Nextrend are specialists in providing a wide range of commercial furniture to the restaurant and cafe industry. While it’s important to locate good quality, functional furniture for any cafe or restaurant setting, it’s also crucial that the design complements the decor of the establishment.

Nextrend’s range of wholesale restaurant furniture combines functionality with quality and style to deliver an excellent range of furnishings that will suit any application.

Choosing the Right Cafe Furniture

The key to choosing the right cafe tables and cafe chairs is to think carefully about the end result you’re trying to achieve. Furnishings for a comfortable, relaxed cafe will be different to those chosen for a modern alfresco setting.

Some cafe s will offer indoor seating as well as outdoor alfresco seating during the warmer months. In this instance, it may be wise to think about choosing suitable outdoor furniture that will allow you to continue a similar theme from the interior. This way the feel you’re trying to create for your cafe will flow to the outdoor sections of the establishment more readily, allowing customers to identify your unique style and decor.

Your patrons will also need to feel comfortable while sitting at your cafe, so take their comfort levels into consideration when choosing a particular style. Functional seating may be easier to store, stack and set up, but you still want your patrons to enjoy their visit to your cafe as much as possible. Make it easy for them to stay a little longer by ensuring their comfort levels.

Choosing a Cafe Furniture Wholesaler

Before you select any cafe furniture, always consider the furniture wholesaler you’re dealing with. Ask plenty of questions about cafe tables, cafe chairs and restaurant furniture in general. The responses you get from the consultant or staff member will give you plenty of insight.

Ideally, a customer-oriented furniture wholesaler will ask you questions as well. This shows an interest in helping you find the ideal furniture styles and materials that will most accurately match the image for your cafe you have.

The entire team at Nextrend is highly customer focused, working closely with designers and project managers, as well as with cafe and restaurant owners. Their aim is to assist in locating the right cafe furniture to suit an application in looks and style, as well as functionality and comfort.

What’s more, Nextrend pride themselves on offering only the highest quality wholesale furniture, but they make sure they do this at the most competitive prices possible. This allows their customers to achieve the total look for any cafe or restaurant setting with the peace of mind of knowing the prices are among the most competitive available.

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