Cafe furniture plays an important role in the overall success of your business

How many times have you been out for a coffee, snack or full meal and not fully enjoyed the experience because the cafe furniture has been uncomfortable or cramped?  Serving first class coffee, gourmet delicious food and drink and providing attentive table service is a major part of a successful catering business, however if your clients are not comfortable and relaxed the impact can be lost.

Sitting on cafe chairs that are too low for the table, hard, cold or unsteady simply takes the gloss off any of your culinary efforts and affects the overall impression made on you clientele.

Also consider how important the visual impact of your cafe tables and chairs is.  Walking along a sea front esplanade or city high street, where there are many food and drink outlets for potential customers to choose from, there are two main influences in your final choice where to dine.  One of course is the menu on offer, but the other surely is the look and feel of the place often created by the cafe furniture, the decor and the layout of the dining area.

When planning a new cafe or restaurant, or making renovations to an existing premise, give some careful thought to the furniture and layout of the public area, as well as the kitchens, menu and other issues involved in this complex business.

What is your available floor space and what will be the most efficient and comfortable layout?  Is there going to be an outdoor area, indoor area or both?  Where and how are you going to store any outdoor furniture when the business is closed and locked up for the night?

Do you want a cosy, traditional look and feel, or a modern trendy theme?  The look and feel of your restaurant is definitely achieved by using the right furniture and chairs.

For outdoor dining, restaurant tables and chairs are designed to allow for  durability and storage,  and more often than not lightweight and stackable.  Ranging in construction many utilise aluminium, plastic, pvc “wicker” weave and weatherproof materials  such as moulded resin table tops.

For indoor dining, the design is less limited by being weatherproof, lightweight and stackable, and is therefore able to be constructed of solid timber, be upholstered in fabric or leather or vinyl.  However one important aspect to remember is the necessity to keep furniture clean.  Tables should be able to be hygienically cleaned,  surfaces should be free of grooves and crevices where old food can hide and grow, and chairs need to be able to be wiped clean of spillages easily without leaving stains.

Today there is a large wide range of cafe furniture available in an amazing array of designs ready to put the final touch the dining experience,  and the process of choosing the right colour, design and application can be a time consuming and frustrating experience.  Whether it is a traditional or modern alfresco scene, or somewhere in between you are looking for for your restaurant, using a cafe furniture supplier who will help and guide you through this process is a sensible option.  Use their experience and knowledge to your benefit and make sure they will back you up with good after sale service should you encounter any defects or difficulties with your furniture.

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