The Eat Drink Design Awards showed the latest trends in the hospitality industry and the direction seems to be towards simple, cosydesigns. From a simple café table base to cosy seating and subdued lighting, the way forward seems to be a more minimalist and sustainable approach.

Designers admitted that flashy opulence might work for higher-end establishments but the fact is that most people want to visit an establishment where they are not overpowered by their surroundings. They want to feel comfortable and relaxed, which is why the latest restaurant design trends are moving towards simplicity.

The Importance of Interior Design to the Hospitality Industry

To ensure a booming restaurant business, you need to look further than the cuisine. You need to take a three-pronged approach to ensure people are treated to a complete experience. This means offering great food, amazing service but also a comfortable interior atmosphere where patrons will feel at ease.

And the Eat Drink Design Awards clearly show that restaurant design trends are moving towards what customers want rather than complicated, high-end designs that might garner the designer an award but makes people feel as if they are eating in a museum or a gallery where they should be careful of their every move.

Therefore, designers are moving towards a more simplistic approach and are using communal tables, comfortable restaurant chairs and subdued lighting in cutting-edge spaces. Combined with an open kitchen to bring supporters closer to the action and intimate bar areas, restaurant trends are clearly moving towards creating a home away from home for patrons.

In fact, it has actually been noted that home kitchens are now satiated with the latest conveniences and gadgets and resemble professional restaurants more than the restaurants themselves do, which are trending towards creating a lounge room atmosphere for their customers.

Sustainability Plays a Significant Role in Restaurant Design

Saving the planet is something some people scoff at but the fact is that if every person did one little thing for our environment, it would entail a lot of small things together which would have a significant effect. And designers in the hospitality industry have fully embraced this concept.

The restaurant industry is slowly taking a more and more sustainable approach, with numerous venues using recycled materials in their designs – from reclaimed timber floors to recycled bricks. This gives the space an industrial edge while also helping the environment. This trend has also caught on with patrons as they feel that they are doing their part by frequenting establishments that clearly care for the planet.

If you are considering taking this approach, remember that a venue focused on sustainability involves more than reusing a cafétable or putting a few recycled bricks here and there. It is a total concept that needs to be carried throughout, which can include recycling as much as possible, to creating your own vegetable and herb garden – a trend that is increasing in popularity with cafésto high-end restaurants.

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