Are you a startup café business? If so, you’re probably in the market for café tables and chairs. Whether you’re located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or other parts of Australia, one of the biggest challenges you’ll initially encounter includes keeping a tight rein on your café furniture and equipment expenditure.

Even with something like a couple hundred thousand dollars initial capital, that money can quickly run out if you don’t watch your capital spending.

For this reason buying café chairs, tables, barstools and other furnishings requires careful thought. A careful buyer can save a lot of money buying gently-used café equipment and furniture.

So should you buy second hand café tables and chairs, or buy brand new? The answer may surprise you. Read on.


Advantages of buying second hand café tables and chairs

  1. Huge savings.

Buying second-hand café furniture and furnishings can save you precious cash, which you are better off spending toward payroll or your first customer’s order.

  1. Slightly-worn café furniture items.

Many cafés and restaurants close down in just a few years mainly because of bad cashflow management. (Don’t let that scare you, but take these tips to heart and you’ll be perfectly safe.) That said, this could be your chance to buy slightly-used furniture items in mint or near-mint condition at amazing prices.

You might even get lucky with an item or two that are not too old where the warranty is still valid.

Now when you go to such auctions, do the following:

  • Ask how long the restaurant or café has been in operation. That’s not always an indication of how old the pieces are but it’s a good place to begin.
  • Examine the tables, chairs, barstools and lounges for obvious signs of wear and tear; or whether an item is missing a bolt, a screw, a leg or some other part.
  1. You can haggle the price down.

Most café businesses that have just closed or are about to close are often eager to sell everything in a hurry. So they are usually open to counter offers or price negotiations. If you think they’re asking a bit too much for their items, try haggling the price down and see what happens.


Disadvantages of second-hand café furniture

  1. No warranty

Second hand café barstools, chairs and tables often do not come with a warranty. You buy the items as is. And if the used furniture you bought suddenly showed defects that weren’t there before, you’re out of luck. Understand that buying second hand café tables and chairs is a gamble.

On the other hand, many excellent quality commercial grade café tables and chairs are built to last so that warranty becomes unnecessary.


  1. Potentially more expensive in the long run.

If suddenly a piece of second-hand café furniture you bought breaks, then you’ll have to replace it, making you spend more than if you’d stuck to buying brand new in the first place.


  1. Old cushions can harbour bacteria and bugs

Aside from being unsanitary to use, especially in a café setting, worn out and old cushions will give customers a wrong impression about your business. They’ll just have to go, which means reupholstering your chairs and barstools or buying new cushions for them.


How about buying brand new?

Well, buying brand new has numerous advantages. For one thing, the pieces are new and have never been used before. Also the furniture pieces come with a warranty, to set your mind at ease when buying.

However, a number of café businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney put off buying brand new tables and chairs because of the cost.

But here’s good news for you.

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