Selecting suitable club furniture starts by asking two questions: what kind of club do you manage, and what kind of furniture do you desire?

The scope of works for the Rockhampton Jockey Club  was to freshen up the club restaurant furniture with minimal amount of disruption to business – Click to here to view project photos

Your seats are representative of the type of club you manage. Wooden chairs express a feeling of quality and warmth. Metal chairs can feel cold and sound loud.
Think about comfortability when choosing furniture. Club chairs come in various sizes. That said, the seat’s size and the back’s height are two critical aspects. Seats are typically as wide as 16, 18, or 20 inches. Small seats generally are used in areas with a high turnaround, like cafés.

A social club may require more of a bar or pub set-up. In a sports club, consider going with a lounge area. Whatever kind of club you manage, there are plenty of choices available to you, some of which are quite versatile if your venue isn’t themed.

Furniture for Club Bar

If alcohol is served at your bar, consider using club bar furniture.
If your club is a members-only venue, your patrons may feel an attachment with your facilities. Therefore, you may be able to spend some money on more elegant bar furniture, such as leather sofas, upholstered stools, and the like. Read the Guide to Buying Bar Stools

Keeping your budget in mind, you might be able to include the cost of such furniture in the membership fees you charge.
If your club does charge a membership fee, your guests expect a sense of luxuriousness in the venue, more so than your local bar. Patrons of a member’s club justifiably expect to feel more welcome than they do at other establishments. Decorating the interiors with elegant furniture can help you create such a feeling.

Furniture for Sports Clubs

Even though sports clubs don’t actually need very much furniture, there are many spaces that should have appropriate tables and chairs.
For instance, your reception area may be a spot where friends meet up before partaking in a workout. Ensure there are plenty of chairs for them to be comfortable in while they wait or mingle.
A lounge area with plenty of seating allows patrons to relax between workouts, or to cool down after a good exercise session.

It is worthwhile to have a large selection of stackable chairs on hand, allowing your venue to be used for special events, meetings, open houses or performances.
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