space.

Where to Get Quality Commercial Grade Café Tables and Chairs

Every square inch of your available dining space is a money making powerhouse. That’s why you need to maximise your seating capacity with the use of high quality commercial tables and chairs designed for maximum space efficiency and to withstand the rigours of daily, high volume use, helping you to make the best use of your café or restaurant space.

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